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James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: Not that bad of a first person shooter. The graphics aren't bad, although the lighting and character models aren't utilizing the Quake 3 engine. Typical Bond gameplay, however the bullets look like paintballs. Don't blame the Xbox for the PS2 quality graphics, because EA does not optimize. Overall, this game isn't that bad and the missions are relatively fun, heck the driving engine isn't that bad at all... Well worth $20 nothing more...

Gameplay: Standard first person fare, see guy shoot guy. For being a secret agent there really isn't any stealth involved, it's just blow up everything on screen. Heck on the driving missions, I can just cause carnage and that oddly seems to be OK with the mission. I recommend customizing the controls to setup 2, which gives you a Halo like control scheme.

Graphics: The character models are poorly rendered and seem rather blocky. I can say that the environments aren't all that bad and do have some basic lighting. Multiplayer runs relatively smooth and I can't say as I have been dissapointed in the overall package. However, because EA Games was involved, you already know that the graphics could have been much better, they are very AVERAGE.

Audio: As always with any Xbox game, it has support for Dolby Digital. The Bond Theme song is somewhat overused but I guess that's what you can expect from a Bond game (o:

Suggestions: Optimize the graphics for the Xbox... Also the only reason I took two minutes out of my day to write a review is to tell all of these other people who write reviews that are ridiculous. Don't be a fanboy and just give a game a 1. Heck one person called this game Nightfire, this is not Nightfire it's Agent Under Fire. Also whoever said that the graphics on the PS2 version looked better is an idiot. The resolution of the textures has been bumped up and the frame rate is more consistent. Besides everyone knows that if EA publishes a game, that the game will look the same on all three platforms because they are designed for the PS2. If it looks ugly on the Xbox, it looks ugly on the PS2 as well. (Agent Under Fire doesn't look that bad...)

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: Morrowind is the most breathtaking RPG I've ever played. I find it odd that other great RPGs like Skies of Arcadies, FF Series, and Dragon Warrior series are even compared to Morrowind. They are not alike at all, those RPGs are excellent games but are very linear compared to Morrowind's grand vision. Morrowind is more than a traditional RPG it is a revolutionary videogame that allows the player to truly take the role of anyone that they please.

Gameplay: First off, I'd like to begin with the few quirks in the game. I believe the combat system is absolutely terrible. I find the fighting to be dull with weapons and the spell casting system isn't much better. I also think that the guild system and missions seem a little weak often involving walking a long distance just to fetch a stupid item. However, I want you to forget what I have just said because there is no reason why an Xbox owner should not own this game. This is one of the few games that truly take advantage of the Xbox using more than just its powerful GPU. The hardrive is utilized because of the large worlds that would easily overwhelm the memory resources on the Xbox (Or any other platform, just remember that currently this game cannot be played on anything other than a PC or Xbox). Imagine turning into a vampire (Yes you can) or taking the role of an insane homicidal maniac (You can be a bad guy!). Or you can take the more traditionary hero role and complete your various quests, it's all up to you!.

Graphics: The graphics seem flat in some spots with very little bump mapping and some weak texturing. However the water and weather effects are top notch and just short of the visual awe that you feel after playing Splinter Cell. The sunsets at times seem to mimic reality and the animals and monsters are well detailed. Also there is so much terrain to explore as well as Crypts, dungeons, cities, and caves just to name a few of the things that you will see along your journeys. Over all quite impressive, despite the poor animation. Considering the sheer size of the game the graphics are nothing to scoff at.

Audio: The weather effects on a surround system are absolutely outstanding. Some of the voices do become annoying and the soundtrack although is appropriate, seems awfully short and becomes annoying. The sounds during battle also becomes annoying, however I do like the audio cue that an enemy is near by when the music suddenly changes. Overall the sound is nothing special, but you won't be buying the game for the sound anyway.

Suggestions: Improve the Journal system and combat system immediately. However, congratulations on making a great single player RPG instead of buying into these bandwagon games that are online and just involve simple group quests of killing monsters.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: Generally good fighting game, with few quirks or suprises. MK5 is more of the same from the MK franchise but in 3D with slightly more advanced fighting styles. Worthy of a purchase if you enjoy fighting games or are just a fan of the MK franchise.

Gameplay: First off the weapon system finally works, unlike the lackluster weapons system in MK4. Also the control is generally spot on and easy to master within a few minutes. Unfortunately for gamers, Midway has decided that we don't need analog support; I mean come on guys that's ridiculous shame on you. Other than the lack of analog support though I really don't have any serious gripes.

Graphics: Once again it is the standard fare that we have come to expect from PS2 ports. Nothing truly ugly but nothing stands out either. I'm slightly dissapointed in the blockiness of the characters, it appears that Midway has gone to a cartoon like look with them instead of the more "frightening" characters that we have come to expect over the years. The arenas are done well but they truly aren't 3D because of the lack of interactivity in many of them; also worthy of noting is the invisible barrier present in some arenas... Overall nothing to write home about, but nothing to get upset about either... The most impressive aspect of the game is the damage modeling on the characters. You can see the blood gush and run down their bodies, which is quite impressive also you can see some minor effects of the damage you have inflicted. Of course, as with many recent fighting games on Next-Gen consoles there also is the "jiggle effect," and always adds interest to the perverted gamer.

Audio: I have no real complaints in this category, nothing really out of the ordinary for the MK franchise. Everything just as I have expected it. It sounds excellent with a 5.1 system, very loud and crisp. The music becomes bland after a while, I'm assuming they have a contract with Drowning Pool because I believe I heard them in the game once or twice. I just wish there was a custom soundtrack option, but again because it is a port; I'm not suprised.

Suggestions: Custom soundtracks, analog support, and the Krypt idea is good but why does it have to be such a hassle to create a user profile. Also why must there only be 9 unlockable characters mixed with hundreds of coffins filled with garbage, valuable only to the most hardcore MK fans.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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