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Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: Wow. You know the one thing that completely amazed me was that I hated racing games with a PASSION before this. Seriously, I just couldn't touch them. After only half an hour of gameplay and after unlocking the Convertible cars, I was a changed man. I just can't put it down, I'm addicted to this game like no other game, I have RS3 collecting dust on the side. This game rarely leaves my tray. It takes up 90% spin-time on my Box. The graphics, breathtaking. The sounds, incredible. The gameplay, FREAKING AWESOME!

Seriously, this game has changed my belief in racing games. A perfect 5!

Gameplay: Right, so you basically have to collect Kudos points. What's Kudos points you ask? It's really a simple yet innovative idea, Kudos points symbolize how stylishly you drive. Like slides when you brake, 360's in sharp turns, grabbing air and two wheels. These things might sound unrealistic, but this games makes it look so real and feel so real you just won't notice. The controls are tight, even though they take some getting used to them and mastering the brakes. Each and every car feels completely different.

Simply put, there really aren't any good or bad cars. It's all up to you, if you a master of power slides you can take a car with high power slides and high acceleration, can't take the slides? Take one with great handling and low powerslides. Each car has it's subtle differences, and some not so subtle differences. Like I said, it's all up to your driving style. There are all sorts of 'races'. There's the regular Street Race where you just race other cars attempting to reach 1st place. There's One on One, in which you have to race only one other car. There's the Cone Challenges, in which you have to pass and slalom through cone gates and earn the highest Kudos possible. There's also the Hot Lap, Speed Camera and Timed Run. The Hot Lap is basically finishing one lap as fast as possible, while the Speed Camera is getting your MPH as high as possible while you pass through the finish line. And finally the Timed Run is that you have to pass over 1 lap in the best time possible with a countdown clock.

The reward system if phenomenal. The higher Kudos you get, the more Kudos points you get and the more you get you can rank up in Kudos and get Kudos Tokens which let you unlock other cars. Some cars cost 3, while others cost 12. But believe me, you'll get to 20 in no time if you know what to pick.

Graphics: Simply breathtaking, the lighting is just... Amazing. The road looks so real you feel like its all around you (on a bigscreen of course). The reflection on the road is dead on, and the lighting on the cars is flawless. Though sometimes you get this non-metal plasticky feeling of the road... Even though I liked it, others feel it takes away from the realism. The cars are extremely detailed and just great.

Audio: Nothing much to say here, superb soundtrack. I have nothing bad to say about it, also the screeches are veeeeeerrry rewarding!

Suggestions: Make the next one... JUST LIKE THIS!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: One of the crispiest fighting titles out there, replayability isn't much but it isn't intolerable. The Survival Mode and Team-Battle mode are great, but like all fighting games - it's heart is in the Versus Mode. There's nothing like opening a can of whoop-ass on your best friends and watching them try and control themselves to not break the controller, because if they do... They're going to get into battle IRL. The graphics are great and the moves are spectacular, most of the characters are balanced in terms of overall power. One's quick while the other's strong, etc. Ah... But in this title what will really catch your eye is the sweet sweet eye-candy. The lush arena's, the bouncing women...... Well, where was I? The sounds are not bad, but the soundtrack stinks, Aerosmith? Come on people! The sound effects and voice acting on the other hand isn't too bad.

Gameplay: The controls are tight, and it has something in it for both button mashers and gamers, it has a lot of moves and some of them are based on how hard you press the buttons - which I found a little complex but you get the hang of it. Don't expect a newbie to come and kick your !&%$@#* though, they'll have to have some arcade practice before they can go and button-mash. When you play it alone it's not bad, but can get boring after 30 minutes, like all other games of this genre the core of this game is when you play with friends. And I gotta say, it really shines in that area. It loses a point for the lack of replay value on your own. Sadly, there's only one unlockable and he isn't worth the unlocking. No secrets in this game at all - big let down.

Graphics: *drool drool drool* This game has some of the best graphics I've ever seen, facial expressions, finger movement and everything is silky smooth. The bouncy women are a ...treat... (*cough* Tina's 2nd outfit *cough*) and the backgrounds are... At some stages they're mesmorizing. In the graphics section, there's no other game that I've seen that can beat it. A perfect 5.

