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NCAA Football 2004

Overall: "Four seconds left in the game. The ball is snaped. The quarterback looks frantically back and forth to his deep running recievers. He breaks a sack, pivets and launches the ball to the farthest team color he could spot right before getting slamed in to the home turf. Laying on the ground, not looking in hope of a reception, the QB arises. and look! the band was blasting there horns and banging there drums, ballons were let loose, the fans trampled the field. We Won!"...ah yes, what a beutiful defining moment, and none the less, That right there is the same kind of rush NCAA football 2004 promises to deliver. So this title really does pack a punch for all of you hardcore sport fans out there.

Gameplay: Yes its true, ea still has more clever extras up there sleeves left to present to you through the making of NCAA fotball 2004. The new EA sports bio doesnt just record, and reward i might add, your progress through ncaa, but also diferent ea sport titles such as madden. But it doesnt stop there, with an all new extended dynasty mode with the appearence of the number 1 sports magazine, "sports illistrated", helps to keep the game alive and interesting whether your team is down in the dumps or at the top of the barrel. But if that still doesnt ring your bell, then im sure all of the extra goodies such as the mascot game mode, creat-a-school mode, rivalry mode, and even an ncaa classic game mode will most definetley catch your attention. But wait!...still not interested..hmmm... well take this in to mind, the amounts of "in-depth stradegy" is enough to keep even the most hardcore gamer out there playing for weeks, months, and years! Ohhhhhh, so many things to mention but so little time, there is just no way i could say everything that this game has just to offer, so ill leave it here and let you find out for what im trying to say is, ...go buy it!! trust me...its worth the price of admission.

Graphics: Smooth, slick...and just plain great looking character models help this title reach out even greater than just with the excelent gameplay alone... Well, as a big college football fan, i geuss i need to say that the coaches could use just a little help on making them look like actual coaches!! urg!! mean...umm, anyways...the graphics are solid.

Audio: Solid sound throughout the game with band fight songs from all schools and even "theme songs" help to keep this title in the feel of a true college football game.

Suggestions: hmmm... i am going to have to agree with the other reviewers on this one and say that the online play could use some..."touching up".

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Overall: As a big fan of the metal gear series, there is no doubt in my mind that i would have to say that substance is an exciting game. While I have allready played the original sons of liberty for the ps2, substance for the box, is a more, how should i put this..."interesting" game all-in-all. So while still including the entire sons of liberty, adding all of the extra features was a nice touch that every game developer should keep in mind.

Gameplay: With its brillient story that keeps you guessing through-out the entire time dragging you along for a dramatic epic experience that no game before it has ever been able to accomplish so well, Metal gear solid 2: substance is a materpiece in the lines of story telling but could use only the slightest amounts of help with its camera views. For instance it is overwhelming, sometimes, when trying to play a title that has a..."not so good" camera viewing set only showing, you (snake and/or raiden) but rarly ever showing whats in front, or behind. This may not be making a lot of sence, but im trying. But remember this was only a small problem ariseing only in sertain areas in the game, so do not let what i have told you, just about the camera, discourage you in purchasing this game, because it is well worth the price of addmission. so with all annoyences aside, the game, in a whole is a wonderfull epic of tight controls and Maneuverability in finding the quietist way possible to eliminate your highly inteligent(great AI...obviously) enemys.

Graphics: Even with Konami not taking the full advantage in the xbox's power, much like others out there, the graphics are good but short from stunning. Unfortinatly it seems, to me, that the graphics are identical to those on the ps2 version, but then again, keep in mind that for the ps2, sons of liberty had some of the best graphics available for the playstation out of the games available at the time. But the closer you pay-attention to the box's version you can notably see, rather fine lighting enhancments, so i guess Konami did use, atleast a little bit, of the xbox's graphical power, but i do still hold the opinion in my mind that they could have done a better job at it.

Audio: The sound in some ways sounded great and at the same time, not so great. Because once you are entrigued in the twisted story of MGS2, you will soon come to think to yourself that the guns dont sound as if they were real. But unfortinatly the only thing you can do about that is sit and ponder, because the delightness of other quality sounds such as environmental effects, easily covered up for that small, but noticable flaw with the exeption of the "weak-sounding" explosions.

