Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (Original Xbox) by Eidos

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (Xbox) by Eidos Box Art



North Amercian Release Date: October 1, 2002.

Region(s) Released: North America, Europe

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480i Only
Widescreen Supported (16:9): Yes
System Link Support: No

Average Overall Score:
8.57 / 10

The game is kinda hard for me. The stealth part is difficult. However, the game is hot."

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Enter the realm of a retired assassin, forced back into action by treason. You may be a hired killer but you still have a sense of loyalty and justice. Visit the dark recesses of a world corrupted by crime, greed, degradation and dishonour. And a past that catches up with you.

Trust no one - if the price is right, the finger of your most trusted ally will be on the trigger. Your targets may hide in the most remote areas of the planet, but their destruction is never prevented - only postponed.

Learn your trade - master your tools - overcome your obstacles - outsmart your enemies - eliminate your targets. Remember - rash decisions bleed consequences. Know when to strike instantly, know when to take your time. Chance favours the prepared player. Failure is not an option - it is a privilege reserved for those who do not try hard enough.

You have returned - and you will track down the organization that forced you out of retirement. You may find that the enemy is closer than you think - retrace your steps, and you will prevail.


Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press R, L, Up, Down, A, R, R
      Level Skip/Beat Level
While playing a game, press R, L, Up, Down, A, X, L(x3), B, A, B,
      Level Select
While playing a game, press R, L, Up, Down, X, Y, B
      Lethal Charge
While playing a game, press R,L,Up,Down,A,Black,Black
While playing a game, press R,L,Up,Down,A,L,L
      God Mode
While playing a game, press R, L, Up, Down, A, R, L, Black, White
      Full Health
While playing a game, press R,L,Up,Down,A,Up,L
      All Weapons
While playing a game, press R,L,Up,Down,A,Up,X,A
      Bomb Mode
While playing a game, press Right trigger, Left trigger, Up, Down, A, Up, White.
      Nailgun Mode
While playing a game, press Right trigger, Left triger, Up, Down, A, White(x2).
      Punch Mode
While playing a game, press Right trigger, Left trigger, Up, Down, A, Up(x2).
      Slow-motion Mode
While playing a game, press Right trigger, Left trigger, Up, Down, A, Up, Left trigger.
      Automatic Silent Assassin Ranking
Enter Right trigger, Left trigger, Up, Down, A, left Analog Stick, B, A, B, A. Do this at the beginning of any level.

User Reviews

Score: 86
Overall User Average: 8.54 / 10 (85.7%)
Gameplay User Average: 8.43 / 10
Graphics User Average: 8.41 / 10
Sound User Average: 8.59 / 10
Xbox Masta 4
Date reviewed: August 31, 2005.

Overall: Anyone that liked the first Hitman should definately try this one out. If you haven't played any I'd still suggest playing it. I mean who wouldn't want to be a Hitman? This game is an open-ended game that allows you to go freely and well kill the heck out of people. Dress-up in certain places to disguise yourself. Sneak up on someone and steal there clothes for example, and drag there body to hide so you don't get noticed. Weapons are a great thing, want to go golfing but don't have the course to do it on? Let's go do it on some people, or how about some knives, or just plain guns to blow someone away? This game does a great job, the difficulty at some points make the game that much more enjoyable.
Gameplay: Great gameplay. Sneak up on someone, choke them to death, or do a few other things to kill them. It's your choice. I like the variety of weapons and that you can go anywhere freely pretty much. It makes the game enjoyable. I think if you are into cheat codes as well there are some funny ones. Shoot someone and they fly, or you can do the same and they stick to the wall. Or you can stretch a person. Those cheats alone make the game hilarious.
Graphics: Graphics are great. Way better than Hitman. Makes the game more fun when you have decent graphics to go along with it.
Sound: Sounds are good, weapons sound great. The sountrack they have (since no custom soundtrack) is great. It sure does go well with game.
Suggestions: Don't stop making them.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: March 14, 2004.

Overall: Overall, the game is excellent and was and exciting ride. It's difficulty will keep it alive for a while as will the options that differ in each mission.
Gameplay: The gameplay is great. The controls are responsive and there are multiple ways to complete a mission which is really cool. The game suggests stealth but you can still blow everyone away if you blow your cover. Although it seems slow at times it's also tense and exciting.
Graphics: This game looks great. The textures aren't too bad and the character models look and move realistly. The rag doll physics are stunning.
Sound: The sound is boasts a great soundtrack from different symphonies and orchestras. It sounds clear and goes well with the game.
Suggestions: In the sequel try to involve a lot of non-linear content.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: November 6, 2003.

