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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Overall: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a solid first-person shooter. The single-player campaign is well-acted, has some surprising moments, and has enough variation to keep the player wanting more. There is no vehicular combat in the sense that you do not get to pilot any vehicles; you do, however, get to escort an Abrams tank (which will happily lay waste to bad guys giving you a hard time), and in one of the best levels in the single-player portion of the game, you are given control of the three main guns of the AC 130 Spectre Gunship.

The only complaints I have is that this game (and most new shooters, for that matter), is making drama a top-priority. What I mean by this is, they are creating characters out of the soldiers in your platoon, and out of the bad guys you are hunting; they are also creating relationships between the two (your S.A.S. team leader had a previous encounter with the top bad guy in the game... small world, no?). Now, some will say this is to make you care about your squad mates, so that you will do a better job of protecting them, and you will feel bad when they are gunned down. This is all fine, in theory, but one problem with this is that these "main" teammates don't die, which leads to another big problem for me - scripted events.

The reason these teammates don't die is because they are needed for scripted events taking place in the future, which really makes you feel like nothing in the single-player campaign is under your control. I always thought the entire joy from video games came from the fact that the players were in complete control of their environments and all within, but this is more and more a myth in games. Because of the intense scripting, events that seemed so mind-blowing and awesome the first time around become trivial and predictable after multiple plays, which to me, can be a game-killer. Replayability is one of the most important factors in a video games to me, and with game costs rising and replayability falliing, I am starting to rent more than actually purchase.

Also, the level of machoism that exists in the Force Recon portion of the campaign is staggering; your squad leader sounds more like Duke Nukem than Duke Nukem. If anyone else finds this alarming, please let me know that I am not alone. It will make me sleep better at night.

Well, now that I have complained about the single-player, time to set my sights on the multiplayer component of the game. With a few minor gripes aside, the fun factor is high.

There are certain "challenges" you can complete, some specific to guns, others totally random (kill two consecutive enemies will in midair). Completing challenges can be quite rewarding, as they give you valuable experience points. Also, with each kill, you gain experience points (towards your overall rank), and depending on the game type, various actions yield even more points, such as arming the bomb, capturing a territory, or destroying the enemy HQ. These points are used to advance your rank, which yields you better weapons, perks, different camo patterns for your guns, and new challenges.

Another great thing about the multiplayer is that there is plenty of game types to keep everyone satisfied. There is Team Deathmatch, which is essentially you getting your @!%#*! handed to you by a bunch of punk preteen trash talking zits, even though you got the drop on them and shot them in the face about 18 times. My personal favorite is Team Hardcore, which works on the simply insane notion that if you shoot someone in the face or chest area, they go down after one hit. Weird, I know, but try it out and let me know what you think. There is also Ground War, which has full servers (up to 18 players) for the players who love big team battles and constant carnage. Other modes include Cage Match (one on one), Domination (multiple territories that give points as long as your team controls them), Free For All (a free for all), and a few others. Needless to say, you can find something to suit your style of gameplay, and if you can't, you are high maintenance and should be playing Morrowind right now.

Now, on to perks. You have three slots for perks in multiplayer, with each slot containing certain perks. This was done in an effort to counterbalance and complement each perks' strength and weakness, meaning you can't stack the three "best" perks on top of each other; you have to choose which ones fit your style. As for me, I like to go in quick and quiet, so I usually use Bomb Squad (for spotting enemy C4 and claymores - even through walls), UAV Jammer (after three consecutive kills, you get to call in a UAV to show the locations of enemy players on your minimap; with the Jammer perk, you remain invisible, completely shattering their false sense of security when you jam your knife into their fallopian tube), and Dead Silence, which makes the noise you make when moving decrease dramatically. These perks, used in tandem with a silencer (normally, you appear on enemy radar when you fire a weapon, but with the silencer, you are a ghost), will make the enemy team wish they had never been born into such a cruel and heartless world.

