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Halo 3

Overall: The Master Chief is back and better than ever! Halo 3 marks it's third installment in the series and possibly the last. There is no question that the Master Chief will be seen with other genres other than a first person shooter. But, he's back better than ever and if you own an XBox 360, this is the must have game for the system! Much of what is experienced here is the same with the addition of FORGE, the name slated for the map editor that allows players to manipulate multi-player maps by adding vehicles, moving weapons, moving respawn locations, and much much more.

Gameplay: Halo invented how FPSs should be played on an XBox controller. Halo veterans will feel right at home with the control scheme of this game, but, it does have a couple little tweaks. The "X" button now is your inventory button that allows you to toss down a bubble shield, throw down a health regenerator, and the like. The reload button is now the right bumper button above the trigger which makes for seemless reloading. New vehicles are operated seemlessly and feel quite nature to driving, as is very common with the Halo series. The new Mongoose, an ATV, is fast but operates quite well with a familiar control scheme. Other new vehicles include the Hornet, a new flying vehicle, and the Brute Chopper, a Covenant motorcyle with a large wheel that can saw through more than warm butter.

Graphics: The visuals are stunning in Halo 3. A lot of incredible dynamic lighting is the first thing you'll notice. It almost feels like there is a real sun above you as shadows are cast on everything that it should. The colorful landscapes and intricate detailed textures makes you feel like you're really a part of the action. The water effects are incredibly improved over preceding Halo games in the series as well as the bump mapping and real-time lighting. It's beautiful in 1080i, which is what I personally play the game on. Often times, HDTVs can be dark; however, Halo 3 offers an option to turn up the brightness in game rather than turning up the brightness of your television. This makes better quality.

Audio: Halo is known for it's mysterious orchestra music. This time around, Bungie doesn't interrupt the beautiful music with an annoying electric guitar like they did with Halo 2. One of the first things I noticed with the audio in Halo 3 is listening to the sounds of the Sniper Rifle during a match on the multi-player map "Valhalla". The sound of the Sniper Rifle seems to bounce off of the canyon providing a blood curdling sound (in a great way!). The audio is simply spectacular and certainly wasn't overlooked when producing this game. Halo 3 can be enjoyed in full 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. The experience is truly surreal.

Suggestions: Bring on more multi-player maps! I can't get enough!

Overall Score: 9.8 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Overall: Finally! It's here! After the failure of the anticipated November 2005 launch, it was announced in February 2006 that we can expect to get our hands on this gem the following March. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter or G.R.A.W., as it is almost more well-known as, is the latest from Ubisoft and the third installment of the Ghost Recon series. From the graphics to the game play, G.R.A.W. has ?next-gen? written all over it and is, arguably, the best strategy shooter... offers an extensive Campaign and a multi-player mode with a plethora of configurations to tailor the game to your liking. Featured on XBox Live, G.R.A.W. offers both unranked and ranked games fully customizable should you decide to host the game from 2-16 soldiers. It's notable to mention that this is the first game that allows for 16-player Co-op and playing through the Mission mode setting against enemy A.I. Of course, included are the favorite Ghost Recon classics such as Team Elimination and Siege, as well as other modes to keep the longevity going for months to come.

How about the story? Taken place in the enormous Mexico City, Mexico, G.R.A.W. has us taking on the command of Captain Scott Mitchell including a squad of three other ghosts. Without giving up too much of the story, let's just say that the President and Vice-President of Mexico are missing and the Prime Minister of Canada was assassinated! Obviously, this is a job for the Ghosts! Fortunately, Mitchell's resources don't just limit him to three other squad members, but rather, include sophisticated combat gear, an arsenal of weapons to choose from, and communications gear that allow you to give commands to ghosts that are in tanks and helicopters.

While starting each mission, Captain Scott Mitchell patiently squats down while manning a turret inside the open wall of a flying Blackhawk helicopter. It's noteworthy to mention that while he is flying, he is overlooking a fantastic view of the beautifully detailed Mexico City where smoke billows from gun fighting, buildings burning, and vehicles exploding. An even nicer touch is that the scenes are hardly cut-scenes because Mitchell and his trio of ghosts jump right into the action keeping the same integrity of the graphical detail. It just never gets old...

Gameplay: So, what is your forte? Are you a Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, Marksman, or a Grenadier? You'll be able to get a feel very quickly and decide which weaponry to use on certain maps and certain situations. Accompanied with your primary weaponry includes a sophisticated helmet and visor that boasts a Cross-Com and Nar-Com video and audio system. The Cross-Com, specifically, is a very key component in that it allows you, Mitchell, to view through the, almost literal, eyes of your squad members and other members of your task force in tanks or helicopters. There is also a UAV Cypher, which is a video camera that you can control and hover over different parts of a map and will help you identify enemies even if they are on the other side of buildings, rocks, or other's quite literally like having a half dozen more eyes! Enemies will appear as a red diamond symbol or a red outline if your cross-hairs are focused anywhere on their body. The viewing area for the Cross-Com is on the top left of your screen. The Nar-Com system represents an occasional video and audio message that will show up on the top right of your screen which often dictates Mitchell's next objective or receiving a news briefing.

Like previous Ghost Recon games, you are able to control your squad quite nicely and they come in quite handy during those "Holy ****!" moments. They can be commanded to be aggressive or passive and they do a very nice job in assisting you without taking away any of the well-deserved leadership Mitchell gets as Captain.

While playing, you'll have a choice whether to play in a traditional first-person view or in an "over the shoulder" view which allows you to see Mitchell while maintaining the integrity of first-person playability. The "over the shoulder" view, in my opinion, is more preferable because you can see your placement as you lean up against walls (simply walk up to the wall), ducking (press down on the left analog stick), or on your stomach (hold down the left analog stick) much easier. For any first-person traditionalist, the "over the shoulder" view should be an extremely easy transition since it still maintains the same feel as a normal FPS.

Using the B button allows you to switch between your primary weapon to your secondary weapon or grenades. By holding it down, it allows you to choose the specific weapon by scrolling through them for a quick selection. Grenades include an intensity meter for a lesser or further throwing distance.

