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Xbox 360 Video Game System

Overall: Since i have something to do in the last 4 years, i didn't have chance to buy one. Now, gaming time is back. This console is great but only one thing apart from the greatness, the DVD Drive is a little noisy so maybe the next-gen will fix it. I love the controller since it's wireless so we can move anywhere in the moment we played a game. I bought the Pro Edition that included 60 HDD and HD AV cable, that enough to really test what Xbox360 can do.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Sniper Elite

Overall: The Silent Scope Complete Edition was a great title but is just getting too repetitive after a while. When a mission starts, you already get in the point and just stand there and shoot the ennemies and kill the leader to move in the next one. Sniper Elite is totally different and i enjoy it much more than Silent Scope series.

Gameplay: First of all, this is Second War so don't expect to have some high-tech snipers that can zoom more than 3x. You are elite sniper, well-trained to take out the ennemies in a long range. Each time you enter a mission, you are always equipped with enough stuffs to deal with the ennemies so don't worry about going out of ammo. You can even pick up the ammo and weapons of your victims so that a plus for you. One thing that you must understand is you must be patient. If you run out and shoot everything in sight (you can do that), but that is just useless since the ennemies can kill you with a AK-47 in a second. In this game, you can move your character when you want and where you want until you find a good spot to kill the ennemies. In a mission, there are only few ennemies but i can tell you that there are very smart. They move constantly and can hide everywhere, even in a tiny place. If one of them are wounded, the others will try to carry this one out of your view so try to deal a head shot rather go frenzy mode. You can use some deadly traps like place a grenade with a detonator line so you can kill some of them instantly. When you kill a ennemy in a very long distant with a head shot, you are rewarded by viewing a bullet slow-motion time which will make you look like a professional killer...hmm.. i mean sniper. :P

Graphics: The raining effects is really great compared to other titles. You will see some reflections about the environments in some missions. The facial expressions is a little bit repetitive since the characters won't talk a lot.

Audio: The sound is always there but you can hear some tunes about the Second War history which is jsut make this game so intense in some ways.

Suggestions: A sequel with more missions.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Far Cry: Instincts

Overall: A unique FPS game that redefined the genre with a twist AI of the ennemies. If you found that Doom 3 was little on the dark side effects, get this one. I guarantee you will get a beautiful island to explore without having to use your flashlight to move around.

Gameplay: You are John Carver that has being attacked by a unknown helicopter near a tropico island and now, you have to survive no matter what and find out who is behind the attack. First of all, the loading screen is a little long but when you get into game, you will see something different from other games. The draw distance is like 10 times more than any FPS game. You can clearly see anything surround including. When you got far enough, you can equip a sniper to take out some ennemies from a great distance. That's will make some advantage when you got there. I don't know but since they announce the AI of the ennemies is very sophisticated but from what i have saw in the game, they just look like zombies. When you set a trap (the xbox version aloud you to set a trab to lure your ennemies), you can kill any ennemy easily. When you fire at them, they move a little bit than stand there. I though at least they could act a little bit like Halo's ennemies but not really the case. You can also drive some vehicle but is more difficult than other games since you must drive and shoot at the same time which just make your orientation lost a little bit.

Graphics: The visual is great, you can see heavily detailed objects around you. The water effects is very well designed, look so real.

Audio: Like Doom 3, the music is just turn on when you get into critical events (running from a great numbers of ennemies, drive a vehicle to avoid some deadly bombs, etc).

Suggestions: Ajust the ennemies AI, make it act like a human that can dodge, not just stand there and fireback.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Stubbs The Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse

Overall: Have you ever try to be a bad guy in a game? This title will make your wish come true in the moments you got it. A totally new way to play a game that is just pure adventure with twist on it.

Gameplay: In this game, you control Stubbs, a zombie. You have being killed long time ago and just pop up from nowhere in the park saw by a couples. So the fun start right away where you are. Your primary mission of the game: eat as many brains of the people and build up your armies of death to spread all around the town. You can infect any person in the game (except the robots, hehe) to become your slaves and follow you as long as you whistle them. You can even dismembered parts of the body of each person, that will just make a hilarious zombie walking or crawling around the streets. When you reach certain level, there are new type of stuffs in your body you can use to take out the ennemies including: police officer, thugs, townpeople, gansters, etc. You can release a deadly fart that will make everyone suffocate then you can eat their flesh brains. You can also throw your guts like a grenade that detonate in the time you wish so. There are many hilarious situations you will face in this game; the dancing part with the officer and some cut-scenes that really make you laugh when you see it and there are more but i will let you find out when you get your hands on it. There are also a coop-mode that really enhance the game.

Graphics: The visual is great also. You control Stubbs in third-person view which will just make you see everything surround the main character. The screen has grainy effects just to make it look like a old movie running but that just add what a game like this ask for: a storyline that between two decades ago.

Audio: Old music related to old stuffs happen in the 70-80s. Just sound like when your grand mother play some old tunes to distract you.

Suggestions: A sequel is what i wish for but i hope there are more levels than this one and maybe some challenge modes.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

Overall: A fighting unlike anything you have played before but i mean a rental is okie cause is just get too boring after you unlock all the characters.

Gameplay: Well, you start with The Thing, the super mighty hero from Fantastic Four and your mission: destroy every ennemies in the stage. Don't be surprise that you will get the same objective with other heroes once you beat all the missions. Let me tell you something, the story mode has nothing to do with any movies, comics or motion pictures that are currently in the blockbuster or in theaters. Cause there are new characters (The Imperfects) that's why they must find a totally new story for this game. All you have to do is just keep completing missions to unlock the characters or other (cheap) rewards. The only fun part i found in this game is the two players deathmatch mode.

Graphics: The visual is the main point why this game is still great after all. The environments is very destructible, everything you can pick up and throw at your opponents.

Audio: I don't really pay attention to the sound effects for a game like this but i think is okie since is a fighting game.

Suggestions: The story must be expand more and add some new mode of gameplay so you could extend the length of the game a little bit more.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Burnout Revenge

Overall: Another great installment for Burnout fans. This one is harder, cooler and even sharper than the first one. If you don't got enough money to get this one, just rent it at least and is enough for you to judge on it.

Gameplay: Well, if you have a Burnout 3 savegame, you will get some fast cars from the start. Now, you won't have to drive a slow one again and again to gain a new faster one. What is make the Burnout series even more cooler than the previous installment is the way you can bump up other cars in oyur line without crashing into them. That's really make a different since you can fill up your burnout bar faster and gain some advantage over your opponents. A new mode also make the gameplay even more fun: Traffic check. Bump into as many cars to earn cash as possible before time runs out.

Graphics: The visuals is over the top in a game like this. You will see your car shinning from the reflection of the sun or anything surround it. When you crash, the cars deformed with major sections not only the principal parts like in Burnout 3.

Audio: Well, this is the part i didn't care about cause i put my own soundtracks when i played this game. Anyway, the music is truly immerse into the race cause when you crash, the music is just stop to get your attention about it.

Suggestions: Yeah, Burnout Revenge in Xbox 360. Burnout 5???

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dynasty Warriors 5

Overall: If you have already play Otogi and Otogi 2, you will know what is this title all about. Just pure hack-and-slash from the start to the end, nothing more nothing less.

Gameplay: You can pick up to 16 characters from the start but there are over 40 characters for you to choose when you unlock all of them in the game. Each one has a unique attack combo that can be enhance by adding orbs or equip some items while you finding in a stage. The story doesn't really matter since the objectives is just simple: kill the leader and get to checkpoints. What make this one fun and great is the two play coop-mode. When you are in danger you can call your buddy to come to help you out since the intermin saves is very limited when you play on higher difficulty.

Graphics: The visual is old, very old. The animation of the characters look like they are little bit standing still.

Audio: The sound effects is cool when you killing more than hundred ennemies, you will hear your warriors taunts and your moral of you troops is rising. The music doesn't match since this is chinese theme game, why you only hear some heavy rock metal music in there?

Suggestions: More varied missions, better graphics and more oriented- chinese's music.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer

Overall: A well-worth sequel to get the most fun of it! Great coop gameplay, graphics are the best with some new characters to choose from.