Suggestions: I think in many ways that you (konami) didnt take the advantage that you were presented with because you anticipated the release of MGS2 for the box so you only made slight differences through out the title. So in taking note of these... "thought to be"... facts, i would suggest trying taking just a little more time in polishing up this allready great game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Gladius

Overall: some of these other reviews were all kind of long, so ill make a short one for all of you people out there that dont like to read much, ok? ok. Gladius is one of the finest turn-based RPG available for any console, with an Exquisite battle system and pleasent story taking the control of prince Urlan who just happens to run a gladiator school.

Gameplay: choosing students to fight with you in battle, obtaining numoris amounts of items and defeating many different enemys is only a few quality asspects that make Gladius, truly, a masterpiece in the making. But also with its battle system, much like a golfing-game meter, has the smoothest of feelings... So, unfortunatrly, As of right now I cant think of any more good/big adjectives to use in describing this game so i will end it here. But keep in mind that even with its in-depth stradegy, gladius can certanly apeal to many more different people than you would only think.

Graphics: While gladius may not have the best graphics you would ever hope to see on the xbox, it certainly is the better looking one out of the other versions(ps2 and gamecube).

Audio: It manages to have some fairly decent tunes, but, sadly some repetive battle music. But with all that set aside, the sounds from the clashing swords and just all of the overal effects are great.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: Elder scrolls 3: Morrowind is an "RPG masterpiece" through the eyes of some, but at the same time, a "boring and pointless waste of my life masterpiece" to others. So you can easily see from that, that morrowind does not apeal to everybody. But does, infact, apeal to all of those hardcore RPG junkies out there much like my self. But even with that being the case, the game kind-of, actually pulled me further away from even taking it out of the case to play again due to the fact that the whole concept of the game revolved around walking around in a huge, gigantic world filled with monsters, goblins and just all types of different creatures to kill with nothing more than the aid of a poorly designed battle system. So i would have to say, that through my eyes, elder scrolls 3 is a..."boring and pointless waste of my life masterpiece"

Gameplay: In this title, be warned that while playing, you will have extremely painfull right trigger finger cramps from pressing it endless amounts of times aimed to kill one creature while only half of the swings you attemp actually hit the darn thing! So obviously from that, you can see just how frustrating this game can actually be. But hey, look on the bright side, after killing a creature, you can give your finger a rest because you wont need it while you are doing nothing more than walking slowly to a place that will take like 20 minutes just to get to, and yes, literally 20 minutes to reach one place. That just goes to show exactly how big the world really is But that 20 minute thing i said only scrathes the surface compared to how long you will spend walking throughout other quests. So basically, the only thing i really enjoyed doing was killing inocent store keepers and steeling there goods, but once i was finished doing all of that, i found that there was really no need to actually play the game any longer...So i just threw it in my, not really, but it was very tempting.

Graphics: Here is a quote from game informer magazine..."Let's not even talk about how outdated the textures are. The draw-distance was awful."...and i agree very much so. But to give some credit, the water effects were rather

Audio: The tunes were ok, but got old really fast because of the repeating of itself over, and over, and over, and over...see my point? But then again the sound effests were'nt all that great ether.

Suggestions: Well, there is so much i would like to commit on but i will limit it only to the most important ones. First of all, whats up with the graphics? even if it is a port, that doesnt mean that you could have polished it up a bit for tha box. And lastly, the battle system...ohhh, i just do not know what you were thinking....i mean there is no words to describe it except..."not good, not good at all".

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

Overall: I appreciate the effort that neversoft put in to the game by trying to create an open-ended feel to it, but in my opinion I think that the THPS3 engine was just fine. But once again I have to give them credit one more time for trying to pull it off, but unfortunatly did not. So overall the game is a blast but only for the first couple of days, if even that, because once you enter the codes (if your a cheater!) theres really no point in playing it after that Because of its silly mission similarities through out the game.

Gameplay: The controls are tight with wonderfull precision that makes this, unfortunatly dissapointing sequal, into a solid game.

