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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Overall: Sam Fisher hath returned :). Splinter Cell: Panora Tomorrow is mroe of the sam stealth awesomeness delivered from the first installment. More gaphics, more gadgets, more characters, and new online play. Splinter Cell: PT is insanely good. The only reason you shouldn't buy this game, is if you don't have an Xbox.

Gameplay: Single-Player is more of the same from the first. With some new slick 'SWAT' moves, the game is roughly the same as before, of course, that isn't a bad thing. Multi-Player is where the game shines. Two teams of Mercenaries and Spies (usually consisting of 2 players each, 4 players maximum) and the spies have a time limit that they need to comeplete and objective, ranging from defusing some bomb things, from taking nuclear tubes to their extraction point. The spies use smoke grenades, and shocking bullets, the only way they can kill is by breaking the neck, or choking the mercenary to death. Mercenraies have to prevent the spies from comepleting their objective, they have the frag grenades, and lethal bullets, and cameras to their advantage. Spies obviously need to bypass all of these obsticales to be successful. Two teams of two players each make up for some very very tense games, and very enjoyable online play.

Graphics: Again, more of the same, notice 'more'. Yes, Pandora Tomorrow has upped the graphics from the first. Not by a whole heck of a lot, but its there, and noticeable. Sam has more details than before. The lighting effects are the same as before, I havn't noticed any difference, but was there anything to improve on? I don't think so. Only odd thing is that the spies in multiplayer arn't as detailed as Sam Fisher is, but I imaging that to kill maybe lag or something, really that's just nitpicking though isn't it?

Audio: Sound is the only thing keeping this game from perfection. Sam Fisher has returned with the same voice, Grimsdotter has a different voice, and the new annoying guy isn't helping matters. This game suffers from poor voice overs, most are fantastic as before, but the new people are terrible. Grimsdotter, and that new guy killed this game from perfection, I know it's nitpicking, but it adds up to take a points away. Sorry, but they killed perfection.

Suggestions: The voice-overs in the first were better than the second, why? I don't know, but you need to fix that.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: When I first played Xbox, Iplayed Halo, I was so impressed and about 2 hours later I found out I was getting Halo and Xbox. I was so happy. I played it for hours, and unfortunetly I had the game beat by the end of the day. Now don't get me wrong this is one hell of a game, but I like replay value and this game lacks horribly in that category. I had the game beat on legendary by February, 5 person Halo is a blast, but multiplayer is the only reason I give this game 1.5 I love multiplayer! But the fact of the matter is this isn't a very good game.

Gameplay: I like it between December '01 - February '02. Then I got bored of it. No replay value, No extras to keep me playing this game.

Graphics: The visuals are nothing short of amazing. Not as amazing as DOA3, but amazing. The detail in the dirt, blood, and alien were great, one (okay about the only) of the best aspects in the game.

Audio: Great sounds from the guns, to your teamates, to the aliens screaming "Run, He'll kill us all" I love it. The grenade's (exspcially Plasma) sounds were awsome.

Suggestions: I must admit I cannot wait for Halo 2. But Hurry up and make it! Halo was the main reason I wanted Xbox And I was very dissapointed. Add some replay value to Halo 2, and alot more levels. 8 isn't enough.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: I bought this game expecting basically Rainbow Six, with Xbox LIVE. Well, unfortunetly it's not a thing like the Rainbow Six series.

Gameplay: Boring. Rainbow Six has action at almost every corner. This is more of a tactical game. Which I don't like (Using my small brain). On the serious side, this a snipers game. Most of it is starting from one point, and sniping the other players, or AI. Good AI while im at it. If you have play the PC version of Rainbow Six series, then I wouldn't recommend this if your expecting that same fun. It's just not in this one. The multi-player maps are too large, and the distance between team staring points makes the matches last way too long.

