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Overall: First off I own and have played NFL Fever 2003, NFL 2K3 and Madden 2003, and 2K3 is the best of the three with Madden in a close second. Madden was good and will always be a good sim. but 2K3 is a good sim. with alot of fun in it, and isn't that what games are all about. The ESPN liscense put this game over the top. This game has the most animations, voices, faces and announcing lines then the other football games. The only thing Madden has is more stat category's, but 2K3 has enough and more than Fever. This is my first year playing a 2K series game, and I will probably stick with them.

Gameplay: This game is so fun to play and watch. This game is pretty hard for a first time player, which is good, who wants to win easily ALL the time. This game makes you work for a win just like in real life. If it is to hard you can turn down the AI. It has three difficulty settings, rookie,pro and all pro, but you can also move sliders up and down in several categorys to customize the difficulty.(I love that)Plays are fairly easy to figure out, and I like how they put the play design on the field as you pick it to see where it could lead to. Plenty of plays to choose from and you can make up to two play books customized. The game keeps pretty realistic stats, not totally fake and outragous like Fever. I love the weekly wrap up by ESPN, what a great idea, plus they have a half time report with the "hot at the half" player.

Graphics: This game has great graphics, barely behind Fever's. I still give this game a five because it has the most animations of all three games. Randy Moss has braces is a good example of how lifelike these players are. The players also show emotions, happy and smiling when they do good and frowning and mad when they do bad. Lots of different celebrations and tackles. The game is pretty fluid, more then Madden, and slightly less then Fever. Fever has the least by far animations.(gets very repetitive) The stadiums look awesome, I love Seattles new stadium. The coaches look just like their real life counterparts. Lot's of action on the sidelines, and the fans look good to. Madden has the worst visual of the three.

Audio: Sound is UNBELIEVABLE! ESPN makes this game feel like you are watching a real game. The announcing is the least repetitive of the three, and it sounds so natural. The players talk trash to one another on the field. The crowd reacts very well to what is happening on the field, I ahd to turn the crowd noise down, because when there was a score or something good going on for the home team, they would be so loud I couldn't hear the announcing.( very easy fix) The players grunt and groan. The hits and tackles sound awesome. 2k3 comes in first followed by Madden, and Fever way in last place with all the sound glitches and terrible announcing. NFL 2K3 has the bets sound of any football game to date.

Suggestions: Even more announcing lines.(can never have to many) Even better graphics to show the Xbox's power. More stat category's. Other than that, can't wait till next years.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2003

Overall: I was so excited to get this game, what a let down. They didn't make many improvements, I still can get 41 sacks in one game on all-pro, five minute quarters, 27 of them with a created player ranked 82. This game is so unrealistic, not many options. 2002 was a decent game, so I thought 2003 might be the new king, WRONG!

Gameplay: The gameplay is still unrealistic, they did make some slight improvements with the AI, but not enough. They should have had more options for creating a player, more animations and more realistic tackling.(not the same tackle over and over again)

Graphics: This game was made for Xbox so the graohics are awesome, if they could make the gameplay similar to Madden this game would be #1. Every detail from the players to the stadiums and fans are awesome. You can't get any better.

Audio: This is the worst part of the game. Kevin Calabro is terrible.(stay with basketball) With the money Microsoft has they should have got great announcers. Ron Pitts is O.K. Kevin and Ron sound so scripted it's not even funny. This game has lot's of sound problems also, the sound will drop out and the announcers get cut off and then start up later. I thought I had a defective disk so I exchanged it for another, same problem. I found out from Microsoft alot of disks have this problem. Microsoft just wanted to be the first out of the gate, so screw the quality right?

Suggestions: Copy some of Madden's and NFL 2K series gameplay. Get NEW announcers.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2003

Overall: I returned NFL Fever 2003 to get Madden instead. Madden's graphics are the only thing holding this game from being a perfect five. The only reason I say that is because after playing Fever I got spoiled, because that game is as close to perfect in the graphics department you can get. Don't get me wrong, for a port Madden's graphics are good, just not the best. This game just seems so realistic, and I like all the options in it.