Overall: This is the squal to the first one. You play as a hired assasin who come out of retirment to take on his enemies.
Gameplay: The gameplay is kidna funky at first if you have never played the first game. You have a menu that you bring up when your near doors and other objects that pulls up certain actions. A new feature is being able to look through key holes which is very help full. Like Splinter Cell this game has a number of ways you can go through the levels. If you want to go out guns blazin the be my guest...just dont expect to get far.
Graphics: The graphics are meh. They could have been better but weren't maxamized for the xbox. The character models are smooth and the level textures are decent. Nothing hard on the eyes.
Sound: If you have surround sound then you will love this game. The gasping and wheezin of your enemies while you choke them out is delightfull. Enemies can hear your actions so you must be sure that you are quiet while creeping up to them
Suggestions: This game has cheats that will up the replay value for sure. Its a good buy especially at its new low price. If you are into the tactic, assasin thing then you will love this one.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: November 5, 2003.

Overall: its a pretty fun game, with multiple ways to complete missions. sometimes the ai is annoying as they see you through walls and stuff but other then that its great.
Gameplay: I find it difficult to aim with the joysticks (I would prefer a mouse and keyboard) but once i got used to them it was fine. The controls are pretty easy and responsive as well.
Graphics: Quality graphics as in most xbox games. i thought they did a nice job witht the physics when you kill someone, as they recat realisticly with the enviroment.
Sound: Good voice acting and good weapon sounds are what stand out in this game. As for the other sounds, everything is what you would expect.
Suggestions: make more hitmans!

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: November 4, 2003.

Overall: Looked good but then got a bit to arcade like after a few hours. Almost no plot and repetitive gameplay. Poor AI and other problems ruined a possibly wonderful game.
Gameplay: Control a Hitman, sounds cool in reality, right? Wrong! Hitman 2 is plauged by maps that are darn goofy and un-realistic. We all want a realistic Hitman sim. Plus the controls take a while to get used to.
Graphics: The graphics are shiny and good. They just suffer from being ported over from the PS2. Plus there is tons of clipping and akward poses and moves. The movement is a bit choppy.
Sound: The sound is probably the best part of the game. A great orchestra piece is the soundscape for a crappy game. Too bad.
Suggestions: Make it more realistic. Make it more like Mafia or Theif. Something like that.

Overall: 40 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: November 4, 2003.

Overall: Advertised as a "edge of your seat", and graphically eye pleasing game, Hitman 2 does not live up to such a description in my opinion. I may just be picky, but I thought the game was a let down and no fun at all.
Gameplay: Interaction amongst characters is very lame and blunt. The programming was done in a hurry and it can be seen. So that makes the "fun factor" less enticing.
Graphics: The graphics in this game are just pitiful when compared to Halo, Max Payne, Unreal Championship, or other games. Designers of this game could have spent much more time concentrating on this. Characters in the game look very "blocky" and are not eye-pleasing either.
Sound: Sound and Audio pleasures in this game, stink. They were not professionally done, nor were they made with any effort. A suggestions on my part, mute the sounds and play your MP3's in the background.
Suggestions: The developer should have spent several months more time working on this before even THINKING about releasing it!

Overall: 40 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: October 13, 2003.

Overall: Good ame but i found it far to hard.Graphics are excellent and gameplay is superb but gaurds are to suspiscious!
Gameplay: Excellent really long and so many options. If i ever complete it ill be able to play all over again and theres 3 ifficulty settings
Graphics: Really good graphics but sometimes gaurds appear out of nowhere!
Sound: Didnt pay much attention!!!!
Suggestions: Make an easier seting for useless gamers like me!

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: June 16, 2003.

Overall: Great game. A definite must own to any xbox owner. You can take ur time with the stealth or just plow through and kill everything in your path. I would love to see a sequal to the game.
Gameplay: The game is smooth like a babys bottom, the story line is top notch which just adds to the fun factor. The array of different guns are amazing, and u could take any one u want on the missions with you.
Graphics: The visuals are nice, nothing spectacular about them, but there isnt much blockyness and the facial fetures on his face are nice. The only thing that could use more work is the background that looked really crappy to me, other then that nice graphics
Sound: The sound is what really makes this game. The soft russeling of you crouching and crawling around to the different noises that each gun makes. The beeping was cool too and you can hear the footsteps of on coming attackers very clearly. Great sound for a great game
Suggestions: More guns! more missions!! more HITMAN 2!!!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 100 %

funky chicken
Date reviewed: April 26, 2003.