Graphics: Average. Alot more could have went into this game. All the textures are bland, and not very realistic, the character design is lacking detail as well. Seems like it was made in 1998. (When the orginal R6 came out.)

Audio: Again not too much detail, but as I've said before, I don't expect alot from a First-Person Shooter.

Suggestions: Don't continue porting over the Ghost Recon series, even with Xbox Live, its pretty boring. Bring Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield w/Live A.S.A.P.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: One huge Role-Playing game, the best RPG for Xbox, and the best Star Wars game in one, does it get any better?

Gameplay: I really didn't like the turn-based/real-time fighting, It was too unorganized for me. I like how you could run around in battle, but it wouldn't dodge an attack? The guns were cool, and the world is awesome. The environments were really well done.

Graphics: Not visual eye-candy but its not at the bottom of the barrel, it doesnt really meet Xbox standards, but hey it gets the job done.

Audio: I really loved the sounds, the voice-overs were phenomenal, the guns sounds, grunts. You name it, I think this had the best sounds from any game ever made.

Suggestions: Make the fighting straight Turn-based, or straight Real-Time. It just doesn't work together.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 The Sims

Overall: Another incanation of the most boring game to ever hit the planet. The Sims. EA and Maxis really need to stop making these games. It's getting rediculous. Can someone tell me why this game is the most bought PC game ever made? How can people be entertained by the same thing over and over and over?

Gameplay: You play God and control the most idiotic AI humas ever put into a video game. They do something, and you watch. You go into a hottub, they talk, you watch. They cook, you watch. They set the house on fire, you watch them act like morons. They goto do absolutly NOTHING.

Graphics: Hm...The Sims which first appeared on PC looks graphically better than this one. It doesn't deserve the right to be on Xbox.

Audio: Horrible noises for dialog, annoying music, bad sound effects. It just doesn't get any more lame than the sound. Why can't I give everything a '1'. Hell nothing about this game deserves a 1.

Suggestions: ...STOP MAKING THESE GAMES!!!!

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: The best PS2 game finally comes to the Xbox, in new form. The game looks to have been done completely over again by Rockstar Vienna, and they did a stellar job.

Gameplay: Run around, kill people, steal cars, do missions for cool Mafia bosses, race cares, kill more people. It's simple, and its mindlessly fun and violent.

Graphics: Defnate props on the lighting effects youll notice the difference the second you find a new car. This one has engines, as oppposed to just a picture, the tires have details, and no more popups! The game doesn't really come up to Splinter Cell, or things of that level, but it does impress since its dramatically better than the PS2 versions.

Audio: Love the voice overs, the music (especially in Vice City) is grand, and the Custom soundtracks make this awesome. The car sounds arnt to much but hey, they are there, and thats what counts.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: The third installment of my all time favorite game series, Rainbow Six. This one just plain blows away Rainbow Six, and Rogue Spear. Your a counter-terrorist organisation brought in only when needed. The elite Rainbows.

Gameplay: The same perfect gaming as before. Except instead of 4 different teams, there is 1 group of 4 team members. The man, Domingo 'Ding' Chavez is the head of your team, and followed by three others. The voice-recognition in Single player is amazingly cool, and the AI is spot on, very hard!

Graphics: Splinter Cell in 1st person, can it get better? Well, yeah I guess it can. Updated graphics, same awesome lighting effects, and character details that just plain rule. The great backgrouds make the game great too.

Audio: Very accurate to the real sounds of each repective gun. M-16 sounds like an M-16, AK-47 sounds like an AK-47. The voices are very well done, as always. And the messages comming through to the headset sound awesome.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: sigh, just like MK3, and 4. Sucks. I really liked MK 1&2, and well, Either I don't like Mortal Kombat anymore, or this series has went down the toilet, I'll go with #2.