Gameplay: Well, now a new hunter named Kaylie that join the four hunters to help the city Anscroft to ride out the demons once and for all. Now, the levels are more vast and complex to navigate but you still have fun as previous installment.

Graphics: The visuals is great but the hunter act like a doll that being manipulate with. The developer must focus in the characters a little bit more to make it look like being there. Everything look sharp and great to see, the water effects is also a plus in the game.

Audio: Same as the first one, when there are intense action, the music is on make you more nervous than before.

Suggestions: The levels are varied but their are too short and the game also. Make a sequel with more long story and bring back Estaban!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead or Alive Ultimate

Overall: Even it's jsut rehauled version of DOA 2, it's still got my time. Mostly in this one is just you have a great itro CG movie plus a tons of costumes for every character in the game.

Gameplay: Well similar with DOA 3 with some little improvements, but now when you complete the game with each character, there are only cut-scenes from the start to finish. Since you can unlock the boss and Hitomi, you have a grand total of 15 characters to choose. Each one has his own martial arts and techniques of fighting. Yes, counter-attack really are the fantastic move that really pay off to mastered it, since you can deal great damage to your opponent when he just button-mashing. This will teach him that he must learn to fight not to press randomly to win.

Graphics: The visual is improved over DOA 3, except for the DOA1 which it's just emulated from Sega Saturn version. More costumes means more visual that really impressed every audience.

Audio: The music are great in each stage plus the sound effects really match each punch, kick, throw, counter-attack, wall blow, etc.

Suggestions: DOA 4 is coming, thank you once again Tecmo and Team Ninja. I will always support cause you make great game and really the way we wanted. :)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Maybe if you are a person that like repetitive action and violence, this game is for you. For the first few hours, it's really great but after a while, i'm getting bored about it. It's fun but when you do all the stuffs, there are nothing you can do to get the fun back.

Gameplay: In this game, you can do whatever you want in the big city. Steal a car, kill people without any reasons, selling drugs, etc but remember that each thing you do have a consequence. Just wait until all the cops are on your tail until you pay the fee. The missions are varied but not really since there are only few stuffs to do.

Graphics: The visual isn't that great. The cars look like some boxes running around. The people is totally without any variety. For example, don't be suprise if you cross a corner and see three exactly old mans walking together.

Audio: Since you can play custom soundtracks in this game, i don't really mind about the music about it. Just use your tunes than it's great as always.

Suggestions: More varied missions, unique person.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 BloodRayne 2

Overall: If you like vampire-theme, a girl as the main character, blood-sucking people, this game is for you. A great action game all about vampires!

Gameplay: Again, you played as a hunter that are semi-human and semi-vampire, Rayne, your mission is to destroy every last vampire in the world. You are bound with unique skills that will help when you acquire it by defeating some bosses. The levels are varied and sometime you must understand some tricks to bypass it.

Graphics: Now, the RAYNE engine is updated more detailed environments as ever. Rayne is looking better than the first one.

Audio: The music aren't there but when there are action or big boss, it's really show some best pop tunes. The sound of the weapon that Rayne used that slash, cut, tear them sounds really great.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: Even we are in lack of fighting games, Acclaim just make us happy with this one. Some combattants are back with some new ones make it first appearance in the bloody tournement.If you are tired with DOA3, then get this one just for the fatalities. :)

Gameplay: There are many modes you can choose when you create your profil. There are the classic one, deal with everyone in a combat ladder until you reach the final boss which is in the mold of the series from the beginning. Each fighter has three fighting styles and at least one fatality. The tetris mode with updated stuffs a la MK, is a also a great game. You can play with your friends or a CPU opponent. The conquest mode let you play with the character Shurinko, about his story. The krypt room has more stuffs to unlock now.

Graphics: The visual is better than previous versions. But as i looked at it, something not right about the engine. When you got a combo, it's seems that your character is stun for at least around 2 secs which it's frustrated a little bit. The backgrounds are very detailed and it's also multi-stages which is better for a knock-off.

Audio: The music is great and the voice of the announcer when you choose a character, win flawlessly, do a fatality, etc is really get you in the MK fashion.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 ObsCure

Overall: If you like to play Resident Evil on Xbox, there aren't good chance this may coming anytime soon so don't expect on it. By the meantime, Dreamcatcher has bring us a exclusive unique survival-horror game that will make you forget about Resident Evil.

Gameplay: The story is about a school, a strange one with a dark past about it. One day, some students disappear wihout leaving a trace. On the next day, 4 teenagers try to stay after class to find what happen to their friends by searching the school. Since some bizzare creatures attack them, now they must fight for their own life. You can pick up any teenager and have one follower to help you but if they die, they're gone for good so use them wisely. Well if you have a friend, just play coop-mode which it's better than let the AI decide your fate. What make this game difference from other survival-horror is you use light to kill or make the creatures weaked so you can kill it easily.

Graphics: The graphics aren't so great but look nice. The light source is really matter in this game so it's look cool. You can move some objects like chairs, cages, bottles, etc. The physics engine is almost at 80% in the game so it's look real enough.

Audio: The music are scary but not so much. Each time you beat a level, you wil unlock the sountrack of it so you can hear it later.

Suggestions: A sequel.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Panzer Dragoon Orta

Overall: A scrolling shooter that nothing can compare to this one! With unique elements, vast environments to explore, graphics top-notch and a cute girl as main character, need i say more?

Gameplay: For the first time, a scrolling shooter that really matters about the story of the game. The intro introduce Orta, a girl that is imprison in a high tower which a mysterious dragon come to help her out. After that sequence, you are on your way to succeed on each stage. Learn how to control your dragon and target the ennemies. Each stage has numerous paths that you can take, there are also a boss at the end of the stage. The boss aren't easy since you must learn how to defeat them by finding the weakpoint of each one. Your ally, the dragon, can transform itself into three forms: glide wing, base wing or heavy wing. Each form has it's own advantages and downfalls so use the one that really suit for stage you are in. You can leveled up your dragon if you find enough crystals in the stage. Sure the game only have 10 stages but get assure that there are Pandora's Box option which have over a dozens of secret missions, gallery art and other goodies to keep playing it after completing the game.

Graphics: The visual is more eye-candy than ever in a scrolling shooter game. Each tie you finish a stage, there are always CG movie to enjoy, even isn't too long to see.

Audio: The sound are great and just fit right in this game. The music really bring you into the world of Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Suggestions: Make another one with longer stage and a mid-save feature so we don't need to play the whole level each time we eject the DVD out of our Xbox.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Outrun 2

Overall: Well, i use to play it more at the arcade since you have some great challenge over there. With the Xbox version, there are over 100 bonus missions which extended the life of the game a little bit longer than the arcade version.

Gameplay: Choose a car and race before time run out. Such have the feeling of a arcade game in the long ride. There are not many modes available but should make your time. The heart attack mode which is a little bit hard since you must do what they say to get the AAA Rank.

Graphics: Compared to the old version, this one is great improvement but compared to other racing games available for Xbox, it's still just ok.

Audio: The sound are great in a arcade racing, sure you can choose whatever song you want to hear in the race but i want custom soundstrack since there are only 8 songs.

Suggestions: Outrun 3 with more cars, more tracks to race and ever bigger city.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead to Rights II: Hell to Pay

Overall: If you want fast action and do not need to understand the story or anything in the kind, this game is for you.

Gameplay: Since you start the game, you are right into the action. Kill all the bad guys with your pistol and recharge it with other's bullets. You can get other gun also in later levels. You can disarm them when you are near them plus when you are in critical moment (life points is short or near running out of bullets), you can use the bullet-time to change the situation. Also, now the dog is useful since you can call him to get bullets for you or attck the ennemy in real-time.

Graphics: The graphics is just look ok, nothing about going wow in this game. Sure, the environment is destructible but since you are limited on your way, there aren't point to going back.

Audio: The Sound and music aren't great since i only played it a little bit. Maybe in later stages, it's more cool to hear.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords

Overall: Even i have played more than 10 hours into this game but never feel get into it. The theme about star wars really didn't have my attention from the start, i just got it cayse at that time, there nothing worth my money to depend on.

