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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Overall: We all knew that Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow would live up to the hype graphically, but would it live up to the first Splinter Cell in gameplay? The answer is YES! This is the hottest XBox Live game on the planet right now, and is accompanied by a stellar single player campaign. You have to look long and hard to find something that is actually wrong with the game. And even then, the only thing that I found had to do with searching for matches on Live, which can become a pain.

Gameplay: You are Sam Fischer. You are a spy with the newest high tech equipment anyone could ask for. You have all the moves that you could possibly think of, and more. Thats only in the single player campaign too! When it comes to the XBox Live play, there is no other. There are 2 sides, spies, Sam Fischer-esk, and mercenaries, gun-touting vigilantes trying to kill the spies. The object of the game is for the Spies to break in, neutralize the ND133's, and excape without being killed. The spies are at a disadvantage when it comes to 1 on 1 battles, because the only weapon they have is a lazer rifle that only stuns the opponent. The only way to actually kill them is to either come up from behind and grab them, or jump on their head until their health is gone. The spies do equal the playing field when it comes to vision though. Spies have the same vision in the first game, night and heat, whereas mercs can only use normal (with a flashlight or lazer), motion vision, or electromagnetic vision. It is tough to see a spy with these visions, unless they are moving or using their special visions.

Graphics: Its Splinter Cell, what else is there to say? It is the best graphical game on the planet, and it only gets better. Everything in the game is the same graphically as before, if not even better. There are no downgrades, only upgrades. Player models, settings, and interfaces are exuberantly fasionable.

Audio: The music in this game is top notch for a spy game, as it is low toned, and secretive. The sound FX's are as good as the first game, where you can hear other peoples footsteps if they are near and you are quiet. That is a huge plus.

Suggestions: Fix the searching for a game part of XBox Live. I sometimes spend more time looking for a game than playing. If you don't have a lot of people on your friends list, you would be screwed.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2004

Overall: Well I wasn't expecting much from this game, after OXM didn't give it that great of a rating compared to the other 2 hoops games, but boy was I surprised. It doesn't have that many features, but it does a great job of combining everything in the other 2 games. Like in EA's Live, they have incorporated the "Freestyle" moves, where you use the right thumbstick to decide which direction you want to dribble. They have taken the great gameplay of NBA Live, and added it to the great franchise and live mode of ESPN Basketball, and made an excellent game. Live roster updates are released basically every month and a half, which is another plus.

Gameplay: The season mode might be the best that I have encountered in video game basketball. I usually do it on All-Star, since I like a challenge, and it is very fun. Most of the games go down to the wire and the computer plays a very smart game. On XBox Live, the competition is scarce, but when you get into a good game, it is loads of fun. Having games go down to the wire is much funner than blowing someone out, and beating someone with the Lakers when you have the Celtics is just sheer enjoyment :)

Graphics: Utilizes the great XBox graphics for sure, since this is the only XBox exclusive basketball game. Has the best graphics of the 3 deffinately. The player models are purrrty, and the crowd isn't just a bunch of flat people. The net on the hoops could use a little work, but thats about it.

Audio: Great, catchy music for a basketball game. I find myself singing/humming the songs sometimes even when I'm not playing them. As for in the game, the announcers are a little dry, but the sound FX are great.

Suggestions: In the 2005 version, well... uhh.... !&%$@#* I can't think of any. I have absolutely no problems with this game. Just try to impress OXM a little more so more people buy this game and there are more people online!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: Holy Crap. What a game. This game will cause you to lose track of time, and realize its 4 in the morning and you are still playing with your friends on live. Wow. I have totally forgotten that this game even has a single player campaign mode due to the sheer awesomeness of the XBox Live play. It is by far the greatest game on XBox Live right now and rivals Halo for the best game on the XBox.

Gameplay: Well since I never play single player, I will just do the gameplay of the online play. In team survival, 2 teams face off against eachother, use team work, and whatever means to eliminate all of the members of the other team. The XBox Live headset is utilized very well in this game, and you can give your teammates orders on which direction to go, which direction the enemy is in, and you can always talk about whats happening in the real world too.