Gameplay: This game has great options, I love the minicamp, what a great way to get better at the game. The gameplay is definitly simulation in every way, from the tackling, catching, running and throwing it is perfection. I played Fever 2002 all this year till now, and now I realize how fake it is compared to Madden. Fever was just pretty, Madden makes you realize it's not just about graphics, it's the gameplay that matters. Too bad we can't have both yet.

Graphics: Like I said earlier, great for a port, but not as good as Fever. Madden does have ALOT more animations and celebrations and better replays. I just wish they would make it for Xbox first, then port it to the others.

Audio: AWESOME!!!!! Al Michaels is great, what an improvement over Pat. Al's announcing doesn't even sound scripted, it sounds like he's announcing the game live. This was the best thing Madden could have done. Plus there is more of Al and less of Madden, which to me is good.(Madden bugs me) The on field sound are great and the fans react well to what's happening on the field.

Suggestions: Make Madden 2004 for Xbox specifications first, then port to the others.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2002

Overall: Madden has been #1 for ever, and for good reasons. But now there is a new sheriff in town, NFL Fever 2002. I'm not biased, so I will always buy the better game out at the time, and NFL Fever has the edge in almost every category. Madden is a good game, but for the same amount of money, buy the better one NFL Fever. Madden is just a port game, Fever is for Xbox only, so it uses the power of the Xbox.

Gameplay: I love to play football games, so the gameplay appeal will be strong no matter what name is on the cover. I had fun playing Madden, but I always went back to NFL Fever. Madden seems to dramatic, like alot of one handed catches, receivers don't drop the ball, or get hit and lose the ball very much. Still a fun game to play.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good, especially for a PS2 port. They are better on Xbox. The graphics can't stand up to NFL Fever 2002, not even close.

Audio: I think Madden is getting to old to be announcing games, he says the stupidist things. I t gets old to listen to. Announcing on NFL Fever might not be the greatest, but is better than Madden.

Suggestions: Better graphics. Get rid of Madden's commentary, and spice it up a bit. Just copy NFL Fever, and yo would have a hit.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: I had always been a Madden game supporter, especially with the Playstation consoles, then I saw NFL Fever 2002. I sold my PS2 and bought Xbox and Fever. This game is awesome, way better than Madden.

Gameplay: The game play is great, unless you play rookie level, then it is way to easy. I play veteran mode and it is awesome, it is a fight to the finish.
This game I feel is a little more realistic as far as the running and catching go, not to many one handed spectacular unrealistic catches like Madden.

Graphics: The graphics are UNBELIEVABLE, right down to the crowd. In Madden, on the sidelines there is maybe five guys standing there, in Fever there is most of the team, camera men(that move with the action), tables, benches and Gatorade containers. When you play the players get dirty(especially if they are being used alot)PS2 can't do that. The grass gets torn up, in snow there are footprints that stay until the snow covers them up again slowly. The stadiums are true 3D they are identical to the real ones, unlike Madden. Chicago's stadium even has the city in the backround. I could go on, but it still wouldn't do it justice, have to see to believe.

Audio: The sound is pretty good, I would have to say better than Madden, but not by much. The announcing is nice for the fact that they tell you who just cought the pass, and for how many yards. The announcers will also say if a certain player has just broke any records, That is how this game takes over on Xbox over PS2's Madden. It's nice to hear the names of people who make tackles, run, catch, pass, kick and throw, it's like watching it on T.V. then.

Suggestions: Make one for 2003.(SOON) Make interceptions a LITTLE bit easier.Coaches on the sidelines also would be nice. Add more announcing phrases, so it less repetitive. Not so many season ending injuries.(Every injury Iv'e had on my team is season ending.)If possible make graphics even better.(Don't know how they could get much better, except make the players faces look like the real ones)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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