Gameplay: You are supposely a exiled Jedi for a unknown reason and now you have being hunted by the Siths. Your mission to discover what happen and why you are being exiled. There are six planets you can explore. Each one has side-quests and different regions that keep you busy for a while. The choice of evil and good is still there but like the first one, it's very limited. Ypu can customize your light-saber (color, damage, dual or not, etc) to fit your taste about it. What really make me sad about it, is the loading events. This game is great but the loading events just kill it. Each time you enter another region, you must wait around 10-25 secs which hurt the fun of the game.

Graphics: The visual isn't that great, the characters look too basic to me, the environments look like vast but you can't go anywhere you want since the path is limited. When oyu fight with like 3 or 4 ennemies, the frame is just killing your pleasure about RPG.

Audio: Well, i don't even listen while playing bit if you are fan, you must like it. The sound of the light-saber is cool to hear each time your turn it on.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Forza Motorsport

Overall: This one wil own you for a very long time. Over 230 cars to choose from, what could it be better than that?

Gameplay: When you start, you only have some cheap ones but after you winning some Credits, you have some contacts with the manufacturer so you can upgrade your cars with better speed, brake, rarety, accelerate, etc. Sure speed isnt what make you the winner, you must learn the track as well, try to brake at the right moment, accelerate when is needed is just a few trick to make you top one in the race. Too tired to race yourself? You can train a drivatar which can race for you in any race but will cause you a fee. Your car fully customizable with over 100 layers. Make it look cool enough to earn more Credits.

Graphics: The visual is looking so real. The tires, the mirrors, the back of the car is loking life-like. Even the tracks, you though it was real but itsn't.

Audio: Since i can play my own tunes, which i always doing it when playing this game. Well, isn't that i dont't like the music of the game, it's just not my type.

Suggestions: A sequel is need. :)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

Overall: I thought this one will bring me fun when they announce there are coop-mode so i can play with my friend but is just so blank game.

Gameplay: You can control Goku or any allies when the mission need to take abother one with you. The story is the same as always: Goku's story. YOu fight your way through some levels and use coins to buy new moves or powers to deal more damage to your ennemies.

Graphics: Visual aren't spectacular since is cel-shaded graphics. The voice-acting is bad cause you can't see they are talking since their mouth isn't open each time they say something.

Audio: Soud aren't great too, nothign new in a game of Dragonballz. Sometime i get really bored myself that i turn it off completely.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: Even there are lot of reviews by all over the world about this fantastic FPS game, i will STILL review in my way. This is more than a FPS, everyting is just like a movie when you are the hero.

Gameplay: I don't know but this game has captivate me from the first time i get my hands on it. My friend and i just keep playing it in coop-mode for at least every week-end we meet. Sure, we play it on Legendary mode, which are so freaking difficult every level. Now, you can dual-wielding weapons which is a advantage over a ennemy but in legendary, the elite covenants got this trick too so there are just balanced. Sure it just a little bit repetitive but always fun to bring down some covenants. With more vehicles, more weapons, new ennemies, what do you want more? This is just great, even if sometime we got stuck in a level about 3 hours it's still so !&%$@#* fun. The ennemy is the smartest one i never see in a FPS. They dogde your bullets, try overtake you by running around you, hide behind a rock or anyting they could, use obstacles to block your way, etc.

Graphics: The visual of this game is far than any game can get. The Xbox is just being abused like never before. Sure there are some frame dropped when there are everything going frenzy but it do not take your fun in like 2 sec of that.

Audio: The soundtracks are just in dept with the story. Everything seems like in the right place, since you will hear amusic when you are near the end of each level.

Suggestions: Halo 3 with better graphics.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 House of the Dead 3

Overall: First and the very first lightgun game for Xbox, even this is the third installment. Back in time, when i first saw soem screenshots about this game, i though it will be cel-shaded graphics which is just so lame but after Sega has confirmed, it look better.

Gameplay: You can play as Lisa or G, who are investigate a complex that Thomas Rogan, the father of Lisa, was disappeared with hs team two weeks ago. When they arrived there, something really go wrong about that complex, zombies are everywhere! Now, forget about a cheap pistol with 6 bullets, now you got a shotgun in your hand to deal with the zombies. There are only 3 stages but with many branching-paths for your discoveries. But even that, it's just too short, there are no bonus missions, training or anything in the kind. Sure, you can unlock HotD 2 but this is just like a old stuff.

Graphics: Yup, no cel-shaded zombies around this time, everything is just looking good in 3d like pre-rendered graphics.

Audio: Sound are use to have heavy metal or some kind of but a game like this one, do not need some great tunes. :)

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

Overall: Fast and furious FPS at 60 fps!!! This one is just pure killing stuffs. Better than the first one with completely new melee weapons that add the difficulty to the game.

Gameplay: The main single mode story doesn't matter about a game like this, all you have to do is just killing, MASSIVELY killing. Each time you enter a area, you can choose your character from 16 characters (some are unlocked after completing some objectives), then bring with you a primary and a secondary weapons. Every weapon has his own advantages or downfalls over the others. Every character has also unique abilities that can be unleash if you got enough cells in the area. When you play with bots, i can tell you that the AI is extremely difficult when you play as God mode. So, be prepare for something that really got guts.

Graphics: The graphics are great but not the greatest one. Since you are constanly running no stop, you have no time to check it out every bit of them.

Audio: The sound of each weapon sounds great and when you do a finishing move, hear the ennemy explode in a old-fashion like MK-style.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Overall: Well, i didn't play the first one but doen't matter since there are always a story about it. The mother of all platforms has returned with new stuffs added to make it better than ever.

Gameplay: The prince get aged, look more mature and cold-blooded, try avoid his destined death and the future by modifying what he can do. As you play, there are always a creature that hunt you from the start to finish make it like a little bit annoyed from time to time. With the free-form fighting system update for our prince, expected to have more combos and finishing moves to unleash on the ennemies. You have a main weapon which you can carry all the way until you find a new one that replace itself. There are secondary weapons that you can own when you kill a ennemy that are easily breakable. Something really funny is when you make a mistake, you can rewind (use Sand of Time) all the way when you are in safety which just lowered the difficulty a bit but this game is hard so don't depend too much on that.

Graphics: The graphics is so far better than the first one, every environment is looking crisp and detailed as ever.

Audio: The music is just like Splinter Cell, when there are ennemies, the music is just going on which make the game intense.

Suggestions: Prince of Persia 3 is in the works so my wish is just granted. :)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Breakdown

Overall: A unique game that delivered more action than every other FPS games. With the fighting sytem added, this is just more than a shooter.

Gameplay: You play as a soldier who wake up in a scientist lab, no where to found what happen until a girl named Alex save you from some super soldiers. At that time, you are not ready to fight them but after that, when you acquire some powerups in your body, time to clean out some soldiers. There are also weapons which you can use against the normal soldiers but the fun is in the fighting system that Namco has implanted in the game. Fighting in a first-view is rather difficulty since you can't see what happen behind but you will get used to it after a hour or so. And this game is DIFFICULT, more than anyting you could imagine.

Graphics: The visual isn't the top one but are great compare to most FPS game. You can see it's always as 30 fps wihtout a frame drops.

Audio: Well, there are not really music in this game except the intro soundtrack but i understand about that.

Suggestions: A sequel is needed with more weapons to choose and maybe coop-mode which will be so great. :)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Ultra Bust-A-Move

Overall: A great game for relax, without the violence or anything that require you to stick your eyes on TV for a while.

Gameplay: The mission of the game is simple: Try to burst out every bubble before the time run out. All you have to do is play carefully without making a mistake, cause when you get in the higher levels, one mistake you kill you since the bubbles is harder to make it burst out. There are power-ups also.

Graphics: Graphics are not really surberb but there are some effects that really add to make it better. The characters are cute also. :)

Audio: Sound are great and music too but do not really matter in a game like this cause mostly you will have to win fast.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Burnout 3: Takedown

Overall: A great racing experience from the start to finish with everything right in the way. Fun and just fun for all the family.

Gameplay: In this game, there are lot of challenges and every race you take. Crush your ennemies by crashing into them, take the lead by using your burnout, or play dirty ( bring down your opponents with you so you are), etc. Earn cash to unlock some deadly cars to maximize your chanes of winning. Too tired about racing? There are also crash mode which is just pure crash to make big money. Even if you win all the races, there are always second objectives that will make you just going back to get them all.

