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Top Spin Tennis

Overall: This game blew my mind away. Hands down greatest tennis game ever. It definately lived up to all of my standards. Big 5

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. It isn't just hitting the ball over, you can play it flat, safe, slice, lob, put some top spin on it, and make it seem like an actual tennis match. Big ups in this category.

Graphics: The graphics were amazing, and absolutely blew my mind. Another great example of the power of the Xbox. Microsoft did a great job on this one with the detailing and everything. Only thing they could of improved, would be to make the game seem more like an actual broadcast with the score keeper at the bottom.

Audio: Sound is what you could expect. Grunts are heard when the player hits the ball, and the ball sounds like...well...a ball. Custom soundtracks are a nice addition. More commentary could be added.

Suggestions: Make more commentary, and make it feel more like a TV broadcast. Other than that, Top Spin 2 should be a good one too!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

Overall: This game is absolutely great. If you enjoyed THPS 1, 2, 2x, or 3, this is a definite buy for you. It has a different, but better style.

Gameplay: The gameplay is really fun and enjoyable. The button layout for the Tony Hawk games contribute to the easy gameplay. The levels are absolutely MASSIVE compared to the old games.

Graphics: The graphics are STUNNING in this game. The character models are very well detailed and resemble the skater very well. There is an incredible amount of detail that has gone into every object. Awesome graphics.

Audio: Sound is another mega plus about this game. The original soundtrack isn't all that bad, but when you have the ability to add your own makes it that much better. The characters and pedestrians in the game talk as you go by, and the cars maek realistic noises as well. Very well done.

Suggestions: Keep up the ability to allow us to listen to custom soundtracks. Also, in Tony Hawk 5 (if it comes out) make it Live. Tony Hawk on Xbox Live would be soo much fun.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: This game is basically Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, except for a drastic graphic update, and a little difference in controls.

Gameplay: The controls are good, except the ability to change your moves up isn't as varied as THPS. The gameplay is great, just not as good as THPS in my eyes.

Graphics: The graphics, all I have to say is wow. Amped was the first game I got all the way back at launch, and to this date I am still amazed at its graphics compared to even the new games.

Audio: The sound is good, nothing amazing. What I love about the sound though, is the ability to listen to your own music. The soundtrack they include is massive, but, none of the songs really meet my tastes, so the custom soundtracks is great for me.

Suggestions: Make the ability to have more tricks, and thats about it.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: This game is awesome. Basically, your a cop who has nothing to lose, and he is out to find the killer of his wife and daughter. It's an awesome shooter, with a great story line.

Gameplay: The gameplay is really cool. It has a feature that lets you slow everything down which makes it feel Matrix like which is very cool.

Graphics: The visuals are pretty good. Nice detailing on the walls, and tv's etc. I think they spent quite sometime just doing the details, which really makes it look great.

Audio: The sound is cool, and at some points even creepy. I wont provide what parts I mean by crappy as it may spoil it for you, but when/if you play it, you will know what Im talking about.

Suggestions: The game was too short in my opinion. I beat it without cheats in 3 days, which kinda dissapointed me. Also, maybe a multiplayer mode.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 ESPN NFL Football 2K4

Overall: Man, all I can say is this game blew my freakin mind away. I have been addicted to this game, whether it's been online or off.

Gameplay: The gameplay I find is amazing. I think it is the most realistical football game made to date. It actually feels like a real football game with gang tackles etc.

Graphics: The graphics look stellar as always. Big ups to Sega on that. The detailing is great I think, except of course the crowd problem that every sports game has, is still to be solved. Other than that, great

Audio: The sounds are good. I like the anaylis done by Chris "Boomer" Berman before the games and stuff. Makes it feel more like a broadcast. The sound effects are great during FP mode, with player chatter etc. And, you can listen to custom soundtracks while in your crib, no biggy, but still nice.

Suggestions: Make the soundtracks available through all menu's etc, and also, to try and solve the crowd problem. Keep it up for 2K5:)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: This game is absolutely fantastic. I love every last bit of it. Ranging from online play, to playing campaign mode. This game is flat out great.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. Some people complain about not enough action and it not being hard enough. It can be easy if you have it set to recruit difficulty, just like most of you can easily win a game of nfl 2k3 on rookie, it's easier to beat this game on recruit.

Graphics: The visuals in this game were absolutely superb. When you look at somebody's gun, it looks real. When you look at there face, they have all the aspects there. very clean and smooth.

Audio: The sound was great as well. Your guy makes grunts an such if he is walking while wounded. It adds a bit of flavor when your guy is running around groining due to having a bullet lodged in his leg.

Suggestions: Maybe make a 4 player multiplayer mode. Otherwise, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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