Counter-Strike (Original Xbox) by Microsoft

Counter-Strike (Xbox) by Microsoft Box Art


Xbox 360 backwards Compatible


North Amercian Release Date: November 18, 2003.

Region(s) Released: North America, Europe, Japan

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480p
Widescreen Supported (16:9): No
System Link Support: Yes

Average Overall Score:
8.57 / 10

The game is old, there is no denying that. In a day and age where computer parts are outdated in half a year and we see blockbuster after blockbuster roll through the gaming world, is there any room for a rehash of a game that has been around for much longer than the Xbox itself? Microsoft seems to think so as they commissioned VALVe studios to port Counter-strike over to the Xbox game console."

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“Counter-Strike,” the world’s most popular online action game and first-person shooter for the PC makes its console debut exclusively on Xbox and Xbox Live. “Counter-Strike” for Xbox allows gamers to challenge other players in intense team-based multiplayer action in two thrilling game types: Bomb Defusal and Hostage Rescue via Xbox Live or System Link. “Counter-Strike” on Xbox will be the most graphically advanced version of the series to date, showcasing the technical prowess of Xbox.

User Reviews

Score: 86
Overall User Average: 8.59 / 10 (85.7%)
Gameplay User Average: 9.02 / 10
Graphics User Average: 7.48 / 10
Sound User Average: 8.48 / 10
Date reviewed: September 30, 2005.

Overall: This is a very fun game, but only get this if you have xbox live, because it is otherwise utterly pointless. It is a very fun online game.
Gameplay: the shooting system works great and the controls are near perfect. the bomb gametype is probably the most fun, where one team tries to plant the bomb in the other team's 'base.' online and offline are exactly the same except with no human players offline.
Graphics: to be honest the visuals aren't that great. they aren't up to par with many games on xbox, and the visuals are a major disappointment.
Sound: there isn't really a lot of sound to judge this game by, besides some explosions and bullets, but hey it does a good job in those 2 departments...

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: September 30, 2005.

Overall: I really didn't get into this as much as most people seem too. I guess I'm just not a big fan of the really realistic one or two shot kill games, but I didn't find this as exciting as a Halo or something like that.
Gameplay: The gameplay was fun, but it wasn't fun enough to really make me care too much about the game. I liked the different guns and other weapons, but it lacked something to make me really want to play.
Graphics: The graphics are nothing special. They're good, but they're definetly not spectacular. I'm not saying they're bad, but they're really pretty mediocre. Nothing jumps out at you and makes you say "Wow".
Sound: The sound effects for the guns and explosions are all very good. You really get a feel for how close the battle is to you and where all the action is taking place.
Suggestions: I just don't think this is my type of game.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: October 5, 2004.

Overall: great solid terrorist counter terrorist gameplay!its awesome if you like halo or any good fps! get it get it get it now! great guns and i like the get money and have to buy guns situation its great! also a wide variaty of guns and the selection like an AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN, thats right folks that love scatter guns!
Gameplay: great!! 1 regret that it does not have a campange (spelled wrong :(?) mode! that stinks. i say again the variety of guns rock and one other thing concerning gun play is that there is no rocket launcher!, just those pieces of lead!!!!!!! of course there is gernades too and the gas gernades are the best!

(sp! grenades for all you english freaks out there)
Graphics: good good graphics!, again i comment the gas/smoke grenades they have in this game, it makes it great the levels are real good too and i wish i had time to type a huge thing about them, but sadly no!
Sound: this was a key part to the gameplay the different gun shots ruled the place down and up and all the other sound effects in the game it was da bomb dude!
Suggestions: gets very close to halo! well i mean just get it!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: May 26, 2004.