You will enjoy a dozen missions with a variety of objectives. I have already played the game all the way through on Normal mode and it took me approximately 10 incredible hours to complete. Never did it feel redundant since the objectives were diverse enough. There are a couple instances where you, as Mitchell, perch down at the gun turret in the Blackhawk helicopter and spray enemy soldiers and vehicles for a wild ride of absolute and utter carnage. Be careful not to keep the trigger locked down the entire time; otherwise your turret will overheat and will bog down like a Ford Pinto climbing a mountain road.

Graphics: Not only does G.R.A.W. set a new benchmark for squad-based shooters, it sets a new benchmark in the graphical department and has "next-gen" written all over it. If you're fortunate enough to be playing in hi-definition, the game looks incredible in 720p and 1080i. The level of detail regarding soldier uniforms is remarkable with every crease. The details of the landscape almost trick your eyes since it is rendered with superb realism. Glass and any other type of reflective objects do exactly that, they reflect...and very appropriately as well. The lighting effects are incredible providing some of the most advanced lighting effects in a single game that I have ever seen. Since Mexico City is a very hot place, the lighting is obviously kept in mind with the current setting and you can almost feel your clothes getting warm as you're playing the game. It's truly fantastic and something to behold.

Audio: While the sounds of footsteps change, whether in sand, wood, concrete, or on wet surfaces, this amazing detail is almost forgotten when the sound struggles through messages specifically coming from your Nar-Com system. Again, this is the system in which you receive video and audio for objectives and news briefings. Often times, the sound is drowned out by the in-game music or other sound effects such as a Blackhawk cruising over the city or on the ground. The storyline takes a minor dip since it's a struggle to hear what is being said while moving the story along. Admittingly, it's not all of the time, but rather, in certain situations of other sounds happening at the same time. This is truly the only shortcoming of the game, in my opinion, but included are some well-thought sound effects that give the game a natural feel.

There is a nice variety of sounds for the variety of weapons, kick !&%$@#* explosion sounds that are louder if you are closer and fainter if you are further away. Ricochet sounds are in full effect which gives the game a very nice military feel as if you're standing on the battlefield.

Suggestions: With all of the advanced video and audio technology available to the ghosts, could you hook the brother up with a volume control for the Nar-Com?

Everything else is fantastic and I highly recommend any fan of shooters to pick this game up, if you haven't already. Don't rent...just go!

Overall Score: 9.6 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

When you thought Ubisoft couldn't top your experience with tactical brilliance of Ghost Recon and the stealthy and amazing Splinter Cell, simply put: they did.

The game is Rainbow Six: 3. From it's single player and multi-player via system link to the profound enjoyment on XBox Live, this is the ultimate stocking stuffer this holiday season. If you don't have it yet, I pity you. If you plan on getting it, I envy you. Bar none, this is Ubisoft's best game on XBox to date.

Setting the bar high, Ubisoft kicks this game in action with the option to play solo, multi-player via system link, and it is XBox Live enabled. Like Ghost Recon, we all can enjoy playing cooperatively through the Campaign and not just limited to the other brilliant multi-player modes including Sharpshooter and Team Survival. You are Ding Chavez, the leader of your four man Rainbow Six operatives who elimate the threat of terrorism around the planet with an arsenal that would make Al Queda cringe in fear. Your arsenal includes heavy arms, assault rifles, shotguns, handguns, flash bangs, several types of grenades, grenade launchers, claymores, and you can even sport a gas mask...highly recommended. You have four groups to choose your arsenal: Primary weapon, secondary weapon, and two other categories where you can equip yourself with important tools such as flashbangs, claymores, and smoke grenades, smoke grenades, and your handy gas mask, for example. But never fear, you're always equiped with thermal and night vision which will come in handy in sticky situations.

It is noteworthy to mention that R6:3 is very innovative in that you can speak commands to your AI teammates through your XBox Live or special edition Rainbow Six: 3 headset. This includes having your fellow operatives disarm bombs, securing hostages, and opening doors along with a plethora of other commands. When you didn't think it could be cooler, your command list even includes zulu where you can give a command to your AI teammates but they won't respond until you give the final word. It's a beautiful thing...truly. Don't have a headset? Don't worry, by holding down the A button on your controller, there is a list of appropriate commands that are listed, which will differ in the given situation, that you can choose from. At first, I felt a little strange chillin' in my room having a conversation with my television...shortly later to find out that I was overcome by the shear fun of what was going on. The biggest highlites of R6:3 is it's innovation and gameplay.

While the use of lighting is extraordinary in this game, the overall graphics fall a little short of brilliance.

The lighting in this game is very well done...especially how it drapes over the landscape, structures, and all the characters. The use of shadows are a huge plus since they are detailed right down to what type of weapon or object you are carrying. Ubisoft really out did themselves with the lighting and the great use of shadows.

The environments, however, are a little lackluster, however, play a sensical role in the erie feel of the game's setting. The game encourages you to explore every nook and cranny while the environment stays consistent throughout each map. Do the environments detract from this game? Absolutely fact, with the in your face style of tactical terrorist elimation, who needs a bright fuzzy member of Pokemon racing across your screen?

The reactions of your fellow Rainbow Six operatives perform tastefully done reactions including covering their faces after a flashbang has been thrown. Also, when you see the ragdoll effects in this game when you plant a bullet between the eyes of a terrorist enemy, watch and see how the corpse fall naturally to the surface, up against a wall, or draped over a box. Ubisoft spared nothing when including great character reactions and ragdoll effects.

First and foremost, if you own a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound system, you're in for a real treat. Since sound plays a huge role in R6:3, having 5.1 is a huge advantage. For instance, if you're playing the campaign mode solo, voices from your AI teammates will sound like they are coming from the appropriate direction. Gun shots and ricochets will sound like they are coming from the appropriate location. But, in the heat of battle with gunfire going frantic, you'll almost feel like there are guns going off all around you...probably because they are!

The use of voice is great, too. Your AI teammates even boast of British, German, and French accents from the applicable comrade.

On XBox Live, you'll enjoy the option for players to come from your TV speakers or your XBox Live headset's headphone instead. Good thing the XBox Live headset only has one'll definately want to hear the sounds from the game since they play an extremely important role in this game....probably moreso than than many games preceding it.