Overall: In this game you play a retired hitman who was looking forward to a nice peaceful end to his life in Sicily with a rather friendly preist guy. All had been going well until some guy decides to kid-nap your good priest friend. So as you probably guessed he has to go save him.
Gameplay: The overall gameplay is pretty good and usually has it so you can complete a level in many different ways (ie- run in guns-blazing or sneak around with a strangling wire).
Graphics: The graphics in this game are pretty good but is nothing compared to what the xbox can really handle. Some of the animations could get redone a lot better.
Sound: The music is ace. Nothing builds up the tension more in a game great real-time sound and nothing is more motivating than that chorusy kind of music ( I dont know the proper term for it) The voices are great and the use of surround sound makes it loads better. The sound of the bullets whizzing out of a gun sounds ace.
Suggestions: The only suggestion I can give is that they should think of a clever multi-player mode for it and that hey should try keeping it to the point. The only levels that relate to the kidnapping of the priest are the first and the last levels. I personally got really bored of this game after i completed it because it isnt the kind of game you play more than once. If it had a multi-player mode it would have lasted so much longer. If I were you i would just rent it out a few times to complete it.

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 60 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: April 17, 2003.

Overall: I love this game, I believe this is a title that is over-looked by a lot of people. I personally thought this game was even better than Splinter Cell. This is my second favorite game on the Xbox. First being Halo of course.
Gameplay: The gameplay is great, the action never gets boring or repetitive. You have to mix stealth like tactics with Maniac like killing sprees. I can't say enough about this game.
Graphics: The level designs are cool looking and places don't look the same, but the only little complaint I have is the faces of the characters. A lot of them all look the same, they could have spent more time on the faces.
Sound: The music gives a good feel to the game, the sounds blend well with the mood of your situation in the game. The biggest plus for me is the voice acting. A lot of times crappy voice acting can ruin a game, but in this game all the characters sound ligit and their lines are often funny and well written.
Suggestions: Just work on the face animations and you will be good to go. I sure hope there is a third installment to the Hitman series. Sweet A$$ Game!!!!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 100 %

Megaherz *RAGE*
Date reviewed: January 30, 2003.

Overall: You are Agent 47, the most fearest silent assassin ever been created on earth and the one who only work for money.
On his last mission, our main character find more than a target, but the true about himself.
In fact, he discover that the scientist who was working on a mental hospital was doing some
sort of perfect clone to strike his ennemy and one of them was him, he was the original copy.
After the murder of his father, Agent 47 went to retirement on a monastery in Silicy and give
all his money to his new mentor. Now, he is taking all his time to be forgiven by god, but thing didn't happen as he would.
He's forced to return to work as an assassin when his host his kidnapped by some ruthless Sicilian gangsters.
Enter the realm of a retired assassin, forced back into action by treason.
You may be a hired killer but you still have a sense of loyalty and justice.
Visit the dark recesses of a world corrupted by crime, greed, degradation and dishonour
and a past that catches up with you. Trust no one and if the price is right, the finger
of your most trusted ally will be on the trigger. Your targets may hide in the most remote
areas of the planet, but their destruction is never prevented, only postponed.
Learn your trade, master your tools, overcome your obstacles, outsmart your enemies,
eliminate your targets. Remember, rash decisions equal bleed consequences.
Know when to strike instantly, know when to take your time.
Chance favours the prepared player. Failure is not an option,
it is a privilege reserved for those who do not try hard enough.
You have returned and you will track down the organization that
forced you out of retirement. You may find that the enemy is closer
than you think. Finally, this game was a pure enjoyement for me but it was a way too hard
for an average gamer.
Gameplay: In Hitman 2 : Silent Assasin, you must press A to perform an action,
X is to holster a weapon, B is to drop an item and Y is to show your inventory.
The black and the white button is to reload and to switch into a first person or a third person view.
Finally, the right trigger is to shoot and the left one is to sneak or to crouch.
Remember that you are not Solid Snake or Sam Fisher, you are the opposite of a secret agent, so you can kill everyone.
This idea give a total freedom to gamer but it has been blocked by the scoreboard, so your main goal his to be silent,
not violent. The whole game give something that we were not able to see into Splinter Cell ( could have been awesome in it )
and something that i already talk about : a scoreboard. In fact, you can be rewarded if you are in a silent assassin ranking
or otherwise you can be in a total aggression and gain nothing. People who play with an aggressive perspection will find
this game a way too boring, but when you take it as a stealth game it's flawless. All the problem that i encounter in
the first one has been solve, now there is hints that show you what you are not supposed to do like a postman do not carry
weapon, but where they are when we are traped in a russian base and that everything going bad. Some kind of message
that show us all the wrong decision we have taken could have been useful, so much useful that this feature could have change
the name hitman forever. If you are not patient don't try this game because it's took me like
21 tries to have a silent assasin ranking on the first real level. The first person mod is really good but the
weapon look to small and the limited checkpoint are something that you should erase. Nothing to say about this
game because it's a must have for every stealth game fan like me but if you already buy splinter cell, you will not find
the idea of buying this game so interresting. A good lasting appeal with 20 hard mission are to rendez-vous so
don't miss the change to blow !
Graphics: Considering the graphic of Codename Hitman 47, the first one on the series, i didn't find that they done a major improvement for the visual.
In somes places, you can see like one table and a couple of chair around and that all. People look all the same, too much empty room, a big
slow down on the framerate that crashed up my x-box a couple of times and some kind of bad video can summarize perfectly the visual.

