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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Overall: Very good graphics despite being a PS2/NGC port. Good progressive gameplay. Excelent sound effects, acting and music. Though PoP is an excelent game, I wonder if "Buying" it would be a wise choice considering that it can be beaten with in 15 hours. Replay value is strong though. A highly recomended rent. This is a high quality game!

Gameplay: Interesting puzzles, and progressively learned attack moves. Interesting in-game time-altering slow motion and rewind features lets the charater alter time. Enemies are pretty good, fighting is not just hack and slash, skill required. Maybe too many flips and tricks required by the player to advance in the game. Camera angels can occasionally get obscured.

Graphics: Excellent i must say. And i don't say that about a lot of games. PoP looks really great. Probably one of the better looking games on all of the systems. Everything just flows together real well. As for XBox specific traits, i don't know of any. But still PoP looks excellent.

Audio: Voice acting is very good. Music adds good atmosphere to the game. But it seems that the music can be a bit limiting in some areas of the game. Sound effects are quite good but not amazing.

Suggestions: More music and sound effects.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Deus Ex: Invisible War

Overall: With pretty neat graphics and decent sound Deus Ex delivers little more then that. The game play isn't all that great, and nor is it engaging. The story line is lame, and sometimes hard to follow. I don't recomend that the average gamer plays Deus Ex. It's rather boring, and un-engaging.

Gameplay: Pretty average to say the most. The story is difficult to follow at times, and most of the characters don't help to add to the plot. I really was displeased with most of the plot. I found it a task to finish playing. Eventually i just played it to KILL everything. Blah. Maybe worth a rent. But don't buy Deus Ex.

Graphics: Nice, but not great. The lighting looks like the Doom 3 engine, but the world textures and "Lightmap" lighting don't flow well together. The characters look great though. Bump-mapping all over the place. Pretty good. However, it's not all that impressive.

Audio: The characters talk, so you don't need to read anything. The game's sound effects are well done, and varried...

Suggestions: Make the plot more interesting and have the game more engaging. It's just a bit dry and shallow.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Overall: This game is pretty much the SAME thing as the first, except that the story is totally different. So what does *same mean? ...The graphics are the same, the game looks the same, the story mode looks the same, the acting is the same, the sounds are the same (quality). Blah, nothing breaks away from the original!

Gameplay: Bullet time is a fun thing to use. The game unfolds nicley. It's not too hard and not too easy. Shooting is fun.

Graphics: Exact same style of graphics. They don't look great, but they don't look bad. Semi-photo realistic. But overall the game looks very bland, and ordinary. It looks like they used the same graphics engine. BOO!

Audio: Voice acting is good, but very monotonous. The guns sound good, the music is still stellar. Overall there's not much different from the first game.

Suggestions: This visually, and audio(ly) the exact same as the first. So what's new?

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Counter-Strike

Overall: I've played CS on the PC for 4 years, and you will either love Counter-Strike (CS) or hate it on the XBox. I loved the PC version, and i initially hated the XBox version, but with a few hours the game started to grow on me. I am now, more or less neutral to the game. This is the same *game as the PC version, except that the character models have been re-made, the levels have all had a new set of textures put up, and the levels have even been altered (the physical look of them, i.e. the addition of boxes and alterations of walls), the sound effects have been altered (for the most part) and sound worse, if not the same, the gun models are all different, and (IMO) look a bit worse, but maybe it was the TV i was on. BOTs have been added to the game and act very human-like, it is almost hard to tell you aren't playing humans - very nice. OVERALL: CS for the XBox has the same gameplay as the PC version, EXCEPT that i think you move a little bit faster (say about 25% faster) compared to the PC version. I suggest a rent, before any one buys it.

Gameplay: Exact same as PC version, except that you (i believe) move 25% faster. Head shots seem to be 50% of the kills, but this might just be a fluke of myself aiming high. Aiming with the controller isn't too difficult. BOTs add some-simited off-line enjoyment. If you have never played CS, I highly recomend that you rent it to see what it is like.

Graphics: To some it looks bland, to others it looks acceptable; great isn't an option. Generally CS much improved from the PC version, but not by much. In some cases i might say it looks like an N64 game. The polygon counts are pretty weak, but who cares? Character models are re-done, and look alright. All the levels have new textures, and the levels have also been physically altered (to some extent).

Audio: Different from the PC version (for the most part) and might I add: not that good. The sounds are pretty poor, you won't be too joyed by what you hear. I wasn't. The menu music is cool, no custom sound tracks (I believe). There is 5.1 support.

Suggestions: This is to much of a direct PC port. Even with the additional levels, and new texture lay out, and *some new level design in the old maps... It's just too much the same, and even a bit different. I hate the transition from walking into a dark room and the time it takes to adjust your eyes to see in the dark: it really gives the campers (in the dark) the up-side.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: I hated PGR1, but PGR2 i really love. This game is so much better then the first. It is still a hard game (if you put it at those settings) but it's much more fun. This is a MUST own for any XBox racing enthusiast. This game is more forgiving (in terms of Kudos) then PGR1, this is a good thing! I know these scores look high, but bealieve me, these scores reflect the quality of PGR2. PGR2 is the best racer on XBox (to date).