And now that I have touted the multiplayer as world cl@!%#*!, it is time for my inevitable @!%#*!ing to ensue. Customization, weapons notwithstanding, is nonexistent. You cannot customize your character AT ALL. The only time you get a ghillie suit is when you select the sniper cl@!%#*!, or you set a sniper rifle as your primary weapon in the create-a-cl@!%#*!.

Also, your fire rate is predefined, and cannot be changed. I would really like to set my M-16 to single shot, but alas, God has decided to make my pointless existence on this planet that much more tortured. I am stuck with three-shot burst.

I will say, however, that the M14 is quite possible the most boner-inducing (labia stimulating, for the ladies) weapon on the face of the Earth (when used in Hardcore), and clawing your way up to level 46 is well worth it.

And finally, the match making bugs are killing me! They have been getting better, and I hear there is an update to correct the "Playlist is older than the hosts a.k.a. haha-infinity-ward-just sucked-$60-from-your-wallet-for-a-half-done-game" bug, but still, when I finally @!%#*!emble a party of six guys from XBA (which is no easy feat, as half of them *cough* mattgame *cough* completely ignore every futile attempt I make to invite them into my party), and select a game type, it is frustrating to see that 5 of them have been dropped from my party.

Hopefully, Infinity Ward will fix these bugs with some updates, and even if they don't, I will probably still play, because I am such a whore for shooting people.

Graphics: The graphics are incredible. If there is one thing I must single out, it would be how good they have implemented the ghillie suit into the game. When you are in one, and you are laying down, you are VERY hard to spot. I cannot count the number of times in multiplayer I have been laying down in a gr@!%#*!y field and had an enemy teammate basically step on my face and run right by, only to catch a .50 cal round to the back of the head. Beautiful.

Suggestions: Fix the bugs before you release the game (what was the point of the beta?????), stop trying to turn the single-player campaign into a soap opera, and for the love of god, give the prepubescent teen boys their own servers, because I am so tired of listening to them tell me the dirty things they are doing to me mother; its just an insult to milf-bangers everywhere.


Overall Score: 9.2 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: Well, what can I explain about Halo 2's gameplay that most of you don't already know? A semi-realistic, futuristic first-person shooter, Halo 2's storyline follows that of the cliffhanger tale told in the first game. It also brings the long-awaited battle of the Covenant vs. Earth that much closer to being fully realized. Some of you may think Halo 2 is all about the Covenant invasion of the human planet. Well, sort of. The first few levels are, but soon the fight is taken to another alien ring world. Bummer! Actually, Halo 2's storyline is solid, and will not dissapoint.

Gameplay: The gameplay this time around is a little different. Firstly, dual-wielding is brought into view. Much of the action revolves around this feature, which allows the player to pick up any two (or a combination of) of these guns-the needler, Elite plasma, Brute plasma, plasma pistol, magnum, or the SMG. Each trigger controls the corresponding gun. For those who opt for single-wielding, you have the choice of throwing grenades. Another giant change is the health system. No longer do you carry 'bars' of, its you and your shield against enemy fire. This higher reliance on the sheild to resupply itself will cause many Halo vets to change strategies, being more careful and sticking to cover more often. The A.I. is extremely impressive...playing this game on Legendary should be great practice for those waiting for Xbox Live.There is also a suprise twist for Halo can now play as a Covenant Elite. Named the 'Arbiter,' this once great Elite commander now bears the mark of shame for his failure at the first Halo. Now, chosen to be the real spearhead of Covenant special ops, you control him on several high risk missions to quell uprisings, turn off shields, and ultimately, save the universe.

Graphics: The graphics are incredible. To say they are better than Halo's is a severe understatement. The bump-mapping on nearly every surface gives everything a detailed, realistic look. The sky seems to be alive with explosions. The cityscape seems to stretch on for miles. Without a doubt, some of the freshest graphics on xbox.

