Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (Original Xbox) by Electronic Arts

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (Xbox) by Electronic Arts Box Art



North Amercian Release Date: October 1, 2002.

Region(s) Released: North America, Europe

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480p
Widescreen Supported (16:9): No
System Link Support: No

Average Overall Score:
7.91 / 10

I am racing game guru!! Hear me!"

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Need for Speed (NFS) is back and faster than ever in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2! Engage in the next generation thrill of arcade racing with the spiritual successor to the highly acclaimed, award winning Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit. Drafting on its award-winning legacy, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 stays true to the heritage of housing a stable of exclusive and exotic cars from the world's most coveted licensors including Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini... to name a few.


Friday, December 17, 2004

Cheat Codes

      Unlock All Tracks:
Go to the main menu and press X, B(x2), Left trigger(x2), Y, Up, Down, Right, Up.

User Reviews

Score: 79
Overall User Average: 7.80 / 10 (79.1%)
Gameplay User Average: 7.77 / 10
Graphics User Average: 8.00 / 10
Sound User Average: 7.57 / 10
Date reviewed: October 19, 2005.

Overall: When it comes to racing games I am admittedly a novice. I've only played 3 racing games for the xbox and I only own this one. With that said, I highly recommend this as solid racing game that even a novice can pick up and enjoy. I've had this game for a few years now and I still enjoy it. The main thing that keeps me coming back for more with this game is the fact that there are so many game modes and so many tracks and cars to unlock. This keeps the game challenging and gameplay never grows old. A huge bonus for me is that you can customize your soundtracks and race to the music of your choice. I'm not a huge racing fan by any means but I love occasionally running a race and listening to my own music, so this game is perfect for me.
Gameplay: Anyone who's played previous Need for Speed games or any racing games for that matter will feel right at home with this game. Fairly standard racing controls and gameplay with the exception of being able to take down would be speed demons as the cops in Hot Pursuit mode (which is always a blast)make this a game with a little something for everyone. The race tracks are varied and challenging and the games A.I. racers are no creampuffs which is a good thing.
Graphics: IMHO this game looks great, maybe not as good as Project Gotham racing (which came out around the same time) but fps is good with no slow down to speak of. I'm sure the graphics are a bit dated now but they still look good none the less.
Sound: I usually have my custom soundtracks cranked up so loud I dont always hear every sound in the game but, when I am listening, I feel completely immersed in the race. The cops CB chatter is cool and greatly adds to the pursuit section of the game. Oh and did I mention you can use your own custom soundtracks?
Suggestions: I really enjoyed this game. I wish I were more of a racing fan so I could play some of your follow up games. But thanks for letting me experience racing with Built to Spill playing in the backgroud.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: August 6, 2005.

Overall: Great racing game with tons of cars and tracks available. Pursuit mode is awesome, the cops are a real challenge to get away from.
Gameplay: Everything from the controls to the A.I. are almost perfect. The game gives you the option to be the cop or be chased by them, which gives you points to get even more cars and tracks.
Graphics: It looks good from the roadsigns that fly over your car after you hit it, to the dirt that flies up when you go off-road. But why don't the cars show damage?
Sound: This soundtrack is one of the best, I find myself listening to the music, instead of paying attention to the game.
Suggestions: Need more cops!

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: January 17, 2004.

Overall: I bought this game looking forward to fast action and cool levels just like other old need for speed games but this one just sucks. I traded it and yet they didn't give barely anything for it but i still traded it for 10 bucks. This game really sucks rent it don't buy it.
Gameplay: Everything seems so slow and crappy and boring i just can't get the feel of it. On mulitplayer you needed points to race and after days of trying to win races after about three races in multiplayer the points are all gone how gay is that you need to earn points top show off the fun in the game it is so bad it was embarrassing to play because everything was so bad. Then when you hit a sign it spin in the air for like 15 minutes how pathetic is that. EA needs a kick in there little nuts i wasted a bunch of good traded games and cash on this game.
Graphics: The visuals were nothing special no effecys or anything on any tracks but some levels looked nice like the the landscape and sunset in hawaii but that is because the game is so slow that you can actually take the time to look at them.
Sound: the custom soundtracks were nice and that is about it. The motors and horns were good the tires, sirens, and pretty much nothing special.
Suggestions: Get better cooler faster cars tracks, and make the game better in everything, especially in mulitplayer because racing crappy cars on a budgeted points isn't a fun game. I hate you and am never gonna buy another need for speed game again. I might rent but i just was very let down by this game and can't beleive people like this game.