Gameplay: It's a true 2-D game, that just cannot go over the 3-D hump. The controls arn't responsive, devastating combos are way to long, and due to the lack of response in control, are almost impossible to perform. It took me 30 min. to pull-off Raiden's final combo, oh! wait, I DIDN'T PULL IT OFF! My friends could tell you that I did everything right too. The Camera angles are your average deal on a 3-D fighter, and the levels are pretty cool. The Krypt is a great and stupid idea at the same time. Things like 'Cooking with Scorpion' were funny, and stupid things like useless collectable coins, made this a little useless. Great idea, just, In my opinion, poorly executed.

Graphics: Great visuals, cool how Sub-Zero's and Scorpions..uh..'flap' or whatever you want to call it move around with their movements. Amazing chracter detail, and awesome designed levels. Seems to me, that once again, visuals were all that went into this game.

Audio: I didn't pay any attention to the sound at all. I'm just typing stuff for 100 characters so it will let me enter it.

Suggestions: You remember that great game call Mortal Kombat 2? Yeah, well, Street Fighter is still 2-D, why don't you do us a favor, and stay 2-D as well?

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 UFC: Tapout

Overall: A game based around the UFC. Sounds good doesn't it? Well, it sure as hell doesn't make a good game.

Gameplay: Way too fast, one guy put me in a hold, my guy tapped out in 11 seconds. What the ****???? It kept doing it too. This game is bs. I never went through 1 round.

Graphics: It's Xbox what do you expect. Good graphics, good caracter movements. I guess they are average in the genre.

Audio: Sound? Where? There was sound? huh! I must have missed out this all-star cast for music too.........

Suggestions: I got an idea, how about you make a game that matches last a little longer than 10 seconds.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Conflict: Desert Storm

Overall: This game is just an attempt at great games as Rainbow Six, and other shooters, that just, well, there. It has absolutly nothing to make it special other than 4 player co-op. But nothing else is that good.

Gameplay: Probably the worst control I've ever played with. Some terribly unresponsive controls, with some gun difficulty, just makes this boring, and frustrating. Although some of the missions are pretty cool. This game just isn't excecuted well enough to make those missions enjoyable.

Graphics: Seems like some of the first PS1 games. Not one bit impressive, along with some other bland backgrounds. Maybe they didn't relize that this is 2002 (at the time), and graphics could look just a tiny bit better?

Audio: It's a shooting game, what do you honestly expect? Voice-overs, and gun sounds, thats about it. And well, I guess its average. But it is unfortunetly this games only redemption

Suggestions: You guys got a long ways to go.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 House of the Dead 3

Overall: Dispite the horribly short duration of the game, I enjoy this game very much. Even with a controller.

Gameplay: Though compatible with a light gun, I dont have one, yet enjoyed this game alot. Gameplay is no different from the first 2, but for some reason, just seems odd.

Graphics: Great, crisp, solid graphics, pretty good lighting effects, but not so great gun effects. Gore does also look good.

Audio: Well, its not a whole lot; gun, grunting, zombie moans, & voice-overs (absolutly horrible), thats about it.

Suggestions: Better voice-overs, longer game, come with a gun, and more enemies.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

Overall: This game has great potential. I love the graphics & the hilarious announcer, but the main thing that makes the game good isn't in this game. The gameplay is horrible, if you barely move the right-analog stick a milimeter to the right is slices like 50 feet.

Gameplay: As I said the gameplay is horrible. I hate the idea of moving the right stick back for power, & forward for swing. It should have the gameplay of Hot Shots Golf.

Graphics: Nobody can deny that this game has some of the best golf graphics. Every thing has such detail. Its too bad the gameplay messed it up.

Audio: The sound of water, sand, & hitting the ball of the tee are great! The announcer with is hilarious antics make the sound good enough to where you dont want to turn it off.

Suggestions: Make it relate to Hot Shots Golf!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: I have had this game for quite sometime now, but I bought Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, and I like this more, so I decided to review it. DOA3 is a great fighting game, that I hope continues on Xbox only. There arn't tons of moves to the point where you can't remember all of them, graphics are great, and music is cool.

