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TimeSplitters 2

Overall: great game, feels really weird at first (i don't know the other games by rare) but grows on you like a leech. most fun since halo.

other +'s:
- bots
- system link multiplayer
- MANY single player options: challenges and arcade mode next to story mode
- lots of multiplayer options
- original visual style
- easy multiplayer map maker

Gameplay: very hard to get the aiming system down at first. turn all the auto features off, and switch weapons with buttons B and X so it won't mix up your zoom. The controls are 100% customizable (finally a game that gets it!!). Sensitivity is not configgable, but that's hardly a minus as it forces you to develop your aiming skillz.

Graphics: Diversity over quality. So many cool characters (who doesn't love monkeys?) and variety in levels and challenges. Great minigames and so-so cutscenes, just enough to add to the fun.
Running around as a 1930's chicago broad with a tommygun in co-op play was hilarious!

Audio: Confusing, weird effects, but nice and even life-like (gunshots in the wild west) and the music really gets you going in some levels.

Suggestions: Don't forget about timesplitters 3, add aim sensitivity, more story mode levels, more minigames, system link co-op play and custom soundtrack.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Aggressive Inline

Overall: a lot of fun. the levels are so enormous and the challenges so varied that this game just begs you to keep playing it. more arcade than i expected but luckily just as hard and frustating (rewarding) as some of tony hawks challenges.

Gameplay: the challenges are hard, and they should be. they are usually pretty clear to figure out, and there are nice camera swipes to guide you through the challenge. levels are unlocked in stages by completing challenges, with keys to secret areas hidden in other levels. nice. tip: RTFM. PS using the trigger buttons to rotate kinda sucks

Graphics: think Tony Hawk cruiseship levels in quality, but 4 times as big, and 4 times as many animations and cut-scenes. the cut-scenes just kill me. there is so much to be checked out in all levels you almost get lost in all the rails, pipes, boats, planes, buses, rollercoasters etc. no graphics chip killer, but the size of it all makes up for it completely. and it loads FAST!

Audio: the soundtrack is great, but really short, only 10 songs or so (Sublime? how old is that song?). the sounds in the game are fine, voices are really good and funny lines, not too cheesy. I'll give it a 4.5 just for the voices. fyi: the game DOES support custom a soundtrack. it's just kinda hidden, you have to select tracks during the game, not from the main menu.

Suggestions: REPLAYS! i like to look at myself...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Fifa World Cup 2002

Overall: Always loved the fifa 98 title on the PC and i have to say this is a great world cup sequel. the animations and player models are stunning, the gameplay a bit hard and you'll have to figure it out without practice modes, but that really works well somehow. Some teams are really very difficult and getting into the finals is hard work. I'm not even that much of a soccer fan, but you can wake me up for this game anytime. it supports 4 players (on one team or divided). I do think the options are limited, it lacks the 'road to world cup' element of the fifa98 and practice modes (for penalties etc). It has some movie extras of backstage footage and small theme do !&%$@#* entaries of international supporters etc, not bad at all.

Gameplay: Good use of the xbox controller, the white and black button are used, and that always sucks, but the other controls are nice, triggers operate effect and there's many combinations and tackles which really give the game it's appeal. the star player options adds some extra too, it's cool.

Graphics: Great, some glitches with close up players but seeing how much they look like the real players is hilarious, stadiums rock. cool lighting too. didn't like the crowd much. good interface too!!!!

Audio: just cheers and great commentators, don't remember the music. crowd cheers according to gameplay and commentators are quite intelligent and has surprising remarks about tactics and sloppyness.. awesome!

Suggestions: more movies, full replays of entire games (use the HD!!!), slower power-up of the shot-o-meter, custom team builder (international selection!). AND HOW DO I DELETE A SAVE??!?!?!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: the game has what ssx and most other games lack: realism. the snow textures, the trick options, getting stuck and grinding, it all feels real. this should appeal to you, it has pretty much the feel of tony hawk and that's a very important factor in this game's playability and fun.

Gameplay: awesomely realistic, watching your replays beats watching the x games on TV, custom soundtrack option is just perfect, just too bad there are no extreme challenges besides career mode (like boarder cross, big jump or quarter pipe) but i guess you can't have it all.

Graphics: the graphics are solid. someone please tell me what's not perfect about this game... but don't come looking for ssx stuff that you wouldn't find in real life...

Audio: the sound just kills me, i haven't got 5.1 surround yet but this game is pushing me to the shop, the custom soundtracks really adds to the game since i won't have to hear the same old tunes the coming months while playing amped.

Suggestions: boarder cross, big air, custom board design option, tail/nosepress on plain snow just like on rails, level editor (!!!!)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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