Overall: 20 %
Gameplay: 30 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: December 15, 2003.

Overall: Not much of an improvement on the PC versions, looks a bit better but doesn't add anything over the originals. Needs alot more speed.
Gameplay: Control is quite nice, could have been a bit better, needs more speed, feels like your going really slow. Lots of modes to explore.
Graphics: Looks pretty good, but it's the same in every other NFS game so far, they all look great, not on the level of PGR, but there pretty !&%$@#* good.
Sound: Needs custom soundtrack, pretty boring sound, the cars and sirens sound pretty nice.

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: December 9, 2003.

Overall: This game is awsome. It has all the best high speed cars ever made. If you haven't played this game yet you need to.
Gameplay: The gamplay is awsome. It is easy to control the cars. It is easy to turn corners. Doing donies is awsome gameplay.
Graphics: The visual is awsome. You can see things really well in front of you. When the cops lay out spikes you can see them from a distance so it gives you time to swurve.
Sound: The sound is pretty good. They could have made the Farrari's sound better and some of the other cars.
Suggestions: Make the cars sound better.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: November 5, 2003.

Overall: One of the few games I should have gotten for the PS2 because the frame rate in this game is to high for the Xbox. But overall the game is still very good and it is still an above average game.
Gameplay: I like to escape the Cops, but I wish there was more then just:
1)Only two people can play with a max of 4 cars+ cops.
2)Not enough things that Cops would do to pull you over.
3)Not A wide enough selection of cars to pick.

But with it lacking all those, It still turned out to be a nice game that is nice. The controls were good and this is the best arcade racer out there.
Graphics: Nice graphics. They are ok, but they could be better. I don't like it when cars seem to be painted with gloss.
Sound: Ok music that goes well with the game and I think they did make a good selection. And the sound of the cars were good also.

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 60 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: November 4, 2003.

Overall: Need for Speed HP 2 is a very fun game. I rented it while a friend was over for the weekend and we beat the car thief tourney and the cop challenges. We then unlocked all cars and tracks, LEGIT. Once all of that is done, it's replay value is gone, and it does have a sense of &qu
Gameplay: Very fun, as the cops actually prevent somewhat of a challenge at times, except for the spike mat and helicopter(should've been re-done).
Graphics: Graphics were decent, the scenery could have been better, along with some small details, but when doing 150 MPH, you don't like to get picky!
Sound: The sound in the game was, not to my liking. Too plain, and just not enough coordination and time put into making the correct audio. All in all, don't listen to it.
Suggestions: Re-do the game with some minor graphical(scenery)changes and fixes, new sound, and more competetion. Also allow users to supe up their cars!

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: November 3, 2003.

Overall: Its a solid raceing game i meen it has every thing from fast exotics to fast cop cars if you ask me i think it is one of the better raceing games
Gameplay: Game play is solid except for a few minor things the way your car handles when your hit dont change much you might get a bit lose going in to turns but that about it
Graphics: The visuals on this game are great they have the cars modeled right better than most games i have played the only down fall is that you dont seem to that that much damage when you smash in to something or some one hit you
Sound: The only down fall on the sounds are cars motors could of been a bit more realalistic but there close enough for me and the sound track for this game rocks
Suggestions: A bit more work with the sounds and the way the car looks and handles when you hit or are hit by some thing

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: October 30, 2003.

Overall: This game is a fast pace racing game. It is fast pace because well you go fast. That and you have to make half a second decisions. Well what I mean is in this game there are cops that can chase you down and give you a ticket and the other racers keep going to win the race. This game is basically a kind of like street racing. But in any case this game rocks all. Could they come up with a better racing game ? Probably not well may be but not with cops!
Gameplay: Intense gameplay. The competition in this game will just literally blow your mind away , BOOM. And there is shortcuts you can take in the game
Graphics: Great graphics. The graphics and scenery in this game is absolutley explosive , its so realistic. Their for another word , almost perfect.
Sound: Wonderful sound , could use a little work. However other then that this game is a premium game , I'd buy it oh wait I did.
Suggestions: Work On the sounds and add older cars to , whats wrong with the old Ferrari's.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: September 15, 2003.