Suggestions: While it's likely that this game will provide countless hours of fun, enjoyment, and lasting appeal over XBox Live, I wish this game allowed for split screen gaming to play through the cooperative missions with a close buddy or buddies. Getting 4 XBoxes and four tvs to play the campaign is hard enough...but, to only have one person on each XBox and TV makes it very difficult...let alone owning a 16 port HUB if you want 16 to play via System Link. One of the many things that makes Halo such an amazing game is that four player split screen is not such a bad thing after all...especially when there's games that follow such as Rainbow Six: 3.

Overall Score: 9.2 / 10 Nightcaster II: Equinox

The adventure continues on after it's predecessor. Nightcaster II is a fantasy action game that has *some* RPG elements. Like the first Nightcaster, it's one of a few games of its kind which includes the likes of Azurik: Rise of Perathia. One of the things I appreciate about this sequel is that it actually takes the adventure to a higher level and continues the story. Arran is the main character...and if you have played the first Nightcaster, you'll remember that he married Madelyn at the end of the game. In this game, you can play as Arran or Madelyn...and the mode they added in this game is that you can play invite a friend over and share in the action. Both characters boast different abilities as Arran's specialty is the utilization of magic and Madelyn is all about full bore melee combat.

Like the first Nightcaster, be prepared for swarms of enemies as they will want to kill you and the beautiful Madelyn with all they have. But fortunately, Arran has the ability to use magic to eliminate their cause. Like the first Nightcaster, Arran has several different types of magic including: Water, Fire, Light, and Dark. Each school of magic can be used to penetrate and destroy enemies that cannot resist them, however, other enemies can resist certain magic, be prepared to use different magic for certain foes. The right trigger is your best friend as it is the fire button in this game. The left trigger is how you switch your schools of magic to equip you against the rampage of enemies that await you. I found the control scheme to be fairly user-friendly and was able to conquer the gameplay right out of the box.

Visually, Nightcaster II has some positives and some negatives. The use of bump mapping is rendered very well in the game. The way the magic looks when you are punishing foes looks very impressive and is probably the best looking thing in the game. The levels have some good detail, however, a lot of objects of graphical detail are used too abundantly. I wish they provided a little more variety to look at. Also, I found that a lot of the characters are rendered very small. It just seems to me that if the characters were larger, you would truly feel threatened when a huge enemy comes dashing at you. But, instead, what you see is a little bouncy elf trying shoot a bulls-eye into your vitals. Nightcaster II certainly won't boast mind-blowing graphics, however, it shouldn't disappoint the average fantasy game player.

I found the music to be a little redundant, however, the soundtrack in the game actually does fit the game well. It pretty much sets the stage for fantasy combat. Interestingly, the music has somewhat of a techno feel to it and the music gets louder and louder as enemies get closer. I did notice one potential glitch in the game in regards to's when Arran is using magic...and while some magic lasts for a few seconds, if you walk into the middle of it, the sound effects become extremely loud. A major disappointment that I found with the sound is that it does not support 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. This is very disappointing since the vast majority of XBox games do and due to the fact that this is an exclusive XBox title. I really wish they could have stepped up to the bar on this. But, other than that, I found the sound appealing and very fitting for the game.

Suggestions: An onscreen map would be vital in this game. Sometimes I found myself wondering around trying to find my way through the terrain, however, I believe it would be much more beneficial with a map. All in all, thank you for a good sequel...I believe adding a cooperative mode really took the game to the next level. Also, on many of the levels, I noticed several objects that were repeated throughout the game. While the objects themselves looked good, they were used too, a little more variety would help.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Ah, First Person shooters certainly hold dear to my heart and Timesplitters 2 is definately a welcomed FPS for the XBox. If you're getting bored with Halo (if that were possible) or don't have XBox Live, I strongly recommend picking up or checking out this game. Everything about this game screams quality and for an FPS, it is at the top of it's class. It's not quite the epic that Halo is; however, it can easily stand on it's own. Do yourself a favor and don't pass up on this awesome game. Allow me to explain myself further as we break the game down.

Wow! Can you say "Bond, James Bond"? This stuff was ripped right out of the major hit, Goldeneye. Not that it's a bad thing, mind you...actually it's fantastic. Everything you loved about that "oh so dear to my heart" first person shooter has been greatly expanded upon. The controls have been laid out so that it is almost identical to Halo with the exception of a jump button. You can strafe your enemy and zoom-in on him with your Sniper Rifle with ease. The game is broken up into 3 different modes: Story (where you basically follow the oh so important story as a single player or grab a buddy and roll this puppy in cooperative play), Arcade (with this mode, you can fully customize everything about your deathmatch. With tons of weapons, playable characters, and new levels to unlock, you will be playing for a long time), and finally is the Challenge Mode (in this you are put in all sorts of challenges such as breaking so many windows with a brick in a certain amount of time to blasting zombie's heads off for a certain amount of time). Lest I forget the awesome mapmaker. This feature is great. It's akin to the level editor in Tony Hawk 4 where you can build your own levels and multi-player arenas and even set mission objectives. It's all extremely easy to do and brings the replay value of this game way up.

Ah yes, the infamous graphics. First off, let me say that the graphics are done very well. Some of the effects such as rain and snow look extremely detailed. The character models also look nice. There are over 80 to choose from and each are progressively more and more goofy. For instance: You start off with humans and can unlock numerous characters and even a 6 foot duck that makes this astounding ~QuAk!!!~ noise when you shoot at it! It's great fun! The best thing is that it all runs at a smooth consistant framerate, thanks to the power of the black and green X. Even with up to 16 players in multi-player, I didn't even notice a hicup. I would like to mention that this is a port of a PS2 game so the technical achievements seen here probably could have been vastly improved upon. Here's hoping TS3 debuts on the XBox.

Unfortunately, this is where I find fault with the game. The music is generic and monotonous. I don't understand why we aren't able to make our own custom tracks to listen to, which I believe would save this category from it's chilled depths. But, I will give some props to the sound effects...I definately can go as far as calling them decent, but, it is noteworthy to mention that many of them were recycled from the original Time Splitters. One of my biggest peaves of all is that Time Splitters 2 doesn't seem to support 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. One other fault I discovered, which doesn't actually detract from the game whatsoever, is on the character select screen. When you are choosing your characters, you'll find yourself listening to absolutely nothing only because the music cuts out for a second or two when you choose your individual characters.