Audio: The soundtrack stinks, whoever thought Fighting games and Aerosmith go together over at Namco should be arrested and put in the mental ward. The sound effects however are superb, such as the crash of someone against an electric fence or the thud of someone's head hitting the floor when a nice throw gets through. Voice acting is ok, nothing more.

Suggestions: Better soundtrack, and a muchhhhhh longer Story Mode.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: Endless options, endless opportunities and endless space. Seriously, to me the feel of the game was that it's never going to end - and it truly is like that. There are so many sidequests I'm sure only someone who has put in over 1000+ hours could complete, and I'm not even sure of that. Just completing the main storyline is a good 100 hours if not more, depending on your skill and speed. If you buzz through all the text and everything and zoom through the quests it might be over in 70 hours, but I doubt it. The graphics are great, especially the day-night and weather systems. Voices sound good and the acting is also superb. People treat you differently based on your popularity. If your very evil and you kill everyone you'll see they'll just beg for mercy, and if your a great hero they'll treat you like a friend. Every skill you have reflects the game, if you can sneak and steal you can make quick cash by pickpocketing the local rich guy. I've heard many complaints about the combat system, but I thought it was OK.

Gameplay: The game gives you the feel like your really in it, because things are happening all around you, and each character has a (slightly) different aspect on things going on in the city. The quests are mainly interesting though some can get a bit too repetitive. The storyline unfolds nicely, and you get a clearer view on things as you progress, and you also gain popularity which makes you known throughout the land. The combat is basically linear, you hit the action button and your character performs various moves. I don't know about others, but the magic for me was uninteresting which is kind of a pity. You get a lot of chances to just roam about and explore Morrowind, and see how much time they put into the game by creating such vast lands.

Graphics: Models are fine, though a lot look like clones. The background and setting looks superb, I especially like the foggy swamps. Nothing much to say here, graphics are fine but nothing that would really knock your socks off. I guess with such a humongous game they couldn't really perfect the graphics due to lack of time or something.

Audio: Voice acting is great, every character has a voice but you'll have to read hella lot of text, I don't know why they didn't insist on making the game entirely with voice. That kinda wrecked it for me.

Suggestions: Graphics, sounds and combat system is the things you need to keep in mind.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: One of the best RPG's I've ever played. The storyline basically revolves around the Sith, which are an evil army that can control the force, but they're more like Dark Jedi. I'm not saying that their Dark Jedi, but their powers come from the Dark Side. I won't reveal much else besides the fact that for the first planet you have to rescue the Jedi Bastila. She's a great asset to the Light Side. The gameplay is terrific, all the dialogue is interesting and the voice acting is superb - even the aliens sound real, even though it can sound repetitive at times. The side-quests are fun and interesting, same goes for the mini games such as: Swoop Racing, in which you have to beat a course as quickly as possible and try to beat others times. The graphics are tight, but nothing over the edge. One thing I have beef with is the combat system - basically it's a turn-based system (DnD like). And it doesn't let you really do the moves, just make the commands. It's basically go left, click and you watch the combat cinematic. The cinematics are cool, but the combat is more strategic than action-like. It also features dozens of Force powers and most of them are effective and interesting.

Gameplay: Combat is turn-based, you click on the move you want your character to make and you watch the cinematic. Based on your characters skill you can do a lot of damage with one blow, for example if you get the Flurry power you can do 3 moves with one shot, and as you get stronger each move gets a lot more damage. You can choose to be either Soldier, Scoundrel and Scout. Which is basically a Fighter who is better at combat, a Theif who is good at sneaking around and a Scout who's smarter. Most of the time you'll be running around completing different quests like most RPG's, and most of them are very interesting and rewarding once you finish them. At the end of each quest theres a pretty long and interesting movie that makes you feel good about completing it. Half a point off because of the not very immersive combat system.

Graphics: The visuals aren't over the top but they capture the mood very well. The different looks of planets are great, especially Manaan which looks beautiful. The models are OK, but the facial expressions are non-existant which is a little disappointing, same goes for the lip synching - its just mouth goes up mouth goes down mouth gets wide mouth gets long. Basically, graphics are good but nothing more.