Graphics: The environments are great, but not mind blowing. but in my head right now, the only problem that i can think of is that the character models could have used just a little, i repeat, just a little help in details, but other then that, the game looks pretty good compared to the first three.

Audio: The game includes some awsome tunes, but also alows you to put in your own soundtracks thanks to the box's hard drive. The voice overs couldnt be better and the environment sounds are great, which is always a good addition to any game.

Suggestions: Making the environments even more interactive would be a nice addition to any game

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Overall: Ok, I whant to make this clear once and for all, every time i play clone wars, i get confused and think i am playing a rouge squadron game because, that is, basically, all you do through out this star wars title. Fly and shoot things. If i whanted to do that i would have bought a Star wars: rouge squadron title (which i was trying to avoid.)So i guess what i am trying to say, is that clone wars is not at all what i had expected and/or whanted it to be, because i whanted to walk aroung slash a couple of bad guys, do some cool jedi stuff and, well, ok, ok you do get to do that in clone wars, but for only 9% of the game, the other 91% of the game is flying.

Gameplay: The controls are pretty good, And thats always a good thing so that there is atleast one good thing about this wanna-be rouge squadron rip-off star wars title.

Graphics: The ships are nice to look at, as well as the explosions, and particle effects, ect... so overall the graphics are pretty solid despite the fact that the character models are kinnda lame, but i am not going to allow that to effect the score since you barly get to play as a character through out like the whole game, oh, well, besides that lame 9% that i mentioned earlier.

Audio: Good sound, good music (if you like the star wars theme, and other instramental noises the game throws at you) and even better explosion. shooting, ect... sounds.

Suggestions: Next time you make a star wars title with out the "rouge sqadron" name in it, try to make it what it should be......Think about it..hmmm...

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

Overall: Despite the fact that this game mean "Borrowed" the Gran Turismo engine, the game itself is pretty solid but not quit as solid as the Gran Turismo series. But Sega gt does have a fairly nice collection of cars, and even a few oldies thrown in to keep it interesting. And with the addition of modifying your cars, and even decorateing your own garage is a nice touch to any racing game.

Gameplay: The controls for this title hold up quit well compared to other racing games out there today, even compared to Gran Turismo. But all-in-all the only flaw i really, found in the gameplay was the earning of licences, because that in-itself actually mad me not enjoy the game as much due to the fact that it became very frustrating and long.

Graphics: The cars are nice and shiney, just like you would espect them to be, but the environments are broad and dull. But even with that being the case, its overall a fairly should i say this, "decent" looking game but nothing great to look at. But im feeling nice right now, so i geuss i should give the cars some credit because they are rather

Audio: Overall pretty solid, but could use some better tunes and engine effects. So Otherthan that the sound wasnt to bad but most definetly not good.

Suggestions: Next time, try and make a game with originality, instead of "borrowing" an engine from another racing title, like...lets say..Gran Turismo.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: After reading member reviews over this game, many of you may not like me after you read this, so in protection of my life i just whant to apologize in, just kidding, but any way, the matter of the fact is, is that i did not enjoy this game just as much as i had hoped to. The concept is pretty lame, and the graphics look like a generic form of cell-shaded. So just let me start over...The concept is, riding around on roller skates, and spray painting walls, well, thats the most part of it any way.

Gameplay: Like i mentioned earlier, you ride around on skates, graffiti on a few walls and then, guess more graffitie, doesnt that just sound so fun!!...LAME!! but ok, to give some credit for even having the guts to publish this game, i will have to say that it was fun riding backwards on my skates, yep, thats pretty sad when that is the main highlight of the game for someone, well, for me anyways.

Graphics: Hmmm...i just dont know what they were thinking when they tried to pull off the cell-shaded thing that they tried to pull off, but i applaud them for a nice effort.

Audio: To sum it all up, the music was not the best, but the sound effects with the environment and things like that were probably the only thing half-decent about this game.

Suggestions: Well, i guess you have to recieve a bad review from some people and i guess that i am one of those people, but hey look on the bright side, if it wasnt for these bad reviewss then you would never know what tpo improve in your future game. sorry for all of the "not nice" comments.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: In Dead to Rights, you take the role of a cop looking for revenge to his fathers death, named, none-other than... Jack Slate. While diving in slow motion, shooting every living thing that happens to cross your raging line of fire...besides, your dog, ovcourse, but any ways... ohh, who am i kidding, i cant pull off this dramatic stuff, so ill just stop there, and leave your minds open to ponder.