Suggestions: Freeradical has done an excellent job with Timesplitters 2. The only suggestions I have is that next time they boost up the sound quality and give us the option to play ripped tracks. Also, I think Timesplitters 2 would benefit from even more game modes and options. This game is just begging to be bigger, not that it's not huge already. It's just that with this type of game, there is no such thing as too much! Keep up the good work!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer

Hangin' Ten has never been so fun...atleast not in a video game. Overall, Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer is both very fun and challenging. It's easy for beginners and challenging enough for players that are of high skill, like yours truly ;o) But, seriously, this ranks as the best surfing game I've played in years and is arguably the best surfing game to date. But, I must warn you, if you are looking for a game reminscient to "Tony", this isn't quite the game for you. This is surfing, which is, obviously, a completely different sport than that of skateboarding or in-line skating. However, I must say this, due to the fact that skating is a more versatile sport than surfing, this may hinder the replayibility of Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer.

Kelly Slater is a very easy game to get into. All you have to do is spend a few minutes going through the game's tutorial and you will be hangin' ten in no time. All the controls make perfect sense in this game and it is likely that the developers paid special attention to this. The "b" button is used as your grabs as well as acheiving tighter turning during face turns. Keep in mind that you are riding a wave, which is a horizontal plane; therefore, you are limited only to move up and down. This limits the number of moves you can do, especially if you are used to playing Tony Hawk games. All of the buttons are used as air moves and then they change when you go into a tube. When you are riding in a tube, it's like almost playing a completely different game. The game shifts into a special mode that was created with tube surfing in mind. The camera will change to a fixed position behind you. You will have to keep balance and maintain speed to keep from being plowed over by the humongous wave. Overall, the gameplay is great and truly feels natural from the very moment you touch your bare feat to your board.

The graphics are great! Let's first discuss the waves: They waves roll very fluidly and look very natural. It truly is a site to see and is, personally, one of my favorite things about the game. Also, in the background you'll expect populated beaches, boats, planes, and sometims you can look out over the ocean for miles. The developers really out did themselves on this, especially considering that these are graphical details of real life beaches! Expect to watch a video before surfing the salty waters of each beach you are going to conquer. The surfers look great and also move very fluid and make for great depictions of their real life counterparts. It's noteworthy to mention that each pro surfer has their own style of surfing and this is also reflected very well as you see each one riding the tide. And, hey, while I am at it, even the character models are nicely detailed, even showing minor subtleties.

Ah yes...The crashing sounds of the ocean are amazing, especially considering this game supports 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. I won't get into too much detail about this, but, when you play this game, listen closely when your surfer wipes out! As for the soundtrack, it definately is not one you'll want to cruise down a night strip on the town or head bang with all your might. It's more of a kind of "new age beach lovin'" kinda thing. But, seriously, the soundtrack truly sets a perfect mood for the game and was very well done when the developers selected the tunes. Hell, I think I found myself humming one of the songs hours after I played the game.

Suggestions: Overall, great work! This is probably the best surfing game to date. The cut movies are very well done, but, it would have been a tad better if there was some cut scenes about the Pro Surfer's life and maybe some of their experiences at certain beaches...maybe even cut scenes from actual footage of the real pros on that beach. And, definately give us a sequel!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Aggressive Inline

Agressive Inline is an awesome 2-player inline skating game akin to Tony Hawk. If you're a fan of the genre you won't be disappointed in this game. This game can definately hold its own. All the pieces are here including: tight control, nice graphics, a killer soundtrack, and even a level editor. Aggressive Inline is, bar none, a solid title.

The gameplay in Aggressive Inline is tight and responsive. All the tricks and grinds you'd expect from this type of game are all present. The game begins with a tutorial that will help familiarize you with the controls. Quickly, you'll be wallriding and vaulting over everything, just as if you'd been playing for hours. The only real gripe I had about the controls were that it was just way too easy to go into a manual. This isn't exactly a good thing...allow me to explain. This caused me to wipe out more than on one occassion...okay, several dozen, but, who's counting? ;) This is only a minor annoyance and really doesn't detract from the fun of the game. The addition of a bail button was also a nice touch. It will save you from eating pavement a me. The game is devised of many different modes (i.e. Career, 2 player, freeskate, etc...). The level editor is also nice, especially if you get bored with the other modes or levels all you have to do is create your own.

Speaking of levels, Aggressive Inline has a plethora of differently themed worlds for you to skate through. A movie studio, and a car factor, to name a couple. The XBox even boasts a bonus level (The Zoo) as an added feature to it's release. Overall, I think this is a well balanced game that would be a fine addition to any XBox owner's action game library.

The graphics in this game are average for an XBox title. This is a port of a PS2 game, so the framerate is spot on since the XBox boasts of a powerful processor. It runs at a constant 60 fps. The character models are well detailed and resemble their real life counter-parts distinctly. The levels are filled with little graphical touches like ghosts in the graveyard and people who populate the street. The size of some of these levels are absolutely enormous. Sometimes you can see far off into the distance of what is to come. Overall, it looks a little cleaner than the PS2 version probably due to a few brushups and the smooth processing power of the green X.

All of the sounds and effects that you would expect are here. From grinding to wall rides, everything sounds nice. The voice acting is average. It's certainly not the worst I've ever heard, but, it could use some improvement. The game is accompanied by a stellar soundtrack, but, if punk rock isn't your perverbial cup of java, never fear my eight-wheeled friends, you can create your own soundtrack from your compact disc music library by simply copying your favorite tracks to the XBox hard-drive.

Suggestions: You guys created a very fun title. The only real suggestion I have is that, maybe in the next installment, you make manuals and wallrides a little more "user friendly". Other than that, this game is a blast and I definately recommend this game for any action junkie.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing

Mike Tyson?s Heavy Weight Boxing is basically Tyson taking on the world. There are numerous different modes of fighting (speed boxing, exhibition matches, title fights, two-player mode), including a career mode where you create your own boxer (you can even spar with Tyson to sharpen your skills!). I always like being able to build up my character in career mode. This game is a little different in this category because you have to first win fights and then purchase stat points with your winnings. One thing I didn?t like was the lack of choice in character selection, however. It was cool to be able to mutate your character, though. Check it out and you?ll see what I mean.

