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Overall: This is a game for people who are trigger happy, which includes a Briton like me and I would say about every American born.
If you don't like seeing lots of missiles rockets and laser Canons go off from all angles they go play another game.

The game play is excellent both in single player and online. The single play game I found so addictive I played it for about two weeks until completion. The care and thought gone into designing each of the Mechs and how they interact with each other is breathtaking.
the fun you will have playing this game online is limitless. In team battle mode or destruction mode this game runs incredibly smoothly online, it is as if you are playing offline, believe me!

Graphics: Visually this game cannot be beaten. For particle effect use has been achieved for environmental effects as well as explosion effects. The Mechs move fluidly and the surroundings including destructible buildings are awesome.

Audio: sound effects are very good, and so is the music. The music provides a very good ominous and threatening feeling to the game.

Suggestions: I don't need to suggest anything to the developers as they are already about to provide new levels and Mech's to download next month.

Please don't listen to to the criticisms of other reviews here, you boys have got this one just right.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: This game is a top-downfighter with excellent graphics and plenty of gore. Killing zombies is always fun and here you get to do it "On Mass".

Gameplay: The levels are designed very well and make use of the Xbox's G force graphics.If you have always been a fan of those games where simply surviving a massive onslaught is the whole point, then you will simply love this game. This game is not about being frustrated in trying to find keys or the levers. If you want that some of the game go play "Resident Evil".

Graphics: All graphics in this game are gorgeous, the beauty is that if you chop off the zombies head he still comes at you, chopped off his arms and his body and sometimes even his legs are still walking towards you, just imagine 50 such characters trying to kill you and you might just get a taste of what this game is like.

Audio: The sound on this game is very good and also part of the game(ie atmospheric), and so it is only fair and right that you don't get play your own tunes.

Suggestions: The only suggestions I have for the developers is to add some more fun zombie killing weapons like sticky grenades and also perhaps see things like crossbow bolts actually stay in the victims so they look like walking porcupines. These are just ideas for expansion not criticism, as this game is super.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Deathrow

Overall: This game is a fantastic team based game that breaks all traditional boundaries. Forget all those games that you played in the past which consisted of tiny characters on a large pitch. On this game in action view you see your player up close and can command the whole game quite easily.

Gameplay: In multiplayer mode with some friends around, playing cooperatively, or against each other this game rocks. Deciding whether to pass the disk or to simply KO the other team is simply amazing.
The amount of unlocks on this game is incredible, and there is enough depth here to keep you going for hundreds of hours.

Graphics: the graphics on this game are better than halo. The full hardware texture and light sourcing, bump mapping, vertex shading and shadows have been used. The teams and arena's are countless and gorgeously rendered. With "the matrix" style camera pans on some of the finishing moves which amazingly don't interfere with the excellent flow of the game you simply have to see this game to believe it!

Audio: The sound is okay on his game. However, you can add your own customised playlist made up from any of your ripped Xbox library of songs.This add and subtract any song you like to the playlist option is very cool.

Suggestions: A suggestion I have to the developer would be making an online version of this game. Otherwise, the job they done here is quite groundbreaking than brilliant.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Blade 2

Overall: If you have seen the movies then writing this part is easy - YOU ARE BLADE IN EVERY RESPECT! All his weapons , Martial Arts are at your lethal disposal. Fantastic.

Gameplay: First of all I think the other reviews are way to hard on this game in all departments. Trust me the developers have got the balance of weapons just right. "Why can't I use the sword all the time?" they say. Yeh right, if they gave you the use of it all the time you wouldn't bother with the kungfu blast your way quickly thro' the whole game and complain that it was over too quick, wouldn't you! Dummy.
The whole point of this game is SURVIVAL HORROR and it has been worked to perfection. With the right blend of weapons you might just mke it - save the sword power to help you out when all seems lost and you've spent your ammo. Forcing you to kick !&%$@#* kungfu to get the use of your sword is a Brilliant Idea. Anyway I like the chop socky stuff and all Blades moves are in there, god it's him , it is. The design of both joysticks to fight with is instinctive and superb, it works well. "let me decide when and how to punch and kick they say" NO , as it would start looking like you and not him, anyways move further back for kicks and in close for fierce punch combos. Besides you cannot have Tekken style fight system in a 3D arena with this many enemies, you would be fumbling around trying to work out which type of punch to hit at 4 different fighters ER NO! this would soon make it slow, less fluid and boring. Dummies. The 3D fight system is terrific! Easy! Fluid! Fights as Blade! It rocks. Believe it.
Also, one of the things I hate is getting the "Empty Corridor" situation. You know, when the designers make it a hard puzzle to open up the next levels ; you quickly kill off the enemies and end up chasing around "Empty Corridors"
If you want Empty Corridors then go play Res Evil or something ; not this Blade quickfire Survival Horror.