Graphics: The visual is just greater than previous installment. The car are shinning with the sun, everything is just so cool to see. When you have a crash, there are slow-motion that will make you see what you have hit which is just anothey beauty in the game.

Audio: The music are great but i wish i could have custom soundtracks along the way. From heavy metal to pop music, just great to hear.

Suggestions: Burnout Revenge is coming. :)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

Overall: Have you ever play Kingdom Under Fire: Age of Heroes in PC? It's a strategy real-time with some RPG elements into it bt now Phantagram have made something new about the sequel. Forget about building towns, now it's just pure hack-and-slash action game for Xbox.

Gameplay: There are four campaigns which you must play the first two to unlock the the others since it's really hard. Troop managements and leveling up the units is the main point to get victory in each battle. Each time you enter a area, you can choose which troop you want to bring with you to fight along your side. There are humans, dark elves, undead and orcs units at your command. Each side has abilities and unique spells that really make it's own advantage during combat. You can buy weapons and armors to upgrade your leader, generals and units.

Graphics: The visual is jsut so spectacular. Every unit is very detailed and look life-a-like. You will feel that they fight with you, not by standing there and do nothing. And the fights is just so real, jsut because there are over 1000 units in your screen, look like a real battle. The raining effects is great, look like there are hiding camera underwater to capture the events. The spells effects look georgous, when you calling a meteor from the sky, look so cool.

Audio: Great music and ambiant so far in a game like this. Well, i just wish to have custom soundtracks but oh well. :)

Suggestions: Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes is coming, that's my wish so far.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom

Overall: If you like old school fighting game with two fabulous compagnies CAPCOM and SNK, this one is for you. Boast over 20 characters to choose from, is just revive the old days for the console Xbox.

Gameplay: Well, like any others series of this genre, choose a character and fight your way through the final stage. You can build enough CHI power to unleash some combos that take at least a 2/4 of the health of your opponent. Yes, you can win by a cheap as always, use the same trick so the ennemy can fight you back until times out.

Graphics: Since it's 2D, there are nothign new about it. There are some shining effects and that's all about the graphics.

Audio: Each stage has it's own soundtrack and each character has his own speech each time the round begins.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Fatal Frame 2 : Crimson Butterfly

Overall: If you like survival horror and fresh new game type, this is what will own you. Playing with only a camera and running around a deserted village, scary right? If you thought that the first was scary, you're wrong, play the sequel and rethink it again.

Gameplay: You control twins sisters, well not really cause you can can only play as one, the other just follow behind you. The atmospheric is really bring you into the world of darkness since is only at night this game is based. You are on your own at the village nad try to discovery some poeple that disappear without leaving a trace. Not like resident Evil or any other survival-horror games, there are no weapons at all in this game, except a camera which is just rise up the difficulty of the game. You can't just running around and gun down every ghost since you must destroy them by capturing with the Obscure Camera. From the start, there are nothing scary as some ghosts just showing up at random events, right in front of you. With Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, try not to play it at night. Sure, you can update your Camera with the orbs so that you do more damage when capturing them.

Graphics: The visual is dark and looking great for a game like this. Even since the developer just overuse black-grey-white almost every environment, is looking unique.

Audio: As i already spotted, try to not play it at night cause you can just jump over and over from time to time.

Suggestions: Fatal Frame 3.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Iron Phoenix

Overall: Well even if you have LIVE or not, this game isn't what you think. It"s fun after a few minutes than is just going on the same way after that.

Gameplay: A long ago, a mysterious asteroid has come down to earth. A old man found about it and make a weapon that can unleash some powerful attacks. The story is just to bring you in the area with 16 characters but doesn't really matter about it. There are absolutely no single mode like Unreal Championship series, there are only pratice mode that ''pratice'' you before going in LIVE. Every character has his own attack but can use any weapons from the 9 weapons available. The mission: kill. The mode are is just too old.

Graphics: Visual is great but not really captivate you after a battle or two since there are only that make the game a little better.

Audio: Sound is totally repetitive, nothing new about it. Hear your sword swinging in the wind is always cool but this do not make you get into game after hear it around 100 times.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II

Overall: A really great RPG that will take you to his world in the first few hours of gameplay of it. If you haven't played the first one, doesn't matter cause this one is a pure hack-in-slash game like Diablo with a upgrade graphics and everything.

Gameplay: From the start you can choose from 5 playable characters, a barbarian, a rogue,a monk, a cleric and a necromancer. Each one has it's own abilities and characteristics. The story is about someone want to bring back the Onyx Tower and to unleash hell on earth once again. You must stop their plans before it's too late. There are tons of items to collect in this game. You can even upgrade your weapons by adding elements attack to damage more your ennemie.

Graphics: Visual is like the first one with a little update of some textures. You could see some shinning effects in the caves with water dripping. The most cool effects is the water but there are nothing new about cause is the dme type like the first game.

Audio: If there are a battle with boss, you could hear a little music but from the start to finish there are absolutely nothing. When you stab your weapons in the ennemies, the sound is just great.

Suggestions: Make a third installment totally in 3d graphics with more levels. Add uniques skills for each one.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Metal Slug 3

Overall: Coop-mode, fun and fast great gameplay, what do you want more? This is the one that will take your whole week. :)

Gameplay: You can choose some characters to deal with the missions. All you have to do is to kill everything that in the mission. You can find some upgrade weapons which do more damage. There are also vehicles that you can control in some missions.

Graphics: Well, the graphic is very old. It's like this one is in SNES. But there are great effects that boast a little bit on this side.

Audio: Soud and music are great, really match up the gameplay and each mission in the game. You will feel it!

Suggestions: Bring us more in this type with upgrade graphics. :)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors

Overall: A great experience that challenge you from the start to finish. With new playable characters and totally new engine that make you go wow for a little while.

Gameplay: Like the first one, you control one of the six characters, including Raiko from the first game, to banish the demons that unleash on earth once again. Now this time, your weapons are very limited since you can unlock somes for each character. You start the game with Seimei, a fortune teller that fight with two magical fans but after that you can choose which want you want in later missions. What is different from the game it's now, you can choose what level you want to go first rather than playing linear all the way. Each time you enter a stage, you have limited time cause your health constanly going down, so much quickly fulfilled the objectifs of the stage as fast as you can. The stages are varied and sometime is very intense.

Graphics: The visual is spectacular in some way. The water effects that move away when you get into it, just looking so real.

Audio: Well, music a japanese-themed so if you like japanese then you like it. When you have great battle with some bosses, there are always fun to hear somes of them.

Suggestions: Another one with better graphics, new characters, a lot a weapons to collect and armors also, the stage must be longer.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition

Overall: This is more than a expansion pack for Morrowind. If you already own Morrowind, get this one cause this will add more than 100 hours of gameplay for your already-made character. With Bloddmoon and Tribunal added, your must require a powerful character to survive in these two new areas.

Gameplay: Well, like every series of Elder Scrolls, you make a character of your choice (sex, hair, class, sign of birth, etc), and when you have being free to Morrowind, you can absolutely go anywhere you want and do anything you want. Since your character are still not like a powerful one, there are some areas that you need to not get in there first. There are still a main quest but is just up to you do it or not. You can level up easily when you got enough money for training. Weapons are varied from maces, swords, knifes, daggers to grand staffs, long bows, and some uniques items. Only one thing that really about to bring this game down is the fighting system. You can swing, slash or trush your ennemies with your weapons but is so basic that you didn't even notice your character winning the deal or not. The magic is great but not really in dept like many other games.

Graphics: The visual is spectacular compare to many other games but you are limited by the fog of war in every way. It's like you walking in some kind of fog island. The raining and snowing effects really to see.

Audio: Yeah, one for all the game and one for the fighting moments which is just too original. Maybe we need more themes in each area of the land.

Suggestions: Yeah, Elder Scrolls 4 is coming. :)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Doom 3

Overall: After playing the PC version, i just rent this one to see if there are different between them. Well, the graphics in PC is in higher resolution and more detaled than the Xbox version but the game is absolutely smooth. This one should be name as survival-horror FPS cause the fear factor is really high, i recommend that you play in the day cause..well you why it right?