Gameplay: The final boss in this game sucks. Seriously, 'Omega'? He seems impossible but he's way to easy for the image you take from first view. The amount of move ranges from 60-120, depending on the character.

Graphics: Each character features amazing details, the videos at the end of the game are unbeliveable. The level detail is also amazing. This game used Xbox's power. And I doubt it took it too it's limit, but amazing.

Audio: I don't like the subtitiles, and japanese talking. Tina is American right? Then why is she speaking japanese? She speaks one line in english, but that's it. Otherwise the music is cool, and the voice overs are good, even though they are another language.

Suggestions: Make the 4th on Xbox Only

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Overall: I was a little dissapointed that this became only a port from the PC's Unreal Tournament 2003. I have never played a game, so fast paced, and so exciting. This game will get anyones adrenaline going. I havn't played this LIVE yet. (I will be tommorrow and I can't wait)

Gameplay: It's a FPS, reminds me of Halo, except alot faster. I really don't understand how you couldn't like this kind of game. If you don't like this game you seriously need a brain operation.

Graphics: Seems like a PS2. Could be alot better, but the background, and blood designs are nice. But could still be better.

Audio: Nice voice-overs, nice music, and nice gunshot sounds. You don't really expect too much sound from a FPS.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Anyone who thinks that Metal Gear Solid 2 is better than this is an idiot. This is one of the games that will set the standards for the future. Graphics are stunning, missions are complex and challanging, and this game has the difficulty I wish all games had. I've played most all of Tom Clancy's games, but this just blows them all away.

Gameplay: Alot of people complain about the fact that this gane is "...too hard." I beg the differ, I think the difficulty is dead on, we seriously need more difficult games. anyways... The mission concepts are awesome, and mostly different. Unlike MGS2, you can play and talk at the same time, as opposed to watch 5 hrs. of dialog. Rappeling, split jump, and all of Sam's stealth moves all look great.

Graphics: Absolutly stunning, that's all that needs to be said. The greatest lighting system I've ever seen, and character models I never though possible. Ubi Soft went all out, and still manages to have one of the best games ever, unlike Bloodwake.

Audio: Your average weapon sounds, and other things like that, but something not found in every game, is the movie-like voice overs, I don't know if the voice of Sam Fisher has been in any movies, but he sure acts like it! All the voice-overs sound proffesional.

Suggestions: I don't really know how this would work, but Xbox Live gaming, along with downloads, would be great.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

Overall: I must agree with Azazel on his review, Tony Hawk 4 has been changed alot, but not for the better. Tony Hawk 4 is hands down the worst version of Tony Hawk. Out of 190 missions most of them are very pointless and not one bit related to skateboarding. I don't think many skateboarders are running around playing baseball with an invisible ghost, or playing tennis with a trash talking loser. Some of the missions are very difficult, but once again pointless.

Gameplay: Tony Hawk's 1,2,2x, & 3 were all masterpieces, but this one drives the series right into the toilet! The levels aren't very large, but do to the missions in each (21), the may seem large. The new missions such as C-O-M-B-O are great, but doing tricks as a clown, or kids shout them out is pointless. The hidden chrachters suck (No Spiderman or Wolverine! Just lame Star Wars people). The Crs have been massivly improved. On the control issue, not much to complain about.

Graphics: Not one difference between Tony Hawk 3 and 4, the exact same! If you've played Tony Hawk 3, don't expect anything new.

Audio: Finally, a soundtrack which I like all the songs! The actual skater voice-overs are great too. Grinds, bails, grunts, lands, etc. are all once again the same as Tony Hawk 1.

