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Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Really fun just like it was when I had them on PS2, however even better though the added xtras. I should say that I never got a change to beat them on PS2. So it was nice to come back and get another shot on an even funner version.

Gameplay: Same ol mayham but now with your favorit tones and even better graphics. I have loved slaying ppl on this game for sometime and I like seeing things better on my xbox and HDTV.

Graphics: Way better graphics over its aged PS2 counterpart, however, still not as good as most games. For example many of the chars. look blocky.

Audio: Well now its got some DD sound. This makes it even more of a great game to have on the xbobx. I was glad to see that they let you play your own custom tracks while driving.

Suggestions: Make the next one "start" on both the xbox and the PS2. Also higher some good graphics ppl, like ubi soft. ^_^

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Tetris Worlds: Online Edition

Overall: Love this game, its your classic tetris plus many new game types. The best part is the online play because if your like me your good enough that you cant find ppl to play with at home, so now you can adventure out to the killing fields online. I should not that I was #1 on XBL for 5 months till I stopped playing it becuase of school, now I am #5 even after not playing it for so long.

Gameplay: Classic tetris, plus many new types. My favorit is for sure block tetris. Its where you creat a four by four block out of either like or dissimualar peices.

Graphics: Well its tetris ya know not to much for great breath taking graphics. I will say that the menue system is easy to work with.

Audio: Again it tetris and its not a game known for its breath taking sounds. But, it does allow you to play custom sounds tracks, which is perhaps next to online play, the very best thing that was added to this already great game. I love playing my Brave Heart sound track while beating the !&%$@#* out of ppl. ^_^

Suggestions: Dear God make it so that you can fix the problems with this game. I hate it when your in a game and it glitches and not all the ppl can see each other and not all the trash is given out equelly.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: Wow, that’s all I can say its got just so much to offer. First there is a huge offline mission; I played about an hour of this and loved it all the way. The enemies were way more responsive then those found in GR. The only thing I found lacking was I really wanted a map, but that’s fine that there was not one in that it forces you to do some old discovery type playing. I checked every door in an ally only to find & open. Well then there is the offline co-op, which is a blast too, I plan to play more of that with Cooler and/or Othos tonight. Last and maybe best of all was the killer online stuff. Now there are way to many things that were great about it and leaps above GR to mention here and I also don’t want to leave it at “well it was good.” That said I wish to tell you of the few things I most liked seeing, *Graphics= they really looked better than GR. Voting= not yet has this been part of a console game like it has been on the PC, but this is killer. Say someone has set up a dedicated server and you want to change a setting well just put it to a vote and it will change w/o the host having to do a thing. Auto Kick= I have played in way to many games where ppl come in and only want to team kill, when your trying hard to play right. Well now those loosers will get kicked automatically for team killing if you have this on and set. Ne thing can change= I love the fact that you can change almost NE thing in the game w/o leaving. God view= its almost funner to be dead at times, you have the ability to go into spectator mode and watch it all from NE view you want. Well I just realized that I could go on for hours here, I will leave this part with letting you know there are many many more things that make this great online.

Gameplay: I think this is best looked at in two parts. One offline campaign mode, this is a nonstop action with a well-driven story. Again here you see some great enemy AI, *not halo* like but good. Also, the graphics are even better offline I think, it is 480p NE way though. The cut scenes are nice a beautifully rendered. Online, is where it’s at for most ppl and certainly one of the funnest parts I played last night. There are several dif game types that can be switched on the fly making it very user friendly. There is also a more concerted effort for team play, this comes from many things but two really standout. One, there is no map to use to see where your ppl are, so you will have to talk and learn the terrain. Two, there are classes of ppl you can be and they must work with each other to get things done, ie… call in air strikes with the lieutenant only, and of course the medic can only help heal you. These are all things that give RTCW lasting appeal.

Graphics: I don’t want to use GR only here to judge this game but since lots of ppl own that I think its easy to compare it here and have ppl understand. RTCW is way better than GR in this dept. From the facial movement while the players talk to the explosions, this game stands out as not being Halo but some where between it and GR. Again I say it helps that its done in 480p for those of us blessed enough to own an HDTV.

Audio: Here is the one area that I think GR and this game can stand side by side. I liked the sound it supports DD and all. I think I heard less voice lag and that’s a plus over GR but other than that I say its on par with other games out there.

Suggestions: Well I think we found a bug last night in that often the voice channel switched from general to something else on its own. But I am very thankful that this game has a DL content area built in so I say get this and NE other bugs fixed up with a DL soon and please give us more weapons and maps, and what about some vehicles. I love games with vehicles. lol

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA Street Vol. 2

Overall: This was a Basketball game in the vain of the old NBA Jams. They have made all the necessary changes to make this game even better than its first incarnate. I have played all the NBA games this year for XB and let me say this is the only one I would buy even though it does not have NE online play. And dear god if it did the other ppl would really be in trouble.

One of the funnest times I have had with a sports game period! I loved the old NBA Jams and this was par with the fun I had with those titles on N64. Every thing about this game is useable and was put in with the player in mind. From the Killer moves to the customizable players, moves, and more, it all added up to longevity. When I was through with the first game and earned my first 50pts I could not wait to see what all I could unlock, when I got to the page I was amazed to see all the extras they had there to work towards.

Gameplay: There is a verity of things to do in this game. Your can play; pick up game, training, becoming a legend, and others. After finishing my training I played a lot of pick up games and that’s where the fun was, with two ppl this quickly became a competitive game. After my friend (Coolerf150 from here) went home I moved on the NBA area of play. That was also fun, at first I was being schooled but soon after watching the AI ppl play I found that I was getting better too. At this point I would like to add that on ever level (there are three) the AI is set to just the right balance for a competitive play and all out fun.

Graphics: This game looks great. I had my doubts with the new look. But after a few minutes of play I was assured that EA Big had went the right direction with this one. I loved how closely they got the players shot still and overall look. Notable of those that I seen was Jordan’s Fade away, Shaq’s Free Through, and V. Carter’s Arm in the bucket (Called Honey Dip) Dunk. Also the “on fire” look to things (that I rarely got) looked smooth in the new setting of this game. It also does not hurt that I own a 45” Sony HD TV and this game supports that.

Audio: Another outstanding job here for EA, I loved the way when the game changed tracks it showed it on the bottom of the screen. The announcing is not annoying its fun like the game. There are all the accoutrements here to make this another area of the game that one can marvel at. Also it did not hurt that I have a killer sound system and the XB owns in this area.

Suggestions: Keep on keeping on. You are so on the right track with this title now all that needs to happen is for it to support custom sound tracks and XBL.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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