Audio: Turn it on, and turn it UP. The game sounds great. Elites now speak English instead of Alien gibberish (how conveniant), giving you an edge on what they are thinking. Gunshots echo and sizzle realisticly, and there's nothing better than hearing a banshee explode after a successful rocket hit.

Suggestions: Keep up the good work, Bungie...Halo 2 is what I expected, but that doesn't mean it's not a !&%$@#* good game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Shooters are my favorite games, and this one delivers. I loved it. Every bit of it. If I could have ONE gripe, it would be to add more next time. More guns, more vehicles, and more levels. Oh, and lots more HUGE GIGANTIC GARGANUAT battles...that is all.

Gameplay: Well, the combat was really fun, and beating the campaign by myself on Legendary left me with a snese of accomplishment. I had so much fun playing this game...I know! Now I'll beat it with a friend on co-op!!!

Graphics: The graphics are groundbreaking, and games with good graphics will be compared to Halo...mark my words...

Audio: The grunts comments were my favorite, and the Elite's laugh still cracks me up. The guns sound great, as do the vehicles and explosion-effects. Crank that sh!t up!

Suggestions: Yes...add more of everything, and make more battles like the one near the end of Two Betrayals (on legendary)...that is all, good job Bungie...oh yea, where the hell have you guys been? I actually PLAYED Medal of Honor and thought it was good!!!! BUNGIE WHERE WERE YOU?!?!?!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Thing

Overall: This is a good game, but not a great game. I am a huge fan of the movie, and I feal somewhat disappointed with this game. There are some MAJOR flaws here-for instance, about ten seconds after testing my medic, he started thinging out. What the heck? If they were going to make these scripted events, then why the hell do they even have tests??? Another big flaw was the saving system-this is way to Resident Evil-how about some !&%$@#* in-game saves whereever I want? I always get to a save point at a hard part of the game with little or no health/ammo/backup/supplies and I have to either save and die 100 times or go all the way back to my last save and redo everything. Crap.

Gameplay: Well, the controls were kinda freaky at first, took some time to be able to balance the joystick movcement, but all in all, very confusing. More guns next time, and how about better explanations for my objectives? WHY am I searching the warehouse? WHY do I have to plant C4 on the infirmary? WHY WHY WHY?

Graphics: The graphics are ok I guess...not at par with Splinter Cell, thats for !&%$@#* sure...gun models are blocky, damn enemies come in four varieties-head things, medium-size things, walker-things, and boss-things...wheres some aliens, huh? This thing has been to multiple planets before earth and could transfrom to any of them at any why does it always hunt me as a big flesh-booger?

Audio: I love to hear my teammates cuss and talk to each other(and vomit!!!). The characters mouthes move like japanese anime. Crap.

Suggestions: dont make any more games least TRY harder if you do. And more variety.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Overall: It's a Medal of Honor: Pacific Assualt (PC), stripped down for xbox, just like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault was turned into frontline. This game is disgusting. I never really liked Frontline, and I wasn't so sure about this game, but I am taking it back to best buy tomorrow...Its a WWII game set in the Pacific start off and it tries to open like the movie 'Pearl Harbor' showed the battle, but it doesn't exactly pull it off.

Gameplay: The shooting in this game really confuses me...when I am being shot, i get a little red thingie on my thingie and i turn in that direction, and I cant find the !&%$@#* guy...they blend in too well, and i KNOW that wasnt their intention...

Graphics: The graphics are really pathetic, given the capabilities of the xbox. If the Pacific Assault graphics are half this bad, I am going to be very sick...Medal of Honor is falling apart for consoles...people just need a WWII shooter, so they give it a good review... The character models arent very crisp, and there are not enough character movements. Watching AI run is almost laughable...

Audio: The sounds are ok, like frontline this is probably the best part of the game...besides the off button on my xbox. It sounds pretty good on surround sound...

