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Xbox 360 Video Game System

Overall: Best damn console in the world. Not going to say anything more, there was a lot of hype - and MS met it.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing 3

Overall: Perhaps the most anticipated racing game ever released.
There was a lot of hype, and ultra high expectations for this title, but did it live up to them?
In many ways, PGR3 takes the "if it aint broke, don´t fix it" approach, which is far from a bad thing.
We see the return of the acclaimed Kudos points, awarded for combining skilled driving patterns and routines. As with last time we use those points as a virtual currency to buy newer and better cars. Xbox live is back, and better than ever, and the loved city track racing returns with amazingly detailed cities, challenging routes... and more promissed for the great XBL download service.
The gameplay is pretty similar to previous PGR titles, though there are major graphical improvements, and fun added features to offline and online mode.
It´s an involving game, easy to get used to and difficult to master. It will keep the casual gamers involved, and the most hardcore racing fanatics hammering their sexy wireless controllers for hours.
PGR3 can be summed up as captivatingly beautiful.
While it is an obviously fantastic game, there are some let-downs - there are some people who have suffered bugging while trying to connect to events on XBL, and a racing career mode that seems slightly anonymous.. though these are very slight issues, and don´t take an inch away from this games greatness.

Gameplay: As said before, the gameplay is very similar. There are a few different views to add to the dramatic sense of realism.
Handling is semi arcade, unique... and, well.. just perfect.
Offline mode is involving, but there´s no major sense of identity. The garage mode, and sexy country house are just some of the worthwhile rewards to your hectic racing... but of course, Xbox Live is where it´s at. it´s never felt better to wipe the floor with Crazy american car dudes, and North english maniacs.

Graphics: Here´s where the major difference between any other PGR game and this one stands.
Huge graphical improvements are seen, in every form.
Added HD lighting, (makes light forms react as the eye would see them) great bumb mapping, normal mapping all the latest and greatest graphical candy is on show here.
The cars look stunning, every reflection and shadow reacts with its shape. The new Camera system is great to really check out the scenery.
Every track is littered with photo realistic buildings, and objects. this time we see people on the side of the tracks, they are fully 3d, and react to your movements in the cars.
Motion blurr, pefectly detailed roads, and an all new and spectacular In-car view really pump up the realism level.
The problem is with all this amazing detail to take in, you´ll find yourself crashing because you decided to look at the reflections on the side of your car!
Though next to perfect, there are still a few off perfect graphical niggles... Well, 2 to be exact, and the only 2 I can think of are the Trees and the detail distance.
Firstly the trees are generally ugly, and copies - and overall just don´t match up the the detail of the scenery around them. Nothing major, but enough to annoy a perfectionist like myself. Secondly, and lastly the detail distance. Not a major problem, but detail in certain objects is blurred until it reaches a certain distance in front of the car. (probably for processor purposes) This is all well and good, and used in most games - though on certain surfaces, like roads it is overly obvious at times.
These 2 very slight problems are the only things that stop the game scoring full points in the graphical department, though you can rest assured that PGR3 is a new graphical standard for any games to come on the 360.

Audio: Perfect. I can´t think of a thing wrong with the sound, environmental sounds are spot on, in game music is a fantastic feature... but why would you want music when you could listen to the spot on roar of your brand new mustang?

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Perfect Dark Zero

Overall: Wow... well, it has been ages since i have reviewed a game here at XBA.
So my first Xbox 360 game review is PD0. It is tough to review a game when there is little else to compare it to, all you have are your ambitions and hopes for what you wished the game would be.

People argue that PD0 is one of the best looking launch titles for the 360, that means little though - as of course we all know it is the gameplay that counts... right?

As I had never played the original on the N64, i really didnt know what to expect from this game... according to the hype it was going to be something special...
And yes it is!
PD0 lives up to all it set to achieve, Expansive and vast pretty environments, beautiful visuals, and fun frenzied multiplayer.
When it is good, it is very very good... but when it is bad... well...
firstly there is the plot, or perhaps the lack of it.
Maybe it was there, but the corny jokes, and crappy acting never gave me the initiative to get involved in the story.
Have no doubt it is a fun single player game - just have something to do when the cutscenes arrive.
The multiplayer is hectic to say the least, vehicles make a show, but i do miss the ability to jump.
All in all, pd0 is a very accomplished game, and more than we could have hoped for to launch the 360 with a bang.

Gameplay: Gameplay is fast and fun, with a great selection of weapons to blast peoples heads off with.
Single player whilst fun, is slightly unengaging at times.
Multiplayer is as i said before, hectic - 50 people running around towns... bullets flying all over (the most compact and accurate description i can give of it's chaos... you have to see it yourself to believe it)

Graphics: Amazing visuals are on show here, bump mapping is perfect, and textures are so amazingly lifelike.
Some areas, like multiplayer maps lack the graphical wow of others, but in general the game is stunning.
A great example of what we can see in the future, and sets the bar for games to come.