Sound: Who doing the soundtrack ? It was really one of the best created for a video game. The voices were also great but the main attraction is
really the amazing orchestral music.

Suggestions: Make it easier and more hints !

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: January 12, 2003.

Overall: An allright game, nothing special, would have been better if it was more like Splinter Cell, it wasn't really stealth enough, you could just run around shooting anything that moves, buy Splinter Cell instead.
Gameplay: Allright gameplay, the main characters look doesn't really fit in with the stealth part of the game, needs more advanced weaponds like in Splinter Cell. Sometimes frustrating.
Graphics: Looks O.K, nothing special, looks more like a GameCube or PS2 game, not good enough compared to other XBox games, needs too be alot smoother.
Sound: Sound suits what the game was supposed to be like, but in the end it doesn't match the gameplay, beacuse it isn't stealth and scary enough to match it.
Suggestions: Make it like Splinter Cell and get a new main character.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: December 31, 2002.

Overall: great game. not everyone who
likes stealth games will like this.
u will probably like this if u like
Gameplay: once u really learn how to play this
game (by the second level) its
really fun. If u run through the
game and just kill a whole bunch
of people, u'll finish the game very
fast, but if u take your time, and get
'into' the level and disguises, it will
take a long time (which is what
was intended) being able to beat
each mission many different ways
is a deffinite plus.

ignoring what that dude said
about not wanting to play the
levels again, i think they get better
the more u do them. u can alway
complete the mission a different
Graphics: nice visuals. not like splintercell.
the people movements (when
they're dead/dying) are really
good. other than that, good
looking, but not Splintercell
Sound: Dolby 5.1 - with surround sound,
every game gets a 5. the sounds
are good too though
Suggestions: make another one

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: December 21, 2002.

Overall: Overall, it's not a bad game. However, there are several serious flaws that need to be addressed. Also, once the game is beaten, there is no replay value. So my recomendation is just rent it. You can beat it within a 3 day rental. Even if you have to rent another time, the cost of rental will be much less than purchasing.
Gameplay: The gameplay itself was pretty decent. Much reminecient of the original Hitman on the PC, with two exceptions. Hitman one's missions were much better. Disguises actually worked and there was no "scrutiny" when walking around in them. In this, I can put on a waiters uniform, carry some wine glasses and have no guns visible on me, but yet I still get attacked because of some goober thinking that something is out of place. In the original, I could put on a disguise and unless I did something to cause problems, they would not even give me a second glance. Big problem that needs fixed. One big plus however, is the ability to save inside of the mission. While limited to x amount of times, it is a welcome change after Hitman: Code47 where you could not save inside of the level at all.
Graphics: Graphics are pretty good, but not up to X-box snuff now that Splinter Cell has raised the bar. If not for Splinter Cell, graphics might have gotten a 5 from me. Oh well.... One big problem with the game that deals with visual is boundries. There was a portion of the game where I was in a truck. I ducked down and there were two guys about 100 yards from me. I peeked up and they saw me. So I ducked back down again. I followed them on the "map" and could see that it looked like the were right under me. But that was impossible because I was in the back of a army truck, surrounded by crates. So I stood up and looked and they were gone. Then all of the sudden, their heads (both of 'em) popped through the bottom of the truck. So I thought, what the heck, and shot at 'em. Much to my suprise, I killed them too. This kind of thing happens alot in the game. Severe work needs done on the boundries in the game. Things like above really hurt the overall rating.
Sound: Sound was the usual Hitman repitore (sp) with a dash of Splinter Cellism (even though this came out before Splinter Cell) thrown in. Nice touches in sound and music help to create mood.
Suggestions: Fix the glaring problems mentioned above. Thank you, thank you, thank you for save points inside of the levels :)

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: December 2, 2002.

