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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Overall: The lastest game from Tom Clancy raises the bar for the 360.
A combination of fantastic gameplay and amazing visuals create one of the best games created......ever!

Gameplay: Some of the smoothest gameplay ive seen.
Easy to use controls and fluid action all contribute.
You not only control your own actions , but also that of your 4-man squad.
The easiest to control squad-based shooter ive played.

Graphics: Fantastic.
The character models and locations are all perfectly put together.
Possibly the best visuals on the 360 as of yet......

Audio: The audio in this great is simply amazing.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Fight Night Round 3

Overall: EA's latest installement in their boxing franchise shines on its 360 debut.
People will be talking about the amazing graphics, but that isn't the only thing this pretty little number has going for it....

Gameplay: As close to boxing as you can get. All the punches, all the blocks, all the bobbin' anda weaving' , this game represents boxing perfectly. You can now also grab an opponentif your taking too much of a beating - something never used in a boxing game before, despite its massive importance in the boxing of the real world. Impressive.

Graphics: Some people are saying that Ghost Recon : AW has the best graphics seen on the 360 (as of yet!) . From me, you will hear nothing but disagreement.
Excellent body texturing, fantastic character models , awesome crowd effects are all included here. Not to mention the 'extreme close-up' effect when you knock someone down, complete with all the blood/spit/sweat you can take. Amazing.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project: Snowblind

Overall: Excellent FPS! , one of the few on xbox to actually provide a strong rival to Halo 2.
Excellent graphics , fantastic A.I and a compelling story all make for a knock-out game!

Gameplay: FPS - re-invented! , you play nathan frost , just a standard marine who gets killed in a fatal accident. It is then the fun begins! , brought back to life, installed with $500 million of nano-technology, you take on a chinese general intent on destruction.
Getting to grips with the futuristic weapons is great fun. Learning how to use your in-built abilites takes some mastering but is worthwhile!

Graphics: Not graphically as sound as Halo 2, but if Halo 2 did not exist then the graphics would get a solid 5! , excellent physics, wonderful scenery and terrific animation.
Rag-doll physics at their best when you shoot an enemy marine close range with the plasma shot-gun!

Audio: Very good voice acting! , all the sound effects are spot on and really help to bring to life the world of 2065.
Rousing music and great sound effects! , 5 out of 5

Suggestions: Make the vehicles easier to handle! , you cant make the steering AND the accelaration all in one button!, improvements graphically.
Thats about it!, great game!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Doom 3

Overall: Outstanding. Brings the original FPS back to life but with so much more. As you battle the demons of hell, you feel that your really there. That is the reason for this game - YOU actually Hell.

Gameplay: As far as gameplay goes, its your standard FPS. Get guns, shoot things. Pick up keys, unlock doors. But this is DOOM , which automatically makes it so much more....

Graphics: I can say this with complete honesty : Doom 3 has the BEST graphics ever seen in a video game. They make Riddicks graphics look cheap!. Amazing.

Audio: A very creepy , atmospheric score is accompanied not only with perfect weapon sounds, but also the noises of zombies in the darkness and imps breathing behind you will keep you awake long after you've stopped playing....

Suggestions: Make Doom 4 , new weapons, new enemies. Also, why not attempt the impossible and try and improve the graphics......just to impress me even more ;)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Republic Commando

Overall: A fantastic star wars game and not a jedi in, im not lying. This could very well be the best star wars game yet!

Gameplay: An amazing first person shooter, this time with the star wars treatment!. Droids, Clone Troopers, geonosians, etc......its all good!

Graphics: Top Notch xbox graphics. The star wars universe is created perfectly with not only your squad looking immaculate, but also your enemies and your surroundings.

Audio: All those blaster noises that you've come to love over the years are in there, along with the excellent score (done here by the movies John Williams!).
Perfect sound.

Suggestions: Co-op/vehicles/3rd person sequences/jedi

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Battlefront

Overall: Fantastic. Along with the two KOTOR games , this is the star wars games the fans have been waiting YEARS for!.

Gameplay: Take control of pretty much any soldier/warrior/droid you've seen in the movies and help them battle to victory. All those battles you've seen in the movies you can now take part in! , a fan-boys wet dream basically.....