Suggestions: Why, Why did you take out 'Find The Hidden Tape'!? There was nothing wrong with Tony Hawk's 1-3, why did you change everything? Return Tony Hawk to its roots and I'll buy it, but im not buying this one sadly.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 The Thing

Overall: First off this is a review of the Playstation 2 version since my Blockbuster wasn't supplying The Thing on Xbox. I dont excpect to much differance in the two so I'll give the xbox version .5 better ratings. When I first saw screen shots of the thing I first thought this would be a killer game, I was somewhat right...

Gameplay: You have 4 team members (including yourself), an Electrition, a Medic, and I forget what the other was, as you prgress in the game you will meet new team members, but when you meet them, they do not trust you and suspect you have become a victom of The Thing. You have to convince them you can be trusted by giving them weapons, or other items. When you begin running into enemies, there's a chance that someone's body has been taking over by The Thing. You teamates may lose trust in this person, and kill them, or someone will be come so scared they just lose it and go on a killing spree.

Graphics: This game has graphics of like, PS1.5, better than PS1, but not up to standerds of PS2. I would give this 2.5, but I'm reviewing Xbox's version so Ill give it a 3, excpecting better graphics on Xbox. The Snow, which I think would be the easiest, pretty much sucks, the only real graphics thing about the snow, is your shoe prints on the ground.

Audio: Not Bad, Not great. But the voice-overs are amazing. The Gun sounds are average, but could be better. But really there isnt much sound anyways. I havn't payed much attention, I dont think there's even any music.

Suggestions: I don't crave graphics in a game, thats about the last thing on my mind. But A little push up on the graphics would be good.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller

Overall: I loved 1 & 2 on dreamcast. Now they came to my beloved Xbox. Graphically, no improvement whatsoever. Sound, is still Bad Religion & Offspring. Gameplay still as fun as ever!

Gameplay: This game is not one bit boring to me. I never thougb driving around as a taxi cab driver would entertain me as much as it does. No one can deny this game is very fun, sure it's somewhat repetative, but thats why you pick up other people.

Graphics: The exact same as 1 & 2 to me, except for alot of lighting effects, crash effects would be nice. People still have no fingers. But they added on the chrachter models, only of newer people though.

Audio: The Offspring: a decent band. Bad Relegion also decent. But please let us use our own music. I like my customers yelling at me, and me yelling back, but "Shut up and move your butt!" is getting annoying.

Suggestions: Add more voice-overs, Crash effects, & use our own music.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: I've played Tony Hawk 1, 2, 2x, & 3. I love them all to death. Not that this is the best one, but it's is just as fun!

Gameplay: Just like Tony Hawk 1,2,& 2x, and just as fun & addicting. I cannot quit playing this game, and I probably never will. I said that I crave replay value, and this is the number 1 title in Replay Value. I will be playing this game years from now. I've always liked the Xbox controller, and my scores are higher on Xbox than PS2.

Graphics: Better than the PSX versions (duh), and better than the PS2 version. The people animations are awsome, and the surrounding effects and background are too.

Audio: I dislike most of the THPS soundtrack, but I can listen to my own LINKIN PARK!!! I dont really think they've improved the sound of grinds, grunts, & the landings, but It's still just as realistic as before.

Suggestions: Nope.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: First off I hate people who dislikes a game because it's to difficult *cough... Anyways, I wasn't really looking forward to this game, but I heard good things about it so I decided to rent it. This game improved on Max Payne. (taking nothing away from Max)I like how Namco didn't work on just grpahics like many companys do. They worked on gameplay mainly.

Gameplay: There is nothing about gameplay that is bad. There are so many things to do. Your dog Shadow is a nice treat, and very helpful. This game is very difficult and I couldn't ask for anything more. We need more difficult games. Bullet Time is sort of a take from Max Payne but they improved on it. You can use people as a human shield (very nice), snap their necks, only to name a few.

Graphics: Not the most impressive Xbox title, but who cares? Bullet effects also resemble Max Payne, but is that a bad thing? I think Namco put visual effects in the back of their mind and just worked hard on gameplay and not graphics. THANK YOU!