Graphics: Visually stunning. Another Tom Clancy masterpiece. The game environments are eyecandy, ranging from the snowy slopes of Peaks to the russian village in Old City. All player models are great too. You can actually see the players lips moving when they are talking through their headsets.

Audio: Great lobby music, very catchy. Sometimes you can hear players humming or whistling the RS3 tune while in the dead lobby. Very amusing :)

Suggestions: I can't think of any. My mind is blank. Must go play more RS3....

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Xbox Game of the year, no doubt! You're Sam Fisher, an ex-navy SEAL. While you're out fishing with your daughter some government agence pulls up next to you in a nuclear sub...yes a nuclear submarine, I didn't studder...You're given the down low on the situation, apparently a couple of other agents for the CIA or something like that(they mention alot of government agencies I've never heard of before) that were captured and killed while doing some spy work on a base in the country of Georgia. You've got to find out what happened to them and then fun ensues as you have to go after the higher ups.
Alot of the story makes sense and alot of it doesn't, atleast its a relieving change from MGS2 since you won't find anyone with a magic bullet shield or a vampire in this one. But since when has a story been important in an action game right? Just know its there and its good if you care even though some of it doesn't make sense...

Gameplay: I love all the different ways to beat this game. Killing your enemies is interesting if you decide to be stealthy because you can use the shadows to aid you in sneaking up behind them then grabbing them and hitting them on the head and knocking them out, they might as well be dead though since they never get up. Ofcourse, you could always just shoot them. The shooting is like any realistic shooter, moving affects your aiming and your stance affects it too, mimmicking real life. Unfortunately, so the game would keep a T-rating, there is no blood! So when you blow that guys brains out he doesn't have blood come out which isn't very realistic because if it was klam, hybrid, and bone would all have disappeared without a drop of blood because I would have killed them execution style and buried them in the woods just because I feel like it. J/K fellas. Back to the game. Considering the realism of most of the game no blood really does take away from the affect of it being real but you get past it and don't even think of it. A cool feature is that when you kill someone you have to hide their bodies in the shadows or somewhere out of sight otherwise an alarm will be raised.

Graphics: Graphically stunning. I am in awe of this game. The best graphics I have ever seen in a video game, bar none. Ubi Soft deserves about 1000000 thumbs up for all the work they put into the graphics on this game. I remember first seeing my shadow, and I was seriously thinking, "is that real?" One word sums up the graphics on splinter cell: WoW!

Audio: Splinter Cell is mostly about sound. If you're too loud then you're going to be heard. Your foot steps are affected by the ground you're walking on. For instance, metal stairs have that loud clangy noise, wooden floors have a hollow sound. Carpet and cement make very little noise. Be silent or be killed.

Suggestions: I hear the next one will have online play and multiplayer. Ubi Soft you are GOD!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 ESPN NBA Basketball 2K4

Overall: Amazing. My favorite was the "24/7" feature. Under this mode, the game reads the console's clock and lets you play in real time with special bonuses, unique visuals (depending on time of day), hidden players only accessible at certain intervals and unlockable accessories. Plus, audiences lose stamina and skill the longer they go without playing.

Gameplay: There's no shame in three-pointers, but driving the ball to the net for an alley-oop to Vince Carter has never been more amusing, courtesy of the game's responsive player control (left analog stick) and dribble features (right analog stick). Its called "IsoMotion" technology. Like the easily navigable main- and sub-menu screens, I just call it

Graphics: In a word: unrivaled. Handsome players, enhanced animations (including jerseys and shorts that sway with motion) and a slick new ESPN-powered presentation rock the house. Sega has also made it so that the players become shinier over time due to sweat. My only concern: given the man's current situation, does that mean Kobe will need extra towels?!? :)

Audio: Same great music, sounds, and everything that was delivered last year. I just love the ESPN license, because it feels like im watching sportscenter at some times. Nice job Sega!