The gameplay is extremely fast. If you like flying fists coming from every which direction and beating your opponent to a pulp, then you?ll love this game. For me, it was much too fast. Call me crazy, but, I atleast like to see who is hitting who!! I like boxing games that actually move like real boxers. In this game, you can?t push off your opponent, back away or block very easily, so it becomes a button tapping game. I do like the combos, however, there is no way for your opponent to try and block due to the fact that the game goes into a "combo mode".

Controlling the game can be confusing at first. There are numerous different punches, blocks and dodges. I like the fact that you can charge up certain punches (uppercuts, crosses and hooks). It makes destroying your opponent that much more fun. Once you get the controls down the button tapping factor is also diminished slightly...again, just slightly.

The game's visuals are choppy and much too fast. When the fists are flying, it is impossible to tell who is hitting who, as I mentioned before. I also didn?t like the fact that the announcer doesn?t move his mouth when he is speaking. In this game, the little things such as this really hurt the visuals on this game.

On a more positive note, one huge perk is the ring card girls. Watch the girl walk around in-between rounds and you?ll be standing at attention before the next punch is thrown!!! In addition, when boxers get hit in the face, they bruise and get cuts. This is pretty sweet and it?s cool to watch the side of your opponents face turn purple as you continue to pummel him. However, I wish you could get a close up of it sometime during the fight. The game doesn?t have a zoom button and during rounds it doesn?t show anything. If that was added, it would be a plus.

The sound on this game is pretty mediocre and certainly doesn't qualify for helping this game gain more points. The audience, in my opinion, sound pretty good. There are a lot of different people saying different things insofar as not really noticing if there are repeats. But, the problems occur when the lips don't move as the announcer talks and the punches sound more like the boxer's are hitting bubble wrap. However, when a boxer is conducting a combo, it has some nice sounds as well as the offensive boxer providing the sounds of gasps and struggle as his fist meets the chin of his opponent.

Suggestions: I strongly recommend slowing the game down a tad....okay, a lot! Atleast bring it to more of a realistic speed. Also, try to avoid making games that are button mashers...instead allow the boxers to spar while having the ability to free roam the ring.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

I'm not sure if I should say "Four" or if I should say "That ball was hit so hard that the dipples practically got knocked off of it!"

Enough said, this game is excellent. Unveling the hilarious commentary hilarious players lies a very well done and well detailed golf game. Basically, the game stars the "rejects" that were never able to make it into the PGA Tour. They include a pornstar named "Summer", a male gigalo named "El Suave", an Eminem wannabe named "Ice Trey" and several other commical or satirical characters.

The game boasts a unique "composure" function. When you play good, your composure increases from "Smooth" to "Smokin'" to being "In the Zone". Basically, your character is feeling really good about their performance. However, when your character performs badly, they will lose their composure going from "nervous" to "rattled" and so on. When in this state, even while performing perfect swings, you might find yourself curving or slicing the ball. But, don't worry, you are able to take your frusteration out on your caddy and beat the living crap our of them! Once you do, you can be right up to being "In the zone". Quite frankly, this is one of the most hilarious aspects of this game!!

The game is excellent for single player and multi-player while engaging in consumption of your favorite frosty beverages ;) In single player mode, your character has a basic skillset and as you progress, you are able to unlock further modes, drivers, irons, woods, putters, balls, etc to perform your best.

The gameplay takes a little while to get used to. Fortunately, this game features a tutorial which is as hilarious as it is helpful. I strongly recommend watching the tutorial that is on the game before playing your first game.

The left joystick allows you to aim where you want your ball to go. The right joystick allows you to increase or decrease the level of spin you want your ball to make. This is critical for making your ball stop on a dime on a fast green. To get set, you must hit the "A" button and you use your right joystick to swing. Simply pull back to your desired level of power and push forward when you want to swing. But, be careful, you must hit it as straight as possible...otherwise you risk hooking or slicing your ball. Just make sure you land on the fairway or on the green so you don't loose your composure.

Use "B" to see where your ball is likely to land.

As for putting, this is one of my favorite aspects of the game. By hitting the white button, it provides a graph of the landscape. If the graph is white, the landscape is level. If it's red, that dictates that it's going uphill...and if it's blue, then that means it's downhill. My physics classes back in college make me keep in mind on how to position my target ;) Also, if you hit your "X" button, a yellow path will show up showing the path in which your ball will travel. You only get to use this three times per stroke, so, use them wisely! I think that limiting this to only three tries makes this game great since it doesn't necessarily mean that you will always sink a putt. Nice and challenging, the way it should be ;)

Visually, the game is stunning. If drive your ball at 97% or greater, a flame will follow the ball as it launches across the course. The shadowing is very well done and very realistic. This is arguably one of the best looking golf games ever created and certainly uses a lot of the XBox's graphical capabilities.

The golf courses are very unique in that you play in the middle of many different environments. There are bridges that act as potential obsticals and others you will find yourself in the middle of a run down trailer park. It's a must see!

This isn't your mother's golf game, that's for sure! There is use of some profane language including some that this site may even censor!! There are a lot of sexual enuendos depending on what character you choose. But mom's: Don't worry, it's done tastefully ;)

The sounds are great...when you drive a ball at 97% or greater you hear an explosion as your ball screams across the fairway.

The hits sound real, the punching sounds superb (gotta love the sounds of bones crushing) and the commentary is absolutely hilarious! You have to hear this game to believe it!

Suggestions: My only suggestions is to provide a few more courses. There are only three in this game. Yes, it's true, I can't get enough of this game! Keep up the great work and I'm very much looking forward to a sequel :)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

This game is fun fun fun! Hunter: The Reckoning makes "hack and slash" gaming fun all over again! I would describe Hunter has a very good cross-point between Gauntlet and Resident Evil...and it's done right! It's definately the best game since Halo and I strongly recommend anyone to pick this up and enjoy it. The game is very gorey and bloody..the effects are astounding and the game is just plain fun!

I believe that there is lasting appeal to this game since you can play all the way through on normal mode and unlocking "nightmare mode" which, I'm assuming, is the hardest mode. In addition, it's amazing to play multi-player up to four people on the same screen at the same time. Each Hunter compliments one another and this game can be played over and over and over again.