Gameplay: Like i had mentioned, the addition of adding slow motion to a classic-style 3rd person shooter, is a nice touch, and quit enjoyable to watch, but also, at the same time, helpfull as well. But the seemingly great goodie extras dont just stop there because you are also accompanied by your loyal companion...*drumm roll please*...ok, i forgot his name, but he's a dog, so that should tell you enough right there. So overall the game is pretty fun the first time through, but gets pretty old after that. Ohh, i almost forgot, the controls are overall pretty solid but i, personally think could have improved.

Graphics: Since Dead to Rights is also available for the gamecube and playstation 2 as well, it does not take its fullest advantage of the xbox's power, but still is a rather, average, game that doesnt hurt the eyes to look at.

Audio: The title has some rather nice gun effects but also, just as good environmental noise effects as well. So it is, overall a solid game when it comes to sound.

Suggestions: By adding a kind-of GTA type of engine to the game, It could be one of the best.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Top Spin Tennis

Overall: I am going to keep this short because no one like to read a long review.But really, theres no words i could think of inside of my small cranium that could fully describe the feel to this game anyway, but hey, i mean, what could i say, cuz all you really do is hit a ball back and forth, am i right? I will just assume that i am.

Gameplay: Very, Very precise controlls, having each face buttons and triggers perform a different shot. It may sound to simple for us "video game junkies" out there, but the more you actually get in to the game, the more in-depth it becomes through out the entire career mode. But if you are really looking for a blast, then get a buddy to play doubles with you on xbox live. Extremely fun.

Graphics: All you really need in a tenis game to make it graphically good is some totally life-like animations, and some nice lighting effects. Top spin has both. So really, this game has some of the best graphics for any sports title today.

Audio: Ok, so far the game has some fairly nice graphics and tight controls, so now all we need is some good sound quality, which top spin, definetly delivers.

Suggestions: I think you should make a kind-of "top spin: extreme court tenis featuring anna kournikova"...If you, know what i mean. But...ummm, totally, in a ummm...non preverted way.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: I would personally have to say that Tides of war could have been the best, right up there with the almighty halo, FPS for any console. With the exception of a few minor flaws, this title would have shure made a big dent in the world FPS video games, even if this is only a port.

Gameplay: With its fairly wide range of weapons, and extras tides of war is a highly entertaining game, but unfortunatly, not as highly addicting. Because it does seem to get a bit repetive through out the course of the game but does a fairly good job of breaking it up with new level designs, and oddly enough, mummies, robots and monsters. hmmm....seem a little wierd for a nazi based FPS game? not at all, it does a great job blending in with itself, and actually, probably would have done better without a story, or CG movies, Because the story kind of gets you all twisted and sometimes hard to understand.

Graphics: The character models are good, even better than halo i might add, but has just as good environments. The only real problem i could find was that, well, everything could have used just a little bit more touching know, just a little more polishing up here and there. But other than that, The graphics are pretty average for being on the big black box, and actually look quit great compared to the ps2 version.

Audio: This is a part of the review that i hate, Particularly for this game because no matter ho much i enjoyed it, i just couldnt seem to get over the sound. Well, let me put it this way, its like playing halo, but with cotten balls stuffed in your ear with only a little room to hear. Yes, its sad, but sadly enough, i give it a 3.5 .

Suggestions: Everything is good, except the sound. Work on that, and then you might actually have that so called, "halo killer" every one is talking about.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Deus Ex: Invisible War

Overall: As a big fan of the first one there is no reason for me not to like invisible war. When the first title came out for the playstation 2, it was allready a pretty old game because of it being ported to the playstation a good while after it was originally developed for the pc. In many ways, invisible war is like a FPS version of star wars: knights of the old republic (which is another great game) because of options to take or refuse missions, and the abilitie to choose what you whant to say when having conversations with NPCs. But it only differs in the..."safe zones"... that KOTOR had, because in invisible war you can do pretty much what you please, but be forwarned, if you do choose to kill whomever you would like for no apparent reason, there will be consequences much like in the RPG elder scrolls 3: morrowind, because if you are famillier with that game, you will know, just exactly what kind of "consequences" i am talking about. But if you did not know allready, deus ex invisible war is an RPG, but is not should i put this...not as "RPGish" as the first. But still well worth the purchase if you are a heavy RPG junkie or just a casual gamer.