Gameplay: You control a marine, a ferocious one, that survived after hell has being unleash on the planet of Mars. Right from the start, there are scary moments that make you jump. Sometime you must control your flaslight cause most of the area is just so dark that you may get lost or run directly into a monster, which reduce your health fastly. Every weapons has it's own effects on different creatures, so use them wisely. I use to like a lot the shotgun cause it can kill instantly every creature from 1-2 shots, except the bosses. Yeah, the soulcube is the most great weapon in the game. If you kill enough ennemies to charge it, you can use it to kill a big one than recovered some health points. The objectifs aren't very varied cause all you have to do is searching a way out in the station.

Graphics: Well, i was amazed by the graphics of Doom 3. If you have a HDTV or not, the graphics is just georgous. The main point is you don't have many time to check it out since you constantly fight you way filled with monsters.

Audio: Except for the sounds of your weapons, monsters and environmments effects, there are absolutely no music in this game.

Suggestions: Evolve in the story of the game. Coop in split-screen for Xbox 360.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Fable

Overall: After finishing twice, i think this is just a pure great RPG action from the start to finish. The fighting system, the graphics, the story and everything else is well-balanced enough to satisfy most players that cry out loud for a RPG.

Gameplay: You control a boy (name what you want) that lives as childhood until a tragic event that change his fate forever. Being recrute by a mysterious mage to join the Heroe's Guild, he learn a lot from there. From the start, your stats is very limited, so be careful as you travel around Albion. The training section is very in-dept so you can pratice as long as you want. You can earn experience by defeating monsters, creatures, bandits or anythign that cross your path. If you don't like the face of a villager, kill them. Yeah, the creator of Fable have made such a freedom that will keep you wow for a while. But rest assure that if you do something bad, you will be reward as evil points rather than good points. You can shape your character by the way you want it to be, even a punk-like style is in there also.

Graphics: The graphics is one the greatest effects you will ever seen on a Xbox. The land is lush and fully detailed like never before seen in a RPG in Xbox. The magic effects are also very cool to watch.

Audio: The sound is not always there, until there are something going intense. The music is just like Morrowind, one song from the start to finish, maybe is just make it original.

Suggestions: Well, i know there are the new version that have new lands, new weapons and armors, new quests but we need THIS in Xbox also. I just hope we will have Fable 2 like the way "Fable" means to be.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Overall: The Splinter Cell series will always be the best spy-action-stealth game available for Xbox since the first one. I didn't play the second one cause i was too busy with something else. Now, that i have free time, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory got almost my unique time.

Gameplay: Once again you take the role of Sam Fisher to bring down the terrorists around the world. This time you have more weapons and stuffs to manipulate at your will. The gameplay are similar like in the first two of series, but with enhanced. Sam Fisher have more movements and each missions is longer than usual. Some mission really take your time to finish even you are a master spy. Patient is the key of this game so be patient. ;)

Graphics: Now, the lightning effects is even more attractive than the first two versions. Every object have it own shadows and the reflection effects just add the reality in some area in the game. Sure Sam look better and the ennemies also.

Audio: Sound are great and very important to a game like this. Since you must be very careful to not make any noise possible so the ennemy can detect where you are, sometime is just a so silence in some missions in the game but when the tension is high, is always captivate your attention.

Suggestions: Well, Splinter Cell 4 must have more coop play missions, new costumes to camouflage around, that's all i think.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Well, writing a review for a game that have near 500 reviews already is soo hard cause everything is telling too much. I try not to repeat some facts that are knowing in the other members.

Gameplay: Ok. Hmm. This title it's not like many FPS that are already out for other console and PC. Including vehicles to drive around should keep you busy even when you finish the game.

Graphics: Absolutely the best i have seen ! Everything is very very detailed. This game is still own me for a while. :)

Audio: I like the way they are implanting musics in Halo. Sound really cool when you are engaging in combat.

Suggestions: With the announcement of Halo 2, you guys are just bring our dreams come true. The first one will be a history of gaming world and be called "Best. Game. Ever.".

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Serious Sam

Overall: A great experience not to miss if you are a FPS fans. But i convince everyone just renting it cause after a period of time, it's become boring. For someone who have endless friends coming to their house, this game is really fun by killing each other.

Gameplay: You are behind a man called Sam "Serious" Stone and your job is: destroy and eliminate every aliens and species that want to invade the planet Earth. Anyway, the story is not so important in this game (if you are the one that care about it, this game is not for you). What make this game different from others FPS, is the numbers of ennemies appearing in your screen. You will see at least around 100 creatures (only one A.I.:kill YOU!)at time. Sound impossible huh ? Don't care about it cause Croteam has add some power-ups to keep you alive in the missions. Also you don't need to keep ammos you found in the level, there are popping everywhere that have a good fight. So just shoot what you have then recover it.

Graphics: I don't know what you guys thinking about it but me, there are all serious visual effects for me ! You need a really high-end PC to truly get what Croteam has done in Serious Sam.

Audio: I found that Croteam has created some good musics. When you have a big fight, the music is just going fast than normal. Sounds really into the game.

Suggestions: It's really a serious game for all! Continue to bring us some more.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO

Overall: Well, this game is old, really old. Without LIVE, nobody will get for sure, or maybe some hardcore gamers that have not enough challenge in the arcade will take it to conquer the world. :)

Gameplay: Nothing special about it. You are in big tournement and fight for the meaning who is the strongest one in the world. You can choose up to 44 characters (some unlockables), choose groove modes to suit your best figthing-style. Challenging on LIVE is the way to go with this game.

Graphics: Visuals and effects is not the parts to look when you get this game. 2D graphics is no more these days. Yeah you can see some beautiful 32 bits effects but not really much of it.

Audio: Just the same as the arcade, Gamecube and the PS2 version. There are some cool background musics for your ears. IMO.

Suggestions: Make a 3D version of it and increase the number of characters to choose should be good. Also if you can do it, why not: Marvel VS Capcom & SNK ???

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

First of all, i though this one what some kind of the one that become appreciate with the major fighting games fans (included me), but is not what is look liked. Rent it first then buy it if you REALLY want it.

There are two sides you can choose (Pale Lotus & Black Mantis) and six characters each one. There are Quest mode which represent or something like Story mode in other games. In this mode, all you have to do is fight you way to beat six opponents from opposite side. There are no story at all, everything you see is just cutscenes with voice announce your opponent. Each time you win, you collect 1 piece of something that have nothing to do with the game. There are also other modes: survival, training, versus and tournament.

Visual effects remember me that this one is relate to Hunter: The Reckoning. The animations of the characters have only few movements. Sometimes when you kick or punch your opponent, this one just pause (like 3 secondes) for you to do your combos. The loading screens is short but there are many of theses.

The sound effects look ok to me. But what wrong where the music ? Sometimes i fight like 30 secondes then i hear just a little music...

Suggestions: Make a sequel, ajust the fighting system and add a strong storyline to each character.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Nightcaster II: Equinox

Overall: Overall is a great game not to miss if you don't mind on something strategy theme. I'm pick this up today just because i like the magic elements showing on demo disc. Looking great !

Gameplay: Ok, with his wife Madelyn, Arran is going stronger to counter the darkness World. Prepare to unleash all your spells to destroy everything in sight. Use Water,Fire, Dark and Light to bring them to hell again. Yeah like the first one, you don't have to think what creatures, demons, ogres or any ennemies have the weakness which of elements, they are all color-coded. But to add spicy to the sequel, the developer have throw some new enemies and new environments.

Graphics: What is the most beautiful in this game is the spells, i can't resist to see each one, even there are no monsters, just show off the spell and see it. The environments is like a blank map. There are no destruction things at all, you are just wondering on map and that's it.

Audio: Not so impressive, all i can hear is the music (repetitive=always) and some creams of creatures dies. The man character is like a mute thing.

Suggestions: Add more things to third installment. Wish there are destruction things too.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: Ok. By the time the movie is out, i get a chance to get it by the way. I saw the movie then get it on the same day. The movie was ok and the game also. It's not what i have expect but could take my time mostly when i am at home. ;)

Gameplay: You can choose between the black girl, named Niobe or the chinese guy, Ghost. Sure in the movie, these two are just like guests appearances, so weird. In the game, they show off more. You can view some cut sequences tht do not included in the movie. About kung fu style, there are like thousand moves you can use to fight the ennemies. Choose what you want and beat like hell !! Slow-motion is in the same type of Max Payne, you gain some of it if you kill a ennemy.