Overall: This is an awful game,PERIOD!
When I first popped this in the X, I thought the video cable was half out of it's port. Why does everything look like it's foggy? The whole stinking thing looks out of focus.
Hell, the PS2 version looks better than this disgrace. It looks like they fuzzed the Xbox version to try and squeeze a better visual than the PS2 version. You know, like the spunker scene closeups on TV.
Forget about it!
Why can't I use the D pad to steer?
If you use the left stick(as you have to) the steering is so friggin slugish that the game is virtualy unplayable.
What's with this cop thing during a race? OK, the cop thing would be kool in another mode, but not when your trying to win races to unlock the GOOD cars so you don't have to keep driving the JUNK! Try winning races when the cops continually spin you out of races. Very annoying.
Where are the camera angles during the replay? Why would I want to watch the race over from the same perspective I just finished playing it? Dumb,Stupid,Lame half done Ripoff!
Don't buy this garbage. Get Mercedes World Racing or Apex or even Gotham Racing and stay away from this.
I tried to trade this away and all I could get was 7 bucks for a swap.
Heck, do as the other reviewer below said and get the PS1 version for a couple dollars. They are more fun. This is another EA sham.
Gameplay: I bought this game prior to Apex and Mercedes World Racing and after playing those 2 games, I tried NFS again......YAK. It stinks bad, no lie. The PS2 version is ok. The xbox version sucks, BIG time.
It truly isnt worth playing. perhaps thats why I can't get anything for NFS when I tried to trade it. The words pretty much out on this trash.
I should have known better when I noticed the EA label.
No more EA games for me.
Graphics: As I said, the thing looks like your playing with a stocking over your head. Well, maybe not that bad, but it's bad.
By the way, I'd like to ask EA why cars that cost 200,000 can't do a burnout? I mean, how hard is it to program the cars to be able to do burnouts from a dead stop and after the cars moving, just turn it off, HUH?
These games that cost $50.00 a pop, there's no excuse for a chisel'n cheap release like Need for Speed.

Thanks ch-EA-ts

Sound: Cornball cop 2way radio traffic. Duh!
They did put the music manager in this so you can listen to your programed tracks while your annoyed out of your skull.
Suggestions: All EA games are ch-EA-ts. This game is just another example.
EA is beyond repair. They are about the cash. Wake up and realize that people are getting tired of fancy box art and BS advertising and demand their moneys worth.
When a Hollywood movie costs 5,10,15 million to produce, yet to purchase a new dvd costs $19.99 to $29.99, there's no excuse for these games to cost $50.00. Especially bad ones like your company produces. Fancy labels don't entitle you to that kind of jack.
I own 150 titles for X,PS2 and GC and there isn't an EA game that I've ever kept. NFS will follow the rest of your stuff to the trade heap.
Bottom line.

Overall: 20 %
Gameplay: 20 %
Graphics: 20 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: September 15, 2003.

Overall: NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 may be better on ps2, but it is definitely still a very decent racing game for the xbox gaming console. In this very fun and addicting racer, unlock cars like ferrari's, lamborghini's, mclaren's, porsche's, jaguar's, lotus's, and so much more. Enjoy fast racing with extremely fast cars, and also be a cop and chase everyone. If you like exotic cars even a little bit, this game is worth buying, because it is the 2nd best racer on xbox, and you can't go wrong with the insane speed, cars, and addicting fun in this game. With Ferrari f50's, 360 spider's, 550 maranello's, lamborghini diablos, murciealago, mclaren f2, f1 lm, and many more exotics that reach 180 mph plus in this game, you just can't go wrong, especially since the game is just $19.99.
Gameplay: Race with very fast exotic cars, in a very thrilling single player mode, and a very fun multiplayer mode. Also be chased by the cops or be the cop in this fun filled speedy racer.
You will enjoy this game very much, since it is such a fun addicting racer, that my friend and I still play, even though we have owned this game for 3 months. Do not listen to Boxjock, or his EA hate review, but listen to older reviews, or listen to me, since I actually own the game. ALL I know, is that if you like racing games, you will most definitely like Need For Speed 2, since I find it so fun I can't put my
controller down. The only racer,that comes near in fun as this game is gran turismo 3 in my opinion. Go out nad get this for $20 now, because you won't regret the great price for such a fun game.
The only flaw in the game, is that it is a ps2 port, that did not use the total power of the xbox hardware, yet it is still a great game.
Graphics: Great graphics in this game, even if they are a little ps2-ish, they are still very good, yet the ps2 version is slightly better for being on ps2. What I mean by this, is that EA used all the power of the ps2, yet not all the power of the xbox hardware. Graphics are still clean, and as good as midtown madness 3, so you won't be dissapointed in this department.
Sound: Great sound, yet it could be better. The cars still sound sick though, especially if you have a homw theather system!
Suggestions: Next time, use the power of the xbox hardware, and make a better quality port, that is better than the ps2 version, instead of a little worse. Still a nice game here though.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: January 28, 2003.

