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Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Some people may like this type of game, but to me, this is exactly the type of game that should not be allowed to be made.

If I could rate it lower than one, I would gladly do so.

Gameplay: Drugs, car jacking, murder, crime, etc., etc., etc...
If you are a youth playing this, play something else.

Graphics: Colors... oh the humanity.
Perhaps this was good for a Playstation 2 title, but falls short on the Xbox.

Audio: For what the game is, I suppose the sound is okay... but then again... does the sound matter at this point?

Suggestions: No thank you... please find another occupation.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition

Overall: Long lasting, open ended, quest oriented, fantastic role playing game.
My vote for the best Xbox game on the market.

Gameplay: Just the type of game that consoles should have... provided of course that the console has a hard drive.

Graphics: Simply fantastic.
It's very pretty, there are a few better looking games on the market, but those don't push the edge of the amount of volume of things on the screen as Morrowind does... so it's not a fair comparison.

Audio: Great music... good voice acting... great sound effects.
The quests and such have a lot of text-based to it. But, it's got so much that you can read and read to your hearts content all the stuff that they added to this game.
It's just unreal.

Suggestions: Thanks for the game!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: It's crazy taxi, only it's the Simpson's twist to the game, which makes the it enjoyable if you are a Simpson's fan.

Gameplay: Crazy taxi by itself, while an interesting game, gets very old, very fast as there are only so many lines for the characters to say, and places to go.... but add in the Simpson's twist to the game, and this game is fun.
There are several modes to play the game in, one of my favorites being free-form, where you can just roam around without the time limits, and see all the known Springfield sites.
Also, the number of drivers that you can play as really adds extra replayability to the game.
The controls are also very tight/good, which really is essential in any vehicle based game.

Graphics: The cell shading is actual done very well, and I really like the how it brings the world of Springfield to life. Well done.

Audio: I was actually surprised at the number of character lines that they put into this game. While it's not endless in quantity, they added more than a simple staple amount, and added a few extras, such as homer and bart will have a unique conversation that others won't have when driving them. There are more than just that one, but that's an example of what I mean.

Suggestions: Nicely done, the best Crazy Taxi game yet, let alone the best Simpson's game yet.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

Overall: It's a good racer, good looking, good controls, good graphics, good race mode options..... in a nut shell, It's good! Read on if interested...

Gameplay: Very nice responsive controls for the cars, with several difficulty settings so that a newbie to an experienced driver can enjoy it.
Also, the career mode is good, while not quite as deep as the latest Gran-T game, it's still quite deep. ie. Lots of play/replay length to the game.

Graphics: Very beautiful... good landscapes but the cars themselves are absolutely fantastic. Not a game that the eyecandy will grow moldy in comparison to any other racers, not for at least a year I assume, especially with it being an Xbox only game.

Audio: The sounds are good, with the ability to play your own music with the game is a X-box staple for decent games. Although, some owners apparently are having some problems with this aspect not working right, which may be a glitch in which you just return the game to the store you bought it from, and get a replacement for it. So far, I've not had this problem occur with my game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 ESPN NBA 2Night 2002

Overall: A good basketball game, especially if you are into the franchise mode in which you GM and sim or play, than this is where this game really is unmatched.

Gameplay: If you want to manage and control a franchise thru some 20 or so years (I forget the actual amount allowed, but it's near 20) then this is the franchise mode game to buy. It has excellent stat tracking and via simulation mode it gives incredibly realistic numbers, as well as the aging of the players and their abilities improving or decaying with the players age, etc. This game is the bomb for a franchise sim.

Graphics: The graphics are not as good as say NBA Inside Drive, but they aren't as bad as many of the so-called professional reviews that I've seen tear this game down for.
If you can live with good graphics, and better than average gameplay for a franchise game, then this game is for you. But if your idea of a basketball game is more about eyecandy than simulalism, then this game is not for you.

Audio: Nothing spectacular here as far as the sound goes, then again, there is nothing really wrong here. Hence the averagish score for sound.

Suggestions: Looking forward to this year's Starting Five game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Enclave

Overall: Without a save any where in level option my opinions of this game were origninally in the 2 to 3 range, max. But after playing it for a while, while frustrating in some areas of the games in some levels where the AI gives you a cheap one shot, one kill head hit and you don't know where it comes from, ... this game really sucks you into wanting to retry it over and over again until not only do you find where the assassin lives, but you get the names of his family and prepare to kill all who would mourn for such a whelp's death, as it would be placed in the paper as a DSAF. Did society a favor.