Graphics: That part is not what i'm like to describe cuase it's just a down way. Sure, there are some cool effects like bump-mapping, lightning effects, destruction stuffs but something need to perform is the body of each one. They look so like a stick figure.

Audio: You will heard a lot of "swishs" sounds when you fight, like in the movie. Music are cool to hear, tension is going up if there are battle.

Suggestions: Build better body of each character next's time. Add all main characters to be playable.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

Like Diablo but try to find something relate to it on Xbox ? Get this game. A very sweet game that can be your taste every day and night. Invite a friend and challenge the dungeons.

Yeah, hack and slash through the dungeons a la Diablo-style. There are three characters to choose: warrior, archer and a little guy, dwarf. Also, three difficulties to suit you. What is not enough, the extra stuffs. We have nothing compare to the PS2 version. Just improve some lightning effects and Dolby 5.1 Digital.

Ok. There are some cool effects. Spells are the best. The water effects is like in the game Hunter: The Reckoning, awesome. Flaming, Ice, or any other elements can add to your sword. They will glow if there are ennemies. Fantastic to see.

Sound is just great enough to keep you fight and listen to the best music. Don't forget to concentrate on the ennemy mostly. :)

Suggestions: Sequel is here so my wish is accept by god.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit

All i can say is this game is just about destroying everything in sight. Have time to kill ? Put this one on your Xbox and pursuit the mechs !!

Ok first of all, the intro movie was like cool to watch but the gameplay is just lacking. You can pick up one of the five mechs available during all your missions on this game. In this game you must pursuit your target like hell, if you are too far of lost the target then the mission is ended. As must as the countdown go to one, lock your eyes on it and fire no stop. This is a action and fast furious style, you will get some really hard time to beat it. There are some missions you need to retry 2 to 5 times to learn the path of the target, you can beat it easily.

Visual effects are not too great in this game. All you can see is just buildings, bridges and little bit of trees. Seems like there are no people in the city. Why in the CG movie we see there are lot people and movements in the city ? At least, add some cars around the streets, boats in the big ocean..etc

Music are cool to hear but other than that, there are not much you can appreciate in this game. Boosting, firing, launching missiles and moving your mech are just little sound each time. :!

Suggestions: Make you can upgrade your mechs as far as you advance in the game.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Grabbed by the Ghoulies

Well, i just have received yesterday in the morning. I have played it for at least 4 to 5 hours already. This game rated for "Everyone" means it's even the description sounds to be very scary but you can play it without any fear.

The story is telling like a comicbook. Well, you control a boy (Cooper) that journey in the forest with his girl (Amber) but in the mid-way to go home, they are tired. So Amber suggest Cooper to get in the nearest mansion over there. By entering the mansion, the girl has being capture by the resident of the mansion. Now, you have to get your girl back before anything go wrong with her. You are on your way alone in the mansion, there are NPCs that will help you on your quest but only few of them. They will give you tips and hints how to get pass each room. Each time you enter a room, there are challenges you must complete before the door will open for you to walkthrough. And for the first time in video game console (i think), you gonna fight with a thumbstick !! Your left thumbstick is for the control of the boy and the right one is for punching and kicking. I was like really in pain first time i play with it but after a while, it's feel just great. Just imagine that you gonna never break your buttons of XBAY with this game. When you do some combos, just move to the direction and keep it until Cooper do the super hit, yeah no need to push the buttons like hell anymore. Also, there are QTE like in Shenmue 2, you have to push a combinations of XBAY to pass it, if you fail, you lost some points of your life. There are approximatively 100 items you can pick up to bash the ghoulies, use them wisely cause somewhere in the game, you must use them to destroy the boss. The ghoulies are everywhere in the mansion included mummies, skeletons, imps, undeads, spiders, etc. What is funny is some ennemies are not really what you think. Just try to bash somes moving chairs, haunting TVs, haunting clothes and even a punching-doors. If that is not enough, you can unlock somes real challenges by collecting the ancient books laying in the mansion.

Ok for this part, i must say i'm not really a fan of cel-shaded graphics but for this game, it's different. The look of a cartoonish effects really matter about this one, cause it's suit very well for his genre. You can find also some cool bump-mapping in some floors or on objects.

Ah, this part is somewhat like Morrowind. Don't be surprise if you can only hear "ahhh", "oh yeah", "ohh", "hehe", "huh" or you know the rest, your Xbox is working fine and the game too. Just because Rare have decided to cut it and only put texts to read. So, you have to read everything to understand or to know what you have to do in the room. Sound like a little pain but it's ok.

Suggestions: Bring Perfect Dark Zero !!! :P

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Dynasty Warriors 3

Ok first, it's cool but after a while, you will get like boring, just to destroy the same and exactly guards around you. A renting is what i suggest and maybe bring some friends to challenge with or you will get tired of this one very fast.

Choose a character then fight no stop, build this one to be a leader and unlock some extras weapons to do deadly attack. There are over more than 40 characters to choose so take your time to play. When you enter a stage, i can tell you is very huge but just like a blank one. You can only run around, sure they are some destructible things but only few ones. In each stage, you can destroy a thousand warriors, means there are really something to do in each one. Yeah the Xbox version get some enhancements: second costume for everyone, more savegames and dolby digital 5.1, no more. I think maybe we must get something more than that to deal with the Xtreme Legends on the PS2. First sight really cool but i think no more than a week, you will leave it covered dust.

Ok, the poor part in the game. Nothing improvements, absolutely nothing. Just the same and there are slow down hurting soo much when you play 2 players.

Music are cool in this one !! Everything i like, some old songs made specifically for the game could bring you to think in the story of that time.

Suggestions: Yeah i know DW4 is coming around the corner, bring it with a punch, mean real improvements is what i need. :)

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 The Sims

Overall: Overall, it's still so so like the PC version. I rent it just to have a feeling to control the persons in it with a controller. Look like it's more complicate than the combo mouse and keyboard. Just because we are limited to only 10 buttons, so there are some missing keys for it.

Gameplay: The gameplay is like in the PC, pick a house, choose the one you want to take into his life than evolve it until he or she will get marry, a job, even adopt a animal as you want. The best part is to upgrade your house by adding stuffs like, a home theater system, a high-end computer, pool, garden, etc.

Graphics: The visual and effects are old. This seems like to run on a old PC. Characters animations are like a mimic and the detail is very basic from what i have seen.

Audio: Ok, in this game, all you have to take notice is your character and what happen to your resident, you won't concentrate on the music too often.

Suggestions: Ok, just keep it only for PC, i think is better than bring it to consoles.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Soul Calibur 2

Overall: First of all, since i play too much or everytime i went to the arcade, i won't buy it but gonna rent it just to know what we have in the home version. After Dead or Alive 3, there are nothing that really interest me to drop another 60 bucks on a fighting game. Until now, i'm totally impress by Namco that they are very good to make a fighting game.

Gameplay: In this game, there are over 20 characters to choose, somes you must find a way to unlock it while playing the game. Each of them has it's own style of fighting, weapon and abilities. It's could take you a little time to mastered them all. When you enter where you choose your character, each one have two costumes. You can unlock more later. When you finish to take the one you want, time to slash your opponent !! There are several stages before you meet Inferno, the boss in the game. Well, there are new mode called Weapon Master. In this one, exclusively on home version, you can collect over 200 weapons, costumes, characters, and stages. This should keep you playing more than anything else until you unlock everything. This game have the greatest replay value so far i think for his genre.

Graphics: Visual are not really like the spectacular of Dead or Alive 3 but it's somewhat ok. Every stage have a different layer. The lightning effects are soo good. Just slash your opponent will unleash somes of them. When you use your power, there are even more.

Audio: Musics are cool to hear. The sounds of the swords touching each other make really like in the reality.

Suggestions: How about...Soul Calibur 3 ? By the way, finish Breakdown first, i don't want this one to be delay !! :P

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: Well after Halo, this is the game you must own (it's only 19,99 now) if you are into FPS genre. The first was only on PS2 but now they bring the sequel to the green machine with a bunch of new stuffs. Game on !!