Suggestions: Yes...port the PC titles, stop making 'original' titles. There is NOTHING wrong with MOH:AA...and please dont !&%$@#* Call of Duty up when you make it for consoles....I'm really tired of getting these EA-ps2 designed pieces of !&%$@#* . If anyone from EA is reading this, consider this the last straw...I'm really sick of you holding Sony's dicks, giving full online support, and giving us the crappy ps2 graphics with sometimes NO multiplay...

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: Rainbow take out terrorists with a team of elite gunmen. Nothing new, but ah well, what can you expect.

Gameplay: Controls are kinda hard to get used to, but ive been playing on mouse and keyboard lately, so thas prolly why. Missions are kinda the same, but they are all fun, so it doesnt matter.

Graphics: The graphics ARE NOT that great...they are worse than ghost recon for PC, and to any whining fanboys who will try and correct me, go buy GR PC and please tell me Im wrong. People are saying the graphics are like splinter cell...I dont know bout that...character models look kinda bland up close, as do textures...just because theres a heat vision doesnt make the graphics awesome.

Audio: Sounds really pull you in, but Ghost Recon's outdoor sounds are a lot more immersive...still good though.

Suggestions: Nope, not really...keep pumpin em out, they makin you millions...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

Overall: THIS IS NOT GTA! DAMN IT STOP COMPARING THEM! You are a COP, not a crook. You drive around LA (its so !&%$@#* huge...) and complete missions on a free-roam basis.

Gameplay: Its aight, the aiming really needs work, as does the camera. It reminds me WAY too much of that stink-bomb, Dead To Rights...also, I cant take a car and park it in my garage...all cars have to be unlocked, and I cant put a shatload of rice burners in there...

Graphics: The graphics are so much better than GTA, anyone who says differently is sucking on Sony's schlong. The cars look really cool, too.

Audio: The music! AGH! I HATE RAP! I know you can turn it off but i select all my custom music and I still here snoops annoying voice!

Suggestions: Enough !&%$@#* ing rap had Lap Dance and Minerva on there, which was cool, but besides that and some Unloco, add more music...good game...cant wait for streets of New York. NEW AIMING SYSTEM!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: GTA III and Vice City, both for $50..I guess that's good, considering you can get both on ps2 for $30. You are either an unknown criminal, or Tommy Vercetti...Liberty City or Vice City...jack some cars, kill some thugs, get some booty, or just walk the streets...

Gameplay: I think everyone already knows what the gameplay is like on this game, and if you don't, then yo probably shouldn't be playing video games...

Graphics: The graphics have been updated from the ps2 version, but Im still debating whether it looks better than my PC version...bumpmapping and reflections look good...

Audio: Custom soundtracks are awesome on here...not as frustrating as in True and choppers (on and off the ground) both sound awesome, and the lines are some of the funniest material I have ever heard.

Suggestions: No suggestions, just wondering how long before a Halo fanboy gives it all 1's to bring it down...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Wakeboarding Unleashed featuring Shaun Murray

Overall: Yea, dude-I wakeboard, too, but this is a !&%$@#* ing video game. Sheesh. This game is really fun, I would even compare it to the addictiveness of Tony Hawk, except on water, respectively. The moves are awesome, you can throw down your rope and glide off to do some tricks (unrealistic, sure, but sweet!) I really like this game...

Gameplay: You are a wakeboarder...not much else. You do tricks off of everything, and in multiplay you can even have a friend drive the boat around while you ride the wake. Custom soundtracks, too.

Graphics: The wake is totally believable, everything else is ok. Im giving it a 5 cause senor dickhead down below gave it a bad rating, but this game is really cool.

Audio: The music defaulted is alright, but custom soundtracks add a lot...there really arent a lot of sounds in a wakeboarding

Suggestions: nope good job, dont worry about realsim, thats what tourneys are for.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: Based on a side-story that parallels the movie's plotline, Enter the Matrix is one of the best movie-to-game titles I have ever played. I hope that another game comes out that follows Revolutions.

