Ninja Gaiden (Original Xbox) by Tecmo Inc.

Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) by Tecmo Inc. Box Art

Xbox 360 backwards Compatible

North Amercian Release Date: March 3, 2004.

Region(s) Released: North America, Europe, Japan

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480p
Widescreen Supported (16:9): Yes
Average Overall Score:
9.18 / 10

When it comes to cross-console game sequels, it literally is hit or miss. The audience already has predetermined expectations based on previous versions, which means such games are riskier then new concept games. On the other hand, some might say that such games will bring with them instant success because fans who bought into the game before will so again."

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Ninja Gaiden is on the cutting-edge of action. Take on the role of powerful ninja Ryu Hayabusa, who seeks revenge after his clan is massacred by the Vigor Empire.

Taking full advantage of three-dimensional space, advance through the story with only your wits, your ninja skills, and your deadly swordcutting down opponents in the Vigor Empire as you attempt to beat the Holy Emperor and reclaim the magic sword "Ryuken"


Sunday, September 19, 2004
Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Friday, November 21, 2003
Tuesday, May 13, 2003

User Reviews

Score: 92
Overall User Average: 9.17 / 10 (91.8%)
Gameplay User Average: 8.85 / 10
Graphics User Average: 9.59 / 10
Sound User Average: 9.04 / 10
Date reviewed: April 1, 2005.

Overall: First of all i cannot believe i haven't reviewed this game until now because it is my FAVORITE ALL TIME XBOX GAME! I had the most fun ever on my Xbox playing Ninja Gaiden. The game is solid gold.
Gameplay: Playing this game was the best (haha no seriously). The moves you could pull off and the opponents you faced left you in awe. And of course you have your standard issue large arsenal of upgradable weapons you can use to decapitate and destory your opponents.
Graphics: The graphics in this game are jaw droppingly stunningly amazingly sweet. The moves you can pull off are like none youve ever seen before. The cut-scenes are the best ever ive seen in a game. The levels are indepth and completely detailed. Overall one of the best games ive ever witnessed.
Sound: The sound effects and music are great. No flaws at all in the effects and the music adds greatly to the gameplay.
Suggestions: Yea make a NG2!!!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: December 11, 2004.

Overall: WOW what a game! Fast fighting game, awesome visuals, the game completely rocked, i can't wait for ninja 2.
Gameplay: Fighting style was very fast and entertaning. movements were terrific, prince of persia should take a few pointers from Team ninja
Graphics: wow what great visuals has the this game been able to attain. what else would you expect, it is Team Ninja.
Sound: Sound is ok, nothing that special, but still quite decent. no complaints, it could be more immersive than they made.
Suggestions: keep doing what you are doing

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: October 9, 2004.

Overall: As of now it is October of '04 and Ninja Gaiden is in my opinion still the best game out this year. The graphics can actualy compete (and beat!) a lot of PC games, which for a console is amazing. The gameplay although repetitve is very fun, and the characters and plot are very cool!
Gameplay: The gameplay is simply stunning. It is a very fun fast paced action game. There is no button mashing but there isn't a whole lot of replay ability.
Graphics: These visuals would be stunning if they were on the PC. And this game is for xbox! I love these graphics so much I am willing to say loudly and proudly to anyone who asks that this game has the best graphics on xbox....period!
Sound: The sound isn't impresive. With a game like this there is very little need for it to be too. The voice acting is very dry and unemotinal. The sound affects are kind of iffy too.
Suggestions: I loved this game, infact I think that it will be bested only by a few games ( i.e. Half Life 2, Halo 2) however despite the fact that I love it I am trading it because there is so little replay value. So please MAKE A MORE LASTING APPEAL TEAM NINJA!!!!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: September 21, 2004.

Overall: I am new to this genre of game... but i have to say '' I enjoyed it''
VERY DIFFICULT... but that is not a downside... it is more of a qulity in my eyes. looks great, plays great and is great fun. only down side is the appauling camera, but that does not stop this from being a brilliant game.
Gameplay: Gameplay is very easy to get used to, and there is an imense feeling of satisfaction when you link combos together and take out a whole flood of ninjas!! but a major let down in this department is the camera... although there is a free live update to sort this problem... gameplay is great, and is a real pace-setter for others in its genre.
Graphics: The game boasts very nice graphics, although not the best on xbox... still very good. Animation is fantastic, as are environments and enemies. A real joy to look at
Sound: Sound is a mixed package, i am sorry to say that music is terribal... in most areas it is the same 3bar beat repeating itself continuously, it gets quite annoying and boring... having said that, sounds while fighting, like sword clashes, and character noisses are great... but not enough to justify overlooking the terribal music... sound is not bad, but for such a great game it should be better
Suggestions: Multiplayer, online and offline.... longer game... more difficulty levels ranging from easy to imposibal! and slight graphical improvements. and another great game!

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: September 9, 2004.

Overall: Simply superb!
Steep learning curve but stick with it because it plateau`s out.Nothing comes close to this absolute master piece!