The Gameplay is very nice. I must admit, it took me about a good 30-45 minutes to feel 100% comfortable with the control scheme. After this time, I find that the controls are brilliant! The left joystick is what controls your Hunter, the right joystick is used to face your enemy. In other words, if you are running and there are zombies behind you, simply use your right joystick to face downward so you can run backwards and busting out your arsenal and capping them showing who's boss! The "A" button is your interaction button and is used to interact with the environment...also, it's used for reloading your weapons. The "X" button is used for switching your basic weapons...from your melee weapon to your unlimited ammo gun or crossbow, depending on which Hunter you are. The "Y" button is to select your "edges" which are, in essence, your "special" weapons or abilities that each Hunter has that is unique to them. Your "B" button is to scroll through more powerful weapons that you pick up during the game which includes machine guns, shotguns, pistols, chainsaws, and a slew of other destructive weapons.

The graphics are definately a strong suit for this game...very well done! When you kill an enemy, often times their limbs fall off, their head gets blown off and all you see is a torso limping after you! When they are completely dead, they fall to the ground and turn into a "sandy mist" that fades away. It's a nice effect instead of watching them eventually disappear. The fog in the graveyard is beautifully done. The grass looks great, the shadowing, the blood and gore shooting from the zombie's bodies, and the Hunter's all look incredible!

The sounds are excellent in this game. This game supports 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, however, I haven't had the priviledge to hear it yet since I don't have one yet. However, the sounds from the slashing of the battle axe, to other weapons piercing the corroded flesh of the enemies really pulls you into the game. Also, the soundtrack is performed by the band: Coma, a heavy metal group. For the most part, there is not a lot of music played while playing the game, however, when a swarm of enemies approaches, the music kicks in...this is a nice touch for having a fair warning. Everytime the music kicks in, I get goosebumps knowing that I am going to have to shed the blood of a few dozen enemies that want nothing more than having me a part of the walking dead!

Suggestions: Keep up the great work...I'm very pleased with the game and it was everything I was expecting. If I were to find anything to add would probably be additional Hunters other than only having four...but, it hardly detracts the game by only having four Hunters that can be played. Also, I would like to commend you for sticking to your perverbial guns that during multi-player gaming, you cannot be the same Hunter. I appreciate and respect the developer's decision on that!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

My overall appeal of this game is: "WOW!" This game is exactly what my XBox game library needed! Rallisport Challenge introduces hours of fun and huge replay value in regards to multi-player. The realistic terrain, the graphics, and the gameplay are exceptionally outstanding! This is the "Halo" of the racing genre, hands down! Also, keep in mind that this is an XBox exclusive!

Oh man...the gameplay...the gameplay...THE GAMEPLAY!!! This game has outstanding gameplay! There are four different terrains you will face in Rallisport Challenge. Each terrain actually causes the vehicle to respond differently...from extremely slippery to rock solid handling, this game really takes someone who likes a challenge to fulfill their racing crave. The car handles beautifully and there is an assistant who sits next to the driver telling you what is ahead... He will say things like "slight right", "medium left", "hairpin right", "jump ahead", and several other things to prepare yourself for what's ahead. And, the timing of the assistant's help couldn't be better! Absolutely ingenious!

If you even slightly enjoyed Project Gotham Racing, you will absolutely LOVE Rallisport Challenge! The controlls are very similar in that the default settings have the right trigger as the gas and the left trigger as the break + reverse. The actual car is controlled with the left joystick or D-pad.

Visually, this game is superior of any racing game I have ever played. When your highly detailed rally car is racing in gravel, for example, the car starts to get dirty in the correct locations on the body of the car that it would in real life! And, get this: it is so gradual, that you won't notice the car actually getting does it so gradually and so slowly that by the time you finish the race after starting with it all nice and clean, it will be as filthy and dirty as can be! Amazing graphica innovation with this!

Also, the terrain is exceptional! In the ice levels, you will notice the imperfections of ice as it sits on the street...just as it is in real life. In other words, in real life, driving up to a mountain pass with ice on the road, it does not have a consistent look...and this game reflects that same concept beautifully! Also, on the ice levels, there is exceptional detail while racing in the evening time where you can see the reflections of the sunset gleaming off the ice! It's very impressive!

Also, in the mediterranean levels, on a couple it actually rains. And, the rain is breathtaking! It looks like real rain!

Also, the replays are excellent. In fact, they even throw in a few extra things on the replay to make them even more interesting than they really are. One time, I watched a replay and there were three Zebras watching me fly down the gravel road...and the camera was focussing strictly on the Zebras and the road running perpendicular on the screen (the road was going left to right with the Zebras on the other side of the road, facing the road and the camera on the opposite side of the road). And, as I drove by at 150+ miles per hour, they all turned their heads watching me! It was hilarious! You'll have to wait and see ;) But, WATCH THOSE REPLAYS!

Other graphical things include smoke coming out of the tail pipe, mostly when starting out...and a flame coming out of the exhaust when the car switches gears! It's too cool :)

The sound is nearly perfect especially considering that you can rip your own personal CD collection and listen to your music while playing the game! I'm so happy they included this option! I find that the default music suits the game well, but, there's nothing better than listening to some screaming hard rock while flying 150+ miles per hour!

Because Rally car games are huge in Europe, your assistant speaks with a British accent...which is a nice touch! Of course you can turn his voice completely off if you wanted to as there are several different sound settings you can adjust to make it exactly the way you prefer it. The cars sound very nice, too. When you switch gears, as I mentioned before, your car lets out a flame through the exhaust pipe and it even makes a "pop!" sound when you are driving...and, when you slow down, it will "pop! pop! pop!" rapidly just like in real life Rallisport racing games. It's truly something to hear!

Suggestions: The only suggestion I would like to make is to add a System Link option as we have been spoiled by this, therefore, eliminating the need for split screen gaming. I really like how you can race 4 people simultaneously, but, it would be even better if you had the entire TV screen during multi-player. And, another thing: KEEP UP THE STELLAR WORK!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 UFC: Tapout

The overall appeal to this game is that I was very impressed! I never normally like games like this...I usually am into traditional fighting games like Mortal Kombat and the like, but, this was a nice addition to my video game library. I have never really liked WWF wrestling games, but, I was very impressed with UFC Tapout! The graphics, the gameplay, the skills you can gain on this game as opposed to a "button masher" make this game a must see!

