Ninja Gaiden 2 (Xbox 360) by Tecmo Inc.

Ninja Gaiden 2 (Xbox 360) by Tecmo Inc. Box Art

Xbox One backwards Compatible

North Amercian Release Date: June 3, 2008.

Average Overall Score:
8.83 / 10


Still unannounced officially, signs point to the sequel of the Team Ninja’s masterpiece coming home to the Xbox 360.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Mastered Reverse Wind
Successfully perform the Reverse Wind technique.
Mastered Furious Wind
Successfully perform the Furious Wind technique.
Mastered Shadowless Footsteps
Successfully perform the Shadowless Footsteps technique.
Mastered Flying Swallow
Successfully perform the Flying Swallow technique.
Mastered Flying Bird Flip
Successfully perform the Flying Bird Flip technique.
Mastered Obliteration Technique
Successfully perform the Obliteration Technique.
Mastered Ultimate Technique
Successfully perform the Ultimate Technique.
Mastered Ultimate Guidance
Successfully perform the Ultimate Guidance technique.
Mastered Counter Attack
Successfully perform the Counter Attack technique.
Mastered Unrivaled Soaring
Successfully perform the Unrivaled Soaring technique.
Mastered Invisible Path
Successfully perform the Invisible Path technique.
The Art of the Inferno
Successfully perform the Art of the Inferno Ninpo.
The Art of the Wind Blades
Successfully perform the Art of the Wind Blades Ninpo.
The Art of the Flame Phoenix
Successfully perform the Art of the Flame Phoenix Ninpo.
The Art of the Piercing Void
Successfully perform the Art of the Piercing Void Ninpo.
Vanquished Alexei
Defeat Alexei in battle.
Vanquished Volf
Defeat Volf in battle.
Vanquished Zedonius
Defeat Zedonius in battle.
Vanquished Elizébet
Defeat Elizébet in battle.
Vanquished Genshin
Defeat Genshin in battle.
Way of the Acolyte
Complete the game on the Path of the Acolyte.
Way of the Warrior
Complete the game on the Path of the Warrior.
Way of the Mentor
Complete the game on the Path of the Mentor.
Way of the Master Ninja
Complete the game on the Path of the Master Ninja.
Karma of the Warrior
Obtain 10 Crystal Skulls.
Karma of the Mentor
Obtain 20 Crystal Skulls.
Karma of the Master Ninja
Obtain all of the Crystal Skulls.
Feat of a Hundred Slashes
Achieve a 100-hit combo with any weapon.
Feat of a Thousand Obliterations
Defeat 1000 enemies using Obliteration Techniques.
Feat of Ultimate Destruction
Defeat 1000 enemies using Ultimate Techniques.
Dragon Sword Master
Complete the game using only the Dragon Sword.
Lunar Staff Master
Complete the game using only the Lunar Staff.
Falcon's Talons Master
Complete the game using only the Falcon's Talons.
Dual Katana Master
Complete the game using only the Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang.
Kusari-gama Master
Complete the game using only the Kusari-gama.
Eclipse Scythe Master
Complete the game using only the Eclipse Scythe.
Tonfa Master
Complete the game using only the Tonfa.
Vigoorian Flail Master
Complete the game using only the Vigoorian Flail.
One Of White (Secret Achievement)
Purified the site of the the first Test of Valor.
Two Of Black (Secret Achievement)
Purified the site of the the second Test of Valor.
Three Of Blue (Secret Achievement)
Purified the site of the the third Test of Valor.
Four Of Green (Secret Achievement)
Purified the site of the the fourth Test of Valor.
Five Of Yellow (Secret Achievement)
Purified the site of the the fifth Test of Valor.
Six Of White (Secret Achievement)
Purified the site of the the sixth Test of Valor.
Seven Of Red (Secret Achievement)
Purified the site of the the seventh Test of Valor.
Eight Of White (Secret Achievement)
Purified the site of the the eight Test of Valor.
Nine Of Violet (Secret Achievement)
Purified the site of the the ninth Test of Valor.
Completed Chapter 1 (Secret Achievement)
Finished Chapter 1, "Sky City Tokyo."
Completed Chapter 2 (Secret Achievement)
Finished Chapter 2, "The Castle of the Dragon."
Completed Chapter 3 (Secret Achievement)
Finished Chapter 3, "Thunderclap of Catastrophe."
Completed Chapter 5 (Secret Achievement)
Finished Chapter 5, "The Aqua Capital."
Completed Chapter 7 (Secret Achievement)
Finished Chapter 7, "The Flying Fortress Daedalus."
Completed Chapter 9 (Secret Achievement)
Finished Chapter 9, "Heart of Darkness."
Extinguished The Flame (Secret Achievement)
Annihilated Zedonius, the Greater Fiend of Flame.
Silenced The Storm (Secret Achievement)
Annihilated Volf, the Greater Fiend of Storms.
Diffused The Lightening (Secret Achievement)
Annihilated Alexei, the Greater Fiend of Lightning.
Redeemed Genshin (Secret Achievement)
Freed Genshin's soul and ended the reign of the Black Spider Clan.
Staunched The Blood (Secret Achievement)
Annihilated Elizébet, the Greater Fiend of Blood.
Ended The Infernal Reign (Secret Achievement)
Annihilated the High Infernal Priest, Dagra Dai.
Indomitable Spirit (Secret Achievement)
Chose to continue 100 times.