Suggestions: YES! Keep up the good work! You guys are greating at making quality basketball games!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NCAA Football 2004

Overall: What isn't there to like about NCAA 2004. It was an awesome football sim, they've expanded the list of schools, songs, and mascots, taken it online (PS2 only...grrr) and added a slew of new features, and unlockables. This is more than a 'minor update' this is a must have football game.

Gameplay: Let's cut straight to it: It's a fun game to play. If you like football sims, and you liked Madden you'll love NCAA Football 2004. Yes it sorta looks like Madden, yes it kinda plays like Madden, so what keeps this game from being Madden Jr.? Extras, extras, extras. There are no other games with this many extras that I have found on the xbox.

Graphics: Graphics are good for an EA game, and it looks sweet on a HDTV! If I only owned one! But this game deffinately has some peeks and perks, and graphics are one of em. They are similar to Madden 2004, in that the player models are the same, but the stadiums look better, and the mascots are very detailed.

Audio: The music in this game is the best part! I love all the fight songs for each school, because each schools is different! I wasn't sure how they would make them all different, but they accomplished it! Kudos to EA for finding a way to get them all into that tiny disc!

Suggestions: Work on Live, and it will be a perfect game. I can't find any other flaws in it!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Lets think... hmm.... This is possibly the worst game i've ever played. It blows bigger than a winter nor'easter. Wait, its just the opposite! Its on fire! Its insane! Its mayhem! Its, Its, Its HALO! The greatest game ever created for any system or PC ever in the history of the Universe as we all know and love it! How can you get any better than it. Its gameplay is topped only by its replayability! Online, this game comes up huge! I don't think it will be topped until its sequel comes out next year.

Gameplay: Master Chief leads a team of Marines into a strange world called Halo and you control him. He kills, kills, and oh yeah, kills! Making the little convenant b@stards scream is possibly the most satisfaction a video game has ever given me! 5.0!!!

Graphics: Graphics on this game were top when it first came out, and are still way up there even though its been 2 years. Bungie did an awesome job in making such a great quality game, but the graphics just put it over the edge. Halo was at its time the most graphically stunning game I had ever seen, and it is still in the top 10 for me!

Audio: The music is quite possibly the best music I've ever heard in a video game! The backround music is done by monks, and it perfectly fits the theme of the game. The monkish chants just underline a great score of songs made specifically for this game. I can't possibly say enough, except that it is the best music in a video game ever.

Suggestions: Live, which they have already done for Halo 2. You guys are the best game creators I have ever seen. Keep up the OUTSTANDING job at being the top creators for XBOX.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: How can you not love this game???? Funnest multiplayer game that i've played since Halo, and it reminds me alot of Mario party for the KiddyCube. There isn't much to say about it, except that it is a game where 4 different players compete in various challenges, and most of these challenges are AWESOME! I picked it up for 10 bucks at EB, and its a great pickup. I would recommend it, just because of the great multiplayer. If you don't have any friends or siblings, dont get it. But its a must buy for those of us who have friends :)

Gameplay: Hmm, where to start? The gameplay is VERY similar to Mario Party, except that there are less characters to choose from. My favorite mini game has to be twisted system. It is a simple game, as most of them are, but it is INTENSE! The thing that you run around moves faster and faster and you have to dodge bars everywhere! With 3 other people screaming beside you, it is a really great time. I just can't say enough about this underrated game.

Graphics: The is the games only downfall. The characters are simply done, cartoonish, if you will. There isn't much to the backrounds, they are just simply drawn out. I don't konw if they could have done a better job, since it was such a simplistic game. But they did a good job at what they attempted to do, so that gets them a 3.5 in my book.

Audio: Not much sound in this game. Characters make noices depending on this game. There is backround music during the games, but it is typical for this type of game. Not a very good quality, but its the basic music that we all know and love from Mario Party.

Suggestions: MAKE IT LIVE! Imagine this game on Live. It would be cheap, and intense! That would be awesome.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Overall: Just picked it up the other day for 20 bucks and I am glad. As soon as I pick up my Live I will be playing this one a lot. It has some great gameplay, and plenty of weapons. It is really a great game, and you won't go wrong picking it up. Especially at 20 bucks.