Graphics: Perfect.Even tho they feel a bit like a PS2 port, they still perfectly re-create the worlds and characters of the movies to perfection.

Audio: All this game need was THAT noise that the blasters make. Its got those , plus all the other sounds that make it a star wars game (even the ewoks!!) , beautiful sound!

Suggestions: Make another - make the first person view option better - be able to control jedi heroes and ewoks

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

Overall: The sleeper hit of the year. Quite simply a serious challenger to Halo 2 for best game on the xbox (no, im REALLY not lying to you.....)

Gameplay: Intuitive , involving and VERY atmospheric. Riddick is quite simply as good a game as you can get. Another crucial word for the gameplay : ADDICTIVE.

Graphics: Better than Halo. Not only are the character models FANTASTICALLY put together , but the atmospheres and worlds are also amazing. Quite simply the best looking game on the xbox.

Audio: Excellent voice acting , especially from Mr. Diesel who is very menacing. Ron "Hellboy" Perlman , Jauquim "Desperado" De Almeida and Rapper Xzibit. The guns all sound tip-top too...

Suggestions: Just make another one.....plllle

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Overall: Fantastic. An truly amazing platform/slash-em-up. If you though POP:SOT was good, wait until you see this.........

Gameplay: Its pretty much as you were, although the emphesis has now been placed more on fighting than puzzle solving, which i personally LOVE. The fighting physics of this game will NEVER get boring!

Graphics: Everything has been tweaked , almost to perfection. The prince himself has had a face-lift and i think he looks better than ever (but not in a gay way.....) , fantastic visuals.

Audio: Not only are the sound effects (beheading, swords swishing through the air, etc.) excellent , but the voice acting has significantly improved along with an excellent soundtrack, which seems to have more of an emphesis on rock. Excellent sound!.

Suggestions: Make!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

Overall: Fantastic. Im honestly believe that this is the best Bond game yet (yes, better than Goldeneye)and it will take some beating.

Gameplay: Fantastic. Bond has been switched to 3rd person and it really works for the franchise. Fantastic gameplay makes for a superb game.

Graphics: excellent graphics. Bond, along with all the other characters are created to perfection. The maps are perfectly layed out too, 10 out of 10.

Audio: Pierce Brosnan, Judi denche, John Cleese, Heidi Klum, Willem Dafoe and Shannon Elizabeth all lend their vocal talents to this game, making the sound stand out.
All the guns/gadgets sound perfect too!

Suggestions: Make a new one with another all star cast!, really gr8 game, well done! ;)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 ToCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator

Overall: EXCELLENT. In my opinion, the new best racer on xbox,yes, better than Project Gotham 2! . A fantastic game!

Gameplay: Absolutely perfect. You can race thousands of cars from hundreds of different competitions. The handling is perfect. Superb.

Graphics: Immaculate. The graphics rival (maybe better) PG2 and really bring the racing world to life. Damage is great too. 10 out of 10 for graphics.

Audio: Excellent. The cars all sound perfect, crashes sound great, the voice acting is superb, atmosphere/stadiums are excellent. Great sound.

Suggestions: Make another one with even more cars/tournaments!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hitman: Contracts

Overall: Excellent. The best Hitman game so far. Superb gameplay/graphics in this atmospheric 3rd-person shooter.

Gameplay: Its still basically the same game engine. You get loads of cool weapons and you've got to go around killing targets. Still great.

Graphics: Even though not groundbreaking, there is still an improvement over Silent Asassin. Very impressive, atmospheric visuals.

Audio: Excellent voice acting, superb weapons sound effects and all the surounding sounds are perfect. Great sound.

Suggestions: Make another......

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Fight Night 2004

Overall: Fantastic. Quite simply the best sports game i've ever had the pleasure of purchasing. You wanna do some REAL boxing?, buy this game then bub!

Gameplay: The most realistic boxing simulation ever made. Start off at the bottom and work your way up to be world champion, superb!.

Graphics: Quite possibly the best graphics i've seen....and i've seen some !&%$@#* fine graphics. Look me in the eye and tell me that these graphics are'nt PERFECT.....go on do it, do it!

Audio: PERFECT sound. For starters, all the usual sounds of a boxing enviroment are included : The pissed off coaches, the extravagent ring announcer...all GREAT.
Oh, and the soundtrack seriously kicks !&%$@#* too!