Gameplay: Tough to get started but very very addictive.One of my work colleagues is also playing NG and most mornings we are discussing what we have achieved the previous evening in length like excited school children (and we are 38 and 29 years old)!
As I mentioned previously there is a steep learning curve no more so than when you reach your first boss - who reminds me of `Hulk Hogan` - early on in the game.But with careful planning and using the 10 save slots wisely you can progress and backtrack to gain that extra health potion or buy that weapon upgrade etc.
After the initial `shock` learning curve the game`s difficulty level seems to increase at a more manageable level - partly due to your careful buying and conserving of items and weapons at the sprinkling of `shops` along your way.
I also like the way the game can change its setting from a middle sized town to a monastery to underground cemetery`s and then back to a modern helicopter gunship or tank all so seamlessly.This really does give the game a lasting appeal because you really don`t know what to expect next.
What you will find with this game is the best fighting engine yet.You can be fighting several enemies at once slashing at them with what ever weapon you happen to be using at the time then change weapon and get a totally different fighting experience.
My favorite weapon in the game was the Vigorian Flail - two short heavy curved blades at the end of a short chain.When upgraded to full strength at the blacksmiths - this becomes a formidable weapon and very very fast!
Overall though,the game play is excellent and addictive to the extreme! I`ve not finished the game yet - level 9 of 16 - but I`ve racked up 25 hours of game play ....that is progressive game play!!
Graphics: What can I say..simply stunning.This is by far the best animation I`ve seen yet on any system ever!The frame rate is rock steady - like liquid silk.
The visuals change regularly throughout the game.You start of in a Japanese style village onto an airship,s,railways and more...
The monastery is my favorite area,visually beautiful marble floor and pillars and fantastic stained glass windows!
Again the end of level bosses are stunning and varied.
Also the pre-rendered cut scenes are fabulous - Hollywood would be proud of it.Just look at Ryu`s face it really does look like a real human!
Sound: Atmospheric music,all the grunts and groans you would expect from a fighter,clanking of metal against masonry.
In the middle of a frantic battle the sounds just work perfectly - difficult to describe - you just have to hear it!
Suggestions: I must congratulate the developers on a truly fantastic piece of work.Its given me hours of enjoyment!
Simply stunning.This should win game of the year.
More of the same please!!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: August 31, 2004.

Overall: Ninja Gaiden is a game for the diehard gamer. A tremendous 3rd person action adventure game that does just about everything perfectly. I wouldn't recommend it to the casual or unskilled gamer, but for everyone else this is the type of game that you wish every game would be.
Gameplay: Ninja Gaiden plays so incredibly smooth, and has a great combat system. The levels are well designed. Most of the boss battles were very well done. A few can be frustratingly hard, but the satisfaction of beating them makes up for it. When you beat the game, you feel a real sense of accomplishment. There's high replay value, as I've played it through 2 1/2 times so far just to find the scarabs, play with the various weapons, and to check out the new bad guys and features in the downloadable content. Quite simply, games do not get much better than Ninja Gaiden.
Graphics: Drop dead gorgeous visuals from the in game animation down to the prettiest CGI cutscenes since the ending scenes of DOA3. I would be hard pressed to find a better looking game anywhere on any platform. The environments are also very diverse and well done. The new Xbox Live update also addressed any camera concerns, although I never had a problem with the original camera.
Sound: My one very minor beef with NG is the music. At times it does not seem to fit the environment, and could have been slightly better. The rest (sound effects, voice acting) is all good.

Suggestions: .Make another one!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: August 3, 2004.

Overall: This is my first review in a couple of years... and the only reason I'm writing it is because I think it's necessary. This game needs to be in the top 10, bottom line. I'm not going to give a summary of the game as I'm pretty sure that's a given. Ninjas. What more do you want.
Gameplay: Most fluid game you'll play in years. You really get a sense of controlling Ryu and a definite sense of domination. You run around as a Ninja cutting apart bad guys. If you've never been to, you have to go if you don't beleive me how awesome ninjas are.
Graphics: The standard on Xbox. Regularly compared against in reviews in the graphics category. Only matched so far by Doom3 (released... several days ago.) I dreamed one day of playing a game looking like this. 60 FPS to boot.
Sound: Good score (musical score), very nice... slicing sounds, hitting different textures with your sword produdces different sounds, and even good voice acting.
Suggestions: Back when it was released in March, many were mad because of no Live play. So what. They release the Ninja Tournament expansion packs, and that is amazing. For FREE even. Just amazing replay value there with loads of stuff in each pack. Similar almost to a retail expansion. Only suggestion besides making a sequal (which I'm sure had been said) and Live play, I'd like the custom soundtrack option. Playing Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting while running around being a ninja would dominate.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: July 21, 2004.

Overall: This game is amazing in every aspect of the game. The visuals are of course among the best. The game is also very addictive but what I think keeps the game fun is the difficulty of the game.

Gameplay: The game is very fun and there is a good variety of weapons. The boss fights are hard but really fun. My only complaint is the camera which causes trouble.
Graphics: It's a team ninja so the graphics are going to be amazing. I think they are some of the best on the xbox.
Sound: Great sound in this game.The sounds you hear during a battle are great. The sounds of the creatures you fight in this game I thought were also great.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: June 6, 2004.

Overall: !&%$@#* in amazing, great graphics, great gameplay, and awesome music. sure its hard, but i havent played a gmae that is hard enough in a long time. sure it pisses u off, but after u get through the tough spots, then its sooo rewarding.
Gameplay: i am speechless when it comes to this game. there are so many combos, and they all look so freaking good. its challenging, but if it wasnt, then it wouldnt be worth going and playing again.
Graphics: best graphics ive seen in a console game ever. ud be lying if u said the graphics are not amazing. not only the graphics though, even just the animations, he moves around so smoothly, and his attacks are nuts. they couldnt look any more realistic. and the fmvs...dont even get me started, most realistic looking video game tits ive seen in my life;P
Sound: sweet music, and the voice acting is not bad at all. definetly better voice acting then some of team ninjas other games, and those werent bad at all. sound effects are sweet too, just theres only a few slashing sounds, and when u use ur sword a lot, it gets repetitve, but its hardly noticeable
Suggestions: no not really, just cant wait for doa online

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: May 30, 2004.