Overall: A good game for renting, a week its ok. Very easy to finish and too pretictable. I didnt like the sound, and theres no replays.

Gameplay: I didnt like it. Like a cheap game.
EA its supossed to do good games.
Very few options, no replays, no nothing. At this point i havent played a good racing game yet

Graphics: The best of the games are the graphics. All the cars, highways, everything are very well detailed.

Sound: Bad, like 10 songs of 3 minutes each one. You have a half an hour soundtrack on and on. The xbox soundtrack helps a lot.

Suggestions: THE REPLAY?????
where is the replay.
the only good thing of the game are the graphics. An external camera for the replays is so obious in a racing game!

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: November 7, 2002.

Overall: When I first saw this game, I thought, wow, another great NFS title. Well, it did not live up to my expectations. I've read several other reviews of this game, and it seems to me the aspects of the game they were most attracted to, were old features that are watered down from the classic NFS: High Stakes. My advice, go buy the old game for nine bucks, and see if its not much more playable than this ridiculous PS2 port.
Gameplay: Everything in this game was so predictable. Maybe i'm the only one to notice, but the tracks are pretty much in the same locations as previous NFS games, just with better graphics. For those of you that don't know, when they ported this game, they took out the only two redeemable features, a "Matrix" like camera angle that you could swing around the car at any point in the race, and a camera that would show you what was ahead, like a roadblock or whatever.
Graphics: Some parts have very good graphics, and others aren't rendered so well. The cars look like McDonalds toys or something, but not exotic race cars. It was pretty cool that the graphics still looked good at high speeds, but its not like they strained the xbox processor or anything.
Sound: Still has the same remix beats as the old NFS games. But, you can rip your own music. The car crashes and ambient noise are not that well done. Sometimes too loud, sometimes you wonder what the hell that screeching noise is, and the engine sounds like a go-kart or jet-ski, depending on the car.
Suggestions: Go back to the old titles to get ideas. Don't try to copy other people's stupid crap. I returned this game after a week, so that's what I think of it.

Overall: 40 %
Gameplay: 40 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 40 %

Date reviewed: November 4, 2002.

Overall: Extremely better than the first Hot Pursuit game. The gameplay, handling, graphics, and sound are all awsome! This is by FAR the best NFS game ever created by EA. By far the best racing game for the XBox gaming system!
Gameplay: The gameplay for this game is excellent. There are many different racing modes which gives you a great choice of how you want to drive...including being a cop! Calling for backup, a roadblock, or a helicopter are all excellent aspecs. The way you have to unlock tracks and cars is a good idea as well. The NFS bank system is a winner! The handling is fairly good but the views could be better. They should have an in-car view that shows the dashboard and steering wheel.
Graphics: The graphics in NFS:HP2 exceed all other racing games out there for the XBox system. Both the cars and the environments are great improvements since EA's last NFS. The environments are extremely detailed in every way. The special effects are good as well. From the blinding sun at dusk to the exploding volcanos, its everything you could want from the graphics of a racing game as exciting and thrilling as this one. The one really neat thing is the variety of videos there are when you get "Busted"! You cannot get over the visual appeal of this game. This deserves only a 5.0 and nothing less!
Sound: The sounds of this NFS game are very advanced. The cop sirens, the screeching tires, and the talking cops. The roar of the engines could have been better as well as the horns! The horns are so plain. They need to jazz them up a bit. There just isn't a whole lot of realism in the sound but the overwhelming graphics, gameplay, and visual appeals are enough to drown out the slightly worse sounds. They are still good though...they just need a bit of work!
Suggestions: Take away the time limit for the "Be A Cop" mode!!! That is the one and only flaw that I could find for this game!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: October 29, 2002.

