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Showdown: Legends of Wrestling

Overall: This is the best wrestling gamn that money can buy you at 39.99. Its very fun to play especialy with friends.The only problem this game has is a few gliches.Like I grabed my opponet and it wouldnt let go.But besides that its awosome.

Gameplay: The game play is very smooth.You can have a slower technical match.Or a high pace fast action match.

Graphics: Well the graphics are great on some wrestlers and so so on others.Like most of the modern superstars look like them selves.And the Arenas are very accurate.

Audio: Now the comentary is great.It makes you think your watching good old WCW again.And the mixture between the music, sound efx, and comentarty is a perfect blend.

Suggestions: You still left out a few greats like great muta, the andersons, tully blanchard and lex luger just to name a few.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Crimson Sea

Overall: Crimson Sea is not the way the title sounds.This Is the best rpg out on xbox.If your looking for something real fun and interesting then i suggest you purchase this game.Unlike these other clowns who rent xbox games and dont know !&%$@#* about them are just PS2 faggots.IM the owner of over 100 xbox games so I know my shit.

Gameplay: Everthing about this games is crisp.The game play is very smooth and the weapons are nice and diffrent.And anytime u have the g-squad with u it really takes ur game up a notch.And you gun can also turn into blade which is very nice addition.And Sho Neo-Phonics 10which is his super powers because he's a special person called a Vipa.

Graphics: Now the graphics are as smooth as a babys ass.There are no glitchs in the graphics.Sho and crew look very good in scene mode real xbox quality.

Audio: The sound is like star wars or something.With all the shooting and screems of monsters as your killing them.But its on the money though so how can u complain?

Suggestions: This is the best RPG on xbox. I think u need to push the advertisment on this game alot harder.And for the part 2 pleese add multi player and system link.And if u came out with a special online version that would be really kool and its like Phantasy Star Online.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Kakuto Chojin

Overall: Xbox pushed the graphics to the limit with this game.All the pepole look real and the cpntrols are great with a nice fighting system.

Gameplay: The game play is very smooth and doesnt give u a hard time to control.It has a 4 player battle royal that will before to keep you on your feet.

Graphics: WOW!the graphics on this game are the nicest i've seen since DOA.The lighting on this game out does any other game you've ever played.Amd trust me i know my games this makes 80 in my collection and thats just xbox games.

Audio: The sound is nice there isnt really nonthing to special to expect.But the voices and the sounds when they do the moves are nice also.

Suggestions: All this game needs is more ppl and some finishing moves.Because the game looks to good not to any fatalites it'll look like there finishing a real person.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Deathrow

Overall: This game is very good and really brings something new to xbox and xbox only.They did a good thing by making this a xbox only title.Deathrow brings good action and lots of laughs to xbox.

Gameplay: The Gameplay is very good and fun.The controls a very easy to get used to.And the fact that they make u earn everything is a plus.This game is like hockey and football mixed together.

Graphics: The graphics are amazing! real xbox quality.The pepole look real as !&%$@#* !Lol thats something they would say in the game.

Audio: I can see why they didnt ship to many of these down here where i live.All the cussing on this game i love it.They should make more games like this 1.Sounds are awesome and they even let u play ur own music this game is perfect pick u up a copy.

Suggestions: Thanx for giving us a xbox only tight azz game.Bye the way this is my 72th game for my xbox im a real collector huh?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2003

Overall: I thought Live was the best basketball game of the year until i played Inside Drive 03.This game has everything that last year's version didnt.Last year's game was great all it needed was a couple small things but microsoft out did there selfs this time.

Gameplay: The Gameplay is all on the money and in place.This game has tons of new dunks and passes and also a franchise mode.This game makes sure u keep ur created player realistic by only leting him get up to a 82 overall.And If somone ever says that I dont know what im talking about Inside Drive is the (70th) game to my xbox collection.

Graphics: The players look just like themselves.The Graphics are very good on this game.Especialy when ur picking the team they have the players there.

Audio: This was one of my biggest worrys of last years game.The rim sounds are extrodenaire now.And all the player chatter and the fact that u can create ur player aas a trash talker or a quiet player.And Kenny Smith fits in great to the already great broadcaster.

Suggestions: I have no complaints perfect game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: This is one of the best first person shooters since Halo.The reason up there i said Gamestop and EB is beacause i got 2 copies.I bought 1 for my room and 1 for my living room xbox.That should tell u alot if i go out and buy 2 copies.This game is very nice in every aspect.

Gameplay: The gameplay for Timesplitters2 is very good.Everything looks good and percise the controls are great and it has lots of modes so it'll take a long while to get tired of this game.

Graphics: The Graphics are good but could have been better.Anytime Xbox drop a game it should outshine all other systems.But its isnt really nonthing to complain about either.

Audio: The sounds are ok although they should have let the rip ur own music com into play for Xbox.Im mean he guns sound nice but the thing that makes me give this game a 5 in sound is the sound of that AK.

Suggestions: You created ur self a great game here.Just add some vechiles thats about it.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA 2K3

Overall: Let me start of by telling you this is the worst game sega ever but out.I dont know what they think there doing with !&%$@#* .