User Reviews

Score: 88
Overall User Average: 8.83 / 10 (88.3%)
Gameplay User Average: 9.03 / 10
Graphics User Average: 8.97 / 10
Sound User Average: 8.60 / 10
Date reviewed: July 17, 2008.

Overall: A jewel of the Xbox 360

A good decision of the team Microsoft

The architecture of the combats stands out of the game. They don't tire the endless fights.

The level of violence has achieved an unique, surprising and active aesthetics

The music doesn't sing out of tune with the frenzy of the fight.

The scenarios, their dimensions, their idiosyncrasy and their constant changes are a worthy scenario of the feat of saving to the world.

Defect some bugs and camera

Overall: 93 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: June 17, 2008.

Overall: Ninja Gaiden 2 is a beautifull follow up to the original xbox title Ninja Gaiden. The game pits users against a seemingly m@!%#*!ive demon army that is determined that we mere humans suffer and perish at the hand of the archfiend. If you're looking for a deeper plot than what I just wrote, then sadly you would be at a loss, for the story is very very loose and there are a few moments that the gamer will say to him/herself "how did we go from there to here?" The plot of Ninja Gaiden 2 is loose at best.

From the beginning, the story has a chance to make some sense and possibly dive deeper into the intricate emotions of the characters, sadly though it does not. From the beginning Ryu must "babysit" a character that serves literally almost no purpose in the game except to provide some "shirt busting" eye candy. The plot development though is what they should have focused on more @ Tecmo, instead of a character that is just there to take up space. This game had so much potential but alas, it falls short in the plot development, very very short.

This normally would be a sign of bad things to come when a game's storyline isn't well developed, but alas this game def. has some qualities that pull its ninja hind parts out of the fire, but not all the way. The old Ninja Gaiden has provided many xbox users and "old-school" NES players the chance to dust off the sword and gear up for one m@!%#*!ive battle after the next. The original games provided users the ability to "trigger" enemies based upon new areas that they enter or explore, and Ninja Gaiden 2 is no different. I'll dive into this in more detail in the gameplay description, and try not to get off topic of this summary.

This title does provide users with a multitude of levels and areas to explore. Ninja Gaiden 2 takes gamers on a journey between distant realms of demonic nature, to the Statue of Liberty, to an old japanese village, and more. Gamers will also appreciate the attention to detail of the accuracy of information of the ninja that was taken into account for this game. Details such as weapon names, the use of the weapon by the ninja, ninja magic or "ninpo" in the game and more will provide hours upon hours of enjoyment for gamers. This isn't a game where the ninja weild lazer swords and shoot particle cannons, this is a game where ninjas use authentic ninja weapons as well as ninja magic "ninpo" to obliterate your existence from the game. This is a wonderfull feel in that it provides a more modern twist while still showcasing a part of Japanese culture and history that has long been over exploited and done with "over-the-top" effects, but deserves every bit of recognition and praise. An example would be in Ninja Gaiden 2 you come to face what are called "gun" ninjas that wield automatic guns and are very acrobatic and hard to hit. This is a good example of how the game puts a modern twist on such a anceint way of life.