Audio: Again not the most impressive, but not annyoing like other games. The voice-overs arn't Hollywoood actors, but they also arn't annyoing like other games. *cough...Final Fantasy X's Yuna...cough*

Suggestions: No, I was really impressed with this game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: First off I just want to tell XBA-Stephen I'm 13 I'll play any M rated or AO rated game, my parents don't care cause they know I know it's fantasy. I was overall a little dissapointed. I expect to be freakout more then one time. Now I Havn't beat the game yet so I still might be missing out on something. This isn't Resident Evil quality, but since Capcom turned gay and went to Nintendo's Gaycube it is a good resort.

Gameplay: You walk around, the game plays creapy music making you think somethings going to happen (Like RE does) but to no avail nothing happens, you either see a person, or find a key and leave. This is a horror game so this is kinda what you'd expect.

Graphics: It has a PSX's Final Fantasy 8 vibe going here, a little at least. The main chrachter sort of looks like Squall and their design's are sort of similar, not really Xbox quality. Seems to be a direct port from PS2. In the start the fog is really annoying I wish you could turn it off.

Audio: Like I said it plays music trying to scare you, the killing and gun effects are decent, not great. Good door sounds (thats not really hard though).

Suggestions: Not really, not so much fog, and add a lot more stuff that will make someone pi$$ themselves.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: I figured this game would be a push-over, I don't listen to OXM very much I listen to Game Informer. their review were very differnt. GI:7 OXM:9.2. I didn't expect what I got. I was very impressed with Sega on this game!

Gameplay: I don't really care for the concept of this game. Spray paint cops to kill them, tanks are shooting rockets at little kids for vandalism... But I enjoyed creating your own graffiti. Ialso dislike the idea of you don't come backwards if your going to slow up a pole, and grind UP a telephone pole.

Graphics: I like the idea of Anime-style I wish there was more of it. Some things are realistic, some are anime, I like this idea, no complaints whatsoever here.

Audio: I hate that stupid girl song. She's so loud and so darn annoying! That is the only problem with the sound is that one song. Real life skate sounds, and grind sounds.

Suggestions: I hope there is a sequel. Add more styles of graffiti to use rather than just 4 at a time. And add American music not just Japanese.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Overall: Thank god for Blockbuster's "Game Freedom Pass" otherwise I would've wasted 6 bucks on this peice of garbage. Words cannot express how horrible this game is!

Gameplay: There's not much depth in gameplay. You can move..... punch (sort of).... and kick. You "buy" Bruce's new moves. Worst idea in gaming history... no wait I take that back this whole game is the worst idea in gaming history! I've never played Kabuki Warriors, but I bet it's better than this!

Graphics: The XBA said this game has nice graphics... Um No. Great background graphics, if that's what he meant. Horrible character models! When people bend their leg, thier knee looks so sharp, it should be his weapon. his leg muscle is bigger than is whole body almost. I'll give the graphics of the background props, but thats it.

Audio: Sounds like a 1 year old crying... except a much much higher sound! I muted my TV, If there was music you cannot hear it over his little screams.

Suggestions: Keep the background effects. Lose the character models. Add more moves than about 15. 60 would be good. Jahn Lee in DOA3 uses Jeet Kune Do and he has about 60-70 moves. Bruce Lee has about 15-20.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: Overall this is one game every xbox owner should add to his/her library! This is one awsome games!!!

Gameplay: Only 'cause of the camera angles (sometimes) the controls become difficult. If you manage to get a good camera view you in good shape.

Graphics: It couldn't look more real!!! The visuals is almost perfect. I have no complaint for visual effect they are in tip-top shape!

Audio: Not too much improvement over the 2 for PSX but still good. There should be some more death and attack sounds, but It's still good. But the one thing that bugs me the most is Shockers blast's, the sound of that should be more thunderous.

Suggestions: You guys should let the camera follow spidy more... the camera view gets in the way just a little bit.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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