Gameplay: It sucked if u rate this game high ur a !&%$@#* and dont know nonthing about games.I think Mike Tyson is better then this.

Graphics: The Graphics where ok nonthing new.Thats the whole !&%$@#* problem though.I think last years version of this game is way better.

Audio: I mean go !&%$@#* do i have to comment on this game anymore.The only good thing about this game is that i set a record for the fastest take back to the store of all time.I had this game for 30 minutes and thats only because i live 10 minutes from the mall.

Suggestions: All those good games ur capable of making then u go and make some !&%$@#* like this.Come on now sega your beging to remind me of som of these rappers.Get money and then dont care what you do to these games.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Dynasty Warriors 3

Overall: The Overall for this game is gotta be addictable.This is a 2 player game for the ages.Fighting all those enemys and the nice selection of pepole.If your a person who has a friend over all the time purchase this game right now!

Gameplay: The Controls are very smooth.Gameplay falls right under that smooth i mean it my slow down a little but nonthing to mess u up.But I give the slowdown the benefit of a doubt ,because of the multiple numbers of ppl on the screen at the same time.

Graphics: The Graphics are not to diffrent from the PS2 version but it does have diffrence.Things seem a little clearer.But the xbox version does have new stages and clothes.

Audio: The sound there I mean there is to much to expect. But the xbox version does have 5.1 Dolby so it does sound nice with a surrond system.

Suggestions: This is a nice peace of work u have here.The only thing u should add for a part 4 is system link.4 pepole 2 xboxs linked =1 of the best titles of all times.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Terminator: Dawn of Fate

Overall: I seen a review on this game that gave a 5.4 huh. It !&%$@#* sure must have been the PS2 version.This game is very good.It has good views on the way this game was based on.Check out my views on this game below.

Gameplay: The nonstop action of this game will keep u on your heels.It has a only a few weapons.But it has the hand to hand combact for those pepole who like that.I've only played it for about a hour or so as of now but im loving it.

Graphics: Now this is where things could have been proped up.The graphics arent all that great but they are ok.I havent seen the PS2 one but im pretty sure there about the same.

Audio: The sound is very nice one of this game strong points.I listen to all kinds of music so im feeling the rock and roll in the back ground.The game sounds are on point with the terminators sounds and guns fireing.Explosions could be little louder tough.

Suggestions: Make the Graphics better and this game could really use multiplayer.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 The Thing

Overall: The Overall Appeal of this game really keeps you in to it. Theres nonthing u can say bad about this game its all there. Graphics,Sound,and Good Control.

Gameplay: GAmeplay is very smooth. Especialy the controls the camera never puts you in some akward postion.And it has a something new with fact u can trust no one.And they get scared and giving them ammo and all that to calm them down.

Graphics: Graphics are maybe the only thing that can be tweeked up a little.But only the backgrounds cause as for the faces that on the money. Blake and his troops look realistict.

Audio: Sound is nice 2 with the things jumping out making crazy nosies.And in certain moments the scary music jumps out at you.

Suggestions: This is a great game. The Only thing you can do for this is a sequal and tweek the background grrphics a little more.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2003

Overall: This a good game but things kept it from being great.But it has all things u'd want for a franchise.

Gameplay: The game is very smooth and intact. But some of some of the things need a change real bad. Like the fact i play a friend and i know i can kick his ass. But he beats me by not pressing any thing on the controller only hikeing the ball and let computer do the rest.For example my friennds where playing each other and 1 of them hike the ball and didnt press anything and Warrick Dunn ran a TD 65 yards!

Graphics: The Graphis are ok but not 50% of xboxs potential.There needs to be some changes like NFL2K3 did.Maybe make the faces look realer rather like cartoon.

Audio: The sound is great i dont have anything to say about this. Now this is one of the things that should not change.Maybe some player chatter woul dbe nice.

Suggestions: I know u have a franchise here that u dont wanna change but dont u think its time for some. And please please take out that !&%$@#* where computer controls the player even after the person playing moves him.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: How can the overall appeal for this game not be a 5.The only problem I have is the Stupid azz pepole xbox addict have reviewin this game.We were thirsting for a wild 4 player game and this is what we've been looking for.

Gameplay: Gameplay Appeal is very addicting even though the replay value isnt that high.That first time you play the game is nonthing less than perfect.Nice moves great gun pick ups lovin that machine gun.

Graphics: The Grahics are pretty good but the cars and backgrounds could have used a little touching up.But other that that pretty solid.

Audio: The sound for this game was pretty fair i mean what do u expect. The machine gun sounds good and so does the other weapons.

Suggestions: I'm a owner of over 50 Xbox games so i know great good or dumb games.Don't listen to these dumb azz mutha !&%$@#* ers talking about First Person View.The only 2 things this need is some kind of great replay value and a sequal.Maybe if there was a lotta diffrent pepole to choose from that would make the replay value higher.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: This is a game to well bo remembered. NFL2K3 it the best sports game hands down this year.I can't really say to improve anything because its like perfect.

Gameplay: The Gameplay Appeal is addicting. This years game has all those realistic things that last years was missing.

