The developer already created episodic adventure games based on Back to the FutureJurassic Park, and The Walking Dead. It’s in the middle of series based on A Game of Thrones and Borderlands. And today, the company’s blog revealed that it’s working on its own Minecraft game.

Minecraft: Story Mode is a narrative-driven series where players navigate the blocky world through a series of choices. So, it sounds like your standard Telltale game. Still, this is a bit of an odd choice. While Borderlands was already a narrative-driven game (with plenty of shooting), Minecraft about survival, mining, and building. It doesn’t really have a story, so Telltale will really have to flex its creative muscles.

Of course, the partnership is likely already a big win for both Telltale and Minecraft owner Mojang. Telltale is on a hot streak, and Minecraft is one of the biggest games out there. As of October, the game has sold over 60 million copies across all platforms. In Sept, Microsoft bought Mojang for $2.5 billion.

Minecraft: Story Mode will come out in 2015 for consoles, computers, and mobile devices.