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Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer

Overall: If you liked the original, then you'll really like this one. The main thing that I like the most is the difficulty. The first game was incredibly hard, but in Redeemer, the game is much easier. There is an extra charater, plus a few more unlockable charaters and downloadable costumes via Xbox Live. However, there isn't much of a story, so it's pretty much a run around and kill stuff kinda game. The co-op multiplayer is one of the best parts of the game. There are very few games with a co-op as fun as this one.

Gameplay: Very easy to learn controls, exactly the same as the last installment. The gameplay is very similar to Baulder's Gate: Dark Alliance.

Graphics: Good graphics, nothing spectacluar, but nothing really bad either. Some of the convictions look really good.

Audio: Blah. The music is so-so and the voice acting is pretty bad. This is where the game could improve. However, some of the sound effects of gunshots and monsters sound great.

Suggestions: Better storyline, and the ability to create and name your own hunter would be pretty cool.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Spider-Man 2

Overall: A very good game. The city is absolutely massive. However, some of the missions at lame, and I'm really sick of all these time limits. Also, the game story is waaaaay too short. You can burn through the game in a couple of hours easily. It's more of a rental than a buy.

Gameplay: The web-swinging ability is really a lot of fun. However, some of the fighting gets really frustrating, especially the Doc Ock fight at the end. You can get hit once, bounce around the level, then go face first into the water, and therefore dying.

Graphics: Spiderman along with his friends and foes look really great, but looking at the city from a distance looks like a game from the Playstation 1. However, most of the inner city's graphics are really well done.

Audio: Most of the voice acting is done very well, however, there are a lot of gaps in between the speeches that really take away from the game. The music is also far from exciting.

Suggestions: MAKE THE STORY IN THE GAME LONGER!!! I also think that they should ditch all the stupid time limits, and have more and better quality side missions (citizens in distress).

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NHL 2004

Overall: Amazing game except for one important thing... The gameplay! This is by far the greatest hockey game ever other than the absolutely horrid gameplay! Amazing Franchise mode, great graphics, good commentary, you edit team captains, and much more. But no gameplay!!!

Gameplay: HORRIBLE!!! Even with the "Bruise Control" feature which is suppose to make for awesome hitting, it's virtually imposible to hit someone unless you're perfectly lined up with them. The gameplay is just frustrating and it's just too annoying to play. The only thing good about the gameplay was the fights.

Graphics: Awesome. The players, stadiums, crowd, etc all look amazing. This was one of the best parts of the game. Also, when you pick your team captains, they actually show up on the jersey, unlike ESPN Hockey.

Audio: Good soundtrack and very good play by play commentary, a big step up from last year. The sound is also one of the key highlights for this game.

Suggestions: Please improve on the Horrid gameplay! NHL 2003's gameplay was great, so how can the screw up 2004's gameplay so badly?

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Deus Ex: Invisible War

Overall: If you liked the first Deus Ex, then you'll like this one too. There are many different people to interact with, making the game much more than just a 1st person shooter. There are a few flaws though, one is the slow frame rate and the horrible loading times between places, while another is how the game progesses. There isn't much difference in what faction you choose to play, because every faction keeps asking you to join their side regardless of whether you doublecross them or not, and no matter what action you take, you always end up in the same place doing the same things, but at the end of the mission, you either kill someone or capture them for exapmle. That realy takes away from the replayablility. Another flaw is the weapon mods, because you can only put 2 mods on each gun, instead of being able the beef up one or two guns. But overall, still a very excellent game, one of the best 1st person shooters to date.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great, because there are many things that you can get Alex D to do. He can jump, climb, and interact with just about everything, including people, ATM machines, computers, etc.

Graphics: Absolutely stunning graphics. The levels look amazing in every detail, from the faces on the NPC's to the shadows. The only downfall is the rather slow framerate, especially when throwing grenades while fighting multiple people.

Audio: Decent voice acting, but not as good as the first Deus Ex. Alex doesn't fill JC's shoes for amazing voice acting, although he is still pretty good. Gunfire, explosions, music, and sund effects are very well done.

Suggestions: Improve the framerate and loading times, and it would be cool to cutomize what Alex looks like, other than the color of his/her skin. And please bring back the ability to beef up one gun, instead of restricting us to only 2 mods per gun. Some form of 2-player co-op would be pretty cool too. And finally, allow for the main character's decisions to have a more drastic effect earlier on in the game, because it felt like I didn't really make an impact with any factions until the last 10 minutes of the game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

Overall: Pretty much an updated version of the GTA series, but more options, such as shooting people in cars, shooting out tires, and some really good combos. I recommend this game over GTA 3 or Vice City.

Gameplay: Driving is a lot of fun, especially the car chases, along with slow motion dives just like Max Payne, and tons of different missions, and the option to go after local thugs and peace disturbers.

Graphics: Amazing graphics, the city of LA is absolutely massive, along with great looking cars that get really beat up while you run over pedestrians, trees, stop signs, and smash into oncomming traffic.

Audio: Comes with a great pure rap soundtrack, but if rap isn't your thing, simply import your own songs. The voice acting isn't too bad, along with a few good laughs here and there.

Suggestions: I would suggest more cars, and a better variety of people, because I keep seeing the same citizens over and over again. Also allow for better camera angles, because dispite being able to control it, it can still be really annoying.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu

Overall: If you're looking for a straight-forward, beat up everyone in sight brawler, this is the game for you! Overall a pretty good game, with tons and tons of fighting. Think Double Dragon but a better storyline, combos, and a few gadgets to use. Each character can also earn experience points to earn new combos, as well as a few bonus things.

Gameplay: Awesome gameplay, there are tons of different combos at you disposal, as well as different ones for all 4 characters, and the batarang allows you to lock on villians, making things easier.

Graphics: Awesome graphics, Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin are all different in size, power, and speed, and the areas to battle in are very well done too.

Audio: Not bad sound. All the characters in the game are the same voice actors from the cartoon, which gives it that true Batman feel. However, the fighting music in the backround is kinda lame.

Suggestions: The ability to choose where you want to go, instead of having to follow the same path, which will add to the replay value.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: By far the greatest game of all time! Awesome gameplay, graphics, voice acting, and storylines. The bar has definately been set for future RPG's! I'm currently on a break from this game after finishing it twice, awaiting the downloadable content.

Gameplay: Awesome RPG gameplay features, adaptable for both new players and seasoned veterans, I couldn't think of any improvements!

Graphics: From the up close headshots to the distant horizon, this game has absolutely stunning graphics from head to toe, allowing gamers to experience Star Wars at it's fullest!

Audio: Amazing voice acting with many different languages, along with the classic Star Wars backround music during exploration and battle scenes that we've all grown to love.

Suggestions: The only thing that could make this game any better would be to include more costumes for the characters, such as the slave outfits for the women, and also better looking jedi robes with capes.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 WWE Raw 2

Overall: Good solid wrestling game, but could use a few tweeks in certain areas. Overall a great game, possibly the best wrestling game so far.

Gameplay: Possibly the best feature of this game, awesome gameplay, bar none the best gameplay on any platform! Gameplay works just like the old WWF No Mercy game.

Graphics: By far the best graphics for any wrestling game to date. Wrestlers look great, and the backround and the crowd makes it feel like you are actually in the WWE.

Audio: Custom soundtracks is the best part of the sound, although with no commentary and no audio backstage or during interviews, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Suggestions: Have the champions wear the belts to the ring! And allow for gamers to edit the existing superstars, such as their abilities, because someone like Brock Lesnar shouldn't be beaten cleanly by someone like Terri, if defeats the realism from the game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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