Graphics: The Graphics are at there best of all times. The thing that really gets you on this game is Edgerin James. He has a mounth full of gold and Dreads hanging out the back of his helment.

Audio: The sound is also there for xbox. I mean when your making a game for the best video game system in the world what do you expect.

Suggestions: What can I really say there aint !&%$@#* to tell u cause u did 2 good on thsi game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2003

Overall: NFL Fever is one of my favorite games. I love the Franchise mode and the game play. And also the graphics and hard hitting.

Gameplay: Fever seems hard at first to pass the ball. But after u play it a few times you get used to it.And this one of the very few football games that allow you to break when running the ball.

Graphics: The visual on this game is fantastic.Seeing the players veins in there arms is what really shocks me most.But the could be better faceital features like NFL2K3.

Audio: NOW THAT 5.1 Woo Hoo. Sound is on the money with every hit and commintary talks diffrent when in the season mode. And it doesnt repeat the same !&%$@#* all the time.

Suggestions: Keep up the good work. But work on there faces a little more to make them look more realistic.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Knockout Kings 2002

Overall: Over all this is a great game.
a few modification. expecially with the Sound.. !&%$@#* take a " hint hint"

Gameplay: this needs improving ........
separte buttons for body blows...
make ducking and dodging less of a headache.

Graphics: its ok but i know it could be better the replay makes it obvious that the man is not even being hit..come on ....
maybe try mixing it wit UFC

Audio: Hey i love all type of music and i am feeling what the !&%$@#* head bangers are saying about the rap...
i don't think it was that hip hop...
Beside the majority rule in boxing.......hell hip hop it is

Suggestions: ok...the big thing.........speaking for all my friend...

the BOXERS entrance to the ring with our custom X-box sound track...
that there alone would have sold...maybe a 100,000 more copys

Second big thing is that the create your character.....SUCKS BIG.....
MORE OPTION....ex: body build with a point system....

Only real Gamers know what the hell you all are throwing out the door....


Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Enclave

Overall: Enclave was rated pretty bad by the xbox magazine. But dont pay that any attention. Enclave is a not good but great title for the Xbox. Its overall appeal is stunning and not only that but breathing. The reason why the xbox magazine didnt rate this game high as it should have been is because of the modes they felt should have been on there.

Gameplay: The game play is very smoothing and doesnt slow down at anytime. It gives you the choice of 6 diffrent characters. That you earn as the game goes on. And I also like the way you can purchase armor and weapons before the stage starts.And even after completing the game the first time theres a Dark Quest mode. Where you can be the bad guy for a change.

Graphics: The Graphics are very up to par on this game. The characters have a realistic look to them. And the back grounds on most of the stages are wonderful.

Audio: Sound is on the money on this game. You can hear the voices of your eneimes before you even get up on them. And the swoop sound when u shoot the arrows sounds like the real thing.

Suggestions: Maybe on the next 1 you can add some multi player action. Because thats the only reason why xbox magazine gave enclave a 7.9 when it should have at least got a 9.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NCAA Football 2003

Overall: NCAA is a nice football game for the xbox.It has been polished from last years game just a tad bit. But its also the first college football game 4 xbox so i cant complain.

Gameplay: The game play is additive when u have lots of friends. Who like college football games. The Legacy mode is perfect! Thats the way it should be for a lot of these games.

Graphics: Now the visual is probaly the worst part of the game. I mean come on here this is Xbox where talking about here. This game looks 2 !&%$@#* close to the other systems. But its still pretty nice graphics but could have been a 1000 times better.

Audio: The sound is pretty good. Its on the money with the hits and the fight songs. The one thing they could have added though was player voices.

Suggestions: I really dont have any complaints but the graphics. Your playin with the power of xbox not PS2 or Cube.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Legends of Wrestling

Overall: Legends Of Wrestling is a game that has a whole lot of potential to be one of the best. All it really needs is some more features. I've read about part 2 and it has all the features i was talking about.And on the xbox version it supports the soundtrack.

Gameplay: The game play is a new system that acclaim really needed for there wrestling games. The controls are great and fun especialy with the reversal system.

Graphics: Now the Graphics are up to bar on other game systems. But the xbox version could look alot better. These other systems don't have the power of the xbox.

Audio: NOW the sound is the highlight of the game. Xbox exclusive soundtrack baby. You can come out on your own toons on this xbox version.And the chair shots and punches are on the money 2.

Suggestions: Keep doing what your doing your on the way to something new and great.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Overall: This game was really under rated in some people reviews. This is a great game for people who love Bruce check out my point of views for loving this game.

Gameplay: The Gameplay keeps you into your TV and on point. The chucks parts of the game is cool as s#!%. The nonstop fighting is the biggest element of this game. And the fact that it has all of Bruce's moves from the Chest Dive to the Back Breaker.

Graphics: The Graphics are good but could be a lot better. It's not Bruce himself that part looks nice the enemies look good too. Its the back ground that could have been a lot better.

Audio: Now this is the BEST part of the game. Just hearing all the Bruce sounds keeps you glued to the Television. I don't know if there could be a better sounding Bruce.

Suggestions: Nice game this is really a classic in my collection.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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