“Play Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer online with your friends starting today over the Xbox Live online entertainment network,” reads a statement released Tuesday.


“Starting this autumn, Xbox 360 owners will also have access to exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV episodes that will provide hours of additional game play.”


Rockstar co-founder Sam Houser recently told Edge that the developer plans to “fry those Xbox Live servers” when the DLC launches.


“… You’ll get a lot of content for your money, which I think is really important. You know, there are too many stories at the moment of people having the feeling that they’re not getting enough for their money in terms of downloadable content, and it’s easy for publishers to get away with,” he said.


No pricing details or gameplay specifics for the DLC have been announced by Rockstar or Microsoft.


While Microsoft is promoting exclusive game content, Sony has released a Grand Theft Auto IV bundle in PAL regions.