Gameplay: Gameplay is typical Unreal madness. Intense and gratifying, it has everything. If it wasn't for the framerate, I would rather have this one than the PC one. But, the framerate in this game is HORRID!

Graphics: Good graphics, but as I mentioned before, horrid framerate. I would have loved this game to death, but it just seems like it lags, even though im not online. I can't imagine this game if there were lag. Phew!

Audio: Good sounds, I love the player taunts. The sounds for jumping are a little repetative, and the sounds of people getting hit do get annoying. Other than that, good quality.

Suggestions: Make better the framerate. It would be top notch, if it weren't for the FRAMERATE! Have I not discussed that already? :)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Amped 2

Overall: Best Snowboarding game i've ever played. This deffinately tops the original, in every category. I love the Sk8 modes, and the custom soundtrack. Im only giving it a 4.5 because of a few problems I ran into. I had some problems with landing tricks, because sometimes when you are about to land and you are leaned back too much, you press forward and he leans back more. Well I tried pressing backward also, and again, he leaned backward. I didn't like that too much.

Gameplay: Gameplay is top notch on this one. It has a nice mix of realism and fantasy, but lets you explore all notions of snowboarding. Every trick imaginable you can do, and even some trick that could never be done.

Graphics: The visual on this game is very good. The riders look good, the trails look good, even the trees look good. 5.0

Audio: The custom soundtrack option is excellently sweet, allowing me to play my songs while pulling off insane rodeo 900's :) You can't get any better than that. The music that is already on the game is cool, but I just love my songs!

Suggestions: YES! Make more of the things like photoshoot, sponsor, and pro. Those are the funnest things to do.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 World Series Baseball 2K3

Overall: Best baseball game EVER! Even as baseball season is over, I still play it! It has teh best gameplay, graphics, and options i've ever seen in a video game. Franchise mode is SWEET!

Gameplay: Great pitcher/batter interface. I love the options, there is one where you can change the sounds so that you are "at the ballpark." I just love everything about this WONDERFUL game!

Graphics: Graphics are TERRIFIC! You can see the creases in the players uniforms. It just destroys all the other baseball games in this area, taking full advantage of the xbox hardware.

Audio: All the sound options are great, but the announcers can get repetitive. So, thats why I turn them off! Thank you for putting this in there Sega!

Suggestions: MAKE WSB 2K4, and make the Red Sox like a billion times better than the Yankees!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Currently, I only have the GTA 3 game. It is one of the best games i've played in a while! I can't get enough of this game. Everything about it is top notch. I just figured out the cheats for it, and they make it that much funner.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. The only problem is the shooting. With most of the guns, you don't aim, you just pull the target button and it aims for you. It would have been better if you could aim yourself, but thats life (wait no it isn't). The driving in this game tops True Crime, and many other driving based games.

Graphics: Graphics were so-so on PS2, but now they have revamped them! Water effects are really cool. You actually get water droplets stuck on your screen as if you were holding a camera and water go on the lens! Models of people are average.

Audio: The music in this game is cool, but it could have been better. I would have loved it if they had changed all the songs on the radio stations since the game is a little old, but they didn't. I'll give the music a 3.5. Sound FX's are pretty good, especially when you run someone over and you hear their screams and blood goes everywhere! :D

Suggestions: YOU DID AWESOME! Lets get GTA 5 on Xbox, shall we?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 ATV: Quad Power Racing 2

Overall: This is a solid game that I love. It has some cool tricks, and great gameplay to go with it. Overall, I would give it a solid 4.

Gameplay: The racing is pretty cool. Once you unlock all the bikes, it is the best because each bike has its advantages. Some are super fast but can't handle the turns as well as others which aren't as fast. The multiplayer is also fun, yet the only downside is if you have friends over and the only profile you have is yours, the person who uses your profile is the only one that can use your tricks. You have to unlock certain tricks in career mode.

Graphics: The game looks good. The environments are cool and the bikes and players look good. Nothin out of the ordinary though.