Overall: awesome game man its so cool to play with all the guns and !&%$@#* man its awesome. i like jump into a room and the bad guys are there and im like nooooooooooooooooo and they shot at me and im like ahhh and pull of the matrix and boom boom boom there all dead and i win
Gameplay: very fun to play . the guns and stuff were really cool
i like one of the sniper rifles the most no not the one shot kill one the other one when u shot u have to reload i was like boom (reload) bang (reload) boom (reload) and i killed one of the hostages , opps
Graphics: good i guess could of improved but they were good like the dessert lvls
were fun to play and had good detials and stuff
Sound: the gun sounds were cool. really got ya in the mood to play and the commands were very cool too but there could of been more but o well good game!

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 50 %

basic lee
Date reviewed: March 18, 2004.

Overall: Everyone know's Counter Strike, one of the most popular online games of all time. On Xbox, you could say RS3 is the counter-terrorism simulation game, and CS is the more arcade based version, and if you ask me it works alot better.
Gameplay: Where should I start? Single player is kind of weak, basically Multiplayer with bots, but I doubt anyone actually bought this game for the single player. Multiplayer is highly addictive, and alot of fun. Having to actually purchase your weapons and armor adds a nice twist to the game at times when you run out of cash and have the face the opposition with just your standard pistol. Hours at a time can be spent online with the well designed maps and fast paced action. Personally I prefer this game to RS3 by a long shot, it's just so much more fun, and takes only seconds to get into.
Graphics: Some maybe be quick to criticise Counter Stike's visuals, but there is simply nothing wrong with them, for a game that's years old it holds up pretty well, graphics are sharp, and textures detailed, the only draw back being that most of the detail on models is textured rather than actually modelled, but it works out pretty nicely, keeping the sharp look and the slightly cartoony yet realistic feel to the game.
Sound: Sound is just fine, guns sound like guns, and so on. Custom soundtracks are a nice addition to almost any game, and they are in this game also. Not alot else I can say about the audio in this game.
Suggestions: More maps, perhaps a little more variation.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: February 21, 2004.

Overall: I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I never played CS on PC until after I played it on Xbox so I had no pre-concieved ideas as to how it should look/feel etc. I gave this game a rent one weekend in december and right from the go I was hooked.

It's fast paced action and live play makes this game a must have for Live or XBC players. The Single Player mode is fine to help you get use to the maps and practice on the bots but playing online with and against real players is where this game is at.

No it may not have the best graphics of an Xbox game but compared to the PC version it looks pretty sweet. It's nice to be able to log on to Live, pick a server and be kicken'some or gettin' some kicked in less then 2 minute is usually the first game I pull out when I go for the Xbox. And when you've only got an hour or less to play this game is great cause you can get your fix fast and not have to commit a whole lot of time too it. Straight 5's all the way!
Gameplay: Loads of fun when you play on Live. Great to get online, pick a map, select your gear, and start kick'n some in just a few minutes. Super fun with headphones on and hearing your enemy's approach from around you. Intense!
Graphics: Looks sharp to me compared to the PC version. Mind you I have almost no time on the PC version, just basing it on what I've seen. All in all looks great to me.
Sound: Nothing beats putting on your headphones and listening to gunfire and foot steps as they approach you from different directions. INTENSE!
Suggestions: Story mode for Single Player. But love it the way it is anyway.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: February 18, 2004.

Overall: Horrible game, in my perspective, but then again it's hard to come by counter-terrorism games nowadays... except for rainbow six 3, (soon) full spectrum warrior, soldier of fortune 2 and some others. Mediocre at best.
Gameplay: Fast-paced and sometimes annoying, lot's of campin in this here game boys. Oh yea, and only 2 game modes kicks this game down a notch, and the economy thing is horrible.
Graphics: Solid textures and nice vast maps, but too many camping areas, underground passages add to the fun sometimes, different ways to get to an objective but it takes too long to actualy know where they are, you come by them by mere chance.
Sound: It sounds like they put a child's impression of a machine gun into a computer and robo-tized it. There's no different sounds when you're in certain areas like sewage pipes and other things, it all sounds the same.
Suggestions: More game modes, smaller maps, and get some tips from bungie, and id, and ubi, and... some other people.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: February 3, 2004.