Audio: pd0 is an average sounding game. Nothing bad, but nothing to make it stand out in any way.
Voice acting is sub-par, and some effects etc sound repeated.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Overall: finally, Xbox gamers get the game that ps2 owners hailed as The Best... but is it the best? well, no doubt it is good, and it is innovative.. and i like that. in my opinion it is overrated, but it does have a lot to offer and if you seek a game to pass the time, with a lot to see and do.. then GTA san andreas might just be the game for you

Gameplay: gameplay follows the same plan that was set out in GTA3, go here, do a mission there, drive this, blow up that... but this time it expands upon it. with the ability to ride bikes, fly planes even parachute! they have even managed to impliment a multiplayer feature..but i feel that it is still missing something, and that something is Online Play.
when i am able to play in a MMO gta thats when gameplay gets a 5... until then il stick with a 4

Graphics: We were promised with improved graphics with the xbox version, and yes they have been improved.
but they are still under par, especially for xbox. characters are very blocky, and their hands look like gloves... and the game in general is slightly grainy.
it is a pity, because the xbox is capable of much more than this.
but the sheer size of the game justifies the lack of spark in the visual department. they are just about acceptable, but you dont play this game for graphics.

Audio: GTA San An sounds great! and there is a great choice of radio stations with some very catchy tunes.. you will find yourself humming along with them in no time. One major advantage with the xbox version is that you can play your own custom tracks from your harddrive, which is always a plus...
the only complaints about the sound is that there are some repeated sounds by characters, and some environment sounds dont sound as convincing as you would like them to be. but the pros outweigh the cons. it gets 4.5

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

Overall: there was a lot of hype and buildup towards MC-dub editions release, so the game had quite a standard to live up to...

the previous game was hailed as one of the best racers for xbox, and it seems that the same thing is being said for Dub Edition.
while i agree it is a good game, i feel that it is lacking in certain areas. but hey, it is still the best game of its genre.

Gameplay: gameplay follows the simple Race from point to point foundation that was concieved in the original Midnight Club game.
although posibally repetative, this style of racing is unique, fun and gives the opportunity to take your own routes and shortcuts.
the online mode from MC2 is back again, and tweaked to offer a better experience.
however, if you are planning on racing online you will need to play the single player game until your ride is worthy to take on competitors from around the world.
overall, midnight club Dub Edition sticks to the old, 'if it aint broke dont fix it'. and that works for me.

Graphics: graphically speaking we see a big improvement over the unsatisfactory visuals offered by Dub Editions prequel.
blurr and shake effects give an insane impression of speed that matches even burnout3, and all cars shine, glint and reflect the world around them.
environments are slightly less impressive, but still uphold the graphical standard of the game.

Audio: music plays a big part in any street racing game, and MC-Dub edition is no exception, great music and some great racing sound effects really show off its audio quality.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Overall: Well finally! after the long wait we are gifted with the eagerly anticipated, SplinterCell Chaos Theory.

a lot of hype has surrounded this title since it was announced back at E3, and we all know that hype is a dangerous thing... *cough* driv3r *cough*
but the question is, is SCPT worthy of the hype it has recieved??

SCPT carries on the tradition of improving this great franchise for each new title.
great gameplay, incredibal graphics, added features like CO-OP and a refined multiplayer experience make SCPT a worthy addition to your game collection.
This is the best splintercell game to date, and in my mind one of the best stealth games EVER.

Gameplay: gameplay is as it has been since the original...(keep to the shadows, sneak around and complete onbjectives) it is such a simple game plan, but it has been brilliantly executed.
there are additional stealth manouvers, and moves that you can pull off.. which make the experience altogether more satisfying.
in a way the game might seem more easy, because of the alternative routes, and extra moves which you can perform... but theres no doubt that it is still a challenging game.
of course the multiplayer that was introduced in Pandora Tomorrow has returned - and it grants the game much more longetivity... this multiplayer is a great addition, but sometimes seems plagued by campers.
another unique addition this time around is Co-Op, which was very anticipated... some doubted that the Co-Op would be pulled off... but thankfully ubi has implememnted this new feature without a hitch... and it really makes SCCT unique.

Graphics: SCCT looks absolutly amazing.
i found myself asking, 'is this a PC game?'
it really is amazing that after 4 years the xbox is capable of these graphics.
bump mapping is obviously UBIs graphical effect of choice, and almost every texture seems to have been splashed with bump mapping effects. in some ways it seems overused, but hey.. it looks great, so who cares!
shadows and draw distances also boost SCCTs graphical appeal, and great water effects are on show too.
to sum it all up, SCCT is one of the best (if not the best) looking games on the xbox... and it really makes you think... if this is what the current GEN systems are capable of, what should we expect from the next GENS???