Graphics: Visuals are excellent. Zoom up close on Blade like I have done - he is Perfectly rendered to the finest detail including his teeth. The weapons all superb and carryed & removed as and when he needs them.
His long black coat flows and moves like nothing I've seen before as he walks/jumps etc and I seen alot; FULLY LIGHT SORCED AS EVEN THE STROBE LIGHTS IN THE DISCO'S BOUNCE OFF IT , YEHAAAA.
Usong the Clave rocks.
The death moves are so good you are pressed to tell them apart from the movie. Fabulous. the PS2 is not capable of this many polygons on this many dying vampires at one time I am sure. YOU ARE BLADE.

Audio: Sound is good. Not straight out the movie but very simiular. I liked it.
More importantly all the weapon sounds are a super copy of the movie.

Suggestions: Nothing - Brilliant Job - Don't change the gameplay balance at all. I want more of this stuff for Xbox!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Overall: If you want a car racing title that is a little more than about finding the next road apex then this is it.
Racing against others when the cops are tying to stop you is always fun and this is the only way your'll do it on the Xbox.
If you played the original NFS Road Challenge(hot pursuit) for PS1 and hope to find its Co-op Pursuit Mode then like me and many of my friends you'll be disappointed!

Gameplay: In single player mode this game rocks. You ditch the Cops , you sink em, you sink your oponents, you spin your opponents into the Cops laugh at em while you burn a Smokin screechin tyre trail right next to em as you escape! The need to do this is why I bought this title and is enough of a reason inspite of its other faults.
The only Co-op mode sets you at opposite sides of the track to your friend as Cops and is a simple race (7 mins max) to see who stops the most speeders by collecting the most tickets. You are mostly unlikely to even see the other cop(your multiplayer friend). The PS2 does not have this mode at all! Compare this to the endless hours of 2 Player Co-op fun you got on the old PS1 NFS and it is enough to make you weep. The PS1 version started you both off together to trap a speeder and get rewarded if you did with further time to get more speeders with final victory at 10 busted.
The PS2 does however have a 2 Player Cop versus Speeder mode (the Xbox doesn't !)which is ok.
The one main improvemnt to gameplay the Xbox version has is all cars & tracks are bought (not so in the PS2 hahahaaaa) with race money & Hot pursuit money. So if you want to not complete a race and go back the wrong way to have fun Trashing the Cops YOU GET PAID FOR IT! Each time you evade the cops you earn a fee - Nice one. EA improved on something then at least. This feature allows you to target the tracks and cars YOU WANT unlike the PS2 version in which you only get the best stuff towards the end.
To sum up neither of the Xbox or PS2 versions have the gameplay appeal of the Original PS1 title which had everything - Co-Op Cop, Speeder V Cop etc

Graphics: The graphics are Gorgeous. The Xbox out performs the PS2 in every respect and in particuler the Cars. Other reviews have quite rightly pointed out the Jagged edges in the poorer PS2 version. There has been a lot of negative press in UK gaming mags saying the PS2 version is better in all aspects. It clearly is not the case and is backed up by reviews of those who own both consoles saying they spend far more time on the XBox version. The shine off the hoods of these beauties when you hit the sunlight is superb. The draw distance is fabulous.
No worries here. No real time reflections but hey it's NFS , and have a look at he PS2's poor showing if you want convincing.
A simple exact repeat of your just played camera angle is a non existent excuse for a replay. Every racer has roadside camera angle replays to look at your racing antics. This ommission was criminal.
This is why i can't give 5.0 for visuals

Audio: Never really listened to the artists they got, as the game takes full advantage od the Xbox's ability to play your own favourites.
As for the engine noise etc - very good use of Dolby 5.1.
Sound is good.

Suggestions: EA - you should have taken all the playability of the first release (PS1) and simply put it in the Xbox.
Instead you just decided to chop big chunks of gaming-heaven out of it. Well done on the money to buy cars/tracks idea by the way.
Where are the roadside camera replays ? An essential part in any car racer!! Simply replaying the exact camera position you actually raced in back to you is pointless and boring! You have just seen that so why bother! Nobody is looking at these I can assure you. You have effectively left replays out!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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