Overall: Great adventure, I loved playing this game. I took a long time to get good at it but the wait was worth it. Everything about this game is excellent.
Gameplay: Not a button masher, you must acquire skills to defeat this game. A bit repetative at times but need to hone your techniques.
Graphics: At first I was annoyed with the camera angle. Why could these idiots not do was Halo et al are using for camera angles. But as time wore on it was fluid to me. Why does everything have to be the same. A little diversity is good. Perhaps there is a better system for visual orientation out there and if we get stuck on the same old stuff we will never know.
Sound: Accurate and effective sound. It did not annoy me in anyway is what I generally grade sound on. usually I have no sound
Suggestions: Another adventure. Keep up the good work.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: May 30, 2004.

Overall: Team Ninja have always made quality games, dead or alive 3 and the guilt inducing dead or alive xtreme beach volleyball being the lastest creations for our beloved Xbox. Ninja Gaiden is a completely different game altogether, gone are the babes of dead or alive and in it's place stands Ryu Hayabusa a legendary(soon to be)ninja. This guy lops off the heads of other ninja games, tosses some shurikens at them for good measure and does a ninja jig on top of their twitching corpses. He's a ninja killing machine and he will take Xbox by storm leaving dead bodies falling in his wake.
Gameplay: The gameplay is the main focus of the game, the control layout will instantaneously grab you, you'd think with all his ninja abilities you would be just button bashing, that's where Team Ninja brought out their strengths tenfold, to truth the game is hard, but Team Ninja want you to master the game's combos and the block button, if you don't block you're dead before you can say "this is hard". I have completed the game and i have to say in my opinion that there could've been more combos, unlike the dreadfulness that is devil may cry 2 on PS2(who said that) it never gets boring, there's tons to do, lots to find, weapons to upgrade, there are more weapons than you can imagine, you'll never sell it. Maybe. Dying 20 times before getting past a bit can be frustarting but prehaps you missed something, maybe you missed a certain weapon upgrade, didn't see that enemies weak spot in their defense before did you, persist and you'll get through, trust me.
Graphics: Team Ninja has long been known for it's gorgeous graphics, the dead or alive girls look like they should be real, visual wise, no other game can compare, anything with the Team Ninja moniker on it you can expect to be pure quality, hands down. Fisrt time you come up against a boss you'll probably get cut down easily, but the way he/she/it does it will amaze you. The cutscenes have everything they need, nothing missing. Taking a page from Soul Caliber 2's book(which is inferior)the swords, axes,etc swish through the air and leave trails in their wake. Everything about the game has special graphical touches, which are inconspicuous at first, but then you become to truely appreciate the work Team Ninja have put into there masterpiece.
Sound: The sound flows through the levels like butter, depending on what you're doing, i don't want to spoil things, but in a certain warehouse in the game there's no power, when you find the switch the music starts and picks up slowly as you would expect power to. The msuic really is inspiring especially in certain places in the game, where you feel it is needed.
Suggestions: For Ninja Gaiden 2, if it's not to much trouble firstly, you can make the game much bigger, for a game in production for about 5 years, i would expect more than 16 levels/chapters, also the combos are too limited there could've been loads more call me if you need any ideas, apart from these minor things the game's great and i'm sure game purists will love it.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Hard Boiled Cop
Date reviewed: May 28, 2004.

Overall: A fast pace action/adventure beat em' up with a touch of rpg elements making this a fun game to play. In some cases people are saying this is too hard but I thought this was normal. It wasn't too hard or too easy.
The plot is simple, you are Ryu Hayabusa, a ninja who seeks vengeance on the Vigoorian empire that massacred your clan and the village people. There are 2 swords, one is the dark dragon blade and the other is the dragon blade. The dark dragon blade was taken by the Vigoorian Empire and it is your job to recover it.
I love the plot, simple and engaging. Full marks for this.
oh and the boss battles are engaging.
Gameplay: Gameplay is like, woah! This is great. it feels great and plays great but sometimes you do get a little frustrated when you perform a move that you didn't want it to happen like the automatic wall run. It was awkward in some places but overall it is great.
The camera angles was a big let down. When I first read about the camera angles, they said it would be great, you don't need to change the camera angles, but I felt like every single corner I turn to I must pull the right trigger just to centre the camera angle.
Graphics: This is by far the best looking game. Looks better than Halo, Splinter cell and any other good looking games you can name of that is out now. And the CGI cutscene, nuff said.
Sound: The sound of sword slashing and clanging was great. The sounds of weapons are great.
Just great overall.
Suggestions: Fix the camera angles.
Possibly do co op modes
Play as different characters
And more unlockables please.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: May 26, 2004.

Overall: i didnt like the game at all it sucked very bad. the game was to hard like holy !&%$@#* how the hell is expect us to beat a boss when we get attacked by another boss before that like what the hell i thought it would be better but no it had to go and suck big donkey dick
Gameplay: toooooooooooo !&%$@#* ing hard to play like jesus christ i thought it would be fun to play like wow what a good looking game i gotta try it and than it goes and blows fucking dick like god man make it abit easyer to play god dammit the only thing i liked about this was the weapons and getting to use the ninja stealth and stuff that was fun
Graphics: the only good thing was the graphics in this game and the cutscence wow man they were good like in chapter 7 when u face alma or whatever her name was that was good and the other one with the big blob thing that almost eat racheal( i think thats her name?) for dinner that was cool
Sound: the sound wasnt that good at all didnt really pay attention to it while that !&%$@#* ing emiemies kept on beating me all the fucking time like i have a good character and all really good health and stuff and blah i die
Suggestions: dont much a game this crappy its to !&%$@#* ing hard to fucking play it pissed me off and made me almost brake the game

Overall: 20 %
Gameplay: 30 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 20 %

Beans Banis
Date reviewed: May 26, 2004.