Audio: SCCT sounds much better than previous SC games, environmental sound effects really add to the gameplay experience... and when you cant see an enemy you are always aware to listen our for footsteps.
characters also have a larger range of things to say, instead of the repeated 'I think i saw something' which we heard in previous games...
music becomes repetative after a while, but the excellent overall audio quality in SCCT overshadows that slight downfall.
you can safely say, that SCCT sounds as good as the game its self.
and the game is GREAT

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow

Overall: we all know rainbow6 3 as the game that popularised xbox live, the franchise gained a huge fan-base with its 1st xbox encounter... so it was inevitable that it would gain a sequel.
well, BLACK ARROW is that sequel, and does it live up to the original??

well, to start off BLACK ARROW is more of an add-on then a sequel...
it runs the same graphics engine seen on the previous game, but now that there are games like RIDDICK, and DOOM3 showing their visual splendour on xbox, BLACK ARROWS graphics seem out of date.
alas, graphics is not the thing that won R63 so many fans... it was it's solid, and addictive multiplayer that left fans begging for more, and fans will be more than pleased to find out that solid multiplayer has returned in BLACK ARROW.
Although black arrow is a good game, it is a bit intimidating for the inexperienced player, or as you say 'n00b' but i think it is clear that this sequel is aimed at current fans of the series... rather then to earn new ones.
although it is there, the single player game seems slightly shallow and uninspiring... but R6 is not about single player, it is about a clean, refined, fun and in-depth multiplayer experience.
and you will be glad to know that is what you get.

Gameplay: the game boasts extensive multiplayer modes that never seem to ware thin, single player and split screen also feature, but XBOXlive is where the fun is at!
you have to have your wits about you, and use tactics to your advantage, a large amount of skill and patience is required to excel as a top BLACK ARROW player.
and with the major fan-base that the game has, you can be sure that you will never be short of a friend to play.

Graphics: visually, BLACK ARROW is similar to R63.. but what was once an impressive graphics engine is now beginning to show its age.
environments often look very nice, and boast some nice lighting and effects, but it often looks gritty and murky, and there seems to be a general lack of detail on show.
for pixel pushers you should look elsewhere, but BLACK ARROWS gameplay is what makes it special.

Audio: environments could do with some more detail in the audio department, but guns, foot-steps and general audio effects seem detailed and refined.
overall in game sound is quite good, but no ground has been broken.

Suggestions: can i jump please?

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Men of Valor

Overall: Men of Valor: The Vietnam War
follows an american soldier through one of the biggest wars of the 20th century.
you play this american soldier, and must fight your way through the boobie-trapped, vietcong packed jungles of vietnam.
but fear not, for you are not fighting solo... you are backed up by a convincingly life-like team of soldiers who fight along side you in an effort to put a stop to the vietcong.
men of valor is a very good game,
it is a joy to play, bosts an intrigueing story and features impressive sound and graphics...
it is a worthy addition to the xbox's game selection.

Gameplay: gameplay sets out to be realistic and that goal has been achieved in many ways, such as
character interactions: one example can be seen early in the game when a fellow soldier asks you to get a football and throw it to him... and while this is a small touch it does add an element of realism, and gives anexample of the life that soldiers experienced off the battlefield.
other realistic touches include the RPG elements that have been incorperated into the game, interactive cutscreens etc... all these touches make for a varied, and realistic experience.
but, you might ask... 'what about the fighting' and youd be right to, as this is at heart an FPS war game... and a realistic one at that!
the battlefield was an incredibally tense place for the soldiers of vietnam, and the developers of MOV have tried to give an impression of that tension in the game... well they have succeeded... men of valors action is about as tense as it could be without experiencing war for yourself, (which trust me you dont want to experience) enemy fire comes from all directions, enemies wear camoflauge, and attack in large numbers, showing no mercy or restraint.
the developers of MOV have
achieved a good balance of realism and playabiltiy, and it is this mix that makes MOVs gameplay something special indeed.

Graphics: innitially i thought the games visuals seemed bland and i was quick to point out flaws and issues...
alas, not long after making my initial presumptions, I found my self in the jungle, where my first impressions were proved wrong and I took in the impressive sights that surrounded me,
trees with detailed leaves, light scattered uppon the jungle ground, and very nice particle effects gave a great sense of realism and made for a convincing jungle... this general graphical standard is maintained for much of the rest of the game... which is a good thing, however MOVs visuals arent without flaws...
some of these flaws include the generally flat textures, absence of bump mapping, and a slightly grainy/ blocky presentation- which could probably have been fixed by presenting the game in a higher resolution... also, while not a flaw in it's visuals the frame rate can sometimes be an issue... but even with it's few innevitable flaws MOVs visual style remains impressive, and it's visuals are among the better to be found on xbox.

