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Cel Damage

Overall: This game might be lacking in some areas, but I present to you that the most important aspect of the game is covered very well (that being the fun value). There is nothing like whipping out Cel Damage after some serious Halo playing to calm the gameing fever between friends.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is what makes it such a party game. The fast paced, total destruction in this game is inconceivable. With a compleate arsenal of weapons, you can make your choice of how to destroy your friends (nothing like chopping the opponents to peices). Not to mention the unlocking of the master charaters for an added bonus. Overall this game presents a lighter side to your gameing collection.

Graphics: Visuals in this game are differnt than most other games, as it is cell shaded. This is when realistic looks are not what the creators are going for. In this game the cel shaded graphics really go well with the 'fun' basis of this game.

Audio: Sound in this game isn't anything to wonderful, but my honest feeling is that the sound in this game doesn't detract from the gameplay. It is there just enough to add the effects that the game needs without being impowering.

Suggestions: There are some serious things that could have been done to add to this game. Xbox Live would have had some SERIOUS sweetness, but wait it was made by the all crappy EA :) no live for them. Custom soundtracts would have allowed some fun, being able to kill your friends while hearing your favorite tunes, would have been awsome. This most certainly needed more charaters/levels.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: This is one of the better Xbox games in my opinion. It has game play that will hold you in for hours and graphics to keep you drooling the entire time. One of the most enjoyable parts of the game for me has been working through each level slowly, trying to be as stealthy as I can. I try to make it though without shooting anyone and without getting shot, I feel when you honestly try to play the game in this way it makes it much more of a challenge. This game overall gets a 5.0 in my book because it is amazing on several different areas (graphics, game play, even the sound is rich).

Gameplay: The game play in this game is incredible. When you have to sneak though a room, in the shadows without being heard or seen it can present quite the challenge (even more so with the difficulty set up higher). Then as you are sneaking though the dark depths of the levels you have to watch out for all the cameras that can also give your position away. The use of keypads in this game is genius. With some you have to flip on your thermal vision and you are then able to read the heat signatures on the buttons where others have touched before. With others still you must grab your unsuspecting enemy by the throat and force the codes out of him. Retinal scanners are also enjoyable, nothing quite like forcing someone?s eye to the machine to make them open doors for you :). One of my favorite aspects of the game has to be the split jump. Sam Fisher has the ability to jump up and do the splits between walls. So there you are, looming high above your rival, you can either a)shoot him (fun)or b) drop down on his head and knock him out (very satisfying). Either way, you?re going to have some fun :).

Graphics: The visuals on this game are unmatched by most Xbox games. The physics and lighting in this game are some of the best that I have encountered. For example, you are in a dark heating duct above a highly illuminated room and you look forward to where the vent allows air to flow into the room, it is in situation like this where you can actually see beams of light emerging from the slits in the vent (very satisfying). Another very enjoyable visual is when you walk through something with a likeness to sheets that have been draped from the ceiling they flow out from your body like they would in the real world (also very enjoyable). Basically you have to see to believe with the visuals as they are truly amazing.

Audio: The sound in this game is unmatched by any Xbox game that I have played. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful surround sound system and get to hear all the small details that were put into the sound of this game. It is a true tribute to UbiSoft's toils over this game to listen to the differences of walking on wood, metal, carpet, broken glass, ect... Not to mention that the game realizes which of the material is louder. This makes it so you have to be much stealthier while walking on something like broken glass whereas you could move quicker and still not be heard on material like carpet.

Suggestions: Good luck on the next splinter cell. UbiSoft you have been doing a great job with your games as of late and I am very impressed. Just remember, Xbox Live improves the quality of every game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Burnout 2: Point of Impact

Overall: This is an addictive title for sure. I can't seem to put it down. The game presents a challenge while testing your skills on the Xbox Live leader boards.

Gameplay: Great Gamplay with many different types of play. Theses include mult, crash (ram your car into other traffic and try to get the highest $$$ in damages you can), and the racing is more than fun as the more dangerous you drive, the better you do.

Graphics: Visiuals in this game are qutie good. Things are crisp with a good lack of jaggies. There are times when you are moving so fast that it is difficult to see what is comming ahead of you.

Audio: Sounds are GREAT... Custom soundtracts are the best and one of my favorite things is when you hit the boost, your music gets louder.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: This game bosts great fun for the $$$. I expected the Multiplayer to be enjoyable.... its really alot of fun.... not just a medium on muti.... Then I was thinking that Single player probably not that great... I was wrong there, I find the muti fun and the single player tring. For the Cash this game is really worth your time.

Gameplay: The Gameplay is wonderful and gripping.... I love having the odds stacked against me and still being able to pull out the win in both multi. and single player game modes... I would have to say that unless you have Xox Live though. Multi. is not near as enjoyable and the game loses alot.

Graphics: The visuals are pretty good... no Splinter Cell.... but then again what is? Visuals can really add or detract from a game for me, but this has some pretty impressive visuals when it comes to explosions, mech destruction, and the destruction of buildings.

Audio: I find that the sound on this is wonderful... even more so with my new system that I got for Xmas... Explosions are realistic and music doessnt get old. Just gets the adreniline running in my veins.

Suggestions: This is a great game... and I hear stuff is comming out for downloadable content so Im happy about that. Really no suggestions :)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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