Gameplay: Well, this game is worthy when you talk about replay value. There are tons of characters, multiplayer maps, guns and other stuffs for you to discover (or should i say unlock ?) during your run over the game. AI of your opponents are somewhat like you play with real human, they are some kind really smart. If is not enough, then bring some friends and burn them on multiplayer mode.

Graphics: Visuals are far from the best looking like Halo. Seems like Eidos want it to be a little on the side of cartoon character.

Audio: Music is what i like in this game, it's really intense. Some are extremely cool to hear. By the way, the sound of the silent pistol is what i like the most to hear, don't know why but feel addict to it. :P

Suggestions: Like many others says, Time Splitters 3 will be sure on LIVE huh ? :P

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Otogi: Myth of Demons

Overall: Okies, first of all, if you haven't pick this one up, go out and get it right away !! Once you put it in your Xbox, you won't notice any change make in your real world cause you are too concentrate on the screen of your TV. We are in need of this one for since the launch of Xbox. From Software have just granted our wishes by making this one the best of action/adventure title.

Gameplay: You are undead warrior named Raikoh, awaken to destroy every demons that the evil has unleash on the earth. You are guided by a myterious voice on your long journey. To help you on your mission, there are tons of weapons, special items and powerful spells you can acquire in stages or buy from the shop. Each time you enter a stage, your objective will be to destroy every demons or specific monsters. Be careful, your life will decrease when your magic meter going to 0. So use your magic wisely or you will be ban from the living world. That's the only thing i don't really want, like you are in a counting time to finish the level, so you are in stress. Sometimes, i don't even have a chance to see the wonderful backgrounds of the stage cause i fear i have no time to complete the stage. By the way, like you need to find demons to slash or your magic can't hold you for a long time. This game isn't easy, the stages are going fast to become extremely hard.

Graphics: Visuals are spectacular even when you only slash a demon, a lot of particle effects is flashing on your screen, make you blink (in a good way). The fog in this game is soo cool, sometime it make you fall down from the top of mountains, just watch you step.

Audio: Musics and sound are the best ones for a game like this. Some songs are creepy, others are truly in the style of japanese mythical themes.

Suggestions: Ok, a sequel is on the way, bring it here... :)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Syberia

Well overall, a great adventure game on PC but now port to the console Xbox. I don't know if this one gonna sell as good as on PC, but one thing everyone should know: this one have won some adwards back in the time when it's release on PC. Yeah, adventure click-and-watch game with a controller is such a pain but play it more then it will come easy after a while.

So, you control a girl named Kate Walker, an ambitious young lawyer from New York. So your objective is to get Anna Voralberg sign you some papers to sell out the factory. But this seems not too simple cause when you get to the place, the owner have being away, so now you have new mission: get someone else to sign these papers for you. You must be prepare for a good ride. In this game there are not too many characters to interact with but some places are huge, take your time to investigate fully. You can easily get furious when being in the same place more than hours but try to find every bit, you must try everything you can do and you will find your way. Another thing, you can't die in this game so just walking around and searching. There are lot of puzzles for you to challenge.

Visual is not so great but it's ok for a game like this. Characters are fully in 3d but the backgrounds are just still-images 3d. Maybe next time they can make it more alive by adding some really cool stuffs, like lightning effects.

Sounds and musics a little repetitive. You will hear almost same music each place you visit.But these ones are not annoying to play this game.

Suggestions: Well, bring the sequel also or i will get the PC version instead of. :)

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall, a great experience not to miss if you are fan of squad-based shooter games !! First time you played, you will be feel like everything is looking good and very addict but something in the future of the game make you feel ill.

Ok, in this game you control four unique characters: Brutus, Hawk, Flint and Tex. Each one have it's own ability, about weapons and how much health they have. From the start, you have being drop to a point (very similar each stage you entered), then you must like complete certain tasks on this one to unlock your portal back to your ship. The task are simple, destroy every aliens, destroy important sources from ennemy, retreive something, etc. After a while, seems too repetitive for me. Ennemy are smart but not really that smart. They are just moving no stop so must stay on target to end its life.

Visuals are spectacular on Brute Force, you will see some of the best graphics ever made on Xbox. But one thing that just lame, like almost everything have clipping issues. At least, make somes (flowers, bushes, grass) move real-time when you cross around it or destructible.

Sound are just one the least i'm looking for in a game like this. Sometime, i forget to realize there are music within the game cause too busy to hand-on some aliens in the stages. But well music are cool either way. :)

Suggestions: Well even with XBL content download, the game is just too repetitive to enjoy more than a month, how about Brute Force 2 LIVE enable ?

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: Ok, just to let everyone know, this version is very similar from the PC version. There are only few enhancements over the PC version so if you have played it already on PC, no need to get it. Or else, want to kill some pals on LIVE, welcome !!

Gameplay: You are B.J. Blazkowicz, a U.S. Army Ranger recruited by the OSA and the Allies' top specialist in covert operations, heavy weapons, and assassination. You have being capture
in the castle Wolfenstein. Now, you must try to do it by yourself or bring some friend at your home to destroy some nazis !! The ennemy AI is not what you think like a la serious sam-style. They are smart than you are. They can take cover, hide even launch a deadly attack in front and behind of you. So you must be very careful, even one unit can take out all of your health. Weapons are just like in the war time: sniper rifle, pistol, knife, rifle, machine gun, etc. We have a bonus one: a shotgun, exclusively made for console.

Graphics: Visuals are just like PC version, new apart these improvements over lightnings effects, firepower or shadows. Better or not, rent it or buy it then you will see.

Audio: Wow, can believe it !! First of all, this game really deserve the rating "Mature" from what i know. From the first level, i have already a bad feeling, when you are in the prison, you will hear someone screaming like hell. Sometimes ca get you nervous. Or more, when you go down in the cripts, where there are zombies, soo scary !! :)

Suggestions: Just continue your good works !! Wolfenstein is classic killer-ap that never go down !! How about a sequel !! A true one !!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Shenmue 2

Just pick it up last day. A great adventure game that in the mold of the first one but with enhancements. If you want something really take your time and worth your money, this one is what i recommend to everyone !!

The story continue where Ryu pursuit Lan Di to Hong Kong. First time arrive in the big city with thousand characters to introduce, you are on your way to avenge your father's death. You can ask, search even try your luck to follow Lan Di. Something really addict and fun to do, is just do what you want (Free quest). There are lot of things you can do in the city. You can find a job (must find money to pay your day in hotel), play some mini-games to win some lot of money or even gambling. So much fun and keep you visiting it like 5 to 10 times each time you pass these ones. About the fighting system, it's not really good but keep promising as well. There are like more than 50 moves for your main character to perform. As you advance in the story, you will learn some new moves to fight your way to the end. There are not only fighting scenes, you will have to be quick as possible for the timing fight, action or anything that require timing buttons.

Visuals is not the best from what i know but some cool effects are there to balance the game. Raining is cheap, at least they must have like storming before the whole thing. Every people look very detailed but like there are just in one piece, even their clothes is stick with the body.

Musics, sounds, talking sequences and lastest fighting sounds is really deep and well-done. You can hear some good music when there are fight and something secret is revealed to you.

Suggestions: You all have done great work. Next time, add some costumes for Ryu, just to keep him clean and not always with the same sign of the back of his jacket and the blue jeans. Also, reajust the face of each people, i notice that you are making only some main characters looking good but the others...just ok. More mini-games. :)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Want to revisit some old superheroes and Capcom Stars ? Get this game then !! A great title when you have nothing to do in a raining day. Same as Capcom VS SNK 2 but without LIVE support. ;)

You can choose over 50 characters and 6 modes of attacks. What is different from Capcom VS SNK 2 is the power, you can build up to 5 levels of power. You can unleash some crazy combos (if you are some kind of master) that can beat your opponent with one row. There are enough characters to keep your Xbox hard time.

Ok. The part is just not what you expect next-gen consoles to show off what they can do to keep our eyes fixing the TV screen. Characters are in 2d graphics with 3d pre-rendered backgrounds. There also some cool lightning effects when you do your power.