Overall: This games pretty bad ass, miss the cops screaming but other than that its sweet a classic NFS game. Bad !&%$@#* cars, levels,graphics.The xbox version is so much better and the different modes are sweet specially playon hot pursuite mode oh such a rush trying to win first in knockout races while 2 cops are smashing ur ass around. This game is a huge hit if u like the NFS games u will like this one and if youlike racing games u will like this one.
Gameplay: The game play is great , each car handles differently, the cars that are fast wehn they hit the dirt have poblems holding it straight. the game play is very addictive and multiplayer is so much fun also, specially when u unlock the mclaren's ^_^ very very nice. u cna also listen to your own soundtrac u created on ur xbox which is alos a plus.
Graphics: Graphics are spectacualr, smooth, reflections are so realistic, interior of the cars are detailed, driver of the car moves around and u can see him shift. you cna getr damage and when ur hood flops up u cna see the engine. very nice graphics and smooth non blocky.
Sound: Sounds pretty good like the different sounds of the engines and the sounds int he back round like u can here dogs barking go through the gas station and u will here a ding very nice and very realistic. but if ur like me u like to hear your music so your music is igher than the effects. But i have exprecinced it eithout the music going also. The sounnds are wounderful cops voices the chopper. its all so gloriouse.
Suggestions: cops screaming, cops not to give up so easy, should be four player compatible.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: October 29, 2002.

Overall: If you want a car racing title that is a little more than about finding the next road apex then this is it.
Racing against others when the cops are tying to stop you is always fun and this is the only way your'll do it on the Xbox.
If you played the original NFS Road Challenge(hot pursuit) for PS1 and hope to find its Co-op Pursuit Mode then like me and many of my friends you'll be disappointed!
Gameplay: In single player mode this game rocks. You ditch the Cops , you sink em, you sink your oponents, you spin your opponents into the Cops laugh at em while you burn a Smokin screechin tyre trail right next to em as you escape! The need to do this is why I bought this title and is enough of a reason inspite of its other faults.
The only Co-op mode sets you at opposite sides of the track to your friend as Cops and is a simple race (7 mins max) to see who stops the most speeders by collecting the most tickets. You are mostly unlikely to even see the other cop(your multiplayer friend). The PS2 does not have this mode at all! Compare this to the endless hours of 2 Player Co-op fun you got on the old PS1 NFS and it is enough to make you weep. The PS1 version started you both off together to trap a speeder and get rewarded if you did with further time to get more speeders with final victory at 10 busted.
The PS2 does however have a 2 Player Cop versus Speeder mode (the Xbox doesn't !)which is ok.
The one main improvemnt to gameplay the Xbox version has is all cars & tracks are bought (not so in the PS2 hahahaaaa) with race money & Hot pursuit money. So if you want to not complete a race and go back the wrong way to have fun Trashing the Cops YOU GET PAID FOR IT! Each time you evade the cops you earn a fee - Nice one. EA improved on something then at least. This feature allows you to target the tracks and cars YOU WANT unlike the PS2 version in which you only get the best stuff towards the end.
To sum up neither of the Xbox or PS2 versions have the gameplay appeal of the Original PS1 title which had everything - Co-Op Cop, Speeder V Cop etc
Graphics: The graphics are Gorgeous. The Xbox out performs the PS2 in every respect and in particuler the Cars. Other reviews have quite rightly pointed out the Jagged edges in the poorer PS2 version. There has been a lot of negative press in UK gaming mags saying the PS2 version is better in all aspects. It clearly is not the case and is backed up by reviews of those who own both consoles saying they spend far more time on the XBox version. The shine off the hoods of these beauties when you hit the sunlight is superb. The draw distance is fabulous.
No worries here. No real time reflections but hey it's NFS , and have a look at he PS2's poor showing if you want convincing.
A simple exact repeat of your just played camera angle is a non existent excuse for a replay. Every racer has roadside camera angle replays to look at your racing antics. This ommission was criminal.
This is why i can't give 5.0 for visuals
Sound: Never really listened to the artists they got, as the game takes full advantage od the Xbox's ability to play your own favourites.
As for the engine noise etc - very good use of Dolby 5.1.
Sound is good.
Suggestions: EA - you should have taken all the playability of the first release (PS1) and simply put it in the Xbox.
Instead you just decided to chop big chunks of gaming-heaven out of it. Well done on the money to buy cars/tracks idea by the way.
Where are the roadside camera replays ? An essential part in any car racer!! Simply replaying the exact camera position you actually raced in back to you is pointless and boring! You have just seen that so why bother! Nobody is looking at these I can assure you. You have effectively left replays out!