Overall: I Think this game is more Hype than anything else it has potential to become a good game but i believe it was created with too many flaws in it's overall play, it needs some easier availbility for the gamer i liked all the new techniques that the Ninja can do but it's a bit unrealistic and i kinda grown out of that now.
Gameplay: The Gameplay is decent, i hate how a couple of digs from other Ninja's and the character dies but i do like how the Ninja can find it very easy to pick up new goods, i think the developers concentrated too much on the moves than the actual game play because it is quite hard to grasp the style of Ninja Gaiden...
Graphics: The Visual is the strong point of this game it has very nicely pulled off visuals and allows you dwell into the game with easy capability because of such creative visual
Sound: I think the Sound is the weakest part of this game and if you really respected the game you would agree with me i mean WTH?? the sound was just not there, not realistic enough not making a impact on your emotion with your character or even getting the concept of how this game operates and that's just from sound..
Suggestions: Try not to make everything in this game so !&%$@#* hard, i had problems from the damn start to the end and it always takes very long for everything to load i totally do not like this game. Sorry

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 40 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 20 %

Date reviewed: May 25, 2004.

Overall: When i first played the game it was to hard for me to play but after a hour or 4 you get the hang of it. i love the graphics and the cutscenes are beautiful made. i had some times that the puzzles where a bit difficult but you solved them in a bout 5 minutes
Gameplay: the gameplay is perfect. you can walk on everything you can jump on almost everything and you can make the most unbelieveable combos ever. there are a few times i thought i can never make it through this map but just think logical and you finished the game in 5 hours. btw the fastest game ever was finished in 2 hours and 11 minutes ON VERY HARD. dont think you can do this because that guy has 60 hours of experience
Graphics: i love the graphics of ninja gaiden especially when i first saw the red fiends, i was amazed with the beautiful graphics, they are unbelieveable detailed. the special effects are also cool. the water is reflecting and when you are charging up sparks are coming from ryu and when you hit someone hell breaks loose.
Sound: the sound is good, nothing where i can really complain about. when you throw a shuriken in a metal plate you hear it, and when you throw it in the wood then you can hear the difference.
Suggestions: euhm, a better multiplayer option. not just a stupid tournament or a score board. i want to play with 16 other ninjas in on room. i want to chope other peoples heads off, I WANT CHAOS, I WANT ACTION, I WANT NINJA GAIDEN MULTIPLAYER ACTION :D

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: May 18, 2004.

Overall: Based on the majority of reviews on this site, I'm the only person in the world that didn't like this game. It had great graphics and sound, but everything else was a giant letdown for me.
Gameplay: The movement of the character in Ninja Gaiden is similar to that of the character in Prince of Persia, except Ryu moves at ridiculous speeds and is not as easy to control. The basic idea behind this game is sound, but there are some unforgivable flaws. One, if you have to go back in a level, all the opponents you've already killed once are there again. Two, the enemies are ridiculously hard to beat - combine this with the fact that they regenerate, and you've got major problems. But the biggest problem with this game is the camera. I have never seen worse angles in my life! Maybe the enemies wouldn't be so hard to beat if I could actually see them. How hard would it have been for Tecmo to set the right joystick as a camera control? Instead, moving the right joystick immediately puts you in first person view. The only control you have over the camera is the ability to re-center it behind you.
Graphics: Excellent graphics. Unfortunately, as with all games, I don't play for graphics, sound, or even storyline. None of these things matter if the gameplay is lousy, and in this case, it is.
Sound: Once again, I fall back on the argument I used when discussing the grahpics. The sound in Ninja Gaiden is nice, but sound is only there to compliment gameplay.
Suggestions: The ability to control the camera is an absolute must. Personally, I also would have enjoyed this game more if the physics of the characters was more believable. I realize it's a video game, but Ryu moves at speeds that are ridiculous.

Overall: 40 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: May 18, 2004.

Overall: Great Game intense action around every door .The game really became addictive mostly because maybe you cant beat a boss so you get more money for a better weapon. It is so far one of the greatest contenders against HALO. But the online mode desapointed me only because it is a test to get the highest points at the end of the game.It is shown on a board after you beat it again. Ninja Gaiden is a long intense game and i recommend it for the online player and the offline player.
Gameplay: Amazing bosses, stunning and 16 challenging levels.LOng lasting game (took mye a 2 weeks my first time). But i dont recommend for repeatedly beating the game its just to long to do it.

Graphics: Bets graphics i have seen on xbox especially the cut scenes. IT really gives a good feal for the game in which the other developers cant see.
Sound: The game was so good i didnt even pay attention to it but it was probably as good as the rest of the game
Suggestions: BETTER ONLINE PLAY!!!!!!

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: May 13, 2004.