Cool musics and cool effects add spice to this title but there are very old. In a game like this, all your attention is going to your character...maybe when you win, relax yourself and enjoy...

Suggestions: Bring something new like: every capcom's games on one fighting game !!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: After Halo, the one you must absolutely get by the end of the year for sure. The one that redefine the stealth game plus the latest popular 3D engine equal the most to get for your xbox. I can tell you something, when you get your hands on Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, you will stick with it for a while even when you finish it. A great game not to miss for newbies and stealth-action fans.

Gameplay: You control a man named Sam Fisher (a little old one but still in good condition :-) ), a member of the Third Echelon working for CIA. First of all, for who have already played stealth games, so you will notice that this one is strategy-stealt

ype, mean a lots "watch-out before start doing some serious stuffs". Or you can try the boring way, kill everything in sight. You will learn the control of Sam Fisher in less than 10 minutes with the help of a training mission. After that you are on your own way to complete the rest. Your main character have a huge arsenal of weapons to choose, the latest technology for your taste. In this game, the only thing you get care about is to stay undetect as long as possible. Each time you complete a mission, the next one will be harder than the previous one. The ennemies has not some strong A.I. but they are challenging anyway. If you try to shoot him first, they will try search you or crouch to target where the bullets is coming (mean you). What is little bit down way, is when you are near the ennemy but stay in shadow, they will not see you even face-on-face. The environment has a lots objects you can see, you can pick some of theses too.

Graphics: The best part i think !!! Everything is fully detailed. One of the best thing that make this game different to others, it's the shadow elements. You will by wow when you get through a corridor that have windows fill up with the Sam's shadow and other things, everyone has his own shadow textures even the butterflies. The lightning effects is also on the strong side. Shoot the lights then you will get a mini-firework. Another cool effect to notice: when you touch something fragile, you won't go through it (clipping issues), it's will move in real-time. Splinter Cell is taking truly what the Xbox can do for the gamers.

Audio: With enable Dolby Digital 5.1, this title is just going bettter than ever. Everyone one has his own speech, some guys talk with the accent too. Also first in time in the console i think, there are 2 versions of Splinter Cell in the CD. Did i mention that this one is multilanguage (English and French, didn't check the other ones) ? Just change the language you wish to use in the BIOS of the Xbox, than you will get the version you want. Simple as that, no need to search in dictionnary when you are in trouble with some English's words. With the voice of Michael Nicholson (the guy that share his voice for Sam), Sam is just being serious.

Suggestions: After spending a little time to write this review, i think Splinter Cell is the best Xbox game available to date. I was right when they are announce this one. Next time, try to make open-ended missions, so you are on your own. Vous avez faites du bon travail, monsieur Ferland !!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

When this game was launched, i did'nt take it because i want to reserve for the good ones. After a while, when i went to the EB Store look at it, so i give it a try. Guess what ? I was totally hype about it. This title is gonna make you think that beat-em-up games has evolve, embellish and improve in the new way. You gonna not regret it when you buy this one. Buffy has a sense of humor and i like it.

This game is not so difficult in this genre. You are Buffy, the vampire slayer that all creatures must fear when you are there. The first mission was about training to make you more get into the control of Buffy but i can tell you something, it's like pick-and-play. Your arsenal of weapons are not so large but i think it will deal for the game. They are 13 missions, each one have three chapters for you to discover. The best thing in the game in my opinion is about the enemy's AI. They are so smart. In the old method all you need to do is just always push the button as fast as you can but now, you must be a little tricky to fight the ennemies. Trying to fight always the same moves or combinations of moves to get ride of a ennemy does'nt work. Theses one block, move back, wait, fight in a group, surprise you even use your own weapons to counter you. Mostly in the game, the enemy is a vampire. Every one know that vampire has great powers. They act really like a vampire. What i mean is when they a stuck in a lower level than you, they will jump to you, they suck your blood, they ressurect too after stun for a while. That is what i want in a game of vampirism !!!

The graphics are not so over top like the highly-anticipated title (Halo) but is a punch also. Especially most of the part in the game, it's set in night but there was a reason for that. There are also really cool stuffs in the special effects. When you sink you stake in the heart of your ennemy, they will disapear in are spectacular method by desintegrate in ashes and leave you a magical blue or red ball. Another thing is when you fight with zombies or undead forms, you can dismembering anything.

The Dolby 5.1 Digital Sound add a new way to this game. The music are not always there, it's only on when you must fight something really important in your the quest.

Suggestions: You have done great work for all gamers. Make another title like this and you can be my favorite's developer of game. Next time try to add blood, i know this will change your rating (Mature only) but the realistic must be there. More weapons and levels will appreciate. :)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

This game is really into me. Everyone is a fan of RPG titles, this is for you. The first very open-ended option that make the ability to replay with a infinite paths.

Oh man !! This just great ! You can do every thing you want and go everywhere. Not like many else RPG games, the quests is up to you, so no need to finish if you think it's too long and choose another one that please you. If you run out of money then steal someone but it's dangerous because you can lose your experience(in jail).

There are lots of textures and it's very detailed. The landscapes are fully of things, not to mention the water, they are soo realistic. The loading screens are little long but it's worth the wait.

The sound are not too good because it's was the same all the time. The developer did'nt make hard tiem on it. When you move over villages to villages, the music was the same. When you encount a monster, it's different.

Suggestions: Morrowind was the first RPG title that available to the xbox and it's really show the power of it. Hopefully that the fouth set really rock like this stuff.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Burnout

This game is fun and little bit furious. Pick up your car and drive for your life. Best ever racing game and just behind Project Gotham Racing i think. Give it a try if you are not sure what i am talking about.

Well, this part is a long way to explain. First of all, you can choose only 5 cars to race and there are only 3 tracks. But when you finish the 3 tracks in the championship race, there are some kind unlocked stuffs for you. This game is not for newbbies for this genre. Every second is try to be fast enough to get to the checkpoint.

The graphics are not so impressive but it's great at all. The special effects available to this title is the &qut;. Every medium or big crash will be recorded for you to review after the race.

In a game like that, the sound is not really important because when you race, you are concentrate to your car and the events that will make you lose your race. But after all, the sound is make me feel good. I like all these background musics.

Suggestions: Make a savegame after each race so that will be more easy for us.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

This is the first hack and slash game that made for the x console and it's rule. Everyone who have xbox should have Hunter : The Reckoning.

You can control 1 of 4 characters that are available in the game. Each one has some abilities that you need to develop through the game. The story was impressive.

The visuals effects is the best part to describe a game. First of all, the intro movie was extremely good presented. They introduce every character you can play. The graphics in-game was also the best of all. In every level, you can break something like glasses, doors, etc.. That's prove the environment was interactive.

Holy and holy scary sound !!! This game make me really into it. The music does'nt play everytime. Interplay has something to add more fears on it. When you encounted a boss or a very big groups of zombies or walking deads, the music started. You will feel like that you will need to play seriously with all your stuffs to pass this one.

Suggestions: What can i say ? Make a sequel !!! This is just great and fantastic. I'm truly insist on it.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Azurik: Rise of Perathia

This game is a kind of me. The only thing i can say is just get on it. This game has his promise of no loading screens, so you will have more fun.

The gameplay is a little bit to slow but the rest is ok. You can increase the skill of each element to your Axion. That make the game like a adventure with a mix of rpg.

The graphics are very impressive. Each world has it own texture. The creators of this game make a very realistic scene on each world.

The soundtrack is very good.You can feel it when you play the game. It like a real live effect.

Suggestions: Another time... make a game like aventure in the city. Well, this one will have more persons to talk with.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: This game is a punch for the xbox ! The first thing i would like to say is if you don't have this one, you need to buy it now. This game has many good things....

Gameplay: The gameplay is the most easily kind for this game. You don't need to push every button to change the character in tag mode. Yeah ! No need to fight with your gamepad.

Graphics: Whao ! Whao ! What can i say more ? Their a many beautyful characters you can choose in this game. The textures and the lightning effects are the most powerful that i have never seen before.

Audio: The sound are very good too. You can hear a different song each stage in combat. The ending song of Ayane is very cool.

Suggestions: Can you do another game with this engine of graphics ? ( action, aventure, rpg)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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