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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Overall: I really don't understand what all the hoo-haa is all about. Given they added some RPG elements to the game, it's the same old casual gamer's delight. I've gone through GTAIII and Vice City, they both felt the same and this doesn't add anything that'd keep my attention.

Gameplay: This game is so "gangsta." Pffft. The culture annoys me the most, so I wasn't a fan to begin with. At least Vice City didn't make me feel like a complete moron. Same old run and gun, missions aren't as repetitive, and some neat RPG elements save this game from being a complete waste of $5.

Graphics: Blech. Is it still 1997? Rockstar needs some new graphics designers, for sure. Pop ups galore. GTA3, GTA:VC, and this... nearly identical.

Audio: Voice acting is pretty ho-hum. I hate gangsta slang. So I'd much rather play with sound off. Other than that, I can't complain.

Suggestions: Ugh.. keep doing what you're doing. You're hitting your target audience...

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Brothers In Arms Road To Hill 30

?Brothers in Arms: World War II Evolved.? Sounds catchier than ?Road to Hill 30,? doesn?t it? If not, at least the title is very appropriate. Brothers in Arms is one in a handful of quality squad-based tactical shooters that Xbox gamers are well aware of. Only now, Gearbox uses the ?grab ?em by the nose and kick ?em in the ass? maneuver on the rest of the World War II genre. In layman?s terms: Brothers in Arms isn?t just the World War II game of the year, but it is quite possibly the best World War II game ever.

You begin your extremely authentic adventure as one of the many 101st and 82nd airborne soldiers. You are Sergeant Matt Baker, one who apparently ?didn?t ask to be squad leader.? Too bad (for Baker) the role of squad leader is so much fun! Your duty entails that you and your squad complete a series of objectives that span from the Normandy invasion ?D-Day? to the aforementioned Hill 30, or Carentan. Gearbox definitely achieved their goal of not only historical authenticity, but battle authenticity as well. Everything from accurate landscapes to genuine World War II military tactics are masterly crafted.

Now let?s not get carried away; Brothers in Arms is a First Person Shooter. The shooter aspect of this game is spot on. To those of you who have played Activision?s Call of Duty, Brothers in Arms will be somewhat similar, especially in the adopted iron sight usage. An ?iron sight? is used when one looks down a gun?s built-in aiming peripherals, instead of relying on the imaginary crosshairs common in other games. Crosshairs can be toggled on or off, but keep in mind, your fire won?t be as accurate when you?re not looking down your sight. Unlike Rainbow Six 3, Brothers in Arms has realistic firearm mechanics. Well? mostly. The only inaccuracy in the firearm aspect is the ability to swap out rounds in a magazine so freely. The M1 Garand can only be reloaded when the pin snaps off (which is when the magazine is empty), but that?s not the case in Brothers in Arms. In contrast, the recoil is very realistic (instead of randomly hitting anywhere ala RS3), therefore players will quickly learn that shooting in short bursts or in a semi-automatic fashion will increase your chances of survival. Your stances also play a large part in whether or not your bullet hits home. While running, one cannot switch to his iron sight for accurate aiming. Doing so will cancel the player?s run and shift him into a steady walk. After movement the iron sight continues to waver for a few seconds, but even afterward the gun will continue to slowly shake. When crouched, accuracy is obviously maximized. This is a feature that is partially apparent in games like Counter-Strike.

To continue a certain trend- Brothers in Arms is also squad-based. Although I?d like to argue, in order to fulfill World War II authenticity, this feature is required (rather than being ripped off from games like Full Spectrum Warrior or Rainbow Six). In any case, you command two squads: a fire team- armed to the teeth with a BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) and an M1 Garand rifle, and an assault team- equipped with a Thompson sub-machine gun and a Colt .45 pistol. Your fire team is used to establish a ?base of fire,? which suppresses the enemy and allows for your assault team to maneuver with relative ease. As in World War II, this ?movement under a base of fire? is vital for survival and greatly pays off when emulated in Brothers in Arms. You can give a series of orders to your squad: fall back/find cover, regroup/follow, move, suppress/attack, and charge. However, do not assume that you must give an order to your team to make them move intelligently. When engaged, your team?s AI is smart enough to find cover and return fire. However, it is usually up to you to maneuver and flank (find an exposed area in the enemy?s cover and exploit it) the enemy.