Overall: All hail TEAM NINJA! With that said I have to say that this is one of the most addictive games I've played in a long long time. I mean sometimes you just want a game where the main objective is to kill em all and let god sort em out and believe me, Ninja Gaiden delivers that fix in spades. Not to mention that you get to look really freakin cool while your doing it.
Gameplay: Hack, slash and best of all decapitate. Ninja Gaiden moves so incredibly fast and swift that you will believe that you are a ninja. Kooky camera angles can sometimes interfere with what essentially is a fairly smooth control system. But the way around that is really quite simple. Watch you back. Learn to use the central camera trigger sparingly during battles and generally you get to enjoy your skirmishes from a pretty good angle each time. There is a steep learning curve but it's really not that steep once youve played for an hour or two. I mean each boss battle made me feel like I would never defeat him/it. But learning the necessary strategy and finally beating him/it was a big part of the fun and excitement of the game. It's refreshing to beat the crap out of enemies that (if your not careful or skilled enough) are skilled enough to kick the sh*t out of you just as quick. You definitely wont get the luxury of saying "oh let me just beat these spider clan ninjas real quick". Thank god for nunchukas. The wall climbing and jump flips are extraodinarily cool to look at and perform. The many different weapons are awesome and just add to the greatness of the game.
Graphics: Again, All Hail Team Ninja! Superb graphics. Just what I would expext from the creators of DOA and DOA xtreme volleyball. Everything, from the backgrounds to the games characters looks incredible.
Sound: Great sound. Great music. Character voices sound authentic and well placed. Another great acheivement here.
Suggestions: Definitely make a sequel and Pluuuueeeeezzzzz put Rachel in DOA or Ninja Gaiden pt2 since I dont know yet whether she's a playable charater or not. HMMMMMM...RACHEL AAAAAHHHHHH.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: May 12, 2004.

Overall: This game is so awesome. I love everything about it from the gameplay, sound, and visuals. All of it is innovative and unique.
Gameplay: Gameplay is awesome. It is non-stop action and it is bloody and there is a lot of different weapons to use. There are also a lot of different enemies, so the levels never get repetative. It seems to go one forever, but it doesn't. Gameplay is pretty hard, so you will be busy for awhile.
Graphics: Some of the best-looking graphics that I have ever seen. It is extremely smooth and everything looks very very good. The cut scene are awsome and all of the enemies and Ryu look awesome.
Sound: Sound is great. The swords, guns, and every weapons sound really real. The cut scenes have nice sounds too, even though they don't talk a lot.
Suggestions: A sequel or a new game. Anything would be great. Keep of the GREAT work!!!!!!!!!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: April 25, 2004.

Overall: Cool Ninja style action game. Mostly hack and slash with a few puzzles just to keep things interesting.
Gameplay: Nice choice of weapons. You move through the levels through fighting and puzzle solving. There's a boss to defeat at the end of each level.
Graphics: Pretty good visuals. I was expecting a little better though from all the hype. But decent in general.
Sound: Very cool sound while fighting which is good because you sure hear alot of it. The nunchukas sound just like Bruce Lee's movies.
Suggestions: I think a little less fighting and don't make the enemies respawn when you return back to a room. Put more puzzles and cutaways next time.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: April 17, 2004.

Overall: This is a good game. If only the controls were better. What it does best is to deliver the feeling that one imagines a super quick ninja has when laying dozens of enemies to waste in a matter of moments.
Gameplay: Gameplay is fantastic. Jump slash, decapitate, spin, kick all in 2 seconds time. Great fighting capability. Unfortunately, your character often fights in areas and against enemies that are hidden from view either by items on screen or simply off screen altogether. I don't have any problem with the respawning of nearly unlimited enemies. This is what the game is about. Slice 'em up, take 'em down. The most agravating issue is the right thumbstick. Why can't developers just admit that Halo NAILED the perfect controller configuration and copy them!
Graphics: Visuals are fantastic. They really shine during the fight scenes when the effects are flying all over the place. Sometimes when pulling complicated moves I even have a hard time keeping up with my character's position. That fast that smooth!
Sound: Sound either works or doesn't. Since it didn't stand out as bad they got it right. If you don't notice the sound of a game it works.
Suggestions: Admit that Halo has the best controller configuration and copy them. Get the game character out of narrow spaces more often. Halo, Morrowind and Ghost Recon are fun because there is some much area to cover. Don't resort to run down this hall or that cave, its a crutch. Get outside of that box. XBOX can handle it. Too bad the majority of games out for the initial XBOX don't even remotely challenge the system's capabilities. You (the developers) are letting gamers down. XBOX raised the bar. Can you reach it or are you still programming Donkey Kong emulators? Ninja G. is great but not blow me away at all.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: April 14, 2004.

Overall: I have been a fan of the series since the Nintendo days...this title did not fail to deliver. Solid controls, great graphics and sound make a feast for the senses...yet the high difficulty from the onset may make it prohibatively hard fro casual gamers.
Gameplay: Great controls and so-so camera work. A pretty good story line and some interesting backgrounds on the characters in game. Yet, the high learning curve from the beginning can and will put off some who want the eye and ear candy but not all the work and dying.
Graphics: Great graphics...Team Ninja seems to up the ante everytime they produce a title...can't wait for the next DOA. The bloddy death of ninjas by Ryu's hands are nice.
Sound: Great...full of life and very atmospheric...combat and voice are well done as well...spell sounds, etc. done nicely too.
Suggestions: Make a game that is more easy to get into either for those who want to invest less time or don't want all of the frustrating nuances from the beginning. Overall, a nice game though.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: March 25, 2004.