Ninja were traditionally very, very intelligent. It is easier to consider them the "special ops" of feudal japan. They utilized deception, intelligence, strength, inginuity and more to complete their missions. Granted some missions did involve @!%#*!@!%#*!inations, however, they were also deployed to gain valuable information and report back. The ninja, if caught, had to outsmart its adversary every chance they got so they maintained the upper hand in the fight. Ninjas as well utilized gunpowder in various ways from traps for enemies, to "ninja magic", and more. This is one of many wonderfull details that Ninja Gaiden 2 takes into account and then provides a modern twist for gamers of today. This game is a great example of how a proud culture from hundreds of years ago has thrived in all of our minds and hearts due to the mystery that is the Ninja.
Gameplay: For those thinking that this game is going to be a fun and enjoyable romp through feudal japan that pits your ninja skills against an army of foes waiting to end your journey, you will be partially satisfied. Instead of having images of a multitude of enemies laying at your feet in pieces as you celebrate your much deserved victory, you will find yourself instead shouting and smashing things from your controller to tv due to the difficulty of this game.

First off is the camera that is provided for the gamer. This is huge considering that the camera will be the only thing you can control to actually see the enemies on the screen that are attacking you. The camera moves around by user control and has the ability to center its focus with the push of a button, however, users will have to literally start thinking in a 360 degree field of view in order to fully grasp the concept of this camera. Many of times users will curse the camera, and feel that death is coming for them in the forms of enemies that are off the screen that the gamer can not see. There are two ways to combat this sensation, one way is to turn the camera sensitivity all the way up.

Even when this is done, the camera can still hinder the gamer in a multiple of areas, esp. when critical jumping and timing is needed and you have a barrage of flaming arrows and throwing stars winging their way towards the back of your head. The second option involves the gamers to start thinking in a 360 field of view. If your character is in a big open training area, then thanks to the amazing new A.I. that I will be going into detail more, understand that enemies, like yourself, do not want to die so they will flank and attack from behind if possible. This means that the gamer must always keep his/her head on a swivel if they want to avoid death from off the screen. A good example would be if you were faced with 3 enemies in front of you all standing in a row. You then focus your attacks on the one in the middle and ignore the other two for now. The other ninja that you did not attack will pivot around behind you and try to flank you and surprise you with attacks that will be next to impossible to block or avoid.

This is all thanks to the new A.I. that Ninja Gaiden 2 provides gamers. The enemies in the game are a lot more bent on survival for themselves and will do anything from ranged attacks to sneak attacks in order to try to gain the upper hand against you in a fight. This will also come into play when you go after the boss battles for now their A.I. has also been improved upon to provide gamers a true challange which some will find at times to be next to impossible. With all the improvements that have taken place in Ninja Gaiden 2 in regards to enemy A.I. this is a great example of how you can take something amazing and make it even better.

Ninja Gaiden 2 also provides users with some of the most fluid and intense combat fighting situations that are to be found on a video game. Combos and obliterations are the main focus of this and provide multiple ways of dispaching your foes to another world. Every weapon in the game has multiple obliteration techniques that the user can do in a fight that will end it shortly, very very shortly. This works out beautifully considering that most of the time you are faced with more than 3-5 enemies at a time. By using the ability to end one enemies life in a few strokes, the user can then turn his/her attention to the other enemies that have now by most part either taken up flanking positions or have worked their way directly behind you. Using the obliteration techniques as well provides a colorfull zoomed in mini cut scene where the enemy finally falls at the hand of your blade which will seem interesting at first, but then you will find it to become very repetitive, however, since there are multiple weapons at Ryu's disposal and every one of them have multiple obliteration sequences, the user will not be at a loss for limb removal enjoyment.

Combos also are a main focus of Ninja Gaiden 2. True its one thing to end the fight quickly and enjoy the pleasure of converting your enemies into piles of limbs, but Ninja Gaiden 2 also allows the gamer to smash, over and over and over and over and over..... and over again every single opponent that stands in your way, and this is one of the ways that Ninja Gaiden 2 shines above all. When you are faced with multiple demons and you are thrashing out a 60 hit combo or up the fluid gameplay of the battle allows Ryu to literally bash the ever loving crap out of anyone and will leave gamers shouting at times "ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh snap!!! DID YOU JUST SEE THAT!?!?!?!" This is because the fluid action sequences of Ninja Gaiden 2 are injected with some serious "roids" that take the gameplay from enjoyable to extremely enjoyable.

