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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat


I like this game, it is very very very addicting, I finally got over the addiction, went back to Halo 2, lol, get this game unless it is dirt cheap, IF you aren't going to take it online, AMAZING online play!

Gameplay: Yeah, yeah, it's all good. singleplayer is pretty fun, but compared to online play it is nothing but target practice.

I like to jump right into online with games, and I did with this one, it is aweso

Graphics: Awesome!

You won't be disappointed, the graphics give the gameplay a sweet sense of realism.
All around good visually, especially for being on the xbox.

Audio: Good good, lots of different sounds to keep it sounding like a changing battlefield, unlike blackhawk down where you here everything nomatter how close it

Suggestions: Little trouble with online servers, connecting and lagging out, can make the singleplayer more fun by trying to incorporate a little haloish stuff in.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: Take advice from a real halo addict,not some person that reveiws every game there is! this is the best fps since....wellll Halo,lol.
this game is JUST THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!not much else to say!
i right short reveiws :(

Gameplay: Xbox live really takes the this second Halo game to a whole new LEVEL!But lets not forget the single player mode, it proves to be very good but seemed really short to me, but the single player is absolutley the best even with little anoyances. I shouldnt say anoyances for that because it dosen't seem right, i didnt like the idea of being a covenant at first , but that all changed quickly.Overall the gameplay was even better with new enemies and weapons!make sure you try out the sword matches on XBL! :)

Graphics: Why do you think halo is not on the PS2 yet? the PS2's graphics stink!!!!!The xbox really lets halo finally take its place in our world!the visual description is the best with half flood and half marine zombies, really detailed stuff,and the multiplayer levels took to the top of multiplayer with xbox live!
all of your enemies are really mean lookin,*shudder*, and your weapons are tweaked out too!

Audio: another compliment for the Xbox is its good sound!In Halo 2 the gunshots grenade explosions andyelling marines are better than ever! except the elites talk english now and that confuses me a little ;( the xbox live talk is cool because you cant here people really far away talking to you, or they will be like whispering!

Suggestions: Halo 3?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Counter-Strike

Overall: great solid terrorist counter terrorist gameplay!its awesome if you like halo or any good fps! get it get it get it now! great guns and i like the get money and have to buy guns situation its great! also a wide variaty of guns and the selection like an AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN, thats right folks that love scatter guns!

Gameplay: great!! 1 regret that it does not have a campange (spelled wrong :(?) mode! that stinks. i say again the variety of guns rock and one other thing concerning gun play is that there is no rocket launcher!, just those pieces of lead!!!!!!! of course there is gernades too and the gas gernades are the best!

(sp! grenades for all you english freaks out there)

Graphics: good good graphics!, again i comment the gas/smoke grenades they have in this game, it makes it great the levels are real good too and i wish i had time to type a huge thing about them, but sadly no!

Audio: this was a key part to the gameplay the different gun shots ruled the place down and up and all the other sound effects in the game it was da bomb dude!

Suggestions: gets very close to halo! well i mean just get it!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

Overall: i bought this game when i got my xbox. played it once and put it away. a year later i pulled it out and stuck it in the box. i started playin and got real addicted even though it took longer to bust tricks. but it still got boring cause i was on the first level. the thing is im ashamed now cause i used cheats but it brought the game to life!!

Gameplay: great, the goals arent great though the levels are all done great to !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graphics: great the levels are done really good i love the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Audio: pretty good sound compared to other dumb games i liked it a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suggestions: good game

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Midtown Madness 3

Overall: like crusin through town in a high speed checkpiont race? sound fun? well try taken a corvette convertible and go crashin through central park at 100 mph..... ok ok try 150 mph!!!!!

Gameplay: great awesome checkpoint races !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome cars to unlock and wide levels around the world!

Graphics: fantastic !!!!!!! man awesome good visual! aawesome looking cities!great lookin c

Audio: you can hear everything , anything crashes and plus incorporated game its awesome!!!!

Suggestions: nothing the best love it high speed !!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: Dude! I didn't want this game! But my birthday roled around and guess what i got.? Thats right Spiderman.So I figured what the heck. After I completed the tutorial i was wide mouthed! i started playin and it got a little bit addicting! Its one of the best 3d action games of all time right after the prince [P.O.P. Prince of Persia!!!

Gameplay: AWESOME! But it should have more fighting moves man thats a big downside to me! It gets hard to battle people in the air to.

Graphics: Not much but ok i like just like playin the game , but the graphics were good.

Audio: Good about like my visual description.

Suggestions: it was good man!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Cabela's Deer Hunt: 2004 Season

Overall: The absolute extreme big buck hunting game , this is a must have for any crazy hunter that plays xbox! This game is addicting to the end!!!!

you can drive atv's, boats, suv's, trucks and snowmobiels!!!! you can use tree stands , tripod stands, ground blinds, and tents!!!!!! shotguns, bows, rifels, and hand guns!!!!! i was so addicted to getting the big buck!

Gameplay: the best. I think the wolfs attacking you sometimes was wicked cool, and the deer look so so real!! but one thing made it difficult , if you go down a small steep hill and land , your body turns red and the warden has rescued you , i think thats why you should have a med kit in your backpack [lol]!!! but the gameplay was stunning real!!! but the warden gives you a hard time.

Graphics: as i said all the visual effects were almost through the roof. The deer looked soooooooooo real , as for the foxes cyotes and bears!!! the scenorie is stunning almost perfect!!!

Audio: the sounds thats you could hear helped make it great you could hear birds, your feet, wolfs barking, wind rustling through trees and anything else, awesome!!!!

Suggestions: I cant wait for 05 one!!! nor can i wait to get dangerous hunts!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Aggressive Inline

Overall: ok game it got boring sorry to say thps series are a lot better but the game got you playin the number of moves was good , like grabbing a pole and swinging around it like a gymastic olympist dude. the tricks should get alot better and there should be cooler stuff in the game like wicked skatepark ski type jumps and stuff one of my first games , was good.

Gameplay: like i type the tricks were gettin lame but the moves like swinging on a pole was cool overall ok.......

Graphics: was fine cant say much but it was ok like i say not much to say about

Audio: ok not much to say again you get bored after hours the sound track was good but go custom sound track .

Suggestions: if a second MAKE IT JUST PLAIN BETTER PEOPLE !!!!! [that felt good]

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: good gameplay arguably the best game since HALO yah man, but could get better . it really could come to think about it ,its still awesome.

Gameplay: the game play went a tiny bit down on my part takes more thought then halo but the bot support in multiplayer is awesome and the levle editor man check it out!!!

Graphics: really good graphics with the levels pretty great but can always get better . the bad zombie dudes look cool!!!

Audio: good sound again can get better but its non stop distant shoots and yells in multiplayer bots i ,mean there the part that puts halo looking like poor material [halo still better though] .

Suggestions: well.... make the next one match halo ... if you can , but i still enjoyed this hugely its one of my favorites!!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: unspeakably the best game ever everyone knows ddddddduuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh whats to argu?

Gameplay: intense fighting and sweet guns gtg get this game you will be amazed ,the multi player ... dude the best !!

Graphics: great graphics i was amazed , awesome stuff the covenant look brutal but the grunt needs an upgrade...

Audio: sound effects are awesome ... thee best all the screams and yells from marines are good and roaring guns are cool.

Suggestions: halo 2 gonna be sweet just keep up the work bungie work on little details woaw why am i talkin 2nd one is almost out on shelfs!!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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