Overall: Its been a while in the wait and finally alot of Xbox owners can be happy that they finally have gotten a hand on a copy of Ninja Gaiden, and I am one of them. The game showed some major potential early, sporting amazing graphics for the Xbox and some fluent gameplay, but does the game live up to the Ninja Gaiden name, read the review to find out.
Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is what makes Ninja Gaiden Ninja Gaiden. When the demo version of the game was released, it was raived for the fluid movements of the characters on screen and never once did the game slow down or become choppy. For most people, this game provides kind of a Prince of Persia style of fighting, with X and Y button mashing to pull of crazy moves and numerous acrobatic movements. The games puzzles are pretty simple to complete and don't require as much as games like Prince of Persia do. But there are a few downsides to the gamplay of this game that need to be addressed. One is the camera which was a major complaint in the demo. The camera angles are flat out difficult to control for beginners, and only a long time player can get used to it. The camera doesn't posistion itself well forcing you to rearrange it into numerous positions to get it into a good view, and by this time you already have swarms of enemies upon you. But this problem is all but forgotten after passing through the first couple of chapters. The second and kind of minor problem is the difficulty. This game has two difficulty settings, normal and hard, and from numerous people, I heard that this game was extremely hard so I tried it on normal. To my dismay, even on normal this game is extremely difficult. No matter how many pretty wall jumps and attacks you can pull off in a fight, soemtimes 7you just get too overwelmed by swarms of enemies and are easily taken down. The bosses however, are the hardest part of the game. They have quick attacks and will beat you down numerous time. For this game, if you want to accomplsih anything, be prepared to do alot of stuff over again and have alot of patience, cause this is probably one of the hardest games you will play for a while.
Graphics: The visuals in this game are absolutely beautiful and live up to what the screens and gameplay videos orginally showed. The characters are very detailed and the landscapes and explosions are stunning. The level designs are all different and make for a different experience each chapter. One thing the game does lack however is some lighting effects, but that is a minor thing when it comes to overall graphical power. This game makes the Xbox Graphics chip work hard like Halo, and it gives you some great eye candy that sometimes you just have to stop and marvel at. The only thing surpassing the gameplay graphics is the cinematic graphics, which is some of the best you will find in any game on the market at this point.
Sound: The sound in this game is good but it is sometimes overlooked during the gameplay. The sword slashings and screams of enemies dying around you does bring some satisfaction, but unless you have a good surround system hooked up, then the sound is practically unnoticed. The music on the other hand, is kind of a techno/rock mix, which does get your adrenaline pumping.
Suggestions: Overall the game turned out to live up to the hype and I think it is lived up to the Ninja Gaiden name. With a large number of weapons to test and try out, fun combos, unlockable versions of the first Ninja Gaiden games, and Xbox Live compatibility coming in May, this game is sure to please alot of people and keep me playing for months to come. The only suggestion I can give about this game is to have alot of patience with it because it is a very difficult game to beat and even I have had to use a strategy guide a couple of times to pass a few obstacles. The game has a few bugs, but when these are overlooked, the game is well made and sure to please any Xbox owner who needs a game to play while they wait for Halo 2 or Fable.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: March 23, 2004.

Overall: This is one of the best games I have ever played. Good graphics, cool story, intense non-stop action, and it is challenging. Some say it is too difficult, and it needs an easy mode, I say bah, I hate games you can just run through, games where you aren't really penalized when you die. The sweet combos, off-the-hook weapons, and sweet bosses make this a great game (who else but Ryu can go from flirting with a hot babe, to saving her life, to killing a dragon). The camera could use some work, but allowing you to put it behind you and able to free-look somewhat make up for it. Keep up the good work Tecmo.
Gameplay: The non-stop action, intense villians, and no rest story-line make the gameplay brilliant. Also the ability to gain secret weapons, armlets, and original Ninja Gaiden games is pretty cool.
Graphics: The graphics are the best I have seen on a video game yet, and the FMV's are sooo sweet (it almost looks like a live action movie sometimes).
Sound: With a mix between background sounds; enemy grunts, snarls, and weapons (even able to hear them reloading); and music are a definate winner with me.
Suggestions: Sequel, keep up the excellent work, and another sequel. Great job guys.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: March 21, 2004.

Overall: I am gonna keep this short. This is a good game and it isn't hard unless you put teh difficulty to hard. It is top notch in every department and has an entriging universe and enviroment with an inspired story. Get this game. The cities and levels were very interesting and i couldn't get enough of this game it ended so suddenly.
Gameplay: Some times it felt repetitive but that is because i chose the moves to do over there are assortment of moves adn weapons that are really great. The magic was teh best part because it helped alot and looked really cool. The bosses were so cool.
Graphics: The visuals were great shiney floors, reflective water, effects under the water, the blood, the buildings were so great. The coolest thing in the whole game is when you are walking ona bridge it twists over and a whole new castle is underground i can't explain it it is ind boggling. The monster and bosses were !&%$@#* ing amazing too.
Sound: Sound was excellent the slashing, blowing up, banging, growls, howls, screams, thuds everything was good.
Suggestions: I suggest a sequel and maybe even more characters and longer gameplay. But i don't care for this was a great game. Oh yeah one major complaint is teh last boss was teh easiest boss in the whole game.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

The Executioner
Date reviewed: March 18, 2004.

Overall: One of the best xbox games. The plot is detailed and good, Rachel is hot, and you can go around hacking and slashing Ninja's and soldiers. What else can you ask for?