Overall: Counter-Strike X is almost the same as the PC version, without the hundreds of extra maps/mods. It still delivers great game play and fun like it did on PC for years. CS comes with over 15 maps ( some new ) and has the same weapons as the PC version. Not much improvment over the graphics but it's a bit smoother.
Gameplay: Counter-Strike game play is very different from other games. It's a fast paced game but people have different styles of play so it can be fast or even as slow as Rainbow 6. All of the guns are detailed inside out with different spray patterns/recoil and sound. As for the single player... There is no, you just play against bots. You still play against bots online with ( human v.s bots ) bots mode but that's it. As for online there's 2 gametypes... Bomb diffuse and Hostage Rescue.
Graphics: The graphics aren't great or anything, but they are better then past XBL games such as Ghost recon and Unreal Championship. Not too many improvements from the PC version except for some lighting and smoother graphics. At some points in maps it's too dark where you actually have trouble seeing some parts if you don't sit up close to you're TV. Other then that there isn't too many problems with the graphics.
Sound: The sounds are realistic. From the gun shooting to using the knife, Landing from a fall and footsepts... All sound very realistic and good if you have you're speakers turned up.
Suggestions: More map downloads and mods.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: January 27, 2004.

Overall: Ok if you play this game on the computer, do not bother with this game. If you don't however and have xbox live, then I think it would be a really fun game to have. I love counter-strike and play it on the computer so I wanted to try this out too. The single player game is basically crap, only to train you slightly for online play.
Gameplay: This game is a multiplayer game. Meant to be played with other people, not stupid !&%$@#* bots. Probably great on live, not on singleplayer though.
Graphics: The graphics aren;t that bad, don't see why everyone criticizes the game so much for it. I didn't mind, and I don't play games with bad graphics, not good true, but not bad either.
Sound: The sounds weren't bad. The weapons sound affects and such were ok. I didn't like how it was hard to hear footsteps compared to the comp version. Can't hear anyone appraoch me, need surround sound dammit. Probably fine with the headset though.
Suggestions: The graphics should've been better. I don't think there is a reason for them to look like this. I read it was supposed to be rebuilt from the ground up just for the xbox, my ass. Singleplayer offers nothing worthwhile. Not many options for the bot matches either.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: January 20, 2004.

Overall: This is the best FPS you can play on LIVE right now. If you don't have Xbox Live stay away from this game! The "single player game" is exactly what the LIVE play is. The gameplay is brilliant, quick, and extremely addictive. If you have Xbox LIVE you need to go get this game now!
Gameplay: You are either the Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists. If you are a Terrorists you have to plant a bomb and detonate it, or prevent the Counter Terrorists from rescuing hostages, or just kill the enemy. If you are a CT you either defuse the bomb, rescue hostages, or kill all the terrorists. THis is a great FPS! The play on Xbox Live is perfect! I WILL KILL YOU ALL ON XBOX LIVE. MY GAMERTAG: Dr of Doom
Graphics: This is the one part of the game that could have been better. They just dont look that great, but it doesnt take away from the awesome gameplay.
Sound: Custom soundtracks. The game sounds sound good.
Suggestions: (*7) Make more of a single player game.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: January 17, 2004.

Overall: Well 1st of all, its counter-strike, so u gotta give it that. But still, it needs a multiplayer mode, especially for non-xbox live players like me. A story mode would also be nice, but NOPE. tsk tsk tsk **sigh of disapointment**. Luckilly i rented it and didnt buy it, i would consider buying it if I had xboxlive. And the graphix are unbelievably ugly.
Gameplay: Well the gameplay was nice, the controls were nice and I get pleasure out of shooting people, but still, the graphics ruin the whole thing.
Graphics: Well the graphics are extremelt horrable, the guns look sad, everything needs to be improved, the graphix gave me a headach.
Sound: The sound was nice and realistic, foot steps comin near you, gun shots in the distance, they coulda been just a bit better though.
Suggestions: You should of made a multiplayer mode for the poor non X-live players. AND A STORY MODE!!

Overall: 50 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 30 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: January 8, 2004.