I love the gameplay! The fighters maneuver very fluidly. I really enjoy that fact that this game is not a "button masher"...not in the least. I mean, you could get by with mashing the buttons, however, don't be suprise when a skilled UFC Tapout fighter blocks them all and comes back with a ruthless combo!

Each fighter has their own moves, and plenty of them. There are a lot of counter strikes, tackling, and combinations. This game even makes ground battles very interesting...much more interesting than the real UFC! Seriously! It's unbelievable on how extensive the ground techniques are...flipping around, changing seat position, blocking, counter-striking while on your back, elbow shots while on top...this game is great!

Also, the amount of fighters is amazing and impressive, to say the least. I even have a friend that fights in the UFC and even he's on the game! His name is Jens Pulver...I played him for about 3 hours alone and then started playing with Tito Ortiz. Both are great fighters!!

Visually, the game is impressive. The introduction graphics trick your eye as if it's real. They really did themselves over on the introductions (while the fighters make their way to the octogon). The crowd is utterly amazing in completely fools you into thinking that they are just graphics! They look so real!

The fighters have a lot of muscle tone detail, body hair, and tatoos. The blood is great, but, admittingly, it looks a little too perfect when it comes to even spots all over the octogon, but, certainly nothing to complain about.

Also, there is a create a fighter mode on it. It's pretty cool, but, I don't imagine that it's as extensive as WWF RAW's create a wrestler. But, again, nothing to complain about...atleast it has it on there. There are a lot of options with it regardless.

The sound is good. There is a little improvement that can be done here, but, it's not all that much to complain about. I scrolled through the sound board in the options menue, and they include tons of different sound effects. The crowd has pretty consistent screaming and yelling which keeps the action going. The punches sound nice, too. My biggest qualm is that the announcer's lips don't move exactly to what he's saying. It's a minor detail, but, considering how much detail this game has visually, it seems they could have worked a little harder on this and concentrated on it a little more.

Suggestions: Just work on the announcer's voice being timed with his lip movement. Also, more lip movement would be better, too. It's a minor detail overall, but, considering how much time with detail that the developers did, it actually sticks out like a sore thumb...but, not too much to complain about, because the game is great!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA Live 2002

Great game, especially playing multi-player! Playing this game with four total people is a blast! The dunks are great and the graphics are ver smooth. This is a must buy if you are an NBA fan

I find the gameplay to be very smooth. I have played this game for about six hours now and I am still learning how to perfect stealing the ball. I also find the Ally oop to be easy to perform. Going out of bounds is a little too easy, have to be very careful...

Visually, this game is great! The players look like the real people...very good graphics! They even have tatoos and it shows each player wearing the shoes that they normally wear in the real NBA...nice effects here. They show emotions when they do good and bad...and the replays are sweet! The dunks are amazing....this is the best NBA game I have ever played but I haven't seen or played any of the competing NBA games on the XBox yet.

Sound is good. You can hear the screatches of the shoes, to the bouncing of the ball. In the background, the audience has amazing sound very real from whistles to screaming...and even booing. Nice sounds on this game...though, I found the commentary to be kind of repetative, admittingly.

Suggestions: I would like to see some added graphical scenes between quarters instead of going to a screen to resume the game as if it was placed on pause. Other than that, this is a great game!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This is, without a doubt, the game of the year, folks! This is a must have if you own the XBox and easily qualifies for it to be your first game title when you get your XBox. It's as simple as that!

Gameplay: The gameplay on Halo is utterly brilliant. It takes about 5-10 minutes to get used to the controls...and you may even wonder why it is controlled that way...but, after you get used to it, you will not want it to be any other way! The left joystick allows you to run forward, run backwards, and straif left and right...the right joystick allows you to look up, look down, left, and right, and to move left and right.

The triggers are for throwing grenades and for shooting. The XBox controllers were, seemingly, made for this game!

Graphics: The amount of detail in the graphics of Halo is mind blowing! If you look down onto the grass, it looks like grass. And, if you walk up to a wall in the dark and turn on your flashlight, notice the detail on the wall... Microsoft really out did themselves with the visuals of Halo. It's simply amazing!

Audio: The sound is superior. Each gun sounds completely different...the Marines carry on dialogue very clearly...and the vehicles make amazing sounds. I would love to hear this game with 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound!

Suggestions: My only suggestion would be to add the System Link option to the campaign mode. Split screen gaming is becoming old due to the System Link option...and Halo would be great to play co-op with the System Link.

Also, it would be great to have more than two people playing the Campaign mode with the utilization of System Link play.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Solid game :) Shooters are one of my favorite genres and Max Payne is no exception. The graphics are great...this is a direct PC port, but in my opinion and eventhough I have never played Max Payne on a PC, this game was made for the XBox console. Sounds, graphics, story-line...great stuff! Now I just need surround sound :)

Gameplay is amazingly good. It's as if the XBox controller was specifically designed to play this game. I couldn't imagine playing the PC version with a mouse and keyboard when you could use the XBox controller. I would imagine that even the most anti-XBox controller fans would even agree that the XBox controller was made to play this game! Exceptional!!!

Visually, the game is great! The graphics are get the feel that it is a dark time...perfect for letting out your agression after a bad day at the office or at school. Everything you would expect from the #1 hit PC game of last year.

Great sounds...when Max Payne walks, he makes footstep sounds and they differ from the type of floor or ground he is walking on. Also, when I first shot the shot-gun, I thought someone was shooting outside! That puppy sounds amazing! And, yes, I figured out I had to turn my volume down a tad :) Enemies share conversations, the storyline is great and you can read while you listen (they say the same things)...great sounds on this one.

Suggestions: I am looking forward to a sequel...and one thing I would hope would be a multiplayer frag mode :)

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael

My overall appeal of the game was that it was a pretty good game, but, to my disappointment, it's only a rental, my fellow XBoxAddict buddies. Unless you are an absolute die-hard (and I truly mean die hard) motorcross fan, then this game is not worth your hard earned 50 bones...just rent it.