Ninja Gaiden is like PoP:TSoT on steroids. It has a lot of acrobatics to do,and a ton of great fighting is to be done :O
Gameplay: This is what makes or brreaks a game, and I can tell you with satisfaction it MAKES Ninja Gaiden the game it is. At first I was afraid it was a button masher but I soon found out that it wasn't. Combos are in the game but for those that don't like to memorize them, you don't have too. Also the way you play the game changes as you get more experianced, thus the gameplay is always fresh.
Graphics: The cutscenes are sweet! I FEEL LIKE i'M WATCHING A MOVIE. The ingame graphics are better than most games cutscene graphics.I eanjoy having somthing good to watch while playing a game and trust me in Ninja Gaiden you have somthing good to watch.
Sound: Hack'n'slash sounds are stunning and so is almost all the voice acting. However a probem that the voice acting suffers is Ryu voice. (why did they cast an American for a ninja?)
Suggestions: Make an easymode that is less dificult.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Vorpal Foetus
Date reviewed: March 17, 2004.

Overall: Yes, it's gorgeous, yes there has been terrific hype, but know it's NOT a flawless game - not by a long shot.
Gameplay: While the fighting is exciting and certainly well designed, the gameplay suffers terribly from the following: CONTINUAL RESPAWNING OF ENEMIES - extremely annoying (especially if they are the explosive-shuriken throwing "black ninjas") Defeating them apparently isn't enough, you come back around a corner and they are waiting for you.. again.. and again.. and again. The only good thing about this is the ability to keep returning to easier enemies (like bats) to pump up your health over 10-15 repetitive battles. Maybe it's just me, but a good game should not make you do this.
FAULTY CAMERA SYSTEM - there are several areas where you must precision jump, yet the clumsy camera and directional system make sure you miss your timed jump - again and again. Much frustration will ensue. STUPID-SILLY DIFFICULTY - Even on the "normal" difficluty, there are areas (helicopter boss comes to mind) where even the best of skills won't be enough - just hope you're close to a save-game point so you don't have far to run before you die AGAIN and AGAIN trying to figure out a strategy to beat your foe. Not my idea of fun (maybe yours though?)
Graphics: Definitely the best part of Ninja Gaiden. Jeebus it's pretty. The enemies are varied and quite impressive graphically - the environments and magical/fire effects are top notch. The rendered cutscenes are hypnotically gorgeous and well done. You really feel rewarded after getting through some tough, tough challenges
Sound: Sound effects are well done, though the "action soundtrack" sticks out as bad and annoying in parts.. good use of 5.1 (yay xbox!)
Suggestions: Challenging shouldn't have to be frustrating. Put save points before EVERY boss battle, because your level of difficulty is too high.

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 60 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: March 17, 2004.

Overall: Not Since the first coming of Halo has a game made my jaw hit the floor and stay there. Each minute detail in this game just screams masterpiece. The only part of this game I don?t adore, difficulty
Gameplay: Without a doubt the king of ?just right? controls (imho) on the xbox. I wonder how long the programmers were locked in the bowels of tecmo till they perfected them. Yes the camera can get a little annoying, after a while you learn to live with it.
Graphics: All I have to say about the eyecandy is PERFECTION. 60 fps , and some of the cleanest and original textures to date.
Sound: Oh the sweet melody of Ryu beheading countless baddies , the faint metallic bark of shuriken gone astray , is there anything team ninja didn?t get right in this masterpiece. The music seemed a little less polished than other aspects of this gem.
Suggestions: Work the the camera , maybe a onimusha-esque easy mode ( for when 5 hours of getting slapped around can come to an end). Other than that, keep it up and don?t stray to those other consoles ;p

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: March 14, 2004.

Overall: Great Game... I went to Future Shop looking for a good new game to buy. With all that I had already heard about this game and with the help of a store clerk I bought this game. All I can say is that this game is simply amazing. Gameplay is better than any game I've ever played. Visuals are fantastic. Everything's perfect. Game of the Year so far!
Gameplay: As I said before this game is one of, if not, the most fun game I've ever played. The ability to effortly run on walls and do some pretty crazy acrobatic moves and being able to land in behind an ususpecting ninja soldier is what makes this game great along with the 30 hours of gameplay if you're good and tons of replay value.
Graphics: One of the main reasons I'm trying over and over again to beat this game is because I heard that if you do you unlock all of the FMV sequences along with a bunch of other cool stuff. The graphics are perfect, never seen anything better.
Sound: Although during the game I barely notice the sound effects because of the great gameplay and visuals but after looking over them again they are also amazing. That might just be my surround sound system though! ;)
Suggestions: I don't know if I have any suggestions. Hmmmmmmmmmm... Guess not. Thanks for creating such an amazing game! I hate to say this but this may be up there with Halo!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Evil Battousai
Date reviewed: March 14, 2004.

Overall: Overall this game is magnificant, It is one of the most difficult titles to date on the XBox. Ninja Gaiden provides a game with many options: you can go through the game as to say "running and gunning" or you can take more of a ninjistic stealthy approach. You get a variety of weapons and magic to keep you occupied with your item addvances. If you want a true challenge and a chance to be provided a large amount of fun doing so, then pick up ninja gaiden.
Gameplay: Its flawless other than the fact that the camera can get a little tricky at times, but for a game of this calibur you wont be Beatching. ^_^
Graphics: The Graphics are magnificent, pretty much better than nearlly all xbox games to date. During the movie sequences they are entriguingly realistic. My friend came in as I was playing and I quote said "What are you watching?" During one of the movie parts. So to sum it up the Visuals are Superb.
Sound: The sound is great: You can hear Ryu's every step, slash, jump, etc. The music isn't that bad either, usually you get the lame ol' music in a game that's so lame you'll find yourself turning the Music Volume to "Zero" quickly. Not with this game the music is well done and in the appropiate situations.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Ninja Gaiden News

Tecmo Sues Hackers
Not so fast, Ninja breakers. Tecmo has initiated a lawsuit against those who were hacking their games. Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive were just a few of the titles that were hacked.

