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The Great Escape

Overall: This is a really fun game! No doubt. There
are some quirks and bugs, but not enough
to take away from the overall experience
of the game. Bottom line is, if you liked
Conflict Desert Storm, then definitely play
this! You'll love it.

Gameplay: It's a mixture of Conflict Desert Storm,
Prisoner of War and Splinter Cell. There's
stealth, fighting, shooting weapons,
driving getaway vehicles. It's a blast.
You've got to think a lot which is
good...some levels have been very
challenging so far. You'll be stealing
enemy uniforms to go undercover,
sneaking around, destroying evidence,
driving vehicles...a good overall mixutre of
gameplay elements to keep you sucked in.

Graphics: OK. When I first bought Conflict Desert
Storm, I nearly shot myself! I thought at
first the graphics were horrible, but the
more I got into the game, the less that
became so critical, because the game
became so much fun. Same goes here. The
graphics have improved since CDS, but it's
still not a jaw dropper. Lots of detail and
some dynamic lighting, but sometimes the
textures get a little low-res for my tastes.
But the fun factor will have you
overlooking the graphics.

Audio: If you've played Conflict Desert Storm,
you'll have already heard the soundtrack
to this game. They ripped some of the
same background tracks out of it and put
them right in this game. Sound is good.
You can also use your own soundtracks
from your Xbox.

Suggestions: Smooth out the character animations and
camera movements. Other than that, I love
what you guys are putting out...can't wait
for CDS2!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 BloodRayne

Overall: I must say, I wasn't expecting too much
out of this game, but I am impressed
overall. I was really looking forward to
Buffy, but this game kills Buffy. The
character movements, atmosphere,
gameplay are all done very well.
Depending on how these next few levels
go, I would definitely consider buying it.

Gameplay: There's a lot of talking in the beginning,
explaining moves and stuff, which I found
a little confusing, but once you get into
the game and mess with the controls a
bit, you pick it up very quick. Not much
technique involved in the killing...left
trigger slices, right trigger shoots.
Character animations are very good. It's
a little bit of a thinker, figuring out how to
get into buildings and's a fun

Graphics: If only they used high res
many games will we say that about?! The
lighting and environments are done
extremely well. The atmosphere is there.
Sucks you in. Characters look real good.
I give it a 5 despite the slightly lower res

Audio: Sound was OK. Nothing to write home
about. The atmospheric sounds helped
build the mood real well.

Suggestions: High res textures would have made this
an xbox goodie.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Overall: The game is fun. Plain and simple. It's
got some little flaws, but overall, I'm
enjoying it so far. It hasn't really gotten
hard yet, I find myself breezing through
levels, however, I've yet to find all the
secret areas on each level, so I will wind
up going back once I have a better time
sweeper. The game looks real good, the
music is interesting. I would definitely
buy it if you're into this type of game.

Gameplay: The time controls are a trip. A clever idea
executed very well. It took a while to get
used to this "4th dimension" of gaming,
but once you learn when to use them,
they're a lot of fun and essential to the
game. I haven't found the levels too
difficult so far, but that may change as the
game progresses. There are secret
areas that add a nice twist to the game.
It's been an enjoyable gaming
experience so far.

Graphics: The game looks real nice. Textures
could've been a little more high-res
considering it's an xbox only, but there is
a tremendous amount of detail that really
make the environments come alive. If
you get onto a rooftop, stop and look'll be amazed.

Audio: The sound is interesting. Technoish. The
character sounds seemed like an after
thought to me. I found myself humming
along to the menu song after a bit.

Suggestions: Like many others, I thought the character
ran too slow...make him quicker next time

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Enclave

Overall: This game rocks. Period. Sure
there is no multi-player, and that
was a major bummer, but for a
single player game experience,
I'm enjoying it 100%. I rented it,
and after a couple of levels I was
hooked. It's a game I constantly
look forward to going back to,
which is a good thing.

Gameplay: A lot of people complain about the
combat, etc. But I don't have a
problem with it whatsoever. There
are slew of weapons to choose
from and unlock with the more
coins you pick up. It is very easy to
get into the game and quickly have
fun. It doesn't get old because
there are mini "puzzles" to figure
out and lots of hidden coins to
find. You really have to do each
board a few times before you
realize which characters abilities
suits the level the best. You have
the ability to choose your
characters arsenal prior to
entering the level, which is real

Graphics: This is where this game really
shines. This game looks
absolutely fantastic. You just have
to see it to believe it. Really
pushes the Xbox hard...frame rate
drops sometimes, but not enough
to be a complaint. The
environments and levels are so
diverse and there is so much eye
candy. You'll find yourself stopping
and looking around just to soak it
all in.

Audio: Sound is decent. Not great, but
doesn't rot either. The menu tune
gets old fast...the in-game
ambiance tunes are nice...

Suggestions: Multi-player would have really
made this game a "must have".

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: All in all this game is nothing
short of amazing! It's the first RPG
I've ever played (on paper,
computer or console) and I wasn't
quite sure if it was for me...all the
reading, character building, time
involved to advance in the game,
etc...but I am so hooked now, its
sick! I even forgot about playing
Halo and Hunter (now that says a
lot!) Don't even think of renting this
game, you're wasting your
money...just go buy it! Now! Hurry!
You won't be sorry. All of these
elements, the sound...the
visuals... the gameplay all add up
to be an extremely memorable
experience that you'll keep
running back to.

Gameplay: It was very easy to get started in
the game, the system to build your
character is simple, just follow the
setup screens and you'll be up in
no time. I can't even think of words
big enough to describe the game
play in this game...huge,
enormous, mammoth...none of
them seem to really describe
what you'll get into! You can
basically do what you want, when
you want and how you want. The
options are so broad. There is
something to do for every type of
person in this game. You can
drag it out infinitely by taking your
time, or follow the main story line
and try to hurry through it, which
would still take a long time, I'd
imagine. I find myself thinking of
what I want to do next or where I
want to go next when I'm not
playing the's that
addictive...hard to concentrate
since I've started playing it! I could
maybe argue that the combat in
this game is a little weak as
others have, but it doesn'b bother
me...not enough to not give it a 5.

Graphics: My initial reaction to the visuals in
the game was kind of
dissapointing. Everything looks
super awesome until you get up
close. The textures are pretty lo-
res and the characters seem a
little blocky...not what a person
who's been playing Halo or
Hunter could appreciate. But you
know what? After playing it for a
bit, that stuff seems to just fade
away. The landscapes and places
you'll visit are so diverse and's mind boggling...but
lo-res mind boggling up close. forget about it after
playing a while, so don't sweat it. I
give it a 4.5 because the depth
and detail of the world far out
weigh the marginal textures.

Audio: Awesome. The main background
soundtrack will really inspire you.
Not what I'd expect from an
original soundtrack to a video
game. It sometimes feels a little
played out after you've heard it a
few times, but well done to say the
least. The character voices and
atmospheric sounds are well
done too. Not much to complain
about here.

Suggestions: Xbox worthy, high-res textures and
some bump mapping would have
been nice...that's really my only

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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