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Overall: Gun and run shooter with a really cool and deep history. XIII is first of all a popular comic book and the translation fron comic book to game is a success.

Gameplay: Run and gun shooter. First person. The 3 really interresting things about this game is 1-Voice acting, 2-Cell shading and 3 story line.

Graphics: It has it's very own feel. Developper take care of respecting the original soul of the comic book. It is a nice twist from all the look alike shooter

Audio: Sound is immersive when action starts. Voice acting is really well done. Another little thing, you can play this game in english or in french since it was developped in Montreal by UBISOFT.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 The Guy Game

Overall: Ok.. euuhh.. First, i am not a loner, a looser or a reject LOLL I admit this is not the most intellectual game i have played. What can i say, i like to see beautiful girls boobies. It is like watching an interactive cheesy show at 3am on TV. I must admit it is well done and overall lots of fun. Can't wait to try it with friends. Guys, if you buy or rent this game: DON'T SHOW IT TO YOUR GIRLFRIENDS !!!

Gameplay: iT IS A GAME SHOW. With questions that you nmust answer. Like: Overall, what team has won the most championships in their respective league ? (The answer is the New York Yankies). You get to see the girls answer the questions and if they get it wrong, they show their boobies. LOLL Pretty childish. LOLL But still fun.

Graphics: It looks and fell like a cheesy television show. If you don't know waht to watch at 3am and you dont fell like going on a tough mission on a 'real' game, this is your game. Clips are funny and the girls are nice and real amateurs. (the ones answering the questions anyway)

Audio: Nothing really interesting here. Like television game show. Voices are well done. it's ok. Nothing more

Suggestions: Boobies are good but !&%$@#* are even nicer. LOLLL Ahhh.. I write what i want since i will be the only person that will ever read this comment. LOLL Eh.. developpers. Nice game.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Overall: I never played the PS2 version so it's all new to me and really cool. The game is so open. You do a mission and then just drive around the incredibly big map.

Gameplay: A gangsta running freely in San Andreas. You can do pretty much whatever you want. You have missions and some of them are very rough.

Graphics: Not bad. It is a bit under par for a XBOX game but considering it is a port and the size of the map. Not bad

Audio: I would have prefered to be able to import my own music but still, there is music for every taste. The Dialog in the cut scenes are very good but like it says on the box: Strong languages... LOL

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 RalliSport Challenge 2

Overall: Rallisport challenge series are my favorite racing game. Il lite it even better that Gran tourismo and Collin. Rallisport is fast, is crisp are the controls are intuitive. I like the simulation vs arcade ratio.

Gameplay: Better than the first one. The way you progress through the level is really cool. Challenge by challege, you can climb your way to the top.

Graphics: Really really good. Best graphic for a Racing game. Cars are really nice and they get a bit dammage when you hit... say. a tree ?

Audio: Pretty good. Car sound are honest. Music is allright but you can put your own music. Copilot is well done and accurate

Suggestions: Pretty cool game

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf 2

Overall: Well. What can i say. It is a golf game. Good physics. Nice playability. Easy enough to play and have fun. Who would have though that violence could be a part of Golf.

Gameplay: A gamplay description of golf.. Let's see. You hit the ball... The fun is that underneath hilarious cut scene and beating up of caddie, the golf game itself is well balance.

Graphics: Impovement over Outlaw golf 1. really nice cut scenes. Overall, fun to look at and the golf courses are outrageous.

Audio: The announcer are fun for a few hours but after that, you just cut them. It has a few nice tracks of music. S

Suggestions: More cut scenes. Thet tend to be repetitive after a while. Overall, i have fun playing it.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Outrun 2

Overall: Why not. I bought this game for memorabilia. I remember putting a lot of quarters in the arcade to play this game. And i never got to finish the hard way. It is just fun. No simulation here. It's a game you can pick up for 10 minutes while you wait for your girl to finish putting on make up.

Gameplay: Now that's not hard to describe. You race and race again. The heart challenge mode is fun. Just racing...

Graphics: Not bad. It looks like the old arcade version. nice graphic. Nothing like Championship rally but still fun.

Audio: I remember the song choosing in the arcade was a big thing. But now, they really should have gave us a chance to play our own music.

Suggestions: Nice job. More cars... Any my own music. Brought up good memories thougt.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 The Simpsons: Hit and Run

Overall: What can i say. I am a Simpsonolic. When i heard they were making a spoof a Grand theft Auto, i could wait. I liked this game a lot just for the fact that you can walk around freely Spingfield.

Gameplay: It was a lot like Grand theft Auto. You have to race a bunch of caracter. You get some cools cars. Why not.

Graphics: Visually, it is good. Not incredible but good. A lot like road rage. Springfield is springfield. Yep

Audio: The music is great. The voice acting is fun but way too much repetitive. over and over and over and over the same phrase...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 James Bond 007: NightFire

Overall: Very cool game. Much better than Agent under fire and a lot better than Everything or nothing. The first person angle works best for James Bond

Gameplay: It is a Bond game with an EA budget so that's says it all. Good variety of mission. Shooting the bad guys and driving fast cars. Liked it a lot.

Graphics: Graphics are good. Cut scenes are good. Typical Bond graphics. Camera control is a bit off sometimes.

Audio: Music and voice acting are very good. It is always fun to get the originals actors in a game. It gives it authenticity.

Suggestions: I prefered Nightfire to Agent under fire and Everything or nothing. The first person camera works best

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

Overall: Being a fan of the original Larry Laffer, i was expecting a lot and was .. euuhh well.. It is not bad. I thought, like the original, that it would involve much more research and exploring. But the cut scenes are very funny. It is possible to try to have !&%$@#* with many babes. Overall, i enjoyed it.