Audio: Voice acting is superb both on humans and on aliens, even though some aliens can sound repetitive and it sounds like they're saying the same things over and over. Music is outstanding, well its from Star Wars so what can you expect, and sound effects are incredible - light sabres sound exactly like the movies. Top notch!

Suggestions: If it has XBox Live you might as well add some new quests or something... Weapons on XBL aren't that interesting. Get better graphics, and improve the Combat System.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hulk

Overall: Fun game while it lasts, but replay value is an absolute zero. It's really a shame so many games these days have no replayability. While it lasts, its a blast being the Hulk and it really gives you the feel of it. Bruce Banner missions are boring and either to easy or to hard. When your playing the Hulk, you can destroy everything and anyone - which makes the game a little to easy even on the harder levels. The visuals are mediocre, and you don't really notice it's cel-shaded which is either a good thing or a bad thing for some people. The plot is sort of interesting but not overly so. Overall, this game is mediocre+.

Gameplay: Hulk missions are PURE ACTION and they're very fun, you can destroy nearly everything on the level. You can perform different moves, such as a thunder clap which stuns your opponents or a ground slam in which the Hulk slams his foot into the ground knocking over all of the opponents surrounding him. The Bruce Banner missions are very few, but even those are annoying and uncomfortable. They're boring and not very challenging mostly, and those who are - are overly challenging and hard. The AI is ok, but nothing more. So - a 4.0 because of the Bruce Banner missions.

Graphics: Nothing very special nor revolutionary, but it gets the feel of the game. The cel-shaded parts are only visible in the cutscenes and the rest seem like 3D - which isn't bad but for cel-shaded fans don't expect too much.

Audio: The music is only for background and you barely hear it and it doesn't matter if you do. It doesnt't add anything to the game or mood. Sound effects are good especially when you fling the guards off the roof. Yum!

Suggestions: Add replay value, better graphics and remove all the Bruce missions! Yuch!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: I'm one of those people you hear about in reviews about this type of game - "You either love it or hate it." I'm the hate it guy. It's something about the creeping around and the strictness of the game that really turned me off. I can see why some people love it, but it's really a matter of taste. All in all, it's a decent game even for those who hate the genre, but for those who love it, it can really be a treat. With great graphics, great sounds and relatively sucky gameplay (judged subjectively) - I'll give it an overll 3.5.

Gameplay: Creep, creep, creep. Stalk, stalk, stalk. Kill, kill, kill. Well - erase the latter and you've got Splinter Cell. This game requires either tremendous skill or incredible patience. Unfortunately I lack both of these, (at least at this type of games). Basically, the game is very diverse, but the actual following out of the missions is repetitive. All you have to do is creep around, if you love your games action-packed like Halo, stay AWAY from this game. On the other hand, if your a man of patience and you'd give anything to pass a mission without killing anything, shooting or making any noise - buy this game now. The controls are tight, and really give you a good feel of the game, if you have good control over your left thumb, your good - since it controls the speed you walk in. Oh, and be prepared to be crouching for the uh... ENTIRE GAME.

Graphics: Amazing lighthing, I can't even picture this on the PS2. I guess they'd have to dumb it down incredibly so it'd fit, either that or the PS2 has a steady FPS rate of 2. The models are flawless, and the lighthing is very realistic. What else could you expect from a Tom Clancy/Ubisoft game? There are times in which you'll catch Sam Fisher floating above the stairs, but take that away and you have amazing graphics. To me, one of the best highlights of the game.

Audio: They did something right here, the voice acting is superb - even though the guards can get repetitive. If your lucky enough to have Dolby Digital 5.1, your lucky. You can hear footsteps all around you, and you can hear the type of floor your walking on. Basically, you could blindfold yourself and run on the ground and you could tell if it was grass or wood or asphalt. Great sounds.

Suggestions: Make the game a little more diverse, I'm sick of creeping and it's not for everybody. Even though the feel of it is great, and you might want to keep the atmosphere as it is, please add some more action and less suspense.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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