Gameplay: Bullet-time has inconveniently been renamed 'Focus', and is used in force here. All I have to say, is wow. I've got Ghost doing a sideways 360 spin off-the-wall all while firing a fully automatic rifle at some S.W.A.T. members, whom I have never figured out why the Matrix sends cops out to find the freed humans plugged in when it could just send Agents. Anyways, there is a good supply of guns, the levels are fun and well-designed, and the number of focus-moves is enough to keep you busy. The car chase with the Twins is a great level on harder difficulties, but I like shooting more than driving.

Graphics: No complaints here...I noticed that some of the textures looked a little iffy, but other than that, the character models, vehicle models and physics were ok. When the focus kicked in and I was spiraling through the air while dozens of bullets were flying past me, I realized that this game rocks.

Audio: I liked the sound...that music got a little repetitive, but I guess I'll get over it. No real complaints.

Suggestions: More levels, longer levels, I wanna jump like they do in the movies, I wanna play as the Twins or an Agent.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: It's a single-player Star Wars RPG...need I say more? OK...wookies. No? Umm..bounty hunters, evil jedi destroying things, and frickin lightsabers!

Gameplay: The combat is ok, not that bad, I mean considering that its and RPG...the force powers are cool, and so are all the weapons. Seriously, the first time I whipped out my lightsaber, I nearly shat myself.

Graphics: The graphics are up to par, but I guess if you wanted realism you should probably have waited for Fable....or BC!

Audio: Star Wars sound effects and music add the the atmosphere. I like it! The alien languages are sweet, too! Bad Zaalbar!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Soul Calibur 2

Overall: An epic fighting game with many modes, most of them unlocked throughout the long and arduous 'Weapons Master' mode, Soul Caliber II lives up to its predecessor. This game is stunning. The combos leave infinite possibilities. Choose the character that best suits you. If you're playing it on xbox, that will probably be Spawn. Many people are disappointed that Spawn is missing his famous cape, but I like the new look.

Each character has his own fighting style, weapons (there are so many !&%$@#* weapons! over 10 per person! yikes!), and look to bring to the table, and don't listen to people complaining about the shortage of characters, because they are just used to the crappy, undeveloped characters from the Mortal Kombat series.

Gameplay: The controls get very easy to use, and at first, the AI is fairly normal, but when you beat weapons master for the first time, a second lay-over mission is revealed, and the computer is EXTREMELY HARD-WARNING: I BROKE 2 CONTROLLER S's BECAUSE OF THE AI ON THE 2ND GOAROUND! VERY HARD! Other than that, the number of weapons, combos, character levels (in WM), skins, and other goodies should keep you busy longer than any other fighting game out there.

Graphics: The graphics are superb! Character animations were smooth, and the environments we incredibly real. having the ability to knock an opponent out of the ring and win an early victory is always fun, and always made me gaze off into the hills and remember-oh yea, its a game. D'oh! The weapons are very cool-looking, and the different skins are awesome. My favorite skin is the 'Good' Nightmare.

Audio: The sounds in the game were great! When you beat arcade mode, you unlock a profile for that character. The profile contains a list of every noise that character makes, and boy, does Spawn like to cuss. The noises in the fight are good to, and the music and announcer are the perfect level of Japanese-cornyness and fit right into the game.

Suggestions: Graphics-Make the water splash look more realistic when someone falls in. also, make some destructible environments, because everyone loves those!

Sound-Make the option of having custom soundtracks there, that's what the xbox is for, !&%$@#* it! LOL no one ever does this....every game should at least have the option.

Other than that, great game! Soul Caliber III will have a lot to beat!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: Welcome to Morrowind-a land of danger, deciet, adventures, and a !&%$@#* load of NPCs. Over 40,000, if I'm not mistaken. This game is great, but you'll really need to give up a part of your life to play it.

Gameplay: You walk around in a 1st peson mode, or 3rd if you click in your right thumbstick, and basically do whatever the hell you want to do in a HUGE world filled with characters to interact with. I don't know why this game went down to $20...probably because every sane xbox owner already bought it. The combat is ok, not real fun, and why don't I hit them when I swing it every time? They sure aren't dodging anything. The size of Morrowind is enough to warrant a 5, but the combat brings it down to a 4.5.