Overall: well, there is no use at all if u don't have live there is no story mode, not even player, but it would be great on live, which i'll be gettin soon, but the graphix are ok, sound is good, but what really ticked me off was there was NO STORY MODE WTF!!!
Gameplay: you play as terrorist or counter- terorist if ure terrorist u plant bombs and make sure hostages are under your contreol, and kill counter terosrist, one thing that sucks is you can't shoot the hostages( well it does make sense or it'd be too easy}and if youre counter terrosrist you defuse bombs, kill the terrorists. I want to say sumptin, DON"T GET THIS GAME IF YOU DON"T GOT LIVE OR XBC ONNECT theres no dumb two plaer even.
Graphics: It looks like the version from the computer, which isn't that bad, but since it's on the xbox i expected more. the scenery is blocky but, overall a little dissapointing.
Sound: good voice acting, custom soundtracks are always good, but they should make the teamates ACTAULLY talk and say AUGGGGH! when shot or scream they only talk when you use the directional pad to command them, but i expected but still good.
Suggestions: FIRST OF ALL STORY mode. this game could of have an excellent story mode and two player for those poor people without xbox live, and fix the graphics.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: January 2, 2004.

Overall: This game was the reason i bought my x-box, i allways used to play it on my computer but when i herd it was coming out for xbox i had to have it!... AND I LOVE IT! its one of my favorite games of all time!
Gameplay: The gameplay is awsome! I dont think any 1st person shooter is so fast paced as this game... litterly in 10 seconds your in the game, not waiting for orders or anything. BEST ON XBOX LIVE
Graphics: The visual isnt that great, it is allright, just the same as the computers graphics. Still, that doesn't take away from anything that this game is
Sound: The sounds on this game were awsome. The gun shots sounded so real, they put alot of detail into the sounds.
Suggestions: Please put back assault, and AWP, thats all

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: December 27, 2003.

Overall: Many improvments upon the computer
version, including map "remasterings",
which are both a blessing and a curse, and
new textures and models that make the
game look really... well... good.
Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty much the same as
PC. There are objectives, but its more fun
as just team deathmatch. I dont care what
anyone else thinks... the new buy menu is
phenomenal! It may look awkward, but its
is even easier than the pc version.
Graphics: Place the xbox version against it's pc
counterpart, and youll be stunned by the
difference, but after being jaded by the
other great graphics on the xbox, the
visuals in this game barely make par.
Sound: still pretty much the same old sounds, they
aren't really that good. they're still pretty
good. I think some of the old gun shots
are rerecorded, but the announcer and
radio command voices sure as hell aren't.
Suggestions: Add more of the original maps, and the
custom map favorites (fy_iceworld,
cs_speedball, etc). Also make a way to talk
to the other team when alive, and a way to
change the controls.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: December 27, 2003.

Overall: A solid console port of a great PC title. I played this game for a few years on the PC until I got tired of the cheaters/hackers. I didn't think I'd ever get back into this game again, but I got it for christmas and man I'm hooked again. Even though it lacks the ability to mod it and make new maps, I'm glad that no cheating is possible (at least I hope not). This game is only good for those with Live, otherwise don't waste your time or money. There is no splitscreen multiplayer and the single player mode consists of the same multiplayer modes with bots. The bots are very intelligent but its not even close to the experience of playing with people. Personally, I think the price is high for this game, it should be in the $30-$40 range.
Gameplay: This is where this game excels, the gameplay is simple and sweet. A typical match consists of one team defending an objective with the other team on the attack. The controls surprised me and are very responsive and precise, I was getting headshots in no time. The network code is rock solid, my step son hosted a game and I joined it with 6 other people and had absolutely no lag (most of the people where in our area), where Return to castle wolfenstein lags horribly with both of us on at the same time. This game is addicting, I want to play it now!
Graphics: There some improvements over the pc, better textures, much better lighting including a nice effect of the players eyes adjusting to the lack of light inside buildings. The animations looks good, with the exception of the death animations sometimes looking awful. As others have said this game isn't all about graphics, its gameplay and thats all that matters. But don't pull this game out to impress your PS2 friends.
Sound: Excellent positional sound if you have the system. The weapons and other effects sound very good. User soundtracks are supported as well, although I prefer no music in a game like this. Being able to clearly hear a nearby enemy's footsteps is a big part of this game.
Suggestions: A map maker with the ability to upload to a central server to share.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: December 23, 2003.