In Gearbox?s pursuit for authenticity, they got down to the nitty-gritty aspects of being a soldier. War is not fun, only when it?s in a video game, but soldiers generally do not like war. "Friends and family kill or get killed" in battle, and sometimes in the most gruesome ways imaginable. In Brothers in Arms, nothing is censored. Teammates openly drop F-bombs and other curses to show they are stressed. When explosives go off, like in real life, body parts may not stay intact. Dismemberment is very well present in this game; anything from an arm, a leg, or both legs can be blasted off. When a bullet hits dirt, mud can splash up on your face. When you?re hit, blood sprays onto your screen. Unlike Halo, it only takes a few shots to put you, or the enemy, down. A nice addition Gearbox invented is the ability to be hit, but not really. A bullet may whiz by your head, but the screen blurs, the controller vibrates, and a puff of smoke appears where the bullet came from. I?d like to see more of this feature because it?s a nice way to be realistically shot at and get hit without really getting hit (like in action movies).

The multiplayer portion of Brothers in Arms is fun, to say the least. The game allows 2 to 4 players to engage in an Axis vs. Allies match. A certain amount of time is allotted for one team to fulfill its objective. When time runs out, or a team?s reinforcements are depleted, a victor is declared. A few major gripes: Xbox Live/multiplayer lacks variety, players can literally run around the map and be impossible to hit (may be a glitch?), and the load times to get back to the lobby are excruciating. After every game, the lobby has to reload, why isn?t there a ?rematch? option? Xbox Live can be really fun when playing with people you know, especially if lag is not an issue.

Graphically, I?m hardly impressed. Textures look awful and there are infrequent framerate drops. I?m assuming the PS2 port is the culprit (as for the framerate drop, no idea). The character models are superb, however, as well as the weapon models (they?re better than those of Call of Duty). Particle effects get a thumbs up. If this is what it looked like on PC, I'd rate it much lower, but in comparison to other Xbox games, not bad at all.

A neat aspect, one that I haven?t seen since the days of Doom 2, is that when your teammates are hit a portrait of their face appears showing their health. As they worsen in condition, the portrait gets bloodier and bloodier. It?s a neat little feature, but in real life, you do not see how much health Billy lost when he got his wisdom teeth pulled. Another neat - but unrealistic- feature is the suppression meter (which can also be toggled on or off). When an enemy appears, a red circle appears over their head. As you or your squad fires at the enemy, the meter will diminish. When it is completely depleted, it will begin to recharge, in a sense, and when fully charged, the enemy is ready to return fire. Not only does this let the player know exactly where the enemy is at all times, but soldiers don?t have the luxury of knowing if the enemy is suppressed or not in the first place.

The soundtrack induces a ?Band of Brothers? like feel. Emotional or hopeful orchestrated music is very appropriate. Voice acting is better than text boxes, so I?m not about to complain. The sound of the weapons is very nice, but a few are unrealistic (the mp40, for example, is extremely unconvincing).

The controls are basically like Halo?s, which means many people will be able to pick this up pretty quickly. But, just because you can pick up 200lbs doesn?t mean you can walk around with it (some may find the aiming scheme difficult). You can issue orders with the L-trigger, and the D-pad is used to issue follow, and find cover orders as well as switch between squads. The white button also switches between squads, and the black button throws a grenade. One new very welcomed feature is ?situational awareness,? which can be called up using the ?back? button. During situational awareness, the player?s view is pulled out of the body of Matt Baker enabling him to observe his surroundings. Gearbox explains this as their way of you knowing the terrain without studying aerial reconnaissance, like the 101st and 82nd airborne did.

All in all, Brothers in Arms is a step up from normal World War II games. The first I?ve seen to break the traditional WWII game cast. Flaws aside, Brothers in Arms is the best darn WWII game I?ve ever had the pleasure to experience. Now get out there soldier and pick this one up, that?s an order.

Suggestions: - Enable both "rematch" and "disable cross-hair" options for online play.

- When trying to be authentic, go the whole nine yards, not eight and a half. I'm just picky.

Overall Score: 9.6 / 10 Fable

Fable is awesome. I really didn't know what to expect, considering I avoided reading any previews or watching E3 videos. I wish the story was drawn out more, instead of LionHead/BBB thinking us players are complete dolts by spoon feeding us a typical story. The combat system could've been much deeper. I'm sure someone can mash X to death and get through the game. You'll spend tons of time fooling around in towns, getting drunk, playing pub games, getting married, etc. The townsfolk have a lot to talk about, makes the game much more immersive. It's absolutely great to watch your hero grow and evolve. Minor complaints aside, Fable is very enjoyable.

