Hey y'all, a fan of the original xbox, xbox 360 and have been debating whether to get an xbox one or not. Thought I would stop by as I remember in the distant past seeing posts about xbox collectability. I only have a few bits and bobs like the Japanese smoke grey original xbox and a sealed halo 2 xbox live starter kit, but have recently also ramped up a bit in acquisition of boxed consoles where I can. Anyhow would like to have a place to participate in xbox talk in general, and when I inevitably get an xbox one come here to talk about that as well. This place looks a bit dead at the moment, I'll lurk about and try and participate as I sense more interest will come to the xbox and 360 again eventually, but maybe you should sticky a new member thread as otherwise I probably wouldn't click through everyones threads. Just a suggestion, happy to be a new member and hope to get involved soon, cheers!