Suggestions: Nothing really. You've made a perfect game....why not treat yourselves to a schmoke and a pancake?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Colin Mcrae Rally 04

Overall: A fantastic game that bring the WWC to life. The fourth game in the Colin McRae series is a major player in the world of gaming....

Gameplay: Its basically rally. You could be watching rally on one screen, have CM04 on another right next to it, and its impossible to tell the difference. Excellent.

Graphics: MUCH improved over CM03, and considering CMO3's graphics were excellent, it makes you wonder just how great CM04's graphics are. Believe me : Their amazing.

Audio: Its got all the sounds from crashes, skids, collisions ,etc. And now, there are two co-driver options : Colin Mcraes own co-d , or last years welshman NICKY GRIST. superb sound.

Suggestions: Just make an update.....which will hopefully include the PEOUGEUT 307!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Top Spin Tennis

Overall: Excellent. Not only the best tennis game around, but arguably the best sports game around. Possibly ever!?.

Gameplay: Immaculate. It basically IS tennis. It's as close as you can get without actually grabbing a raquet and getting on a court yourself. Amazing.

Graphics: Fantastic. The best graphics i've seen in a longer time. Characters, stadiums, courts and even the crowds are all first-rate.

Audio: The sqeeks of the trainers on the hardcourt, the smash of the ball when it hits the raquet, the SMASH of the raquet when it's thrown to the floor. Perfect sound.

Suggestions: Try and get ALL the proffesional players on the sequel. Also, make it so the line-judges MOVE when the ball comes their way, rather than have them just let the balls hit them!.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Phantom Crash

Overall: This game is great! . It's the best mech game on the xbox and , therefore , ever . It is excellent !!.

Gameplay: You basically get a basic mech to start with , and then you have to fight against other mechs , destroying them , to get money . With this money , you make your mech the biggest , baddest mech ever !

Graphics: Brilliant . You cannot fault them at all . "Old Tokeo" looks simply amazing , and the mechs are brilliantly portrayed.

Audio: The sound , whilst still being great , is the lowest score for this game . The music is very japanese , and you can't burn your own . The weapons sound cool though.

Suggestions: Make a sequel !&%$@#* you !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MX Superfly featuring Ricky Carmichael

Overall: This game is pure motorcross . If your a fan of the sport , like me , then this is considered to be the best game on the xbox (bar halo).

Gameplay: This game captures motorcross perfectly . It's as close as you can get to actually getting on a 250cc and burning a track yourself !.

Graphics: Ok , the graphics might not be up to xbox standards , thats fair enough , but what can you expect from a motorcross game ? . The bikes and enviroments are fine , so thats all you need.

Audio: The sounds of the bikes are perfect .And the music is amazing simply because i burned Linkin parks' "Meteora" album onto the game . great stuff !

Suggestions: Make a new one , and improve the graphics alot.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: This game is amazing . i'm going to get a lot of stick for saying this , but i think it's a HALO beater !!!!!.Plus , you get exclusive real footage thats not in the movies , with jada pinkett-smith!!

Gameplay: You basically take control of one of the rebels and go into the matrix . You can do pretty much everything that you'ves seen in the movies , which basically means the gameplay is excellent!

Graphics: graphically , it's a little bit PS2'ish , but still very , very good . But , seeing as i believe this is the best game ever , i'm gonna give it a 5 anyway!

Audio: it's got the score from the movies , so the music is excellent . The guns , sound effects and pretty much everything sound related are amazing!

Suggestions: just make another one and make it so that you can be NEO !!!!!!.Also , make the aiming system bettter!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: The best FPS since Halo . Also , a co-op mode that more than matches up to the king of co-ops ! .

Gameplay: Your basically some american guy who's gotta gun in the middle of Germany during the war . Problem is , the nazis are raising the dead to try and help them win the war . So , you've gotta stop BOTH breeds of monsters : Nazis and zombies

Graphics: Excellent graphics .Again Halo comes to mind as i have'nt seen graphics this good in an FPS since Halo. Great stuff !

Audio: Exactly what you'd expect . The nazis scream pretty cool when you fill 'em yp with lead , the zombies sound cool and the guns sound great !

Suggestions: nowt.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

Overall: This game is amazing . I got it yesterday and it has been impossible to pull myself away from it . It's way better than any ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON game!