Graphics: The graphics are alright, but it's not expected from an RPG to have top of the line least not yet. The world looks great, but I wish I could climb on top of a really big hill and look out and see across Morrowind. That would've been cool.

Audio: The music gets old, but I like the voice acting and the insults are funny. Magic sounds generic, though, and the footsteps were tunred off about ten minutes after I started playing.

Suggestions: Make long views across the islands...definately make another Morrowind, no question. Good job, guys.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Burnout 2: Point of Impact

Overall: Tons of are sweet, though not liscensed, and the custom series kicks ass! This game is great...why? THE CRASHES! Its so awesome when the camera slows down, glass is flying everywhere, my bumpers/tires/front half of car are sliding across the road, buses are causing huge pile-ups...sweet.

Gameplay: The controls re arcade style, but the game is super cool. I dont think it was made for driving realism, but the crashes are pretty !&%$@#* impressive.

Graphics: Graphics are good, car detail is great, scenery is ok, traffic isnt blocky like on NFS, but Rallisport Challenge is still #1 in the graphics department.

Audio: Custom soundtracks arent mentioned on the box, but they are there, so no worries. The crash noises are realistic, and the boost (its not a gay-Mario kart boots, either) is badass.

Suggestions: Nope...maybe have a mode where I can be chased by police, more cars, more custom cars, let me make my own decals, let me customize raise, tires, rims, ect. Good job guys! Keep it up! Crash mode is genius!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: Mr. Payne shoots every person in New York and solves the mystery to his wife and child's murders...I love the game, I love the story, I love the game. Anyone who says Dead to Rights is better is !&%$@#* ing stupid and have no taste in games.

Gameplay: Bullet time is simply genious. I love it when I'm diving behind a computer console and people are shooting at me-all the while, bullets are flying past my head, floor and wall tiles are breaking off, sparks are flying as the bullets smash into the computer...simply awesome.

Graphics: The graphics look ported from the PS2...I can't say I'm impressed, but it could be worse-and I'm too busy shooting people to really notice. I guess I'll give it a 4.

Audio: The sound effects are pretty cool...All the wiseguys sounded the same, but their comments when they are talking to each other are effin hilae gonna be frickin rRicher than that, my little wiseguy.&quo FRICKIN rich!"

Suggestions: Nope...make Max Payne 2's graphics better...please keep the wiseguy humor in here...make sure I get to kill mafioso...New York is a good setting for the game. Improve the bullet time-how, I don't know-make me do flips off walls and !&%$@#* like that...and multiplay...that would be sweet!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

Overall: I love this game so much...I haven't played a fighting game since MK3 for Super Nintendo, and I'm am now even more glad that I bought my xbox. Tao Feng is simply put in two words- kick ass. I love the choice of characters and the different skins for each one...I am glad to be returning to the fighting genre on a good notice. Right now is the really boring period for xbox owners...waiting for all the good games to come out-Halo 2, Doom III, B.C., Brute Force(almost!!!)...this game is definate must buy, and if you don't really like fighting games, a definate renter.

Gameplay:'s a fighting game, isn't it? Combos, combos, more combos. When you first start playing, it'll just be a button-mashing marathon, but after you get used to some cool combos, and the awesome 'Chi', you will actually have coordinated fights against a very tough AI opponent. You use the D-pad instead of the joystick, but its not that bad.

Graphics: Holy effin shiz...the graphics are amazing!!! I havent seen such jiggly boobs on a woman before!!! Seriously, though, the graphics here a frist class...unlike Halo, each load is only a mid-sized fighting arena-no huge outdoor levels here. That means that in any one fight, the entire grpahics processor of the xbox is showing off for you in beautiful 3-D. Absolutely gorgeous.