In a nutshell.. Fable is Morrowind, The Sims, and Kotor on crack. You can do a bit of everything. Buy property and rent it out, buy trade items and trade between shops for income, kill innocent people for some cash, take a quest or two, unleash a fiery storm on ambushing bandits, the possibilities! I wish the melee combat system went deeper, though. Still, very very very fun.

Low resolutions textures and mild pop-ups got me down. I've been spoiled by PC games, so I'm somewhat biased when I see a crappy texture in low resolution. Lighting effects, such as shadows and light bloom are very well done.

The musical score is very well done and very appropriate. Certain scenarios cues different music. Run around in the forest and enjoy a happy joyful tune until you engage in a brawl. The villagers have a lot to say. You'll get a sense of british comedy when listening to traders interact on an early quest. Well done.

Suggestions: Project Ego was revolutionary. Fable is not. PLEASE give us Project Ego.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Before I begin, Blockbuster doesn't packageboth of the GTA's together... you'll have to rent them seperately. Just a marketting skam! So, I rented GTA:VC and plan on renting GTA3 later.

Generally, the game is just what I expected, a tad better than I expected actually. I was surprised to see so many of the missions were actually FUN. Still, most were frustrating... The aging graphics engine rivals that of TrueCrime: Streets of LA, actually smashing it to peices in comparison. Sound is decent, the 80's music is a nice touch... but I'll never be caught listening to that crap for over 10 seconds. Kchat provided some humor, but outside of that, I only listened to my own ripped tunes. Overall, a very good game.

You're Tommy Vercetti, a 'right hand man' for a druglord... uh.. whats-his-face.. Sonny. A trade heads for worse and Tommy lost "THE MONEY!" So you're left with the crap and must make up the debt that Sonny put on you. To do this, you must take over the crime-infested city, Vice City.

The vehicles handle very well, although physics are rather funky. Most vehicles will fly around, as if they have no mass. It's wierd, but it's fun to ram other vechicles with a big-rig. Fighting and such is decent... auto-aim guns tend to lock onto the most obscure enemies, rather than those that're in your immediate area... especially those that're already smacking the crap outta you with a baseball bat. It's a shame that not all of the weapons have manual aim... it'd be a very welcome addition. I'd say about 90% of the missions are actually FUN, and about 90% of the missions are frustrating... even if they're fun, you'll get tired of it after screwing up 10x's in a row... that's assuming you don't screw around as much as me... A very fun game! :thumbs up: (I know there's no emoticon for that)

A nice graphical upgrade from the PS2 version. All vehicles take some form of physical damage... too much damage if you ask me. Character models look rather blocky, but nothing serious. The tell-tale PS2 motion blur is still in effect(motion is blurred to cover jaggies)... not really needed on an Xbox/PC game if you ask me. Lastly, in comparison to TrueCrime:Streets of LA, GTA:VC is gold.

Eh, I hate 80's music, a big thanks to Rockstar for enabling custom soundtracks. Some car sounds seem as though they've been ripped from previous GTA installments... but it's nothing to cry about. Voice acting is great, funny at time, but well practiced. Nice sound.

Suggestions: Give all guns manual aim... please.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 MotoGP

I'm not a fan of racing games, in general. But, MotoGP is an acception. When I was feeling a bit down, I decided to pop this one in, in a matter of minutes I was feeling better again. Not to mention, I was having a lot of fun.

Like I said, I'm not a fan of racing. But, MotoGP is just too !&%$@#* fun! The Live play is where the heart is at. Theres only a few things that beat racing with my buds on Live, and that my fellow XBAers, are girls.

Looks awesome, the track reflects the sunlight, character models and bikes are reflective mapped, and a silky smooth framerate tops it off.

I really enjoy the option that allows you to use your own sound tracks, it beats the sound tracks that are in the game... The bikes sound the way they should, nothing special, but its efficient. :]

Suggestions: Good job.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Conflict: Desert Storm II : Back to Baghdad

A recreation of Conflict Desert Storm 1 with some improvements. You'll take command of a 4 man squad (including yourself) and must tough it through a slew of campaign levels. It's a great game if you like to run around and pop Iraqi's and just let the auto-aim do the job... but hardcore gamers WILL look else where, as did I.