Gameplay: Despite the loss of not being able to save anywhere in level, and the lack of difficultiy modes, it's still a very fun and addictive hack and slash game. It keeps you coming back to look for gold that you may have missed the frist time through, or with the choice of several different char's at our disposal, what would it be like to try character B instead of A, to see how the level plays out.
It really is fun.

Graphics: Graphics are great, no doubts there, though not quite up to Morrowind standards. They appear to be the next best for any game on any system within the RPG - adventure category. But man, the 3rd person camera is a real man in the netheregions at times in battle. That alone knocks it from a 5 to 4.5
It doesn't make the difficulty ramp up too much higher, but it's just a pain every so often, if you know what I mean.

Audio: Good sounds, in voices, effects, music, etc. Nothing to detract from the game come to mind, But there was some feelings of that sounded cool for an effect, and perfectly timed as well.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Cel Damage

Overall: This game is nothing but fun.
If you enjoy Car combat games, and like them with a sense of humor, than this is the game to get.
Also, the opponent AI is very good, which really makes the game all the better.

Gameplay: The game play is a blast, either alone or even more so with friends.
If you think of this as a First person shooter with vehicles, which is tempting to do when first trying it, clear that from you mind. This is a game about choping, shooting, blasting, beating, etc. your opponents as quickly as you can.

Graphics: The Cel shaded characters and cars are nothing short of unreal. Even the weapons and background and obstacles all work vey well with no clipping problems, nor any slow down or lag, ever.

Audio: The music is sheer fun for the game, along with all vehicles and weapons sounds, along with the various lines that the toons say when shooting each other and/or being shot.

Suggestions: A job very well done, thank you.
My only criticism would be in that when trying to unlock all levels, etc. that there should be various difficulty setting levels for those people who are not as good at this kind of game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL 2K2

Overall: After trying Madden from 2002 and being disappointed with it's short comings, I decided to give NFL 2k2 a try when target had it on sale for 17.99.

Gameplay: When are they going to program the computer to make use of the clock-ball-time considerations, when playing against it.

Graphics: It looked okay for a port, but I it's no looker compared to NFL Fever 2002. The graphics were serviceable.

Audio: Uhm, another area that is better than Madden NFL 2002, but it still has a long way to go to be really good.

Suggestions: I never played this on the Dreamcast back when I heard that sega's football game was the best, and now I'm glad that I didn't.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: I really really really wanted to love this game. It's graphics are fantastic in terain and the vehicles... but the unrealistic sliding of the vehicles backwheels just kills it.

Gameplay: I remember driving on dirt roads in worse weather conditions than this as a teenager, with a much less car than the racers that they give you in this game, and the cars in this game slide around on the track more than my car ever did. This aspect of lack of realism just plain kills the game for me. And man, if you go to far off the track, the gods of racing (or whatever you want to call the programers of this) reset you on the track with a major slowdown. Sheesh.

Graphics: For a racer, the graphics in this game are phenominal. It's hard to compare any other racer to this one in the visual department, because it really looks like all that.

Audio: It's been a while now since I played it, and while I don't remember it as being bad, nor do I remember it as being fantastic either. I remember being able to add your own music, which is a near must for Xbox games being that the system can handle do it, and others can't.

Suggestions: Fix the slide... it's way too unrealistic. I can see it being so on icy roads but man, the rally cars perform worse than did my old Chevy Impala.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: The best horror action game made, period.
I have waited a long time for a good undead action thriller, and Hunter is it. It's a game that is fun to just blow through for a few minutes if you want a good night of the living dead zombie fragfest, and it's fantastic as a full blown, finish the level with as many lives as you can power triping game.

Gameplay: I've never had so much fun killing undead as you can either solo or with friends, as with this game.
Forget Resident Evil, or Buffy, etc. ad nauseau... this is one sheer thrill of carnage.

Graphics: Absolutely stunning.
It really does the Xbox well.
I can't get over how well the game plays with really no slow down in the frame rate. The graphics are crisp and wonderful. Sloshing undead has never been this beautiful before.

Audio: Just has the right effects for the right places.
It's take you over the edge kind of stuff, but none the less, it really adds to the fun of the gameplay.