Overall: It's nice game to play when your bored, at first i thought the game wasn't to good but it appealed more to me the farther i came. If you love games where you have to sneak up on poeple then don't hestitate to buy this game, if your more into the halo sort of fighting then save your money and buy something else.
Some of the parts are really difficult and sometimes you get caught so easy. The weapons are great tough You have a whole arsenal of weapons.
Gameplay: The gameplay is OK. Im not saying it's awesome but im not saying it's bad either, you gotta find out for yourself. it's really funny to sneak up on poeple and then kill them but can also be alittle frustating at sometimes when they run away.

Graphics: Not much to say but awesome! The graphics look really good. Some of the things you encounter in the game look so realistic, for example some of the threes and the snowflakes falling down look great.
Sound: Nothing special to the sound..it's not bad tough, not alot to say about it the sound is ok and that's it.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: December 2, 2002.

Overall: If you have ever wondered what being a hitman is like then this game is for you. This game is in no way an action game. The pace is slow and takes quite a bit of strategy to be successful. In some of the levels you can get away with slaughtering everyone but this just ruins the experience and feels cheap.
Gameplay: The controls are very well laid out on the Xbox controller. I played the first Hitman on the PC and this one is improved a lot, now you can save your game at any time up to seven times which helps prevent getting frustrated because some of the missions take a lot of time to complete. The levels are well designed so that you can accomplish your mission in several different ways. I don't see much replay value here except maybe trying to do the more enjoyable missions over with different tactics.
Graphics: The visuals are very good. Some of the levels look fantastic while the textures in others are just cruddy looking. The characters are excellent along with some of the best animation out there.
Sound: The voice acting is excellent, the sound effects are great, and the music is awesome. No complaints from me.
Suggestions: None, this game does everything it set out to do.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: November 24, 2002.

Overall: Hitman 2 promised to be better than it's port predacessor, and it delivered in a big way! Smarter AI, and awesome array of firepower from something as simple as a fiberwire to a .50 cal sniper rifle, and just the pure uunadulterated joy of being hired to kill people is enough for anyone to grin.
Gameplay: The gameplay is pure genius. The controls are simple enough and in some ways modeled after that of Halo (which seems to be like the Mario Bros. of Xbox) that anyone can have the basic mechanics of killing mafia punks within 10 minutes, but the true mastery of the game lies not in the hand but in the mind. To play this game I have found there are really only 2 ideologies. 1) You can either say $#%! it and kill everything with 2 legs and a heartbeat, or 2) You can try and be a Silent Assassin, being patient and savage at the same time and truly appreciate the genius of this game.
Graphics: I do agree that Hitman 2 seems to be lacking in this respect, some areas seemed to have been passed over when it comes to detail quality, but is that so wrong?! I mean how often do you see someone whine and &#@$% about how the something or another could be so much better but never offer an alternative or solution ot their incessant discourse. I say quit the bi-otchin and enjoy this game for its smooth loading, lack of frame drop, and sheer sweetness of killing people and getting paid to do it!
Sound: Quite possible the best score for a game that I have seen for the Xbox yet. I could not have thought of a better title screen track than what Hitman 2: Silent Assassin has at the start screen- it's dark, reminds me of a Cold War like Russia, but is elegant and exciting at the same time. And the lack of a powerful sound track during the game is awesome because you get to focus on your next kill rather than having to listen to a track that you hate like on other games. *cough, cough, Tony Hawk, cough*
Suggestions: Bravo, keep up the good work.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: November 24, 2002.

Overall: great game good sound and graphics theres also a large assortment of weapons to choose from and i would reccomend this game to any one who likes shooters and likes dragging dead bodies
Gameplay: gameplay is great with many ways to complete missions and deciding how to kill your victim and what to use is always fun in the game it is to hard to obtain an silent assassin ranking
Graphics: the graphics are good but could have been better the outdoor enviroments are great but when you take someones cloths it is weird because all you see is 47 squatting down then magicly he has different clothes on and the clothes he was wering are folded on the ground
Sound: the gun sounds are great except the shotgun does not sound like a shotgun and in diffent c0untries i like how the native people speak the language of that country

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: November 10, 2002.

Overall: Definitely a title for the die hard fans of the series. Crosses some devlishly good fun with some cerebal first person gaming. Perfect for releasing tension and stress after a lousey day at work - ever wanted to let lose in a crowded building with an automatic weapon? This game lets you do it ;) The gameplay is right on the money for getting down and nasty and the guns are a lot of fun to experiment with. That said, there were a few lacking components on the game that stop it from scoring higher.