Audio: No gripes here...sound effects were good, music was pretty good, given that it is an Asian-style fighting game. Sometimes the character's comments are a little fruity, but you won't notice while Exile is breaking every god !&%$@#* limb God gave you.

Suggestions: Yes, I have a few suggestions. The perfect fighting game would be-

Have topless women fighters...unlockable, of course...

Be able to see the bone break skin when I trash some guy's forearm over my knee...

I want to be able to choose from over 30 characters to fight with, NOT including unlockables...

Lots of energy, weapon, and flying-character attacks...

Soundtrack compatible! C'mon, Microsoft, what the hell'dya build this thing for anyways???

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: I played this game all summer long on a cable connection-PC, and it was a blast. When I heard they were making it for xbox, which I had already bought, I was really excited. Words cannot stress how kickass this game is. LIVE play is awesome!!!

Gameplay: The controls are really easy, especially if you're a HaloAddict...and the planning system is so much better than Rainbow Six' can plan in-mission, not before. I love this game.

Graphics: Well, the graphics are the same as the PC version, but the levels have all been retextured and hills and trees have been added to them. I think it would've been better to wait another 2 months to add the Island Thunder missions on and improve the graphics.

Audio: The sound is so emmersive, especially with Digital 5.1! Get some surround sound speakers just for this game! The levels souns alive, and gunshot and footstep drops are amazing. I was convinced I was really running through a swamp being shot at by snipers! Amazing!

Suggestions: Improve the graphics...I'm sure all that will be sorted out for GR 2 though...keep up the good work with the Clancy games, Ubi, that's all you got going for you...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

Overall: I don't usually like racing games, but this one is pretty !&%$@#* good. Its not an action racer, like NFS:Hot Pursuit, its more like a racing management game. I had fun playing it and have still not yet sold my very fast '71 Z78 Camaro...

Gameplay: I'm going to use this space to get across something that's been bothering me. I read reviews for a lot of games, and scores for good games are always negated by retards who know nothing about the game they are reviewing(you can tell because they don't explain anything about it) and call it bad. I'm sure its prolly a bunch of queers that own PS2s, and are prolly just jealous cause the found out what an old man Playstation really is. The only thing that helps them sleep at night is GTA III, and, OH YEA, its comin out in 2004!

Graphics: The graphics are amazing, I think this game should be called a sim just cause the graphics are so true to life. Car damage would make this game more realistic, but I don't know how I'd react if i saw a scratch on my Lexus...

Audio: The game music is kinda crappy, but using ripped songs makes it ok. The car and engine noises are good.

Suggestions: Realistic car damage, not a meter. And for God's sake, it took me two months to get a class B liscense-make it easier!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NCAA College Football 2K3

Overall: Umm..after playing Halo and Splinter Cell for my entire tennage life, I was tired of killing people. i wanted to ram them with my body as hard as I could and drive them screaming into the ground. So I asked around to see what a good game was, and I was told to get, "NCAA Football 2003". OK...I almost bought the EA game of the same name, but I saw this jewel at Wal-Mart, brand-spankin-new, for $30!!! Hell YEA!

Gameplay: The game is really fun, but the create-a-team could use a lot, and I mean A LOT, more options. Being able to play a season with an existing team with a bunch of created players was about the same, so no big lose.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good. The crowd people move individually, but the detail on anything outside of the turf is not very good. And a full complement of players, coaches, ect. on the sideline would be cool...and if you start beating the home team badly, the stands will be nearly empty by Q3...sweet.

Audio: The commentators are great. I very rarely hear the same thing more than once in a half, and I love it when one says, "He was more right than right there and the ball went to the left and he missed it..."-"I have no idea what you just said there, Jimmy."

Suggestions: Better create-a-team, and fix the clipping problem.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Battle Engine: Aquila

Overall: This game is awesome! I can't believe i didn't find out about it sooner or I would've already bought it! Wow! If you like big battles, like the one at the end of 'Two Betrayals' in Halo(on Legendary), then you will love this game. Total choas.