Official Hurricane Pack II Announcement
Tecmo and Team Ninja officially announced the second Hurricane Pack DLC for Ninja Gaiden.

Hurricane Pack 2 Coming Screens Inside
Team Ninja is at it again. Since the release of Hurricane Pack 1, the team has been hard at work on their next Hurricane Pack check out the first screens inside.

New Details For The Second Hurricane Pack
New details regarding the second Ninja Gaiden Hurricane Pack inside.

Master Ninja To Be Crowned At TGS
Ninja Gaiden goes global with the world wide Master Ninja Tournament Finals, where the top Ninja Gaiden players from around the world will battle it out in one final ninja showdown.

Master Ninja Tournament Breaks Records
Tecmo and Xbox Live have announced the second Master Ninja Tournament has broken records and is now the reining champion of online tournaments for Xbox Live.

Master Ninja Finals In Tokyo
Temco and Xbox Live have announced their plans to hold the Master Ninja Tournament World Wide Finals at the Tokyo Game Show 2004 in late September.

Ninja Gaiden Hurricane Pack Available
Team Ninja announced today that the Ninja Gaiden Hurricane Pack is ready to download via Xbox Live.

The Master Ninja Tournament Set Back A Week
Tecmo and Xbox Live have announced their plan to extend registration time for the 2nd round of The Master Ninja Tournament by one week to give more people time to register.

The Master Ninja Tournament Now In Europe
The Ninja Gaiden Master Ninja Tournament is now coming to Europe details inside.

Ninja Gaiden DLC Gets A Confirmed Date
Microsoft Game Studios today confirmed that the Ninja Gaiden Hurricane Pack: Volume 1 will be available to download via Xbox Live! on August 2nd.

Ninja Gaiden Hurricane DLC Screens
Check out screens from the upcoming Hurricane Pack Download for Ninja Gaiden. Check out Ryu’s new costume, some new weapons and plenty of new bad guys.

DLC And Master Ninja Tournament Update
Tecmo and Xbox Live announced today that they will be starting a second round of the Ninja Gaiden Master Ninja Tournament in conjunction with the regional playoffs of the original, giving another Ninja Gaiden player a chance to compete in the finals.

New Details On Ninja Gaiden DLC
Ninja Gaiden will be getting even better this August with new downloadable content, details on what you can expect to get inside.

Master Ninjas Facing New Foe’s Via DLC
Tecmo has announced that when round two of the Master Ninja Tournament begins, competitors will face a new breed of foe’s courtesy of new DLC. Let not your hearts be trouble, those of you who aren’t master ninjas you’ll get the DLC as well.

Round One Nearing End For Master Ninja’s
You’ve practiced your ninja skills for months now. You’ve entered the Master Ninja Tournament to test your skills against others. Well round one is almost over.

Record Registrations for Master Ninja Tourney
Tecmo and Xbox Live announced record high online registration numbers for the Master Ninja Tournament, Tecmo and Xbox Live¹s worldwide online Ninja Gaiden tournament.

Register For The Master Ninja Tournament
Tecmo and Xbox Live announced today that online registration for all three rounds of the North America Master Ninja Tournament will begin on Monday, May 3rd.

500,000 Gamers Buy Ninja Gaiden
The game, which has been out for just a few weeks in North America, has so far shipped 500,000 copies.

European Ninja Gaiden Censored notes that French site Jeux-France reports that sadly, European gamers will lack the tasty beheadings seen in the Japanese and U.S. versions of Ninja Gaiden due to the threat of a PEGI 18+ rating otherwise.

Ninja Gaiden Shipping To Stores (At Last)
Well, what you waiting for ? Go out and buy it now !

Master Ninja Tournament Details Revealed
Gamers from around the world will compete in three rounds of online regional competition before heading to the worldwide finals held at X04 to find out who is the next Ryu Hayabusa.

Tecmo Set Ninja Gaiden For March 2nd
Tecmo® officially announced today that the ship date for its eagerly anticipated new action title, Ninja Gaiden®, for the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft will be Tuesday, March 2, 2004.

Ninja Gaiden Controller Revealed
Tecmo and Nuby Technology are collaborating on the creation of a custom Ninja Gaiden Xbox Controller.

New Ninja Gaiden Video
Tecmo has released a new trailer of Ninja Gaiden.

Ninja Gaiden Rated ’M’ for Mature
Tecmo reveals that its highly awaited action title, Ninja Gaiden, has been given a Mature rating by governing board ESRB

Ninja Gaiden Demo Disc Coming
At Microsoft’s Xbox Live Xmas Party event held last weekend in Japan, Tecmo producer Tomonobu Itagaki shed new light on his long awaited action game "Ninja Gaiden."

Tecmo releases NG Merchandise
Tecmo releases a new line of Ninja Gaiden merchandise and offers discounts to anyone preordering a copy of the upcoming Xbox game.

Japanese Ninja Gaiden Commercial
One of gaming’s most esteemed franchises is given new life by the power of Xbox! Ninja Gaiden is a cutting-edge action game that lets you take the role of a powerful ninja, Ryo Hayabusa, as he seeks to take revenge for his family’s death.

Ninja Gaiden out in February 2004 (Japan)
Tecmo has gone on the record to confirm that the sumptuous Xbox action title has indeed seen its Japanese release date put back until February 26 next year, with the US release to follow later on in 2004.

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