in a war game good audio can add an incredibal sense of tension and excitment... and that is exactly what happens in MOV, it's audio adds to the already incredibal sense of tension by adding convincing gun shot sounds, loud explosions, and realistic vehicle and aircraft noises.
this mix of audio is acompanied by some very good acting and all sounds seem to blend together nicely... although sometimes the audio might stutter confusingly for a second, it does not take away from the fact that MOVs realistic audio complements it's convincing gameplay very nicely.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2

Overall: the original ghost recon game established a large fan base for the series, so it was inevitable that we would see a sequel... however, i didnt actually like the first game... but having been impressed by some early screen-shots of its sequel, i felt it deserved a play-test... well, that play-test is completed, and how did it go?? well... prety !&%$@#* good!! i was amazed at the strides forward that the series has taken, most noticably in graphics, but also in gameplay and variation... ghost recon2 has been the first game of 2005 to really impress me, and the developers must be acknowleged for their achievements in making such a great game... ghost recon2 is a worthy addition to the elite titles on xbox.

Gameplay: gameplay is as realistic as you can get in a game, run& gun is not a tactic to be put to use here, you have to be strategic, issue commands, and have your wits about you...ghost recon2s campaign is linear, but it hides it well with vast open environments and an intelligent storyline. multiplayer maps are beutifully designed and look amazing and you never need to worry too much as your allies offer good support both in single and multiplayer... but one slight complaint is that the ai of friendy, and more so enemies can often seem a bit dumb... however this is a minor complaint, and it cant take away from the fact that ghost recon2 plays like a dream, both on, and offline. i very much recommend giving it a play.

Graphics: without a doubt, ghost recon2 is one of the best looking games on xbox... attention yo detail is admirable to say the least... and real time swaying trees give a sense of unrivaled realism... the bump mapping capabilities of the xbox are tested, as is its shader capabilities, creating lovely water and realistic lighting... the overall graphical quality of the game is remarkable, however... all this eye-candy comes at a price, as the frame rate can often drop... however it always maintains a playable rate, and cant take away from what is a stunning looking game.

Audio: the theme tune to ghost recon2 is quite catchy, and i found myself humming it after hearing it a few times! but how does the overall quality stand? well, as this game tries to create realism, that is what the audio has been crafted around... footsteps, gun shots, and all audio effects are recreated beautifully... it is safe to say that ghost recon2 sounds real, plays real, and is real great fun!

Suggestions: 3rd person perspective went well, mayne better ai...

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Conflict: Desert Storm

Overall: although now overshadowed by newr releases, at the time of release i was very pleased with this title...
it was the 1st game to really get the character changing system spot on... and was responsibal for may other games to follow it's lead.

Gameplay: again as i said the game was the first to hit the nail on the head when it comes to tactical shooting and character changing... at the time xbox live was not around, but wow... if it had been... if it had been

Graphics: visually outdated, and it wasn't hugely amazing at the time either... but it was never, and is still not graphically bad. but really visuals are not where this game tries to shine.

Audio: voices are obviously scripted, but everything sounds nice and clear.. gun shots and environments also complement the action displayed on the screen.
overall Conflict DS is an above average, but just short of good sounding gam.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Colin McRae Rally 3

Overall: it is a big leap up from the already great mcRAE rally2... graphics are nice, but dont make use of the power at hand. a good game, and must be respected for encouraging the release of some great rally game... and some not so great!

Gameplay: gameplay is unique, and is a welcome diversity to the traditional arcade style racer, everything could have been more fine-tuned and expanded upon, but none the less... this is unique and definative stuff.

Graphics: visually nice, but not much more than that... i know that it could have made much better use of the xbox's power... it looks like a ps2 game... and i dont think games that should look like that on xbox... it is not bad, it's just not good enough.

Audio: there is nothing at all bad about hoe this game sounds... however, there is nothing astounding that encourages me to give a great mark to. engines sound okay, as do the few environment sound... and prety much everything else in the game.
overall McRae rally3 is an average and sometimes even nice sounding game...

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 XIII

Overall: quite good, but it could have been a bit better... very ingenious, and inventive... but often lacks when it comes to gameplay.
good for short-term fun... but not a long term game.

Gameplay: gameplay is unique... and the developers must be congratulated for that, but it is often confusing and the areas in which it gets it right could have been expanded upon.
not bad at all, but not really where the game shines.

Graphics: xiii is a really beautiful, and completly unique game... and it manages to make you feel as if you are in a comic world... THUMP!! SLASHH THWUMP!! you get the idea, words like this that appear on screen dont make it look stupid, but actually add to the games unique feel.
although it is slightly blocky, it does not subtract from the overall high quality visual style.
sure it wont be treating your xboxs graphics card to a workout, but it will be treating your eyes to a feast of convincing, unique and immersive visuals.