Just as every weapon has multiple obliteration techniques, Ninja Gaiden 2 provides multiple "Ultimate Techniques" that can be unleashed at the mere press of a button, but don't start to think that this is a "golden ticket" to get through the game. In order to do Ultimate techniques you will need to "charge" your character up. This is done by holding the attack button for a few seconds, however, once charged you are totally defenseless. This is where the stratagey comes into play for the gamer. Stratagy is key for the timing of this move, and I can not stress enough the word KEY. This is not a move that is to be pulled off when its 20 on 1, however, this is more suited to 3 on 1 or so. When the gamer charges this ultimate technique they are rewarded with a mini cut scene of Ryu using his tools of his trade to rain hit after hit after brutal and bloody hit into his opponents. Multiple weapons mean that the gamer is treated to m@!%#*!ive, and I repeat, M@!%#*!IVE ultimate bashings. Imagine slicing through an opponent in a 30 hit ultimate technique, switching then to your staff (or whatever weapon suits your fancy), and raining down another 35 hit combo for a glorious total of 65 ninja bashing hits!

I mentioned earlier that parts of this game is controller smashing hard, and I still mean every word of it. Ninja Gaiden 2 commands every bit of respect and focus that you can provide, for if you give anything less, then kiss your lil ninja tail goodbye. This is a game that will test gamers focus with every turn. The original Ninja Gaiden for the 360 had its moments of frustration and this sequel is no different. A major improvement for the gamer is the ability to regain lost health after a fight. Instead of going through a battle now, taking damage, and then hopefully making it to another save point before you have to use your health items, the gamer's health will refill to a point. Ninja Gaiden 2 offers now a "red bar" that will steadily grow as you take damage in a fight. This is health that will not be restored at the end of the fight. Right now fans are breathing a sigh of relief, however, that is soon counteracted by what the enemies bring to the table.

This game will pit you in situations that are phenominally hard. When you start out there are 2 forms of difficulty. Acolyte and Warrior provide the "easy" and "medium" difficulties and for the common gammer not accustomed to Ninja Gaiden, they will seem like "hard" and "yeah right impossible." For instance there is a boss battle, that after you make it through that you have to immediately fight 8-12 more hard enemies, and THEN the level is over. If you should happen to expire while you are fighting these extra death dealers, then you will have to start all over at the main boss battle again, and then move on to the 8-12 enemies that already stopped you in your path. This will provide hours upon hours of challenge for the gamer, but will also allow a great feeling of accomplishment upon p@!%#*!ing levels and areas. I've mentioned the difficulties of Acolyte and Warrior, however, I have not begun to stress the challenge of the next 2 levels of difficulty, mentor and master ninja.

With the mentor difficulty you face an even greater challange that is not for the faint of heart. An increase in in the A.I. means that this difficulty will be a source for many sleepless nights and replaced controllers. This however, pails in comparison to the other difficulty setting, Master Ninja. For the common gamer Master Ninja difficulty will seem to them like the developers were sitting around and thought to themselves "what would a gamer never be able to beat?" I say this because Master Ninja is a difficulty that is beyond anything we interpret to be hard. Your ninja skills will have to be honed to a razor's edge in order to even stand a chance against your opponents in this difficulty. Enemies will attack, and attack, and attack again without hesitation. They will use every single move and method they can comprehend to end your journey right then and there. Upon completion of the Master Ninja difficutly gamers are awarded 100 gamerscore points, however, in my eyes they should receive a medal. If completion of mentor is an impossible challange, then completion of Master ninja will test gamer's devotion when faced with an impossible scenario. I can not stress enough the difficulty and frustration that awaits you in master ninja.

As I mentioned gamerscore earlier, this game provides users w/ creative achievements that force the gamer to explore and search the levels instead of just blasting through enemies and levels with a bloody sword (granted you can just do that as well if you so desire). Some of the achievements range from: completing certain levels, using only 1 weapon throughout the game, beating it on a certain difficulty, etc... This provides a great replay value for the game in that users will have to run through Ninja Gaiden 2 multiple times in order to gain a full 1000 gamerscore points. There are some secret achievements, however, with a little exploration most can be obtained fairly easily.