Audio: The sound in this game is the best part! The songs are perfect for this kind of game. The sound fxs are pretty good, nothing out of the ordinary. But the songs make up for it.

Suggestions: A live enable version of this game would be awesome. But wouldn't a live enabled version of every game be awesome? *sigh*

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NBA 2K3

Overall: The best 2k game that I have ever played. Could be the best sports game that I have ever played. The franchise mode is suh-weet, the gameplay is teh roxorz, and the online play just adds to it all. I LOVE THIS GAME!

Gameplay: Best gameplay from any basketball game I have ever played. EA's Live doesn't compare to NBA 2K3 in any way, shape, or form. I love everything about the gameplay.

Graphics: Visuals could be better. The player models are good, and the courts look good. But nothing jumps out at you and makes you think that it could be real. Good overall job on the visuals though.

Audio: The announcers are good, yet can become repetative. ESPN music is cool, and all the music when you arne't playing a game is awesome. Sound FX's are top notch, complete with the sneakers squeaking.

Suggestions: besides making the graphics a bit better, nothing! GREAT JOB!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2004

Overall: This is one kick !&%$@#* game! I love the franchise mode! I just can't get enough of this game, it says I have played it over 50 hours! The gameplay is good ole Madden style, which you can't beat. The only downside of this game is the fact that it isn't online. Maybe one day EA will get on its horse and make its games XBOX Live compatible.

Gameplay: I love the playmaker! Defense crowds the left side of the field, I send the reciever to the right using playmaker! Its just like real life! The gameplay is DEAD on real life, and the AI is very intelligent.

Graphics: EA did a good job with the graphics, yet not a great one. The players look good with their helmets on, but what happened to their heads? When their helmets are off, they look like they have shrunken heads! The field, stadium, and fans look good. Ill give it a 4.

Audio: Madden and Michaels are top notch on the commentary. I love listening to them commentate on the game. The music is awesome, with a ton of new hit songs. This game has great sound FX's when you hit someone hard.

Suggestions: MAKE YOUR GAME ONLINE! This game would be the ULTIMATE football game if it were just online. *sigh* maybe someday.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: This is IMO one of the better quality games that has come out on xbox. It is in my top five of favorite games on xbox. Everyone says that it should have been a FPS, but I don't think it could have made it without the Third Person view. I like how the players all have seperate abilities, and the specials REALLY come in handy. All of the players come in handy in certain places of the level. You deffinately wouldn't run into a room full of enemies with just Hawk, and you deffinately wouldn't try to sneak up on people with Tex. Overall, I think Brute Force really hit the nail on the head.

Gameplay: This is the best aspect of the game. The fact that it is a squad based power shooter really helps it. The funnest parts come in ordering your players around, and watching them take out the other people while you sit on a hill and snipe. The controls are basically simple, yet the only part that is hard to master is the B button. With Hawk, I usually keep out the power blade, so I can run up and kill someone easy. But when you switch off of her, the computer puts her back onto grenades. So then I switch back to her and go to kill someone with the powerblade and I end up throwing a grenade and blowing myself and the enemy up! But this is only a minor flaw, and I know you can tell the player to keep out a certain weapon on the screen where you order your characters around.

Graphics: When I first saw screens of this game, I didn't think it would be more than a Turok game, graphically. But boy was I wrong. Everything is bump mapped, and the characters faces are B.E.A.utiful (a little Bruce Almighty). My only problem with the graphics, isn't actually something that has to do with graphics. Brutus has no lips! It is HILARIOUS to watch him talk, because his mouth just goes up and down, and very well spoken words come out! But I dont even think that this has anything to do with graphics.

Audio: The sound is this game is EXCELLENT! The voice acting is the best part, as all of the players voices go perfectly with their characters. The sound FX are dead on, and the occasional music is good. My only problem comes with that stupid voice that always, and I mean ALWAYS, says "NAV BEACON UPDATED". She pisses me right off. Other than that, the sound is great.

Suggestions: Make a second one! I haven't beaten it yet, but it is a very good game. Another suggestion would be to implicate XBOX Live! I mean there is no excuse these days for non-live games.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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