Gameplay: Basically , it is rollercoaster tycoon , BUT , with dinosors !. You build your own jurassic park , breed your own dino's , and basically make sure everything stays in working order (which it never does!)

Graphics: Graphically , it is basically as good as it could have been . You can't really expect a game like to to have amazing , breath-taking graphics......but their still gr8 !

Audio: it's got the really great music from the movies which is a great touch . The dino's sound very realistic too. It's all good in the sound department !

Suggestions: make a new one , with different dinosoars !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds

Overall: Excellent. An improvement over last years game, which was always going to be difficult. A wonder to behold......

Gameplay: Same as last years, only with more characters to play as , more weapons and a better script. Also, the bonus features are GREAT !.

Graphics: Again, an improvement over last years version. The camera is closer, still 3rd person, but closer than last years, making detail stand out more. Excellent !

Audio: Anthony Stewart Head, Nicholas Brendon , James Marsters and Amber Benson all lend their vocal talents, giving a real FEEL for the game. Sound effects are top notch too. Great !

Suggestions: sort that bloody camera out !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Midnight Club 2

Overall: This is a game that i have been waiting ages for , and i'm not at all dissapointed !! , this game rocks !!!!

Gameplay: The basic story of this game is street racing. If you've seen the fast and the furious or 2 fast 2 furious then you'll know what i'm talking about, this game is amazing!.

Graphics: Ok , the graphics are leaning a bit towards the PS2 version , but they are a LOT better than the PS2 version (becuz i've played both).

Audio: You can't play ur own music , which is a bit of a bummer, but they tracks that are already on there are pretty good anyways. The cars and bikes sound gr8 too !!

Suggestions: More vehicles. custom soundtrack support.improve graphics a bit.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Championship Manager: Season 02-03

Overall: The most addictive game ever. Thats all you need to know. Pick this game up, you DO NOT put it down for a LONG, LONG time.

Gameplay: Pick your team from practically any country in the world. You are the manager , you are in charge. Very realistic.

Graphics: Not really a visual game. Just text.

Audio: Again , not a sound game. BUT, you can burn your own music and listen to it when your busy managing.

Suggestions: Update the stats. Match engine.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Quite simply the best game i have ever played (yes, better than Halo). Before you diss me,i simply prefer RPG/Third-person action games to first-person shooters.....

Gameplay: "Heres a light-saber....go kill things!"..ok , it's not that simple, but close enough. You've got a whole universe to explore and path to choose......will you fall to the lure of the Dark Side ?

Graphics: Nothing amazing.....but still top-notch. The enviroments are SUPERB , but the characters are a bit PS2'ish.....still , does'nt bother me one way or another......amazing game.
oh yeah, and Light-sabers are AWESOME !!!!

Audio: *makes light-saber noises*....oh yeah baby!!!!! , the light-sabers are PERFECTLY sounded!. The voice acting is HIGH QUALITY and the enviroments are PERFECT. EXCELLENT sound.

Suggestions: Just make another one.......NOW !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Sims

Overall: Amazing. A whole new world for you to explore all on one disc. Live a new life and make your dreams come true.......

Gameplay: You basically live a life within the game. Some might say that it's sad , but it really is MAJOR fun....

Graphics: As good as it can be. Some really funny things crop up (being electrocuted is a ball!) and the characters look gr8!.

Audio: The sound is terrific. All the sounds that you hear from day to day...the speech is really well done too !.

Suggestions: Make another one , make more life options availible....

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

Overall: Excellent. The best Tony Hawk game out of the bunch , and 'Underground'is going to seriously need to be at it's best to beat this champ!..

Gameplay: Same old same old, only for some reason , much better !. Loads of new modes and challenges to conquer , hours of fun !!!!

Graphics: a vast improvement on TH3, much better visuals. The skaters , enviroments and boards all look very near reality. Excellent.

Audio: You can burn your own music , so bringing 'The Ace of Spades' by motorhead back is definately on the "Cards"!.
Very , very excelllent.

Suggestions: Make underground more realistic, have the ESPN championships on there 2 !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Overall: This game is amazing . It is easily the best sports game on the xbox . The accuracy and detail are excellent.This game could essentially last forever as it has infinite replay value.