Graphics: The graphics on Ninja Gaiden 2 are absolutly stunning. Ryu comes to life like we have never seen him before and the battles are stunningly beautifull esp. when you have the oppertunity to view him in HD. The backgrounds, even for being rendered landscapes, provide a beautifull backdrop in every single level and help to institue a feeling of belonging to the gamer. This beauty starts from the very first min. the gamer puts the disc in the 360 and does not end till its all said and done. Gamers will see beautifull graphics on every level, from very well done water effects as well as some goregous fire detailing, and more.

This also means that every single battle that the gamer goes into will be done with absolute beauty. From your encounters with common enemies and foes to major boss battles and epic fights, everything is laid out for the gamer in one beautifull package. Seeing limbs and heads removed in such fluid HD beauty is something that you will be hard pressed to find in any other game. The graphics are truly top notch and its all thanks to the wonderfull developers at Team Ninja, who is also responsible for other graphically stunning games such as Dead or Alive. Team Ninja leaves no attention to detail out in the construction of Ninja Gaiden 2. The detail doesn't just stop at the landscapes in the background, but continues on to fill every single aspect of the game, from trees, to bulidings, everything is shone in a goregous p@!%#*!ion that will impress even the most critical of gamers. From old japanese villages, to modern day cities, to the depths of hell, every moment shines with stunning graphics.

The detail involved in the enemies are also very impressive. Every imperfection, every eye, every single small little detail is displayed for the gamers enjoyment. The detailing in Ryu's adversaries truly make for a graphically staisfying time. Gamers will see things from the flames coming from the eyes, or the bolts of lightning rain down from above, to the pavement of a street, to the subtle leaves of a tree. This game holds nothing back when it comes to graphics and is one of the most visually stunning games you can find on the xbox 360.
Sound: This is where I have to find a little fault with the game. Being an audio producer/dj I tend to focus on the music to help create the environment and emotion that will help define a gamer's enjoyment. I have recently purchased a copy of the soundtrack for the original Ninja Gaiden on the xbox b/c I wanted to do a direct comparison and see what improvements, if any are apparent. Sadly though I was disappointed.

The music soundtrack to Ninja Gaiden 2 does little to help the gamer immerse themselves into the level and the boss music sounds pretty much the same from level to level so there is little variation there as well. Also, there are no tracks that provide the same type of feeling that we once got when playing the original Ninja Gaiden, and for a game that took many years to develop I felt that this was a big disappointment. I was expecting a japanese influenced soundtrack that branched into intense dark electronic beats to signify intense situations that you will find yourself in, to the lull of softer music for when you are venturing around the levels. Unfortunetly I was fairly disappointed in the soundtrack, however, thats not to say that this game does offer some redeeming audio qualities.

The sound FX that the gamer will hear with every single swing of a weapon is done brilliantly. The clash of swords, the impact of projectiles, the boom of explosions, all of it and more sound crisp and clear and will leave the gamer wanting more. The voices of the bosses also bring out a sense of amazement. From the misleading softness, to the booming b@!%#*!, every boss has their own individual charcater and because of this and it brings the gamers of Ninja Gaiden 2 a treat when the times comes for the final confrontation. Ninja Gaiden 2 does have its faults in the audio department, however, when compiled against the big picture of the game experience, will leave gamers with a very enjoyable experience

Overall: 92 %
Gameplay: 93 %
Graphics: 97 %
Sound: 90 %

Ninja Scroll
Date reviewed: June 14, 2008.

Overall: After 8yrs as a loyal member of I am finally reviewing my first game ever. So here it goes:
Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden II, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Action game exclusively-released on the original Xbox July 1st 2004 under the name Ninja Gaiden (not to be confused with the NES original of the same name) which was followed up a year later with it's re-release updated version Ninja Gaiden BLACK with new downloadable content included (Hurricane Packs, which was downloadable for free for the original release), and supposed fixed camera option (well get to that later for NG2), on September 21, 2005.
Ninja Gaiden BLACK was in many opinions, and mines as well not only the best Action game on Xbox, but arguably of ALL-TIMES! This game was an evolution for this genre, and to this day has not been matched, ... not even with the PS3 release of the same game (Ninja Gaiden Sigma- July 2007, the 2nd re-release of the same game w/ a few added features) released on Xbox,... no, not even the big breasted broad whom is playable in this version was enough. ... Not even NG2 can fit in the original NG's shoes... or shiney black socks if you will.