The game can be played in 3rd or 1st person view. In 3rd person view, it's much easier to let the autoaim take control and hold down your trigger. Before you know it, you've cleared out the area. You're also able to issue commands to your squad members. Have your teammates hold their fire, drain their mags, hit the ground, follow you, or go whereever you're pointing. They're not too smart, either, but they get the job done... most of the time. Enemy AI only do a few things; shoot, run, and die. Fairly simple, not challeging, and very boring. Hardcore gamers, RS 3 is your game.

Eh, it looks a tad better than CDS 1. Ragdoll physics have been added and are a VERY welcome addition. Characters show physical harm when hit, and take some awkward positions when dead. The ragdoll physics are no where near RS3's level, but they're nice.

The sound is the most annoying. Period. Teammates will repeat the same thing over and over. Gun shots show no variations, and everything is very monotonous. An average sound investment at the best, but it could be a lot better.

Suggestions: Target hardcore gamers. A simple lock-on and shoot system (even if AA is off) doesn't make the best game.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: Ladies and Gents, Ubi's done it again! The latest installment to the RainbowSix series has made it's mark on the Xbox. Many would say it's the best XboxLive game, or the best Xbox game since Halo... I know I do. Anyway, lock n' load, Ding Chavez is ready to roll.

Gameplay: RS3 is played at a much faster pace than the previous RS's. Pre-mission-planning has been thrown out completely but on-the-go commands, made possible by voice recognition, is more than enough to compensate. There's a huge arsenal of firearms to choose from; anything from your typical SMG's, Assualt Rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and explosives (with their variants). Recoil effectiveness is determined by a move/stand-still basis. You stand still- bullets will lock on to those in your riticule radius, but when you move, the radius shrinks. XboxLive play is just awesome. Allowing everyone to see connection speeds leads straight to smoother playing games (kick the laggers!!). Team play and coop play are allowed, too. UbiSoft over-did themselves, really.

Graphics: One of the prettiest Xbox games (or games in general). The famous ragdoll effect makes it's debut (UC's ragdoll was rather crappy, so I'll throw UC out for now) and brings death to another level. Killing an opponent is one thing, staring in awe at his mangled corpse is another... facinating to say the least. CG videos are plentiful, though character animations seem awfully stiff...

Audio: Ok. It's a Clacy game... realism is expected in Clancy games. Actual firearm discharges were recorded, voice acting is great, XBL headset complements the realism (campaign communication feeds directly into the headset, rather than your TV set)... It's just the best.

Suggestions: Character animations in the CG videos look rather stiff. It reminds me of Koopa (the XBA member, dumby heads).

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: Squad based action, redefined. This is a must have for any Rainbow Six fan. Map planning on the fly, decent visuals, real recordings of real firearms, the works. Though the movement may alienate newbies, it only takes a few hours to compensate. This is the game many of you were waiting for.

Gameplay: You control a squad of 6 Ghosts (including yourself) and must accomplish a campaign of 8 missions. Each missions requires persistance, accuracy, swiftness, and most importantly- stealth. The control system will prove the be clunky at times if you're a hardcore Halo, Quake, or Unreal fan, but it only takes about 30 minutes to adapt.

On XboxLive, you may hookup with 15 other players (given the host has a superb connection) and blast each other in teams or FFA modes. Stealth and teamwork play a huge role here, and offers an experience like no other.

Graphics: The graphics are somewhat aged, and look watered down when compared to the PC version. Some visual glitches impare XboxLive gameplay, but other than that, the graphics are decent.

Audio: Real guns were recorded at a firerange to capture the realism of combat. Voice acting (when there is voice acting) doesn't sound phoney, along with any grunts of deaths. This is as close as you get to real combat folks!

Suggestions: Do it again, but you already have! Waiting for RS 3! :D

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dynasty Warriors 4

Overall: DW 4 is a strategy game, trapped in a hack-and-slash body. May sound harsh, but it's an awesome combination. You are restricted to what command you have over the army, but it doesn't detract. Anyway, DW 4 is (I believe) the 4th installation to a well known line of games. It's the first of the series that I've played, but it's a satisfying game for newbies and veterans, alike.