Suggestions: Very nicely done.
I wish the file listing in the saves were a different, but with a game this good, there's always something to add then for Hunter 2.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: A fantastic roleplaying game that takes advantage of the Xbox's hard drive. If you can't afford all the upgrades for you computer (or even if you can but don't want to put up with various hardware/software issues) to play the game on that system, and/or you want to play the game and not have to turn visual effects down etc. then Morrowind for the Xbox is obviously a fantastic choice.

Gameplay: It's an open-ended fantasy D&D style roleplaying game.
Hundreds of quests, and I forget how many thousand NPCs, etc.
I.e. it has almost limitless replay value.

Graphics: Absolutely stunning.
And there is generally no lag, even when there is tons of action or various things going on.
Most of the locations are a bit on the brownish-greyish varieties, and there are a somewhat limited number of NPC creatures to fight, it's hard to really complain about these things when the entire game fits on one DVD.

Audio: Once again, stunning.
The first time I started playing my jaw darn near dropped, as I was shocked at how the game's sounds really bring the fantasy world to life.

Suggestions: Thank you Bethesada, for bringing this game to the Xbox!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Totaled!

Overall: It's a demolition derby game, gotta love it.
I know that my rating on the whole is higher than the sections, but since there hasn't been a decent game like this since the first Destruction Derby game on the PSone and computer, it gets extra credit in my book.
It's been a long wait for a decent game like this, and at $29.99, it's well worth it.

Gameplay: The controls for the vechiles are very good. The cars handle as would be expected on the given track surfaces.
I must admit that I've not played the career type mode, but then again, most people I know don't play demolition race games for that type of gameplay... if you like automobilie destruction games and want to play for say 15 to 20 minutes at a shot and run a few races in that amount of time, it's a blast to play.
You can pick through several tracks and set up several types of games, such as tagteam, solo, a sort of timed everyone beat up on one person type of game, etc. and more modes, it has a lot to offer. You can choose up 8 opponents or 3 partners, etc.

Graphics: It's very good, but not perfect... the gripe I would have would be in the reload times for games (this is obviously where it reloads the graphics for the match) and while I normally don't complain about reload times, it should not take a half minute to reload the graphics for a track/bowl that I just played on.

Audio: All in all, it's not bad, it's just not as much fun to listen to as was the original Destruction Derby game.
There is only one announcer... and the drivers don't yell at each other or anything fun like the origial D.D. game had. While this is not really a bad thing, it's just missing in the feeling any form of attachment to the driver that you are playing as. ie. the game is missing a little in the character department that made D.D. so much fun.

Suggestions: Add an option for setting damage that the cars can take so that the matches can last longer if we want... for example:
Car damage per hit: Low, Normal, High.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 ESPN NFL Primetime 2002

Overall: I read all the bad reviews about this game and after playing Fever and Madden, I came to realize that ESPN Primetime wasn't that bad of a game. As far as being a coaching/GM/Owner simulation, or playing every down as the coach, etc. this game simply rocks.
It's way ahead of Madden in total GM involvement details, and controls better in some ways than Fever, and Sega 2k2.
Give it a rent, you may be amazed too, I was.

Gameplay: The AI plays very well with using the clock... something that I can't say for Madden or Sega 2k2, and the graphics are slightly less fantastic than are Madden or Sega, or Fever... but it's not a system jump in technical ability. It's still a very enjoyable game to watch and play. For those who think it looks like a N64 football game, pull your heads out please. I had Madden N64 games, and this game isn't anything like that.
Franchise and coach, GMing your favorite team through the years to create a dynasty is where this game is at, and it has it in spades.

Graphics: With only a little more graphical work, this game could have competed with the big boy/media-hyped NFL Games. It's sad that most reviewers that I've read are so put off by the slightly lesser graphics, so much so that they miss out on a fantastic game.
- Smart computer A.I. - check
- Good passing and running game from both sides of the ball, and for A.I. on both sides of the ball - check
- Graphics that are slightly lower than NFL Fever, but still much better than anything from the Dreamcast generation - check

Audio: Oh man, the announcers. Yes! He could go all the way! Chris is in the game.
It's ESPN announcing quality, something that is fantastic.
There are very few repeat phrases in the same game, maybe one or two lines get repeated, once... unlike Madden games where it's just so much better to shut John off.
We know you have money John, and a good game, but could you at least try to say more than a could lines that get repeated every other minute throughout the whole game?!? Sheesh

Suggestions: Better marketing could have made this game a hit, or contender.
Heck, any marketing, as I don't remember seeing any marketing for this game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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