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: October 27, 2002.

Overall: Running from the cops and playing cops chasing the bad guys. Universal appeal for arcade racing fans. Solid overall design, but also bland.
Gameplay: Varied missions, branching progression, ability to play as both bad guys & good guys, solid physics, but yet I found myself bored shortly into the game. The game is solid, but there is little production value. It almost feels more like a sim than an arcade racer. Not my cup of tea.
Graphics: Graphics are good, but nothing outstanding in my opinion.
Sound: Sound is good, but nothing outstanding in my opinion.
Suggestions: More action, more over-the-top features, more fun. I was shocked to find myself bored with this game. I was really looking forward to it.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: October 15, 2002.

Overall: A okay Need for Speed game on the xbox.
Gameplay: Gameplay is okay. Nothing much.
Graphics: Graphics are quite dull but the cars are pretty cool.
Sound: The sound isn't the best and not very powerful.
Suggestions: A great Need for Speed game.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 60 %

Xcessive Force
Date reviewed: October 15, 2002.

Overall: I played the original on the PC and had a blast, I knew that I had to get this game. I love it and my 6 yr old loves it also. I think that this game has what it takes to make it as an Xbox title. Yea it doesnt have the RSC ot PGR graphics but the game play is fun as hell. The cops are tough and there is a wide variety of tracks. Some one mentioned that they did not like the fact that you had to unlock every thing. I actually like that, gives you some thing to work towards. I also like that you can actually pick what you want to unlock, depending on the points you have.
Gameplay: The game play in my opinion keeps me coming back for more. I loooove being the Cop and seeing how many I can bust in 7 minutes. On the other hand I love seeing how many cops I can get away from. This game has tones of replay value simply because the tracks are so freakin long. A 5 lap race takes for ever to finish let alone keeping your self in 1st place that long with the cops enabled. This game is a must for die hard racing fans.
Graphics: Yea, yea PS2 graphics waaa waaa waaa stop complaining and return the game. The visuals are not that bad, although if they were a little more, ummm crisp it would make it that much better. I think the detail in each track is nice. The cars are good, could use some improvement but non the less they are exceptable.
Sound: The sound is ok I'm not going to bitch about it to much because I have the Game play music to loud to care.
Suggestions: Inside the car view, with steering wheel and dash ( my son loves that view on other games)

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: October 12, 2002.

Overall: The overall quality is medium, as you'd expect from a PS2 port, but I liked it enough to buy it after renting it. Hot Pursuit mode is far better than the original NFS:HP in that the cops no longer posses "magic powers" -- they have to actually stop you by force. We were very disappointed to find that you have to "buy" just about everything -- even individual variations on the tracks (mirror, reverse, etc). Also the helicopter dropping bombs is a bit silly. VERY disappointed that the replay doesn't let you change camera angles -- if I remember correctly, the very first NFS was the game that added this capability to driving games in the first place! Overall, the game is hugely entertaining though.
Gameplay: It gives you a decent sensation of speed. Handling characteristics vary from car to car, but I can't call them even a little bit realistic. It's your typical video-gamey squirrely sliding car game. The extremely long tracks really add to the replay value though. There are very few spots where upcoming turns are hard to see -- a common problem in many driving games.
Graphics: Mediocre, as it's a PS2 port. The cars are low poly, the framerate isn't jerky but it isn't terribly impressive. No exciting effects to mention. The cars look decent, but inaccurate in the small details (the Benz is about two feet too long, heh heh).
Sound: In a nutshell, the sound sucks. This has probably the WORST engine sounds I've ever heard in an XBOX title. However, after awhile you get used to it and sort of tune it out. Also, it appears to have the same old audio bugs that first appeared in the NFS:PU game on the PC -- mainly that the sound level won't reset right after tunnels or other environmental changes. The game does allow you to play your own ripped albums, which is nice.
Suggestions: More polys on the models, this isn't a Sony. Add camera controls to replay. Fix the sound, and while you're at it, go listen to some actual engines.