Audio: effects are nice, music is okay... and everything falls nicely into place, but there is no real innovation in this area... no complaints,but it could have been expanded upon.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 ToCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator

Overall: i was pleased with this game, it may be described as hard, and yes that may be true... but if you cant handle the heat... get out of the kitchen!

Gameplay: gameplay is very good, and the great physics and handelling are what makes the game great... the story mode is a good idea, but could have been improved upon.
overal very good, and a worthy rival to PGR2

Graphics: everything looks very good, and all textures boast nice bump mapping, and great shader effects.
neck and neck with PGR2 in terms of visual splendour!

Audio: crashes sound great, music is basic... and engines are detailed... but all rather similar... nothing astounding, but everything sounds good and their are no complaints

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: this is probably the best skating game you will find... it does not go crazy with side goals, or stupid so called innovations... like thps4 and underground... to appreciate the thps series play thps3.

Gameplay: skating.... pure skating, and it works... the simplicity is what makes everything run so smooth... great for a laugh, or multiplay swing... definative stuff

Graphics: good at the time, but outdated now, but visuals must be very detailed and boast great effects to impress on an xbox.

Audio: just about average, effects are nice... music is okay, and well... everything falls together quite comfortably... but it could all be just a bit more fine-tuned

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Voodoo Vince

Overall: voodoo vince is a slightly limited, but fun and innovative platformer...
use your voodoo powers to get through large and beautiful open of the few games where you are supposed to hurt yourself!! great stuff!!

Gameplay: gameplay is very unique, and boast a lot of innovation... there are some slight flaws, but the developers must be congratulated for choosing a different style of game... voodoo vince is a very fun, and different game to play.

Graphics: a unique visual style is boasted, but it does not seem to make use of all the xbox's power... however, what it does, it does very well... and voodoo vince is a very nice looking game.

Audio: sounds are detailed, and environments sound good... jokes are funny, but slightly repetative... but taking nothing away from what is a very nice sounding game.

Suggestions: live! play

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: a great game... but is let down by its lack of replayability...may games owe their popularity to this definitive stealth title.

Gameplay: the original SC really set the standard for the stealth experieance... with moves, manouvers and tense gripping gameplay, SC can guarantee you may hours of stealthy action.

Graphics: with pumped up graphics for the xbox SC treats you to some really great eye-candy... SC still holds up today as a really great looking title.

Audio: sound is your friend in a stealth game, you can use it to your advantage to distract an enemy, use it to find a way through, or use it to locate an enemy... SC used audio in a completly innovative way... the audio quality was great, sounds were very detailed, and gave a great environmental impression.

Suggestions: split screen

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Overall: with the addition of live... SCpt is probably the best stealth game out there.
a great and innovative game.

Gameplay: live play is very good, as is the great single player mode, which boasts a a thrilling storyline usually reserved for high-budget hollywood movies... stealth, and stealth manouvers are perfect, very clean and fine-tuned... a split screen mode would have been nice, but even without it SCpt remains a wonderful games to play.

Graphics: truely beautiful shader effects, great textures, amazing water and great BMP mapping... environments often look photo real, and characters boast great attention to detail... to sum it all up, SCpt is one of the best looking xbox games, and it really makes use of the consoles power.

Audio: sound is a vital area of a stealth game... and in a tight spot knowing what way those footsteps are approaching from could really save you... I am glad to say that SCpt has hit the spot where it comes to sound... high defintition, very detailed and believeable... SCpt is a great sounding game

Suggestions: split screen and extra BMP mapping.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: until now simpsons games just havent lived up to the great cartoon they are based on..... the question is: does SIMPSONS road rage break that tradition...
the answer is a definite no.

Gameplay: gameplay is very basic... but not in a smooth, minimalist type of way... before long you will have covered all this game has to offer, and will be bored of it.
definitly not a definative game... just another simpsons cash in

Graphics: in my poinion a simpsons game should have cell-shaded graphics... and this one does, it's just that the developers cell-shading methods just dont seem very good.
the game doesnt look bad, but it doesnt look like the simpsons cartoon... which in the end of the day, is what it should look like.

Audio: sound is as repetative as the gameplay(which if you havnt guessed, is very repetative) music gets anoying, engines sound wierd... it's all just about as good as the game it's self.

Suggestions: completly different game... live! play

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Medal of Honor: Frontline

Overall: this is the definative MOH game... and with added multiplayer and improved graphics for the xbox... MOHfrontline could be well worth a look.

Gameplay: MOHfrontline boasts what has to be one of the most memorable opening sequence in a game ever... the down side is that after this point the game seems to get a bit more basic... but it is a definative shooter and must be respected as that.

Graphics: good for the time, and still not bad... but vastly outclassed by new xbox releases... a unique graphicla style is applied to the game, which is nice... but shame it couldnt have made better use of the xbox's power.