If you are a fan of these sorts of games, then it's a definite recommended buy. If you only have a passing interest or have moral objections, I'd recommend holding onto your money and buying Splinter Cell instead...
Gameplay: The gameplay of this title has quite an amount of depth sut you can take the simple option on a lot of levels and just go crazy wasting people with the biggest gun you can find, on harder levels you will have to think a lot more.

You can play the game through successfully once in the shoot first, ask questions later type frame of mind - and then come back later to try it again going for the ultimate 'silent assassin' rating, using wits, cunning and your environment to the full to achieve your goals.

Definitely a lot of appeal to go back and repeat some of the missions later on. Good replay value.

The game itself was too short however, I managed to finish the entire game on Normal level in the space of about 15 hours of play. If you went through looking to win as the 'silent assassin' this would take considerably longer however ;)
Graphics: Admittedly it does not push the xbox to it's limits in any way shape or form, but the graphics certainly are servicable with some nice environments and some of the death animations very well done.

The environments are varied and some good texture work has been used as well, but don't expect to be blown away by the graphics in this game.

Then again, you'll probably be too busy cutting people in half with your Spaz 12 automatic shotgun to notice anyway, as the blood and gore factor is pretty high if you want it to be.

Graphics are pretty good, just nothing to make me sit up and go 'wow'.
Sound: The tracks are limited but fitting - the 'theme' tune to the game is quite stirring and will get you motivated to go and mow down some bad guys in quick order ;)

Probably where the game shines is in the sound effects department. The guns all sound nice and chunky and the in game speech sounds authentic as well with local languages being spoken in the different regions you visit.

A nice effort here, just don't expect to be humming any of the tunes on the bus ride to work, that's all.
Suggestions: The development of the game feels a little rushed in truth. The missions are fairly quick and simple to complete mostly, but lack the kind of depth and detail they honestly deserve.

The sneak system is pretty ordinary. It's usually much much easier to simply pull out a silenced 9mm to despatch your opponents than try to sneak up on them and strangle them. I'd like to have seen this 'sneak' system implemented more with some night missions as well. It was far to easy to be spotted most of the time.

The plot was thin to be kind. 47 hardly needed much encouragement to come out of retirement and sparse more was said about it once in the game until the very end. He seemed to be happy to do mission after mission without a word about his friend.

The different mission areas were excellent, although the maps were often small, confined and felt unrealistic. 'Sparse' is a term I could use. The levels had nice architecture and the NPCs were nice, but it really lacked any feeling of 'life' if you know what I mean. They felt rather bland overall and this was a little disappointing.

A great game concept that really needed a couple more months work to make it shine. The gameplay aspect is on the money, but the other components are lacking and do not live up to the true power of the Xbox's capabilities.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: November 4, 2002.

Overall: I knew five minutes after playing this game it was great. Never before on xbox have I experienced the sheer thrill of stealth. This game is one of the few must have Xbox titles that does not dissapoint on any level. I almost passed on this game thinking it was another lousy port, but I was very wrong.
Gameplay: You play a retired assassin brought back into active duty after your friend, a priest, is kidnapped. Your missions take you around the world to a variety of exotic locations where you send a variety of underworld type figures to hell with a righteous vengeance. Overall, the game has an excellent hybrid of stealth and action, leaving it up to the individual gamer, his/her choices, and the reactions of the characters in the game to decide the fate of the mission. This freedom is the greatest asset of the game and every mission has a number of ways to complete the objective, what more fun can that be. Play it as you like.
This game has is par with Halo for fun factor IMO. The amount of ways to take on your mission seems endless, its really fun to play smart and plan.
Graphics: The graphics are very nice. The character models are great and the animation is top notch. The Hitman and the enemies display incredibly life-like, fluid motions. I was not expecting such great graphics! Surrounding areas and backgrounds provide great details.

Sound: Can I praise this game any more? Yes I can! Sounds are very realistic. When the Hitman is walking through the snow on the second mission, it actually sounds like he is walking on snow! Great music, too! I really love the music in the game and I want to get the soundtrack that is being released. I love the song at the game menu. The music has a great feel to the game.
Suggestions: Include more hints during your missions as sometimes it can be down right difficult to complete the missions.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: October 11, 2002.

Overall: This game is one of the funnest shooter game ever to come out for a system. So much to do, so much to wear and kill. The missions are good and creative, some of them can sound like the last game but most of them are unique. There are a few minor problems in this game but i will definatly give this "killer" game a 5.
Gameplay: One of the problems in the game is the controls. The controls are great on x-box when shooting and walking around, but when looking in your inventory for a weapon while getting shot at can be a bit of a problem. You have to get good with these controls to great the real feel of hitman 2.
Graphics: An impressive thing in the game. The graphics are great. The guns and other weapons are well detailed, as well as the enviroments in the game. At some parts the graphics won't be as good as usual but it certaintly gets the job done.
Sound: BAM! BAM! BAM! ARGGG!! The sound in this game are great. Its clear and is very cool. All the moves and sounds that happen in this game are nice. Their is not much more to say but i will leave you with, the sound is amazing......