About Ninja Gaiden II, the story,... or lack thereof. Tecmo has never been known to be about telling it's fans a tale or two. And NG2 is no exception. The story is all over the place. Without spoiling the progress of the game, Ryu has a father, and his name "Joe". Yes, Joe Hyabusa. And his clan is being run over for whatever reason (position of power maybe?) by the Spider Clan. His home is been ambushed and before you know it, you forget you had a father named Joe because you never see him again. And he is barely mentioned since.

During this time Ryu whom it very vocal this time around unlike the original where if im not mistaking never spoke one word? He is on a mission to avenge his ninja clan peeps.
During this tour de force, that is the same run of the mill as the first NG you will encounter "Fiends", whom are from,.. uh, I dont know, ... but thanks to Tecmo,.. I still dont know. Anyways, these villian characters are forgetful with no personalities, charisma, or detailed dialog.
A few of them are really sad and silly. You will encounter a "Fiend" Wolf, whoms name is get this ... Volf. =/ Right.
Enough of my sarcasm. Basically, you Ryu Hyabusa are on a mission to kick @!%#*!, take names, and save the day! Oh, and you have a new broad on your side. this time her hair is blonde, with huge DOA style boobs for some nice eye candy,.. oh wait, the 1st NG had the same thing. ... hmmmm... think this is a coincidence?

The biggest complain, and what may scare gamers from giving NG2 a chance would be it's infamous difficulty. Well things have changed for the better! Developer Team Ninja has eased up on this matter and provided an easier difficulty level "Acolyte" as well as more save points that are not only all over the place, but will replinish your health.

Players will also be happy to know after every battle sequence in the game you will gain some health back. So no worry about throwing your controller through the HDTV. This game should be accessible to everyone,... that can play games M for Mature that is! =D Though dont think you will just breeze through this game. It is still a challenge even with the addition of more various ways of replinishing your health bar. This game is no cake walk by any means, just more accessible. Naw Mean?

As for achievements, will get many just going through the motions of the game. Which include learning moves for Ryu, finding hidden skulls like NG1 & Gears Of War, beating each chapter, or defeating bosses.
Dont expect to get no where near the 1000-gamerspoints unless you want to spend time beating the game with 1 weapon used the whole game for each of Ryu's weapons for a rediculious 5-points each. That is really intended for the hardcore fan.

Bottom Line: Ninja Gaiden is still the best Action series ever! Ryu is still king of this genre, however better step his game up next go around to continue to carry this crown.

Gameplay: The hack & slash has never looked better or been more fun! This game is not for the faint of heart as Ryu decapitates his foes with no remorse for human life! Whether it's your legs, arms, head, he does it so smoothly, and viciously, it is a work of art to admire.
The controls are great and solid for every weapon in Ryu's repertoire except for that @!%#*! Bow&Arrow. A complete pain in the @%*! Worst part about it, is you will need to use this secondary weapon for a few boss fights, including, gulp ... the final boss battle!
Ryu has several weapons at his disposal. From his trusty Dragon Sword to Wolverine claws, Nunchucks, Gattling Gun, Dual Swords, Lunar Staff, and my personal favorite- the "Eclipse Scythe". aka the weapon Ryu is holding on the cover box art for the game, aka your good friendly Fiend Volf the Wolf's weapon he will kindly give you for handing him is @!%#*! Maximus Gladiator style! Keep playing to know what I'm referring to.

The Camera is by far the worst part of this game. It is almost as frustrating as Sonic Adventures (yeah, that bad) on Dreamcast. It gets so bad it will cause you alot of deaths and anger. You are supposed to be able to always move the camera behind Ryu at any time by the push of a button, however it is mostly unresponsive unless you are in a huge open area with no enemies.
The camera takes away from the atmosphere and balance of most of your battles.
Tecmo could learn alot from DMC4 is this regard.