Gameplay: 4-play split screen on one TV. Boo-Ja! And XBox Live play for 2 people on one screen to play in a game of (total) 8 players. This is the BEST XBox Live optimized game out to date. The PHYSICS are amazing! MUCH better then the first game's physics. If you want an amazing game play experiance, get this game, the physics are spot on: not too arcady, but not too sim. I HIGHLY recomend it. Best of all most of the tracks are great to race on, they are just so well laid out. XBox Live play is fun, but the single player is ENOUGH to buy the game for! The racing really is great, and that's what PGR2 is all about! There is nothing about the gameplay that holds it back, perfect!

Graphics: The detail level is at least 3 times better then it was in PGR1. This game LOOKS great. Very, very, very nicley detailed tracks. The cities look GREAT! A+ The cars look great too! The car damage is quite a lot more then i had expected, to say the least: "You can really screw up your car!" The particle effects are blalnced perfect, the smoke looks great, the rain looks nice, and the sparks look cool; all are well done. My only GRAPHICAL complaints are: the night races don't look to realistic, and the leevs on the trees can look silly, but neither detract from the game. This is a 5.0!

Audio: The game comes with loads songs already with it. You can custom sound track. The cars sound more or less perfect (like i would know, i haven't driven any of them). No complaints here, well done.

Suggestions: Improve the tree textures. Work on the lighting for night races, have the option to turn off head lights for night races all together. Make PGR 3!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

Overall: The singleplayer is Great! The mulitplayer is also good. If you ever played Mech Assault you might know where i'm coming from when i say "The multiplayer can get semi-repetitious." The singleplayer is awesome, and can be bought soly for this element. But the multiplayer isn't all that mega great, because it's too simple (IMO). It is fun every now and then, but not all the time. Final note: if you didn't like MechAssault's multiplayer this is some what better, but only by a little bit.

Gameplay: The controls are great, and the ation is fun. I recomend this to any teenager. Read over my "overall" box to learn what i thought of the single/multiplayer modes.

Graphics: Very good detail, nice graphics, good character animations, and models. The planes look great, nothing bad at all in this area, pretty perfect if you ask me!

Audio: Good music, and sound effects. Voice acting is also very well done. Nothing at all to detract from the game here!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

Overall: Better then the first installment of the game. The graphics are better. But the game play is still, camp, or be camped (talking about Multiplayer).

Gameplay: I dislike this style of game play. I don't like it how you have to be the camper and sniper to be the winner. I find it annoying. Selecting weapons is still a hastle and a half!

Graphics: Better then the original, but not by all that much. Still pretty weak, they need a new graphics engine badly!

Audio: Same old stuff.

Suggestions: Get a new graphics engine, and rework the combat system!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: This is a really "cool" game. Any XBox gamer would definatley like it. There is NO split-screen (what-so-ever). It is a BIG BONUS to the gamer if you have an XBox Live account. But if you don't then don't be too discouraged from this game; because it is still a great game! The On-Line XBox Live play is bad ass! Very good, very fun! There is 4-player co-op over XBox Live (you w/3 others), and there is 16-plater 'team' or 'deathmatch' games. Not a big problem with lagg. XBox Live makes this game worth owning for any subscriber!

Gameplay: Pretty fast paced, weapons are different, and act different. The characters in the game are well enough animated. The game has 3 skill settings. I recommend this to any Counter-Strike player. A very fun shooter! You actually use your teammates in this game. And you actually do work together in co-op XBox Live. This game almost plays like Halo, but the aiming is a bit less responsive (a bit more difficult).

Graphics: Some people think it's average others think i's pretty bad. I'm a graphics whore, and I think the graphics in the game are actually pretty good. The screen shots don't do any justice. The game plays just great and the levels and detail are all just and fit the atmosphere perfectley!

Audio: Good music, great sound effects, good voice. The sound engine is probably one of the better out there for a tatical shooter.

Suggestions: Make Split-Screen play!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: I've been gaming for 15 years. And take my score as you see it because it's as accurate as you'll get. I'm just too lazy to write a big review; because I don't care to... Brute Force is not as good as everyone whould have liked it to be. It's just a good game, not great.

Gameplay: The single player is semi repetitive. The levels are good enough. The enemy AI is very good. The story is 'there'. Overall, pretty good, but the "TEAM" aspect of the game isn't really there. The game can get too !&%$@#* ing hard if you are just playing by yourself on the harder settings. 4-player CO-OP split screen on ONE xbox is hard to see the bad guys.

Graphics: VERY well optimized; awesome, LOTS of work put into making this game the best it could be. It never skipps at all.

Audio: The music is alright, nothing that detracts from the game, but doesn't really add too much, it's just there. The sound effects are good. But more enemy sounds would have added a lot.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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