Overall: Well i called my friend one day and asked what was gone on he said nothing i just went out and bought counterstrike for the xbox, i almost fell out my chair(all my friends play and luv cs for the good ol' cpu) anyway i love it i played it for three hours by his house amd i was hooked and i had to rent it or buy it or something overall the game is great and it even has custom soundtracks
Gameplay: the gameplay is simply awesome theres nothing more satisfying i mean nothing ore satisfying when all ur teammates are dead and all ur enemies are alive and u pick them like the godly gamer that u r
Graphics: well the graphics have a sort of brightness to them that i didnt really like but if u really look around good the settings are beatutifully detailed so the graphics arent splinter cell but they are very much so bearable
Sound: theres no music when playing just gunshot effects,explosions,and footsteps...but thats when good ol' microsoft comes up and gives this beauty custom soundtracks nothin better than playing ur favorite songs when takin down the terrorists
Suggestions: yes for future dlc plzz im begging u add the hostage rescue mission called assaultjust look at the pc version if this one had assault it would just make the game dominate but i m glad u put in dust,aztec,and militia and thanks for puttin in office in the first dlc

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: December 15, 2003.

Overall: If you've played it on the PC, stick with it on the PC. It's the same game, but with the inability to mod it or to play any mods.
Gameplay: The game is pretty simple. It's a multiplayer game that is targeted at either destroying or preventing it.
Graphics: Why aren't the graphics more fully updated? How long ago did this original game come out? I think someone just wanted more money.
Sound: The sounds are simple and generic. I guess there wasn't much they could do to change that. They could have at least tried.
Suggestions: Make it more original.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 20 %
Sound: 30 %

Date reviewed: December 13, 2003.

Overall: Thsi is a well deserving game and the gameplay is awesome, its just the graphics that let it down slightly, and the fact that there is no single player campaign and there is only a mode where you can challenge computer bots, but if you have xbox live then you wont be disappointed at all.
Gameplay: Gameplay is the best feature, if you have played rainbow six 3 then it is a little faster paced so if you like stealthy games then this might not be the game for you, but if you like fast action games aswell then you will be in for a sure hit.
Graphics: This is the only bad part about Counter Strike. Counter Strikes graphics were never meant to be amazing, it was the gameplay that made up for the graphics. Not disgraceful graphics but dont be expecting them to be good either.
Sound: Sounds are normal. Nothing excessive but there are a few good special effects on the weapons that make it sound realistic.
Suggestions: Make the graphics better if there is a sequel because the character physics are poor.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: December 11, 2003.

Overall: this game is without a doubt all around awesome.. a must buy for any only gaming fps loving freak like myself. i could play this game for hours and hours nonstop its so addictive and an awesome spend of a good 50 bucks in my own opinion
Gameplay: the gameplay is great..its almost worst than a drug addiction..maybe even worse heck its hard to put the controller down. ill admin sometimes i go crazy with hysteria when unlikely things happen or i know i should have killed the guy that somehow killed me but its all in good fun.
Graphics: the visuals are about 100% similar to that of the PC version..I mean its got that very same look and feel but i dont mind a bit because the game is too good gameplay wise to care what it looked like. the graphics were pleasing enough to play with.
Sound: ahh the sound its all so great and sounfd plays a big part in playing the game. sounds are so distinct. you can hgear the reloading and shooting and where it came from and what gun or weapon it was and whether or not the gun was silenced. thats how unique the sounds are on this game extrremely impressive
Suggestions: not a one.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: December 10, 2003.