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: October 11, 2002.

Overall: Really fun game. It takes the sneak aspect I liked in POW and throws the ability to take the mother out if you need to. I feel that it provides a real good presentation of a professional hitman...it would be pretty cool to know you could mow all three dozen of those weenies down and even better to know you are too cool to need to.
Gameplay: Control is simple enough and after a few minutes of aquainting to it, you forget about it.

There are a lot of 'neat' aspects that keep things interesting. The missions are varied and interesting. And the multi-path aspect to achieve your objective is really well done. I played the first level 8 times to finally get my "Silent Assasin" rating and I never did it the same way twice.
Graphics: There is a difference between writing an equation on a white board and actually feeling gravity as you jump out of an airplane at x thousand feet.

I don't care what the number junkies say about pixel counts and what not, the graphics work and work nicely. If you sit and anal-ize the wrinkles on the frog's scrotum, you will find enough to make yourself feel smart over. But if you load up a game and immerse yourself in it, you will have little problem doing that with this game.

Go into the church you start out in and walk into the confesional. Walk out. Shoot into it. Watch those curtains swing and sway interactively in real time. Nice.
Sound: Really nicely done, just not me preference. Matches the atmoshere nicely, but again, just not my cup of tea.
Suggestions: The introduction of non-lethal methods of elimination is nice, but I feel it needs more. If I am gonna chlorophorm a guard and strip him down to his underwear, I certainly would tie him up before I took off.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: October 10, 2002.

Overall: This game is absolutely fantastic. If you are expecting HALO, this is not it. This isn't James Bond. You are Hitman...period. There is a definite committment in each mission just to remain stealthy, and I loved every second of it. There is a real tension as you walk past an enemy soldier while disguised: Is he going to figure it out? Should I pull out my ballers now and whoop him? Stay calm? It is an open ended game, so each person can play it different each time they play it. Incredible.
Gameplay: The only thing I can realy complain about is the real lack of precision when it comes to every weapon(except for the sniper rifles). I just wish I was a little more sure of what I was aiming at. Otherwise, the stealth versus guns blazing while trying to plan out your missions is great. The briefings before each mission, complete with pictures and video really draws you in. I think I would rather be a Hitman, now!
Graphics: Awesome graphics. Everything looks great, and is a lot more detailed than I thought it would be. I would have liked a first person view at times other than sniping. The interface is easy, and it is almost a pick up and play game.
Sound: Nice background music and good use of ambient noises. It is pretty cool to be in a sewer and hear a limo pull up above you. The Dolby 5.1 definitely helps take it to the next level.
Suggestions: I am going to need another fix soon.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

mikey cee
Date reviewed: October 7, 2002.

Overall: I seriously wish at some points in
the game that I could've used that
pistol on myself. Horrible and
Gameplay: Wasn't anything special. Been
there, done that. The cool thing
about it was that you could
strangle people.
Graphics: Didn't see much that I liked. The
backgrounds were boring and
bland. And looking at that guys
bald head gave me the creeps.
Sound: Nothing too revolutionary here
either. Gun blasts could've been
better as the voices of the victims.
Suggestions: Take your time to think through the
next one.

Overall: 30 %
Gameplay: 30 %
Graphics: 20 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: October 7, 2002.

Overall: This game was supposed to be the !&%$@#* .. It turns out that its a stinky piece of shit. I mean yeah its cool you cand choke people, and stuff, but it was boring, and the blood looked so fake.. Your character looks like a !&%$@#* not a hitman... Put a hit out on this game...
Gameplay: Its appelaing but not enough to get me to wet my pants like everyone else. I would have appreciated a little more cool Spyeqsue things not this...
Graphics: I think it was actually a quite striking game. I think it will be a little better if we could get the blood to look good
Suggestions: Die Developer S !&%$@#* !

Overall: 30 %
Gameplay: 40 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 20 %

Date reviewed: October 6, 2002.