Gameplay: It is a weird mix of many type of game. You have some exploring to do but to have !&%$@#* with the babes, you often have to dance with them. And to dance, you have to follow a rather repetitive prcess. You have to follow the up up down right right dance step.

Graphics: Visually, it is cool to look at. The cut scenes are really funny. And i was surprise that the ladies you meet will take their (and your) clothes off. It is entertaining.

Audio: There's a impressive amount of dialog in this game. A big part of the game is to smooth talk the babes. Instead of a choice of response (like in KOTOR), you have to play a little game. And some of the comments are hilarious

Suggestions: Less Up up down down Right right and more exploring like the original Larry Leisure suit. Way to much loading screen time.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: At first i was affraid, i was petrified. LOL Seriously, for the first hour of play, i was very disappointed. I imagined for once that we could roam freely (mario64 style) on the isle. I pictured that we could talk to people in casino and walk from table to table or at least some english voices. Nope. But curiously, i find myself playing and playing. So, i give it a five.

Gameplay: I thought that the volleyball playing was intuitive and relaxed. I liked it. I wish i could play more Volleyball but i often end up without a partner. This game is a weird combination. You have to see for yourself and give it a few hours.

Graphics: Very very good. Too bad we don't have more camera freedom. Fluid and colorfull graphics. Something to make every PS2 owner cry. LOL

Audio: No voice translation? Hummm... This game could have at least put english voices. Otherwise, i love custommables soundtracks.

Suggestions: -Make an island that we can walk freely on (check mario64)
-Make a camera we can move freely and check out anything.
-Translate voices!!!!
-Forget the 14 days limits. I want to be on vacation as long as i want.
-Casino: I want to be able to walk from game area to game area.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: This game looks incredible, that is for sure. It has a wonderfull story line also. I give this game a 3 because i hate running out of ammo. Call me trigger happy if you will but if i was really Sam Fisher, i would bring more than a few round clip to a mission.

Gameplay: Now, i have to admit i didn't finish the game and i don't intend to. I like shooters when you can actually shoot. The gamer provides a wonderfull environnement but not enough bullets to shoot at it.

Graphics: 5/5 on this part. Really really looking good. XBOX rules!!! XBOX RULES!! XBOX RULES!!! XBO RULES!!

Audio: 5/5 again. The sound environnement is incredible. The way the music follows the action. And the voice acting is really good. Good call to hire professional actors.

Suggestions: Make a game with more bullets!! I often ran out of them in the middle of mission.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Overall: Looks good. Very nice graphics and plenty of Golf courses. Players to UNLOCK and many options. Nicely done

Gameplay: I hate only one thing about this game and that is the reason i won't buy it or play it anymore: you have to "button mash" the black button to gain more power. I play GOLF to relax and "button mashing" shouldn't be in a GOLF game.

Graphics: Very nicely done. Not incredible but nice. Have i told you that i hate "button mashing" in a GOLF game :P

Audio: Birds and crowd. Classical sound for a GOLF game. Then again, it would be odd to have an Hardcore soundtrack on a GOLF course.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Deathrow

Overall: I would never have try this game but since it ranked so well on, i figure what the hell and rented it. Well, that proves that this web site is a good way to check quality games. I loves it and bought it.

Gameplay: Every once in a while comes a game that you don't know what to expect with. Is it a shooter? Is it a fighter? A platformer? A sportster? It is all of the above and it is really cool. Got addicted in 5 minutes. It is kinda like a futuristic basketballer.

Graphics: Great graphic and many arena. It is very nicely done. The reflections and players are pretty cool. Ha ha ha to all PS2 owner.

Audio: Love the XBOS feature that unables you to put your own music in games. I agree with many critics thought, we should be able to stop the cursing.

Suggestions: We should be able to stop the cursing. or maybe we could have to UNLOCK it?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: In my opinion, the best game ever made on any system. really impressive. The physics and control of the car is perfect.

Gameplay: Thought it would have been fun to have a career mode, i just love driving those car. The controls are really good

Graphics: This game is truly a work of art. The graphics are incredible. I think they have been sponsored by the numerous adds on the side of Michelin.

Audio: Hey, what can i say when you can put your own music to a game. Also, the sound of the different cars are honest

Suggestions: I would have loved to be able to paint my car (see Top Gear Rally for N64). Other than that, really good.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: Ahhhh... The pleasure to be able to roam freely in my favorite show's street. The graphics are true to the TV show and i love the voices. I bought this game and am almost at a million dollars. Can't wait to see the ending. This time, Mr. Burns won't get away with it.

Gameplay: The game is simple but effective. A lot like Crazy Taxi. The 6 area you can play are pretty big. A lot bigger than Crazy Taxi (Can't wait to see Crazy taxi for XBOX though). FUN FUN FUN. I like the way you can pick up this game for 20 minutes or for 2 hours.

I like the fact that you win a new vehicule every now and then. It gives you the drive to continue the game until you reach a million dollars. For that, you have to play at least 20 hours.

Graphics: Don't have a cow man!! The graphics are really good. Like the cartoon. It is fun to drive to the places i have seen in the show. The road adds are particularly funny. Take the Sunday drive option and check out the details.

By the way, i was able to compare this game for the X-box, the PS2 and the Gamecube. The Xbox version is slightly better but could have been a lot better.

Audio: Move your keister Mister. That's what Marge would say to those slow pokes. This game includes the real voices of the TV show. It adds a nice touch of &

Suggestions: A suggestion for all the Racing games. Make a inside the car camera. That would add a new fun option. Also, it would have been fun to be able to get out of the car and walk throught Springfield.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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