Gameplay: You're an all powerful officer that is in control of a small unit of 1-8 bodygaurds. You and your unit must go throughout the 3 (plus bonus) campaigns that feature 3 chinese dynasties. Each dynasty has numerous officers and plenty of unlockable officers and features. You can go through the 3 campaigns in split screen coop with a friend, or go head-to-head with your trained officer.

The level up system is very basic; more kills you get, more points you get, more officers killed, more weapon and exp points earned. As you level up your officer, new costumes will be unlocked along with an occasional weapon level up (which allows you do to more damage and more attacks).

As you go through these missions, you'll encounter a numerous amount of enemy soldiers. Up to 100 at a time. You will rise victorious through your selection of combos and musou attacks. The combo system is very limited and very simple. Mashing the X and Y buttons is enough to finish off even the toughest of enemies. Blocking is extraneous and is only used to center your 3rd person camera, and your super musou attacks are simple to pull off (pressing B unleashes a devastating attack).

Again, newbies and veterans will have hours of fun with this.

Graphics: Well, the CGI videos are nicely done, but lacks luster. Character models in CG movies show polygon corners along their clothes along with clipping issues when two pieces of clothing meet. Other than that, the in game visuals are out dated. You wont be surprised to see pop ups along with frequent slowdowns (not as bad as the PS2 version). But it's a PS2 port, and the Xbox's hardware wasn't used to it's fullest.

Audio: The dubbing... is... horrible. I can almost imagine seeing the voice actors themselves reading the lines with a "does that sound good?" at the end.... I could've done better voice acting.. in fact... a mute would've done a better job. "IT WASN'T MEANT TO BE" is the most monotonous line you'll ever hear in this game...

Suggestions: Better voice acting and efficient hardware usage is a MUST.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Prisoner of War

You're a captured down US Airforce pilot during the turning point in WWII. Using what contraband you have and stealth, you must get around the German POW camps in an attempt to escape. The story is everything short of great, but the game is pretty fun.

You start off with basically nothing, going on your daily POW routine: Eat, sleep, roll call, eat, sleep, etc... Even though you're a POW, you still have a mission to accomplish, accomplishing these missions within your routine maybe prove to be a challenge. Purchase tools in which to execute these missions with as much stealth as possible using contraband. A challenge- sometimes- but pretty fun.

Not.. great... at all. Resembles the Quake 3 engine in every way. Dull enviroments (may give that, depressed mood, though)Nice facial animations however.

Sounds like a genuine POW camp if I've ever been to one. But god AWFUL voice acting just plague the game.

Suggestions: Get better voice actors, and do more to the genre.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Basically an RPG set in the StarWars Galaxy that couldn't have been better by any other company other than BioWare. Not your casual Good vs. Evil scenario this time, but spreads more into a good vs. evil or evil vs. evil situations. The outcome depends on your choices- choose the path of honor and justice, or live infamy. *Choice* is a big thing in 21st century gaming. Sounds are great, graphics could've been better, but overall, superb design.

Gameplay: Kotor is a turn-based game. Whether you like it or not, even when you pause it or play in real-time during battles, the d20 system is still based on turns. You can make decisions in real-time, but they won't be executed until it's your turn. Choice plays a huge roll in the outcome of your character, even if the storyline doesn't change, your character will. Once again- superb design.

Graphics: Graphics are nothing special, but nothing bad, it would've been nice if the time was taken to add more animations when actions are taken. For example, there is only one animation for deflecting lasers; and sometimes when you give do !&%$@#* ents or request something, the characters stare straight ahead when they're supposed to be reading, eating, massaging, etc. There are some effects that haven't been showcased in other titles before; like the sun effects, and the facial expressions (though limited) are excellent. But, visually, the game is on par with today's standards.

Audio: Best sound I've ever heard in a game. BioWare was granted access to StarWar's sound archives and certainly took advantage of it. Top-of-the-line sound. I think Highlite is crazy. :p J/k

Suggestions: Be more liberal when bending the d20 system, not much changed from NWN.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tetris Worlds: Online Edition

Well, it's Tetris on Live, with some other game modes. Pretty fun, but primative to gaming. But still, it's nice to take a break from shooting Shrew to actually dumping garbage on Shrew at a nice game of knock-out Tetris.

