Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) by Capcom

Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) by Capcom Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: April 27, 2010.

Average Overall Score:
9.20 / 10


Saturday, May 8, 2010


Attain all the Achievements! The path of the warrior demands this from those who walk on it!
Fashion Plate
Even a top rate fighter needs to coordinate properly! You gotta get all of the Colors first!
Dan the Man
Mastery of the Saikyo arts requires mastery of the Personal Action! Collect 'em all, punk!
A Title does not tell all of a man, sir, but if I were to see one Title, I'd want them all...
Oh my gosh, those Icons are so adorable! I gotta find Don-chan and catch 'em all!
Special Movement
Do a Special Move 100 times! If you're a true student of the Rindo-kan dojo, it's your duty!
EXtra! EXtra!
Battle requires courage! Train by using your EX Gauge to successfully land 100 EX Moves!
Super, Man!
To battle is to win a fight with overwhelming strength! Show me you can do 100 Super Combos!
Ultra, Man!
If yer gonna fight, give it your all, pal. Performing 100 Ultra Combos oughta do it, eh?
It Takes Focus
Your mission, should you wish to join Delta Red, is to connect with 100 Focus Attacks!
Superior Super
Trust your instincts and winning will come easy. Let's begin with 50 Super Combo finishes!
Ultimate Ultra
Candy always says you gotta win with style, so go out there and perform 50 Ultra Combo finishes!
Amigo, perform 365 Super or Ultra Combo finishes against your opponents! The dawn is coming!
Absolute Perfection
Lauren's waiting, so how about you finish your fights quickly and get 30 Perfects. Sound good?
Clear Headed
Hey! Got time to kill? Try to clear Arcade Mode on Medium or higher! That's all you gotta do!
All Clear
To get strong takes lots of fighting! Clear Arcade Mode on Medium or higher with all characters!
Herculean Effort
Can you finish Arcade Mode on Medium or higher without using a continue? Show me you can!
Hard Times
To escape death is to beat the strongest of the strong. Finish Arcade Mode on Hardest, kid!
Long Time No See
Do you wish for defeat? If so, complete Arcade Mode on Hardest difficulty and beat Gouken!
Rival Schooled
See your future by clearing every Rival Battle on Medium or higher with every character.
Speed Freak
Finish each round in Arcade Mode on Medium or higher in 20 seconds or less. Too easy.
Good Start
All of nature must withstand a trial. You must clear 10 trials in Trial Mode to succeed.
Trail of Trials
There is no shortcut in the art of Yoga. Aim to clear any character's Trial Mode trials!
Trial Athlete
I shall assimilate all and be all-powerful! Clear all Trial Mode challenges, and so can you!
Oh! My Car!
Hee hee, destruction is so much fun! Score 80,000 points or more in the Car Crusher bonus stage!
Barrel of Laughs
No need for barrels without oil! Score 110,000 points or more in the Barrel Buster bonus stage!
It Begins
The fight starts here! Set your Title and Icon, and begin fighting on Xbox Live!
First Timer
I'll never forget my first time for Ryu's sake! Win one Ranked Match! Gotta aim for the top!
You think being this good is easy? Let's see you win 3 Ranked Matches in a row, champ!
This is your real power, child? Show me it's not luck by winning 5 Ranked Matches in a row!
Don't hold back your true potential! Win 10 Ranked Matches in a row!
Moving On Up
Ya need to do anything to reach the top of the food chain! Let's see a Rank Up via Ranked Match!
Now You C Me...
I wrestle only the strong! You shall rank up to C Rank if you wanna face me, comrade!
From C to Shining C
You think you're good, don't you? Prove it by ranking up all characters to C Rank!
Road to Victory
You wanna get that fight money? You're gonna have to win 10 Xbox LIVE matches first, sucka!
Battle Master
Only winners can attain such beauty. Win 30 Xbox LIVE matches and I may share my beauty secrets.
Legendary Fighter
I shall make you the right hand of Shadaloo if you can win 100 Xbox LIVE matches!
Worldly Warrior
Let's do this, amigo! Fight 50 Xbox LIVE matches, because that's the only way to become strong!
Bring it on!
No comrade, this will not do! We must become stronger, for our fans! Fight 100 Xbox LIVE matches!
This is Madness!
Fighting is fun, huh? Well then, let's aim for 300 Xbox LIVE matches fought, OK buddy?
Team Player
A 1-on-1 fight is fun, but it's more fun with friends! Try fighting in a Team Battle!
Team Mate
Win 1 Team Battle match, and you will learn that teamwork can help you become stronger!
A pro can win with any team. Win 10 Team Battles but don't forget, you have to win too!
Keep on Truckin'
If you want to focus on nothing but the fight, entering an Endless Battle is for you!
Three For The Road
In the pursuit of strength, one must have a goal! In Endless Battle win 3 matches in a row.
Endless Ten
Throw away your fears and focus on the fight! Win 10 fights in a row in Endless Battle!
Watch 30 Replays via the Replay Channel! Isn't it fun watching people go at it tooth and nail!?
Endless Lobbyist
It's only natural for warriors to seek fights! Create 30 Endless Battle lobbies!
Team Lobbyist
Hey mon, battlin' is fun, no? Go out and create 30 Team Battle lobbies and enjoy the rhythm!
Quarter Up
Fight 30 opponents via Arcade Fight Request. It'd be easy with the right bait, he he.