Overall: Counterstrike is finally here! I've been waiting for this game on xbox since I heard of xbox live and it basically does the job I hoped for. It a fast paced online FPS meant for xbox live. Counterstrike has a single player and a multiplayer mode. If you have played unreal championship then you know what its single player consists of.....bots. Its basically playing online with bots. You play as terrorist or counterterrorist. Your goal as a terrorist is to hold hostages or plant bombs. Your goal as a counterterrorist is to rescue hostages or defuse bombs. Along the way you just try to wipe out the other team.
Gameplay: I have been playing this game alot. replay value is great..especially on xbox live. I wouldn't suggest it if you dont have live. There are a bunch of good maps and a bunch of good weapons to mess with. Matches dont have tons of lag some some others. Its easy to learn to play and learning new ways to suprise or get the jump on the enemy is really fun. This game is a definate purchase if you want something you can always go back to.
Graphics: As far as graphics go..ya its no masterpiece. Even the first wave xbox titles looked better then this one, but gameplay and replay factor more then make up for it. I do like the blood splatters when you get killed though.
Sound: Solid audio. The weapons sound like weapons. The footsteps sound like footsteps. The voices sound like old school Counterstrike from the pc. It gets the job done.Its easy to distinguish where the enemy is coming from if you listen.
Suggestions: Improve the graphics...

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 80 %

John Obie
Date reviewed: December 9, 2003.

Overall: One of the top ten Xbox Live games that should be purchased by anybody that has Xbox Live.One of the best First person shooters on Live right now.
Gameplay: I never played this game on the pc so I really can't compare this to it.But as far as the 2 game modes go they should have balanced out the demoltion maps and hostage maps,making it 9 for each instead of 4 and 14.But the gameplay is very exciting
Graphics: Expected a little more in the graphics department here.But still is quality graphics. No complaints here.
Sound: Sounds are very good.Especially when you don't defuse the bomb in time feels like the whole house shakes if you have surround sound.
Suggestions: Expected a little more from this game but it will be ok untill the next best thing comes along.Anyway the download content should keep this game fresh until HALO2 comes out on April 1st.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: December 6, 2003.

Overall: This game is great. It is one of my favorites and i dont even own the game yet! After 20 minutes of playing this game, i was convinced that this was a top 10 game on XBOX (My top 10) The game is similar to the computer version, but different in others
Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is great. The gameplay is the best aspect of this game. It is incredible. It is fun and intense at the same time. It is a bit quicker than the PC version, which i like alot.
Graphics: This game has OKAY graphics. But it doesnt need them, because the gameplay makes up for it 100%. I wouldnt judge the game just on graphics, because the game isnt even concentrated on it. The graphics are good enough to make this game awesome.
Sound: The sounds in this game are sweeet. I love it. Ammunition firing, explosions, and other sounds make this game perfect! I love it. It sounds like you are really in battle!
Suggestions: The XBOX LIVE is awesome!!! i played it at a friends house all night, and didnt want to stop for one minute! it was awesome!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: December 4, 2003.

Overall: this game is awesome, i love the PC version and love this one as well. The new levels are cool as well as the new characters. The guns look a little funny, but other than that awesome game.
Gameplay: I like the single player mode, but they should include levels where you don't need to extract the hostages, or defuse the bomb. ex. ice world, aim_map. original killing only maps!!
Graphics: the graphics are awesome i like the new characters, new levels, and the guns aren't the best that they can be. Other than that the visual effects are awesome!!!
Sound: i like the idea of being able to listen to your own music while you play. The realistic sounds and the way you do deaf when a bomb blows up in your face makes you fell like your in the game. very cool
Suggestions: the game is OK as it is

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: December 1, 2003.