It's TETRIS, nothing much to say. Blocks fall, you put them into the right spot and if you're good (and playing knock out) you dump garbage on your opponent to win. The other modes are fun, too, but I won't find myself playing them a lot.

Not bad, considering I hate Tetris. :D

Heh, I'm pretty sure my computer can run it, so it's nothing special. At least they didn't make it look like the GameBoy version. The animated backgrounds are a welcome addition along with the animations to go with the block-falling madness.

If custom soundtracks weren't allowed, I'd have a hard time playing. As MEC said, "You must have a good soundtrack to win." :P Anyway, the announcer lady isn't too enthusiastic, either. You'll hear a lot of "single" "double", at least she's whispering, otherwise I'd be annoying.

Suggestions: Uh, good job.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: An absolutely original stealth based game. Kills Metal Gear at its own genre. The implemention of 'choice' really appeals to me. You can run and gun, stick to the shadows, or create your own set of rules of engagement (mentally, not an option in the game).

Gameplay: Stealth, or if you want, a mixture of stealth and head shots. The game revolves around the clever use of shadows and gadgets to meet your objectives. Completely original in the game's execution, not just another metal gear.

One problem that sticks out- check points. The checkpoint system is a pain. If you don't succeed the first time, you'll have to load back to the checkpoint and run through any scripts that you've already seen. It's a real pain listening to the same conversation so many times...

Graphics: Very impressive considering its the old Unreal Engine. Lighting rocks, character models are awesome (could be better, but awesome), draps or any cloth that is hanging around moves realistically to your touch. Its just... AWESOME.

Audio: The use of shadows is one way to conceal yourself, but making sure you're as quiet as a mouse (if not, quieter) is just as important. Ubi made sure that everything you touch or interact with has its own distinct sound. Last time I heard sound this good was on MoHAA and Ghost Recon.

Suggestions: Cinematic skipping is a must...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: A nice blend of an awesome single player with an even better online experience.

I played RTCW on PC before, the new secrets even get my all-knowing RTCW-God, my dad, to think. If it wasn't for the LIVE component, it might be an above average FPS.

Gameplay: Nothing new in the singleplayer campaign. Run and gun hoards of Nazis, zombies, and X-creatures. Nothing out of the norm.

The LIVE component is where its all at. A healthy balance of medics, Lts, Soldiers, and Engineers, makes it more than a multiplayer FPS. Very nice.A little lag here and there, but not enough to detract from the gameplay.

One complaint about the singleplayer campaign. I can't play the game for more than an hour without getting a headache. The way the camera jerks around isn't soothing to the eyes. Why is it so hard to duplicate Halo's aiming scheme?

Graphics: Mmmmmmm, the visuals are hindered by the limitations set by my non-HD TV. And I have to admit, it doesn't look nearly as sharp as it does on my dad's 2.4GHz. I haven't noticed any framerate drops, so thats a major plus.

Audio: Sound is average, I bet if I had a better system, lets say Dolby Digital 6.1, I'd enjoy running around on LIVE while bullets wiz by my head. Otherwise, nothing special.

Suggestions: Smoother aiming, or at least something easier on the eyes. :(

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Overall: My area of expertise happens to lay in FPSs, in particular, unrealistic FPSs (i.e. Doom, Quake, Unreal, Half-life, Halo, etc.). Unreal Championship is my tye of game! Though, minor glitches do drag it down a little, but the game shines through.

Gameplay: The is completely dependant on whether or not the player has Live. If not, take that 4.0 down to a 1.0, cuz man, fighting bots all day is more of a chore than fun. The game really starts going when you're on Live. Theres nothing more fun than playing the unpredictable mind of another human being. The whole arena fighting thing is my style, though the auto-aim feature really hurts the game (What we call "LG" whores). Minor fixes should help, but its getting a little late for that, and I don't believe in rating a game by it's patch releases.

Graphics: Close to falling into the 3's category. The framerate stutters a hella lot, the character models resemble burn victims, and compared to its graphical superior, UT2k3, it's p!ss poor. Things like the rag-doll effect and dynamic lighting keep this game from going into the 3's. The patch should fix the framerate issues, too.

Audio: Meh, nothing new in sound. You have your basic radio voice-ins, taunts, orders, etc. When the action gets going, you'll see it, if not, then you'll really hear it.

Suggestions: Spend more time on debugging. A lot of glitches are being exposed on Live, showing the laziness of the port from PC-Xbox.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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