Audio: lovely explosions, and good scripted voices help to maintain a good sound quality... overall, it could be better... but it remains a nice sounding game

Suggestions: live play..... and better graphics

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

Overall: what type of person would buy this game???
i'll tell you, ''a loner with no social life who can not explore the world of !&%$@#* in the real world, and must satisfy his needs in a virtual one''. this game is really pathetic, it is limmited, repeatative boring... and on a far more serious topic: demeaning to women, and racist.
if you have any sense at all, you would rather spit on this game than buy it... i sugest you do... Spit on it that is.

Gameplay: repeatative and boring sums it all up.... and why would i waste my time writing a large amount about something that is repeatative and boring???

Graphics: visually everything looks plastic... that is from breasts to textures. BMP mapping, quality shaders, reflective textures, nice particle effects, good pixel fill rate, smooth anti aliasing, and hidden pollygons... dont get exited, you wont find any of that here.

Audio: larrys voice is annoying, and every woman is made to sound vulnerable and slutty... environments sound just as bad as the music... which, may i say is again BAD.

Suggestions: do not release a racist horribal game like this... games like this just encourage the statement... ''GAMES ARE BAD''

i know better... but after playing this, you would be forgiven of thinking so.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 James Bond 007: NightFire

Overall: at the time it was a great game... multiplayer was where it was at though... in my opinion it is the best bond game since goldeneye.

Gameplay: multiplayer is fun, and everything is easy enough to get used to... but it is repetative and can get boring

Graphics: visually nice... but out of date now... there is nothing in the way of BMP maooing, particle, or shine or reflection effects... but the textures were okay, and it gave a good impression

Audio: sound was average, guns sounded good... but everything could have been expanded upon. by no means bad, but could have been better.

Suggestions: online play on live!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Galleon

Overall: for some, this game is pure greatness... but for others it is not that.
im afraid i fall into the catagory of others... this is by no means a bad game... but in my opinion, it could be a lot better.

Gameplay: gameplay is very frustrating, the controls are difficult, and the fighting system is flawed... the camera often gets annoying and difficult, as does simple things like walking, jumping and is an rpg, so there is a lot of walking around, puzzle solving etc... but for a game that relies so much on this area, they could all have been executed better.

Graphics: visually very colourful... but pollygons are very visable, and everything is very blocky... characters have a very unique look, but i think it is just strange... and every character has very wide shoulders, and a huge very strange looking collar bone jutting out.
its visuals are not bad... and sometimes are prety... but the blockiness, and roughness of everything just takes away from it...

Audio: voices are good, environments sound average... and music is okay... but it would have been nice to have some extra special effects sounds to add to it.
not a bad sounding game, but it could be better.

Suggestions: online mmorpg game if there is to be a sequel.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Futurama

Overall: futurama does offer goood fun... but it's problem is that it's lilited and a relativly short game... stays true to its cartoon roots... a decent game

Gameplay: gameplay is basic, but can be frustrating... the absence of multiplayer is a dissapointment, and while the single player game is quite fun, it is also short and limited.

Graphics: recreates the cartoon almost identically... lovely cell shading... and an overall great looking game

Audio: sounds are great, but seem overly repeated... some more music, and an optional custom soundtrack would have been nice.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Def Jam: Fight For NY

Overall: i was new to the series... but i have toi say ... i was impressed, carreer mode is great... and multiplayer is amazingly fun!! this game is well worth a look.

Gameplay: gameplay is spot on... easy enough to get used to... but tricky to master... tutorials are good, and cover the basics, but you get better ad start to learn as you go on. as i said, multiplayer is great, and had it been online I would have given it 4.5!

Graphics: visually lovely & shader quality is very good... contrast between light and dark give def jam a very unique look... and that unique look is looking good!!

Audio: songs and tracks are great, and effects in every part of the game seem spot on... the audio is just one more part that def-jam has mastered

Suggestions: online live play

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Conflict: Desert Storm II : Back to Baghdad

Overall: i am rating this game as a game, and that only... if i was to take into account the political and moral significance of the game i would be obliged to lower the rating... but as this is a game, i will rate it as that and that only... phew!! now that thats off my chest! conflict desert storm2 is a good game, and one of the earlier succesful entries into 3rd person playing, and commanding games... when it keeps to what it it does best it is good, but often gets caught up in it's minor, yet frequent flaws. a pity about the absence of live

Gameplay: a very definitive style of gameplay, the switching characters and commanding is very good, fine-tuned... and easy to pick up on... one dissapointment is the absence of live! play.

Graphics: visually sub-average, and relativly dissapointing... not impressive on a ps2... not acceptable on xbox

Audio: sound is average, explosions are okay... but environments could have soundded a bit more convincing.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Colin Mcrae Rally 04

Overall: a very realistic rally experience... without being too frustating to have fun.
although the absence of live-play is a disapointment.