Gameplay: It only takes a few minutes to get used to the controls, and are relatively easy to change. Being able to change from air-to-ground is awesome! The battles are HUGE! 43 FRICKIN MISSIONS!!!

Graphics: The graphics are really slick, but may if you think they look too cartoony, then what the hell is halo? I promise, during the heat of battle(which happens regularly) you won't even be paying attnetion. The detail of the little foot soldiers running around on the ground is sweet!

Audio: The music is kinda boring, but the sound effects are great, and super-realistic. I was convinced I was in a gigantic battle, which I was in most missions, because of all the explosions and blasting that was booming out of my TV.

Suggestions: This game is awesome guys! Atari did great!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Medal of Honor: Frontline

Overall: Ok, well I guess this gets a 5 cause xbox and ALL consoles desperately need a WWII title, and I suppose this will do...MOHAA would've been SOOO much better.

Gameplay: At first it was fun...I was very disappointed in the D-Day level...I mean, c'mon, there wasn't only 20 guys on the dang beach with two bunkers shootin at them! After the first two levels, I just wanted to beat the game...running and shooting...all the got old fast...and what the hell happenend to those multiplay maps??? They all suck! Too small! I'll get into that more in the suggestions box...

Graphics: The graphics...oy vey...ps2 and xbox are about to go into WWIII against each other and you're porting each others games??? C'mon-what do we look like-Russia?!?! I can't make any better, but i know EA can...someone grab a copy of Allied Assault for PC and play that...its much better...

Audio: Veinschleger! Thats about it. Other than that...its all the saaaaaame.(i have to type at least 100.)

Suggestions: Bigger friggin maps...better graphics...more an.more guns, vehicles, different freakin objectives besides plant charges on this and board that...and for christs sake, PORT ALLIED ASSAULT!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Splinter Cell is a GREAT game, and I knew it would be great from the first time I read about it. Tom Clancy games ALWAYS deliver, and so does SC, and then some.

Gameplay: The gameplay on SC is incredible, with easy controls, lots of options on how to get things done, and the real-time lighting and shadows kick ass. Thermal vision is awesome, and the night vision looks better this way than the bright green that it really is. the SC-20K is amazing, and there's nothing better than shooting a guy in the crotch with a Sticky Shocker and watching him squeal. Two trigger fingers way up.

Graphics: This game's graphics are twice as good as those in Halo. Sam's magazine pouches flop around on his back when moving, and I could walk through the curtains all day and not get tired. This game is pure eye candy, plain and simple.

Audio: Wow...I just got some 5.1s hooked up to my TV and SC is simply amazing on them. The voice acting is extremely convincing, and the sound of Sam's footsteps change with the texture under his feet. Congradulations to Ubi for making one helluva game.

Suggestions: You guys hit the nail on the mother focking head. If there's only one problem, its that there is only two guns...the versatility of the SC-20K launcher makes up for that, though, so my only other problem is THERE'S ONLY 9 LEVELS!!! Oh yeah! Xbox LIVE! Rock on guys!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: The idea of piloting these Mechs and causing total destruction is a GREAT premise fro a game, and MechAssualt pulls it off nicely.

Gameplay: The controls are very easy to learn, and the weapons and new Mechs are a blast. This game is rare because it is unique AND good.

Graphics: The graphics are really good, not the best, but is still eye candy. The Mech models are very well done, and the buildings are amazing. Explosions are very sweet, and a finished Mech blowing up is just about the most badass thing I've ever seen on my Xbox.

Audio: The sound is excellent, with good voice acting and shooting, exploding noises really convincing me that a war was raging. PLAY TIHS GAME ON SURROUND AND CRANK IT UP!

Suggestions: The mission objectives could be clearer, and the waypoints were't as helpful as they should be. I got lost more than once in the huge levels. Also, more multiplayer options for those without Xbox LIVE, and I mean co-op multiplayer. Other than that, the game is great...I hope that MechAssault 2 comes out in a few years/months...

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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