Gameplay: Wonderfull controls make this port an excelent addition for any console owners.But not only are the controls good, the game is quit entertaining Thanks to the massive amounts of freedom you have throughout the game from tossing around objects or people, and even catching some NPCs on fire is always worth a good laph. But with all of the humor set aside, invisible war is a pretty serious and dramatic adventure that has many twists and turns to keep you entrigued for a good while.

Graphics: Invisible war has some excelent lighting effects and beutifull environments, but could use a little help on the frame rates (they seem to get a little annoying at times). So overall Deus ex invisible war does not set the standard for video games in graphical influences, but does have some nice things to look at.

Audio: Well, not much to say about the sound other than that the voice overs are well done, keeping in mind that there are a lot of them through out the game. And that the music, even though it sets the mood, was most deffinetly not the best i have ever heard.

Suggestions: If you decide to make another Deus ex, try and improve the frame rates, and try to make that your main priority because i often found myself annoyed, because when i am in the middle of a battle, it makes it hard when a game has "glutchy" frame rates. I am sure that many gamers will also agree wirth me on that one. but other than that, the game is great.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Well, there is not much i can say about these games other then that it is a masterpiece in its own world striving with the genres of driving, boating, shooting, and whatever, you name it, GTA double pack probably has it. From the undergroung world of the mafia, and the dirty drug buisness from the 80's Grand theft auto double pack is a game no xbox owner should go without.

Gameplay: Both GTA 3 and vice city focus on the same controls, and theme which includes stealing a car, killing some innocent people for your demented pleasure, and completing some missions for whom ever will give you money. But, ofcourse, The GTA series does push the envelope with graphic violence, some strong (yet funny) language, and some pretty strong sexual themes. So overall, the controls are pretty solid.

Graphics: The most improved graphical enhancements compared to the ps2 are seen in GTA 3, but do not be fooled, because, vice city, also has some nice enhancments compared to the playstation, yet, are still not the best out there, because rockstar did not take full advantage of the box's power.

Audio: ummm....the sound is not the best, but then again not the worst. This was a problem for the ps2 as well though, so dont get let down just because of this minor flaw. But dont worry, it is still good enough for the game to be enjoyable and does not have that generic feeling to it.

Suggestions: Keep up the good work, but for GTA 5 (which is thought to be taking place in las vegas, a.k.a sin city)try and make more, if not everything interavtive for the ultimate gaming experience.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Bungies Launch title Halo brings a whole new meaning to FPS. This is ONE of the...if not THE best FPS for any console thus far. The options to fly, drive or just walk are only few of the many other great things that have awarded this masterpiece of a game..."king of all FPS". But strangly enough, the so-called "king of all FPS" takes place as an intergalactic war with only aliens as enemys.

Gameplay: Halo has some smart and witty level design, But (keyword.."but") for only the first 3 to 4 levels...hmmm...not a very good asset for the "king of all FPS" is it? But with that being the case, the game seems to get a bit repetive, but without a doubt still a blast thanks to the abillities to fly, and drive, like i mentioned earlier, gives you somthing to look forward to later on through out the the game. So by far Halo is the undisputed champ when it comes to the FPs genre.

Graphics: The Environments are beutifull yet the character models could use some touching up. So that was a bit suprising just for the fact that this was an xbox launch title but failed to use the box's full power potential.

Audio: The sound is overall good, but can seem to be a bit "skippy" at times due to all of the other noises happening such as explosions, voice overs, and even environmental sounds as well. So as a whole the game is pretty solid when it comes to sound

Suggestions: the game is rock solid with only few minor flaws, but i am sure (or atleast i hope) will be improved in the highly anticipated, almighty, Halo 2.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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