Overall, fighting system owns, camera blows!
Graphics: Visually NG2 resembles it's predecessor a little too much. With how beautiful NG was on Xbox how could they top that you wonder? Well this day in time on a new current-gen console for a sequel 4yrs later you should expect more, right? The games locations are not drop your mouth and drool material. Matter fact, a few of the levels are terrible to witness. The worst being a later chapter where you are underground battling a Worm boss. Textures are not the standard we are so used to from Team Ninja.
The games locations are not interactive at all. You will see alot of open areas that you will run into only to magically hit a wall. Walking through areas is bland, and you never feel one with the atmosphere of your current location.
You will also incounter a few framerate issues when you are slicin'and dicin your foes. This really only transpires when there are a load of enemies on screen and blood is spewing every which way.
I will have to say im impressed with the enemies body parts (blood & all) always staying where you kindly cut them off. That is realistic, and a great addition to the franchise.
Blood splatter has never looked this great, or done so well. Ryu will even shake the blood left every weapon after each battle sequence!

Overall: Too much of what we have already seen before with minor additions and a horrible frustrating camera. Still impressive visually nonetheless.

Sound: Sound wise for NG2 is pretty much the same as before. Music selections are vastly forgettable, though that is not a bad thing. No composed music to remember here.
The track when the game comes on at the menu is basic average music. Boss battle music tracks are just intense upbeat tracks of no substance.
Now for Ryu's gameplay audio, it's great, though recycled from NG1. Every weapon has it's own various bells & whistle that you feel are legit.
Voice acting is nothing special at all. Ryu never talked in the first NG and it was kinda off wierd hearing someone voicing his dialog. The actor who played him didnt fit it for me. It just wasnt Ryu to me. The dialog was minimal for all characters anyways as this game is just a straight forward action game, period.
Suggestions: Suggestions for Team Ninja/Tecmo would be to really take pride in fixing the camera issue for this game (patch please). The NG series deserves much better. This series has been my heart since the original trilogy on NES.
Improve the story. We all know it's gamplay, action, graphics that Team Ninja focuses on mostly, but for the love of story telling, please hire a great writer. Maybe the guy who wrote the anime "Ninja Scroll" movie? =D
Serious, this series needs a legitiment story. It needs personality, and not just giving us some big breasted broad and calling it a day.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 78 %
Graphics: 82 %
Sound: 78 %

Ninja Gaiden 2 News

Itagaki Revealing New Game at E3
Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden designer showing off his first project since leaving Tecmo.

Koei and Tecmo merger worth $207 million
Koei’s merger with Ninja Gaiden publisher Tecmo is worth JPY 20 billion (USD 207m), the company’s have said.

Ninja Gaiden 2 Currently Broken
Microsoft comments on the recent game killing update.

Demo: Ninja Gaiden II Playable (Canada and US)
The wait is over… Play as Ryu Hayabusa and experience the frenetic combat of Ninja Gaiden II.

GDC: Ninja Gaiden II Release Date Announced
At the tail end of this morning’s GDC 2008 keynote address by John Schappert, special guest Tomonobu Itagaki announced that Ninja Gaiden II will be released on June 3.

Spector Joins Forces With John Woo
Deus Ex creator Warren Spector and action-movie director John Woo are working on a game featuring traditional ninjas in a modern-day setting.

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Post by Nato King
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Xbox Series X or S
Post by Nato King
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Spellbreak Grand Magus Pack (3) and Starter Pack (7) Giveaway!
Post by Variation-XBA
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I pay $ 1000! I search the Element 54 Canadian launch Team signaturen Faceplate
Post by Smill
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Xbox one no signal
Post by debrartin
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do you remember?
Post by SnoochyBoochy
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i haz xbox
Post by SnoochyBoochy
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Claiming the first thread of 2020
Post by Kraft
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Important! I pay $ 1000! I search the Sweden launch and the Element 54 Faceplate
Post by Smill
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Squad Up
Post by samslophead
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TERA Skinned Xbox One X Giveaway!
Post by Variation-XBA
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Starfield Release expectations?
Post by DJ tx
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Issue with Xbox live on Xbox home
Post by rcmpayne
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