Overall: If you played the original Hitman then you have pretty much seen this game too. It have average GFX, average SFX, and semi-above average game play. Its fun at its base, but isn't really worth a true XBox gamers $. There are many aspects of the game that could have been worked on to enhance the XBox experiance, and since non-have been met, its an average game.
Gameplay: Killing is always fun, so that's a plus for any killing game, such as in Hitman 2, dressing in the enemys cloths is a nifty trick, and getting around the enemy is alot of fun, blasting away at 'em all doesn't get old... Blah, not much to say about the game play, just see the stats.
Graphics: Like I said, i wouldn't recomend a HC-BXox gamer to get this game if he/she intends to be impressed by the visuals, because you won't be. But luckly where the GFX lacks, the Game Play makes up for.
Sound: Meh, nothing astounding in the area of SFX, they are just sounds, nothing special, but nothing horrid, just plain flat.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 50 %

Gomer's Pile
Date reviewed: October 6, 2002.

Overall: The game is a greater, more polished version of the pc title. It leaves you playing for a long time, constantly trying to avoid the calls of girlffriend, wife, and mistress. just very well done to the most minute of details.
Gameplay: Veruy fluid in gameplay. 47 seems to glide every now and then but not to the point where it detracts from the game. 47 does seem to have a lot of health ( he is genetically enhanced) which makes the less stealtheir option sometimes easier. But no problem, the gme is smooth, and the scripting is wonderful. Some of the best ive ever seen.
Graphics: Graphically, this game rocks. It is the highest tier of graphics represented on console. dont listen to the bunghole elitists who give this area a bad rating because they read some stat that "47" only has 12360 ploygons instead of 12240. On screen it works and works good. Youll be hard pressed to find better on any other game.
Sound: The sound was recorded by the budapest symphony orchestra and simply fit the whole sicilian thing like a glove. Very motivating to cap civilians in the streets.
Suggestions: Im impressed, how you solved the save game thing and most of hte other issues in the game. The AI is great, but can always get better. 47 tkae alot of damage.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Game Master
Date reviewed: October 5, 2002.

Overall: Overall, this is an excellent game. Just from the intro alone, I could tell that this game is going to kick ass! This is definitely not one of those "commando" type games where you just rush in and spray the room with bullets. Hitman 2 requires lots of brains and strategy. Also, it has a lot of replay value because there are so many different ways to play/complete a mission. Hell, I've replayed the first mission 4 times, just to see if I can improve on my stealth techniques. As for the graphics . . . . Awesome! After playing Hitman 2, you will realize that a mind is actually a terrible thing to have. This game is difinitely worth the $50.
Gameplay: Wow! What can be better than sneaking up on a target, puting a bullet in his head, draging his lifeless body to a discrete place and then changing into his clothes so you can infiltrate the enemy site without raising suspicion? Well, instead of blowing his brains out, you could cut his throat or use a dart filled with chloroform. And this is why this game is so awesome. There are just so many different ways to kill. While I'm playing this game, I'm constantly thinking of how I can kill the enemy quickly and discretely. However, this game does have its flaws. Controlling 47 is very simple and easy, but the targeting system can be inaccurate at times. During one mission, I had the crosshair right on the target's head, and yet, I missed him completely when I fired the gun. And I was only 5 feet away. Another problem has to do with selecting weapons. If you do it too fast, sometimes 47 drops the weapon you're currently holding before switching to the newly selected weapon. Luckily, this only happens once in awhile. Overall, this is still an awesome game.
Graphics: The graphics are simply stunning. I haven't seen graphics this good on an Xbox game since Halo.
Sound: The sound effects are very realistic, especially if you have surround sound.
Suggestions: 1. Better targeting system

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: October 4, 2002.

Overall: wow HITMAN 2 i honestly didnt thik they could beat the first one wwhich was only fr pc it blew my ming in 2000 and this game is just an amazing chilling game great great story truly awsome
Gameplay: oh so fun stabing sliting throuts double barreling mottherfoesduel 45 whatever the game is awsome period YOU ARE THE HITMAN
Graphics: breathtaking absolutly awsome it reallly makes you feel like you are in a mobster revenge movie it is awsome man awsome
Sound: oh you have to hear this the guns sound so real hearing bullets hit the bodies and even the music is great deep the game is deep
Suggestions: none

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: October 4, 2002.

Overall: Yeah, yeah, this game has some cool tricks at first, like being able to drag dudes, choke them from behind, and dress up in other people's clothes, but once you get past all the gimmiks, it's basically the same mission over and over again.
Gameplay: Pretty standard for a game of this ilk. Although it really bothers me that your character can be shot about 50 times without dying on "normal" difficulty.
Graphics: The framerate keeps a constant pace, but only due to the lackluster environments and non-detailed character models. Overall pretty bland. Even the blood splatters are underwhelming.
Sound: I don't hear anything so great. The gunplay is substandard, and there is a lacking in the voice-over arena.
Suggestions: If this game isn't improved upon in the next incarnation, a hit should be put out on the developers.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 60 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 40 %

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