Gameplay: You buy this game to play golf , and thats exactly what you do . So realistic it's almost unbelievable.

Graphics: Perfect graphics . The courses look great and the golfers themselves look EXACTLY like their real life counterparts.

Audio: Great music from Saliva and various other bands . The sound when the club hits the ball is sweet and the crowd sound great.

Suggestions: Make a player editor.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 FIFA Soccer 2003

Overall: With football (soccer for the americans) being the most poular sport in the wolrd , this game had a lot to live up to . It is excellent.

Gameplay: Plays just like real football . The ball does'nt just stick to you foot , it actually needs to be controlled . Excellent.

Graphics: The overall graphcis are fine . The best thing about the graphics has to be the player models . Players like David Beckham and Michael Reizeger look EXACTLY like their real life counterparts.

Audio: Great commentary from John Motson and Ally McCoist . Crowd sounds great too. Just like the real thing .

Suggestions: none

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 James Bond 007: NightFire

Overall: This game is everything i hoped it would be . An excellent one player mode , but it's the multiplayer here which really stands out . Excellent.

Gameplay: One player mode is your typical bond . You must stop some guy destroying the world . It's like being in a real bond movie (a good one too!)

Graphics: Excellent graphics . Nothing to complain about , a huge improvement over both AUF and Goldeneye . Excellent.

Audio: The music is excellent . Loads of different remix's of the original bond theme . All the sound effects are superb aswell.

Suggestions: Just make a new one with more guns 'n' gadgets.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: One word sums this game up : Decent . It's not that bad , it's not that good , well , it's definately not as bad as people have said anyway . Don't pay full price for it , but if you can get it cheap , buy it ! .

If you love wrestlng , you'll love it !

If you hate wrestling , you'll hate it !

Gameplay: It's wrestling , therefore the gameplay is going to be limited to "how many ways can i hurt this guy" . Still , plenty of game modes keep it solid.

Graphics: Much like the game itself . Not that bad , not that good . Everyone looks like their real life counterparts , but still a bit PS2 standard.

Audio: Nothing wrong with the sound . The crowd is great and all the right grunts and cracks can be heard . very good.

Suggestions: Make cage matches !

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Medal of Honor: Frontline

Overall: Excellent . A visual masterpiece . WW2 simulation at it's best . if killing nazis gets you going , buy this game !

Gameplay: As said before ,if you like the sound of killing Hitlers little but monkeys , then this is the game for you . Muti-player is also awesome.

Graphics: Not quite up to xbox standard , but still very striking and original . The beaches of normandy are not to be missed........

Audio: The soundtrack was rewarded with many awards . The gun fire is spot-on and ultra realistic . Excellent .

Suggestions: Just make a new one!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: This game marks a new revolution of gaming . Every other game is simply inferior compared to this legendary game

Gameplay: YOU are an NSA agent , your name is Sam Fisher . Here are some cool gadgets and some awesome weapons : Go kill stuff and break into government buildings . (now , if that does'nt sound like fun , you are a very sad person)

Graphics: The best graphics , on any console , ever ! . It can't get much better than this , when it does , i will be shocked .

Audio: Immaculate sound . You could probably hear a pin drop . (if there were any pins in the game) . Every sound accuratley recreated for this game.

Suggestions: Make a sequel.........NOW !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2003

Overall: The best football game the U.K has got , also , live enabled ! . Excellent gameplay , graphics and an eternal lifespan..........

Gameplay: Like many sports games , can essentially last forever . The fact that it's an awesome game only enhances it's excellence

Graphics: Grpahically brilliant . All the players look like their real life counterparts . The stadium and crowd also look terrific.

Audio: All the sounds that you would hear on a football pitch.The crowd is also well created and enhances the atmosphere.

Suggestions: zippo

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Rocky

Overall: The best boxing game , on any console , ever ! . Knockout kings and mike tyson move aside , there's a new champ in town..........

Gameplay: Wether you like boxing or not , or wether you like Rocky or not , you are going to love this game . It simply oozes quality.

Graphics: Graphically awesome . All the visuals from the films are accuratly transferred to the game.....excellent!

Audio: All the voices , all the sounds from a typical boxing match . (if you listen closley , you can even hear your nose break when an opponent throws a lucky punch!)