Gameplay: great physics, and realistic handeling give this racer a very unique feel... and although realistic... it's still fun!!

Graphics: visually very nice and detailed... with believeable vehicles and environments you are in for a graphical treat!!

Audio: with little or no music and the overlook of the xbox's ripping abilities sound is quite average... cars sound good, but environments are lacking in audio detail.

Suggestions: live play

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Burnout 2: Point of Impact

Overall: a step up from the previous game... but in terms of gameplay it is relativly the same, but whith the original boasting some tof the best racing gameplay that is no bad thing!!

Gameplay: no giant leap forward, but still as good as the original... but with the extra tracks, cars, and live-stats... it guarantees many hours of fun.

Graphics: a good bit better than the first, nice reflections, and good shader quality... not really pushing the xbox to its limits, but still... giving it a fair workout.

Audio: much the same as the originals but with added tunes, and some extra fx sequences... it sounds as good as the great sounding original!!

Suggestions: live....

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Breakdown

Overall: xbox exclusives are consistently brilliant, with halo, halo2, pgr2, links, topspin, chronicles of riddick.... the list goes on, but that list stops very abrubtly at a certain xbox exclusive called breakdown. well one bad apple wont spoil the bunch, but this bad apple has stopped what was a continous cycle of great xbox exclusives... and really it is a pity.

Gameplay: they tried something RAD, they ended up with something BAD... breakdown is a first person shooter, but everything you see... that is cutscenes, fighting sequences... absolutly everything is from a first person view, and i actually liked the idea... but it was executed badly, and just gets complicated and confusing.
punching in 1st person is awkward, unlike chronicles of riddicks 1st person punching system which is great... levels are all very repetative, and indoor areas are tight and all hallways and passages are almost identical.
breakdown should really have had great gameplay... but there is no point in focussing on what it SHOULD have had... we should just focus on what it has... and the truth is, it just does not have enough. dont expect a sequel any time soon... not that you would want one.

Graphics: visually average, but there is too few reactive textures, too much mapped textures and there is an absence of BMP mapping... which is a shame since the xbox exectes the effect so well... this is really not how an xbox exclusive should look, ps2 could probably run this with no problem.

Audio: repetative, boring... but not bad... but you dont expect music to your ears... really sound is just average... a bit like the game.

Suggestions: if you plan on making any xbox exclusives make them as good as the ones that have come before.
and just a reminder: the xbox does actually have a good nvidia graphics card... USE IT

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Burnout

Overall: the original burnout... i had to replay this to see how B3 has enhanced the experience... and yes, oh yes it has.
but we owe a massive tribute to the game, without it we would not have BO3. burnout, WE SALUTE YOU!

Gameplay: bo3 is no different... it just expanded on what made the original great. in no other game do you get such immense satisfaction from crashing! its gameplay is a marvel in videogame history.

Graphics: out of date now, but still decent... but i remember gazing at my ps2 (yes i had a ps2 when this came out) in amazement at the sheer detail! although out of date, its unique style still exists.

Audio: acjaaaruskchc.
yes, as you probably guesed that was the sound of a crash in words...
yeah okay, it sounds a hell of a lot better in the game... wonderful fmv sequences and great effects that still hold up today.

Suggestions: im not sure if criteron still do it but... i think everything asked for was given in BO3!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 RalliSport Challenge 2

Overall: alas the first game past me by... but this one sure didn't!! i was one of the many people hit be the hype of this game... but was that hype deserved?? yes... rsc2 is a very good game, offering great multiplayer thrills and a level of of graphical polish to match the best of the pc.
nothing new is brought to the table, but everything that was there before just got better!!

Gameplay: single player is much like pgr2 in the sense that it is slightly limited, but it remains a fun and enjoyable experience... however where rsc2 excels is the multiplyer aspect... with online stats, and an excellent online and offline mode, rsc2s multiplayer really blows away the competition.
overall gameplay is very good, and boasts excellent online play... however with single player sometimes being a bit dull it often overshadows its great multiplayer counterpart.

Graphics: rsc2 is one of the best looking racers on the big black box, environments boast a huge amount of detail, and all boast particle and water effects. attention to detail is remarkeable, with cars gradually picking up dirt and environments complete with birds, animals, and beautifully detailed textures.. i would have liked to see a bit more bump mapping, and maybe slightly more detailed cars... but taking nothing away from the great work that was put into the games presentation.

Audio: the default tracks are average... but the ability to make custom soundtracks sorts that out!!
environments sound lovely, and give a great audio impresion of being where you are... cars sound nice, and boast nice audio effects like the gear changes and the suspension being worked.
overall sound is very good, and is complemented by the abilty to rip you own tunes... rsc2 is a great sounding game.

Suggestions: no wire frame on live, and better single play.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

Overall: a real good game... but fails to expand in the areas where it is so great. multiplayer is great, as is single player... while it lasts.