If you really enjoyed Excitebike 64 on the N64, you will be very disappointed about MX, unfortunately.

The Gameplay was pretty easy to master. I probably did every trick in the book after one hour of playing. This is a very negative thing considering that I prefer games that take a long time to Master. A few things I didn't like is how your rider is able to land sideways, backwards, or even after you are coming off a huge !&%$@#* jump and all of the sudden, you slam into a wall but are able to stay on your bike but at a complete stand still. The realism is not quite there.

Also, when your rider is on the normal racing tracks, he seems to float and you don't get the realism of what riding on racing tracks feels like. I think they could have polished both of these up much much more.

Also, there was a minimal power ban...the developers really messed this one's only good for launching off jumps right before you fly through the needs to be used more often, that is, if you could during racing and catching up if you are behind.

Visually, the graphics are great! I actually was very impressed with the graphics, especially the backgrounds and tracks. This was done quite tastefully. However, my only quom on this is that I really wished they touched up the bikes a little better...they never got scuffed and didn't really appear to be drawn very well. I give the background and racing track graphics a 4.5 and the bikes and 2.5, therefore, a 3.5 average overall.

Great soundtrack and it keeps you interested in racing like the crazy rider you are. The bikes' engines could have sounded a little better...a little muffled for my taste. They could have polished this up much more.

Suggestions: Touch up everything. Realism is what people are looking for with XBox games. I believe all of the information above that I mentioned should provide a great starting point.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Azurik: Rise of Perathia

My overall appeal is a very cool game. It's really hard to compare this game with any other XBox game during the launch. The only thing I can think of is that it seems to be like Zelda64 on steroids! This is a beautiful game that one could not appreciate if your rented it because I understand that it takes about 80 hours to beat! And, that's probably if you knew where you were going the entire time! So, this one will definately keep you busy for a while.

The gameplay is pretty good. I would give it a 5 if I thought I could maneuver Azurik better...Azurik is fast when he fights, which is nice when kicking the crap out of multiple enemy creatures. The camera takes a little while to get used to, but, after you master it like I have, it becomes second nature. If anyone whines about this, it's probably because they aren't used to the camera controls quite yet. The worlds are very big...and I really enjoy the "new powers" that you earn so you can further your quest. Good stuff!

Visually, the game is absolutely beautiful. Earlier, I compared it to Zelda 64, but, that was in the style of the game..when it comes to graphics, Zelda doesn't hold water to this game. The detail on this game is very good and it truly is eye candy. It certainly will fulfill the requirements for graphic freaks! The only quoms I will have in regards to this, I will mention below.

Sounds are perfect! The music is great and really keeps you in the game. The soundtrack is made up of adventure style music. Though, I would classify this as an action/adventure game. When Azurik walks over bridges, you hear the wood "clunk clunk clunk" which is a nice touch. Also, when you go to an advice thing (I forget what they are called), the voice fades away the farther Azurik walks away from it..a very nice touch. And, when he beats up enemies with his Axion, the sounds are especially appealing and makes it more motivating to kill a few more!

Suggestions: When Azurik is swimming, he looks a little stiff when he is descending and coming up from the water when he isn't moving. Also, it would be great if Azurik was able to grab a hold of a wall after jumping on it (eventhough that is already what he does, just a little easier if the wall looks like it's something that he actually can grab onto). Also, it would be better if the people in town gave some good advice other than "Perathia is depending on you" and "Help us Azurik!". Though, those quotes are nice, just the addition of quotes for assistance would be a good addition.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: My overall appeal of this game is a definate must buy! This game is absolutely beautiful and is one of those games that keeps you "Amped" (no pun intended)! This is a great game that keeps a high level of interest and definately worth your hard earned $50.

Gameplay: At first, I thought the gameplay was pretty challenging since you have to use both joysticks. The left one to do your normal control and when you go off jumps you use it for flips and spins (and other crazy combinations of flips and spins). The right joystick is for grabs. I thought that using the bottons for grabs would have been better at first, but after playing it as much as I have, I find that the right joystick is utterly brilliant for the use of grabs!

Graphics: Breath-taking graphics! I can tell Microsoft spent a lot of time smoothing out the graphics on this game. Absolutely beautiful! Very realistic terrain.

Audio: Great sounds on this game! If you "eat it" near a member of the media, they talk trash to you and say to you "why don't you go back to skiing?" and stuff like that :) Also, there is a large variety of trash verbage and excited comments, too! You can also listen to your own personal CD library when playing this game! Great option as well, eventhough I find their soundtrack to be very very good :)

Suggestions: The only thing I would suggest is if they allowed the System Link Cable to have two boarders go down the course at the same time pulling of high scores and Media points at the same time. I haven't tried this to see if it had it yet, but, I did look around and I didn't see anything. This doesn't come close to ruining this's a definate must have.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: This game is absolutely amazing! I have played every single football game known to man and this game is, without a doubt, #1 and a must buy for any football game fan. The graphics, game-play, sounds, features, and options are unbelievable. This game really sits in a class all by itself.

Gameplay: Very fluid controlls! Also, it's not a game that is difficult to learn, but, it still gives you the ability to get better and better. In addition, I love how the running game is alive in this game...compared to many other football games, this is the only one that makes running the ball worthwhile to execute.

Graphics: The graphics on this game are absolutely amazing! From the reflections of the stadium and the stadium lights as they mirror off the helmets to the visuals demonstrating players' excitement and dispair depending on how they are performing...this game has it all! Also, it's also worth mentioning that while playing in the snow, you see footprints and they don't go away! The field looks nice and clean when you first start out in the snow, but, after the players have played on the field even after a few plays, the footprints are all over the place! Amazing visuals!

Audio: Great sound! The tackles are absolutely brutal and you definately will hear them! Also, the players talk trash especially after they perform an outstanding play...also, you can hear in the background the voices of the stadium commenter with the sounds of a real stadium commenter. This games is of the likes of watching the good old NFL!

Suggestions: Keep up the great work! My only complaint would be regarding the commentators. At first, I didn't even pay attention to them since I was in "aww" about the visuals, but, the commentators need to be much more vocal after a team scores or when there is a huge play being executed. With these new changes in the sequel, this game will, without a doubt, blow all of it's competition out of the water!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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