Suggestions: Just think of some new ideas and make a new !!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: If you want a game that you and your friends can play for hours and hours , get this game . Oh , story mode is excellent aswell.........

Gameplay: In multiplayer , the options are amazing . You can decide what guns you want , what bots you want , you can even create your own levels ! . Story mode is mucho funo !

Graphics: i personally think the graphics are superb . It is the look they were going for and they've got it spot on .

Audio: Many different sounds . All the guns sound authentic and all the characters have their own personal sound.

Suggestions: have transport like trucks and cars .

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Overall: If your a fan of the show , or even if your not , your gonna love this game . It has an appeal to all do-gooders who feel like kicking some Evil butt.

Gameplay: Run , jump , punch , kick , steak , use cool weapons like a rake . Well , it's good enough for me anyway .

Graphics: Graphically , this game is pure quality . It perfectly re-creates the Sunnydale atmosphere . Buffy looks great too ;)

Audio: Apart from Mrs prinze junior , all the regular actors from the show lend their vocal talents . Also , the awesome sound that happens when you steak a vamp is in there......Genius !

Suggestions: Make a sequel , with a multiplayer from the start .

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Turok: Evolution

Overall: This game is superb. 1 player mode is truly magnificent and the jungle has an eerie feel to it . 2 player mode is the most fun you will ever have , much better than Halo (In 2 player mode)

Gameplay: The basic plot is you go around massive jungles with Big guns and grenades killing things that try to kill you . Sound good ? , YOU BET IT DOES !

Graphics: Graphcially , this game is beaten by no other. It truly is a work of art and you will need roughly an hour before you actually start playing to just sit and look at the graphics.

Audio: All the sounds from the jungle are included . All the sound effects from the guns are in there too . The voice acting could have been a little bit clearer , apart from that , Excellent.

Suggestions: Why not have a Turok set in todays world , with todays guns and cops and stuff............just a crazy little idea from me.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL 2003

Overall: This game is EXACTLY the same as 2002 , which is not a bad thing (because 2k2 was awesome).This is the only reason why i have rated everything at 4.5 .

Gameplay: The same as 2K2. Really enjoyable , a huge lifespan , but you've seen it all before.The only real change is that you have more control of the puck (which makes it harder to control).

Graphics: Graphically , i suppose it is a little bit sharper than 2k2 . Still ,nothing to write home about though......

Audio: Some new phrases from the same guys who did 2K2 , some new jokes in there too . The sound effects still the same . You MUST play this game with Dolby 5.1 surround , it is awesome !

Suggestions: think of a way to make 2k4 a bit different.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Burnout

Overall: If you like HIGH-SPEED racing through oncoming rush hour traffic , buy this game.Even though it's not official , it's still a hell of a lot of fun !

Gameplay: Burnout is your average , ordinary boring racer . Driving on the wrong side of the road , getting NOS style turbos and tremendous , awesome , mind-blowing crashes can't save this game ...............(i'm joking by the way)

Graphics: Not amazing , but a !&%$@#* side better than the PS2 version . impressive , but could be that little bit better.

Audio: The sound affects are perfect . Nothing to complain about . Although , maybe the soundtrack support system would have worked better with this game . I can't think of anything more awesome than playing this game to LIMP BIZKIT's

Suggestions: Get the graphics up to Project Gothams standard and have Soundtrack support . Then , you have the perfect game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: An excellent game worthy of living up to the title "the movie game" , because it is as good as , if not better , than the movie.

Gameplay: Lets face it , this is as close as you can get to wearing the spidey suit.Web swinging to the highest point in the sky and then free-falling back to sky-scraper level literally takes your breath away.Also , fighting some of spideys most lethal villains through the streets of new york is an experience you will never forget.

Graphics: Visually , this is as best as they come . You never doubt that you really are controlling peter praker . It is'nt until your mom call you to clean your room that you realise that this game IS'NT real.

Audio: With the two main stars of the movie TOBEY MAGUIRE and WILLEM DEFOE lending their voice talent , it just further enhances the realism . And BRUCE CAMPBELLS training tour is an absolute must , almost as good as playing the actual game !!

Suggestions: Try and get ALL the actors from the movie (EG , Kirsten Dunst ,J.K Simmons) just for that added realism.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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Issue with Xbox live on Xbox home
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