User Reviews

Score: 92
Overall User Average: 9.20 / 10 (92.0%)
Gameplay User Average: 9.50 / 10
Graphics User Average: 9.00 / 10
Sound User Average: 9.00 / 10
Date reviewed: May 3, 2010.

Overall: Capcom's latest pugilist offering is a quite a worthy update to the cl@!%#*!ic fighting game formula and another prime example of the resurgence of the fighting genre on consoles. At an estimated 40$ price point, gamers will find a heightened and tightened experience with new and returning characters, stages, a plethora of online offerings including some free and likely paid-for future updates and the proverbial icing on the cake, the cl@!%#*!ic bonus stages from Street Fighter 2.

The character selection menu is `now filled out with a total of 35 faces including returning fighters T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Adon, Cody, Guy, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto and new contenders Juri and Hakan. When considering this and the added value of the new and retooled online modes including ranked matches, team battle, endless battle and a replay channel the game packs quite a punch(I hope you'll forgive me for that one). So much so that you might forget that Capcom promised these were to be updates for the original entry, but later changed gears because of the feedback given for the core mechanics and the constraints that Street Fighter 4 was supposedly working within for any other updates other than additional character entries.

All praise aside the game does have some notable shortcomings in regards to must have add-ons and requested upgrades. The exclusion of local match replay saving is a harsh pill for most hardcore or advanced players to swallow again while the need to purchase old SF4 costume packs at 320 Microsoft Points a pop for content that could have easily been added to the fold as unlockables makes you remember that Capcom is a company and companies like money.

Even though these things do tarnish the package by a minuscule amount, the fighting game revival is in full swing with this release. It's a testament to this game when you plant your 15th Metsu Shoryuken from Ryu's fist to a contorted opponent's face during a long play session online or off and you smile at your accomplishment. This is competition in a box and that is a thing of beauty.

Gameplay: Gameplay changes equate to an extra layer of strategy in every character selection. the cause being the selection of which Ultra Combo, aka "explosive exhibition of kick @!%#*!edness", the player would like to marvel their opponents with. Building a different exposition around this move can lead to some of the high points of the game and really adds to the addictive nature of perfecting moves.
Graphics: Using the same engine from the previous, SSF4 has some minor tweaks for the already initiated. If you have a Street Fighter 4 save file you can auto unlock graphics filters for all character models. The stitch style filter gives a remarkable "sketched" or drawn look to your fighter. The core visuals have not received an upgrade but the returning and new fighters seem right at home with the rest of the cast and Capcom has, once again, proved successful with the "3D Anime-ated" look.

Sound: Same sound fidelity as before, though some new design decisions ring even truer. Example being the subtle use of a unattractive sound when attempting to spam keying in for an online match before the matchmaking is complete to the lovely option of toggling remixed music for battles, much of it more epic than it need be but catchy nonetheless.

Overall: 92 %
Gameplay: 95 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 90 %

Super Street Fighter IV News

XBL Issues Force Capcom to Rethink SSFIV DLC
Future Ultra costume releases are now "undecided." What will this mean for the future of Super Street Fighter IV? Only time can tell.

New SSF IV DLC on Xbox 360 is Glitched
Microsoft "looking into the issue," says Capcom. You would think you would get what you paid for, but it turns out you don’t get anything.

Super Street Fighter IV DLC Costumes Priced, Dated
Seven costume packs coming between now and April of next year. Your favorite characters can now do battle with a whole new wardrobe.

Gambling Service Accepting Bets on SSFIV Match
U.K. bookmaking site Paddy Power is offering odds on the outcome of a videogame event for the first time ever.

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