Overall: Most anticipated game and it turned out to be dull. This may be because I played it on PC for 2 years and it is nothing new too me, or it may be because it really did just suck.
Gameplay: Gameplay is still the outstanding game play that we all enjoyed on the PC. Althought i do believe that it would work better with a keyboard and mouse, the gameplay was really good except from the fact that you could only play bots in single player mode, i was hoping for a campaign or something like rainbow 6 or anything. Xbox Live is a must have for this game.
Graphics: The graphics could of been better on the xbox. Dont keep the PC resources conserving graphics that were ment for like 32 megs of ram on the PC for the XBOX. AMP IT UP BIG TIME PLEASE
Sound: Sound was generally pleasing with the soundtrack configuration idea, that really made the game a lot better. Nothing like fraggin some newbies with 2pac blasting in the background. GOT SHOT 5 TImes and they couldnt drop be.. woootttt

Overall: 50 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: December 1, 2003.

Overall: Counter-strike for xbox is one of the best games ever that will come out for xbox. Halo 2 will by far pass Counter-strike up but this game will always be one of my favorites. I think this game is as fun if not more fun than Halo. Playing this game on xbox live is the most fun I have ever had playing video games. I think that all the PC counter-strike players don't like this game just because they have to switch from keyboard and mouse to a controller. I have played with controllers for a long time and am use to it therefore it is fun for me to play this game. All of you that don't like this game are crazy. There are some better games out there but this has to be one of the best for xbox.
Gameplay: The gameplay of this game is awesome. It is faster than the computer version and it plays smoothly. I have not seen anything in the gameplay that I can argue about.
Graphics: This game does not have excellent graphics but it doesn't need them. These graphics are as good as most games out there though and I don't see how people can waste time criticizing this game when it is just as good as most the games out there. This game deserves a 5 in all categories. It is not a Halo but it is just as fun and addicting as it.
Sound: The sound overall is pretty good. A game like this doesn't need good music. Games like Halo that have a story and moments of suspense in the game need good music. Music is not needed in a game like this. The sounds of the games are great. The explosions, guns, and voices
Suggestions: YOu guys did a great job and I can't wait to download the new content that you guys are working on.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Acid Snow
Date reviewed: November 30, 2003.

Overall: I've played CS on the PC for 4 years, and you will either love Counter-Strike (CS) or hate it on the XBox. I loved the PC version, and i initially hated the XBox version, but with a few hours the game started to grow on me. I am now, more or less neutral to the game. This is the same *game as the PC version, except that the character models have been re-made, the levels have all had a new set of textures put up, and the levels have even been altered (the physical look of them, i.e. the addition of boxes and alterations of walls), the sound effects have been altered (for the most part) and sound worse, if not the same, the gun models are all different, and (IMO) look a bit worse, but maybe it was the TV i was on. BOTs have been added to the game and act very human-like, it is almost hard to tell you aren't playing humans - very nice. OVERALL: CS for the XBox has the same gameplay as the PC version, EXCEPT that i think you move a little bit faster (say about 25% faster) compared to the PC version. I suggest a rent, before any one buys it.
Gameplay: Exact same as PC version, except that you (i believe) move 25% faster. Head shots seem to be 50% of the kills, but this might just be a fluke of myself aiming high. Aiming with the controller isn't too difficult. BOTs add some-simited off-line enjoyment. If you have never played CS, I highly recomend that you rent it to see what it is like.
Graphics: To some it looks bland, to others it looks acceptable; great isn't an option. Generally CS much improved from the PC version, but not by much. In some cases i might say it looks like an N64 game. The polygon counts are pretty weak, but who cares? Character models are re-done, and look alright. All the levels have new textures, and the levels have also been physically altered (to some extent).
Sound: Different from the PC version (for the most part) and might I add: not that good. The sounds are pretty poor, you won't be too joyed by what you hear. I wasn't. The menu music is cool, no custom sound tracks (I believe). There is 5.1 support.
Suggestions: This is to much of a direct PC port. Even with the additional levels, and new texture lay out, and *some new level design in the old maps... It's just too much the same, and even a bit different. I hate the transition from walking into a dark room and the time it takes to adjust your eyes to see in the dark: it really gives the campers (in the dark) the up-side.

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 40 %

Date reviewed: November 30, 2003.