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 40 %
Sound: 20 %

Date reviewed: October 11, 2002.

Overall: With a surprising amount of detail, (even for a PS2 port) and an absorbing game style, NFS really is alot of fun to play. But what's so great about it?
Gameplay: The game play is quite standard, the levels are very large, and varried, loads of fun to race, and there are many different (secret?) paths that you can take to beat the level. Usually the cops are chasing you, and if you get stopped, then bam your busted, just as in the good old 1995 (or was it 4?) NFS (the original). This is a big step up from the old PC version.
Graphics: The GFX were surprising... I didn't expect the game to look as good as it did; though it didn't look at all great, the terrain has a long view distance (most of the time) and a decent amout of POLYGONS (for a PS2 port). Though some aspects of the game look kinda 1994ish, most of the game looks like its worthy of a decent PC. But nothing spectacular...
Sound: Meh, you usually drive so fast, and are conserned with where and how you are going/driving that the music blends into your driving, and it kinda fades out, i guess that's a good thing, all in all not bad.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: October 10, 2002.

Overall: it's a great raceing game but has alot missing. first off EA canada makes it and they suck. Black ops. makes the PS2 version which they made the original versions of NFS. the game is great for an XBOX title. but if you got a PS2 get that version. you won't have 5.1 sound and great graphics (cause the FU&*ing system sucks but you'll love the gameplay. whats does the PS2 version have that the others don't? well, only 2 features that would make the game fun as hell. first is the ability to hit the matrix button when ever you want. not only when you go over a bump and catch some air. also it has a kick !&%$@#* look ahead feature. theres this missle looking thing that fires out of the car and goes a certain distance. it allows you to see road blocks, up coming cops, spikes, or choppers. it also helps to see if theres any cars over the hills. (anyone who has played knows how fustrating it is when you hit a car while running away from the cops. thats basically it. but trust me play both versions and you'll say what i said..."FU**ING CANADIANS" No offense remember it is EA.
Gameplay: Great but missing the features i told you guys about in the overall part on top. read it and you'll know what i mean.
Graphics: graphics were kick ass. i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the cars. there simply great....oh it's True.
Sound: hey it's 5.1 what more can you ask for. simply fantastic job with the sound. just get the features i stated about in the overall part.

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: October 10, 2002.

Overall: The game rocks I love the speed you don't feel in most game. I thought the AI was great. I like the added cop distractions in hot persuit mode.
Gameplay: The control is great its fast to get used too. Most racers control takes a longer learning get used to.
Graphics: The graphics are high in detail and the feel of actual going fast is great nice cutscenes and tons of realistic tracks.
Sound: The sound is ok I like the option of ripping your own sound tracks and using them in your races. The engine noise is ok
Suggestions: make more this kicks a$$

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: October 9, 2002.

Overall: I know that the nfs series got really horrible around high stakes with the 15 minute-to design porsche that looked like a beetle, and having mm2 players mistaking it for an old 80's model :-S. And around nfs porsche unleashed it was, put on your rubber boots cuz here comes the bullsh*t... but NFS 6 has proved an extraordinary exception, being the first in next-gen NFS games, the graphics are smooth, fast and detailed :-)
Gameplay: You could play this game over, over and over again, even though the available combinations of car-to-track selections but it was still hilarious just to watch how pulsing the stupidity of the AI can get, hi cop, would you mind if you tried to pursuit my murcielago and i ram your bumper off and you incinerate into a spectacular display of pools of flame? still, it was funny for certain, not sure about fun. Yet the game maintained speed-arcade style racing unlike the eye-bogglingly boring GT3 and sega GT 2002
Graphics: The graphix certainly took a large leap, and the ability of this system to shoot the game into so many poly's at speeds of 35fps with FSAA is pretty amazing, as for certain visual effects like the matrix-style rotary freeze-scene, well theres really one word for them, speechless, could nfs actually begin to look real?
Sound: I dont particualrly have that much to say about sound, but the crappy persistence in EA to apply terrible soundtracks and cheap $3 remixes is very sad, could they not at least integrate user music from the hdd?
Suggestions: Possibly improved multiplayer modes, or levels with mm-style metropolis' would be really cool (because, seriously, u'd have to be an idiot to not get bored of mm in 5 minutes)

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: October 7, 2002.

Overall: Overall you can't go wrong with this racer. If you are even somewhat of a racing fan you have to rent this game which will lead to a purchase for sure. I has a little of everything. If you've played any other Hot Pursuit game you'll be able to jump right in and feel at home. Newcomers are definately in for a treat. There is no arcade racer that on any system since the old Need for Speeds that have been this much fun. There's just so much to do I keep jumping around between the game modes doing a little of each.
Gameplay: All the variety of modes in this game make it worth the purchase alone. There are also a lot of unlockables like tracks, cars, reversed tracks, mirrored tracks and even cop cars. Modes Iclude:
HOT PURSUIT: The 33 unlockable events in this mode are sure to keep you busy. The cops are more aggressive than you can imagine and it makes you learn how to beat em at their own game. There's too many event types for me to list. CHAMPIONSHIP MODE: Also 33 events but without the cops. Mainly a variety of races and circuits with 3 or 4 consecutive races. SINGLE CHALLANGE: (All 1 or 2 players)
In this mode you decide if there's traffic, cops or AI opponents. Different race types incl: Single race, Be the Cop, Knockout, Tournament, and Free Run. As you can see there's enough to keep anyone busy for weeks.

Graphics: The cars models are very nice. WIth all the exotic and luxury cars. Porche, Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW, Benz, Mclarren and my favorite the Lamborghini. Many more top brand names looking better than ever. Reflections are done well and there are no detectable jaggies on your car. There is a little room for improvement in the detail of the backgrounds but the beautiful locations you race in more than make up for it. Smoke, dirt, water....all rendered smoothly as your tires kick it up. Really cool stunt camera when you go over jumps comes into action automatically while you're racing and is a nice touch. Only complaint is no control over replay cameras. Very good graphics overall.
Sound: We know the xbox has soundtrack usage that has almost always been put to use in racing games. Something you don't normally get is soundtracks that appear not only in-game but also in the menus and it's a nice addition. The cop radio transmitions are very welcomed and actually help you.
Suggestions: Need to be able to swith cameras during replays to get some good views of all the cop chase action.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: October 6, 2002.

Overall: The intro is killer the sound Rocks and the control and Graphics KickA$$.
Features like car Reset really help in jams. I love the control. The graphics are great and at 60fps its so fast. I loved the first games of the series and this one just blows them away. Lots of late nights getting new tracks. Its the funest of racing games so far.
Gameplay: Awsome control after you get it down. Features like car reset help when your stuck. I love the cut scenes for jumps and stunts. The cars go so fast you can feel the speed. Tons of diferent menu options make this game great for replay value.
Graphics: A killer intro. Highly detailed tracks it has the feel of the older Need4speed games. The car models are great, cool effects like leaves falling and dirt flying. Lots of shortcuts on tracks. Some amazing detailed levels as you get farther in the game.
Sound: The music Rocks and the engine and cop sounds are also really well done. Perfect cop voiceovers. I think the sound was overal very well done.
Suggestions: Keep making more This game rocks

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: October 5, 2002.

Overall: So far this game is good. the graphics are decent and there is a lot to do. Since you basically have to unlock everything in this game (like most of the other games) you will be able to play Need For Speed 2 for a long time
Gameplay: Compared to the other racer games i have played i like this one the best. I dont know why i like it but i do. The Cop mode is fun but needs to be updated more. They need to let you turn off your sirns wants you turn them on. It still kind of reminds me of the old N4S on the psx. But Other than that everything in it is good.
Graphics: The graphics need to be updated a little. At least we dont have the fog to block out what will be coming up. When you go through the grass you can see dirt flying up but sometimes the enviroment looks kinda weird. This is also what happens with the cars sometimes. But the graphics are above average.
Sound: They went out and got some good bands. But i dont really care for some of the music they put on this game. The cops sound real and the cars engines sound ok. Would be nice if the cars all have differnet horns.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 70 %

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 News

EA Releases Need For Speed 2
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