Overall: Very good game, the graphics are lacking but the gameplay on Live really makes up for it. There's a huge weapon variety also.
Gameplay: Very great team oriented game play. The downside is not many people are on live with it,YET! There's a huge weapon variety to choose from. And being able to buy your weapon and gear is very cool!
Graphics: The visual part is the only thing lacking. They should really make this game like it was meant to be played on the xbox.
Sound: The sounds are very realistic and overall good. You can also use custom soundtracks which is a very nice addition to the game.
Suggestions: Make the graphics better and you got a A+ game!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: November 30, 2003.

Overall: Great game! Lots of fun to play on Xbox Live. CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK! Finally an FPS with the feature I say should be in every game. Only downside I give it is no multiplayer via split-screen. I really wanted guest account on this :(. Thats the other feature MS needs to capitalize on. Look at Crimson Skies. GUESTS GALORE! Its a popular idea. USE IT MORE!
Gameplay: Gameplay gets a 5. Great fun online. Hours and hours and hours and days and weeks of enjoyment ahead. Very fast paced and exciting. Arcade style. Just fun.
Graphics: Visual in this game is nothing spectacular. Nothing I haven't seen before but its not bad enough to the point where I can't stand playing it. I give it a 4.0
Sound: Sound in this game is great. Nice gun FX, footsteps, etc. CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK as stated above just RULES! I love it. 5!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: November 30, 2003.

Overall: This game is amazing. And banna man you must remembers the graphics are run by a 5 year old engine. Lol but for that . It owns. Gameplay amazing. Nice models. Graphis are nice.
Gameplay: Amazingly fun. I played it 14 hours strait when i returned from eb. Nice new maps. Smooth running. Nice controls.Dope
Graphics: These graphics are nice. They could be better but like i stated before its run on an old engine. All in all graphics are NIIIIICE.
Sound: Sounds good. Mines a little muffled. But i got usto it now. Nice sounds. Good ambience. Weapons sounds are great too.
Suggestions: Sequel

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: November 30, 2003.

Overall: The game is extremly fun. Counter strike is and always will be a online game. I would compare this game to RTCW... its similar to it. I enjoy this game more than RTCW and think others will to. if you want a fun shooter to play with your friends get this game if you want something more tatical get RB6:3 (Rainbow Six) Or you can do what i did. get both. the graphics hurt alot, because it's an xbox game and it's 2003, but hey it's CS and all valve really has is half-life 1's engine to work with. good game i would say fantastic if you cand find it for 40 bux.
Gameplay: Fantastic. i though aiming was gonna be a b*tch but it wasn't it was fantastic. the game flows great no real slow down, and the xbox live headset allows for quick team decisions.
Graphics: This is where the game falls short. you would think maybe after so many years the game would get an overhaul. The modles are ok and maps are great but more char. models would be great.
Sound: It's great. Bullets flying and people dieing. i got a sony 5.1 sound system and it sounds great. no complaints here.
Suggestions: make a cs with the half life 2 engine when it comes out. IT WILL RULE!

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 100 %

Counter-Strike News

New Counter-Strike Maps Available
Microsoft Game Studios and Valve today announced that two new multiplayer maps for Counter-Strike for Xbox are now available for free download via Xbox Live.

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2 new maps are now available today for Counter-Strike through the XboxLive Downloadable Content feature.

Counter-Strike hitting UK Shelves Today
Microsoft Game Studios and Valve today announced that Counter-StrikeTM for Xbox® has stormed store shelves in the UK for an estimated retail price of £39.99 (UK.).

Counter-Strike for Xbox Available Now
Microsoft Game Studios and Valve today announced that Counter-Strike(TM) for Xbox® has stormed store shelves in North America.

Counter Strike Goes Gold
Microsoft Game Studios and Valve Software have announced that Counter-Strike, for Microsoft’s Xbox game system, has gone gold and will hit store shelves on November 18.

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We've got more screenshots than ammunition in a clip and an exclusive video as well. Bring it!

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Now you can fight terrorists while setting on your couch, or just hanging out with friend.

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