Gameplay: all aircraft handle very easy, and physics and the angle-of-attack rule do not aply... so you can fly in any way you like whithout the fear of stalling... mastering tricks is easy enough, and can really help you get out of a sticky situation. single player mode is fun... and boasts a strange & intrigueing story... but once you have completed single player will wear a bit thin...... but multiplayer is where it's at... live play is great, and though there are few maps, there are alternative modes to the typical dog-fight. overall gameplay is very good... but really needs live play to make the most of it.

Graphics: this is another great looking xbox exclusive... planes look great, and all texture are nice and detailed... the draw distance is very good, and there is no viseable pop-up. water effects give the impression of looking at sea water, and cities and buildings are all beautifully designed. another great looking xbox exclusive

Audio: sound is very clear, and environments sound good. music has its own style (much like the game it's self) and crashes, and fights all sound great.
a good sounding game, that just sounds even better when heard on surround sound.

Suggestions: more maps, better single player.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: how repetative can you get?? hpw boring can something be??? well until you have played this... you will not know

Gameplay: it should have been good, and is not an xbox exclusive to boast about. you justdrive around in your boat shooting... and that is all you do. the controls are terribal, and while multiplayer should be good... it is not, it is about the same as any other part of the game... and the whole thing is just repetative and boring

Graphics: visually average... sometimes below, and sometimes above... water effects are okay, but there is too much low res textures to call it detailed. just about average, and should be better for an xbox game.

Audio: engines are all very similar, and the environments give no impression of cruising a ship through the sea... really not making use of the xbox's audio capabilities.

Suggestions: fix the whole game.... and if it is good enough make it LIVE! playeable

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix


Gameplay: basic is all i can say... i found it linear, and just boring...
i did not feel involved or intrigued enough to really get into the game

Graphics: the games visuals are really sub-average... i would have thought that it would make use of the xbox's power... unfortunatly that is not the case.
textures are pixelated, objects are blocky and polygons are clearly viseable.

Audio: sound is again at best average... guns sound average, as do effects.
environments seem to quiet... and the audio gives no impression of being where you are supposed to be... there is nothing bad about how this game sounds the problem is there is nothing good about it.

Suggestions: huge graphical and gameplay improvements.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Midtown Madness 3

Overall: the game is average.... i think it is limited, and there is only so much fun in driving around... it is apity because it could be great.

Gameplay: it is repetative and boring..... and what is there obsession with sweeden??? (it was sweeden wasnt it?)
there are much more enjoyable games availeable... and this is basic, boring and repetative... dont expect to be playing this for hours on end.

Graphics: looks nice... but could be a bit better... some places look impresive, and windows on buildings reflect their environment... there are plenty pretier... but this is still good

Audio: very good... engines dont sound great, and evironments are ok... but you can rip your own trcks... and thats always a plus!!

Suggestions: switch the style to a more GTA type game... it is not working as it is.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: ..... I have waited so long now for this day

**************** every day on the bungie website, scanning the web for halo2 info, and checking out

and now that game is mine

but was it worth the long, and exciting wait...
YES. Halo2 is the best game ever, thats right... THE BEST... better than any GTA, better than doom, Farcry, any game you can think of............................... THIS BEATS IT

Gameplay: gameplay is much like the original, but with a few great additions... such as the ability to dual-wield weapons, drive any covenant vehicles, play as the covenant... hold on, I said a few great additions... ''correction: THE GAME IS LOADED FULL OF GREAT NEW ADDITIONS

the best of these is obviously live play, this is the best on and offline game multiplayer game for xbox...
other additions include your ability to steal enemy vehicles, it involves a bit of skill so there is immense satisfaction in doing it.
gameplay is constantly smooth, and never drops below 30fps.

single player is brilliant, and will leave you gagging for more!! there are new enemies this time round, equiped with plenty of new guns!! one slight complaint about the campaign mode is how it ended... it was slightly unexpected and it was obvious it was leading us into halo3... but this is a small complaint, and it does not take away from the fact that it was a dangerously enjoyable experience...
halo2 boasts the best gameplay that i have ever experienced, and has set the standard for games to come.

Graphics: halo2 is probably the most beautiful game you will find... nothing will beat this on the current consoles and it pushes the xbox too its limits... i have doom3 on my pc running at its highest... and this is just as good!
textures are all high definition, and while there is some delayed rendering it does not detract from the beauty of this game... anti-aliasing, bump mapping... and other effects help to give halo2 its amazing look... characters have been vastly improved since the last game, and are all highly detailed... a great lighting engine is featured, and water effects have also been improved...
the graphical quality has been much improved since it's previous outing... and boasts some of the best art design in video game history...
it all looks about as good as the game it's self... and the game is amazing

Audio: the original halo was as much of a joy to listen to as it was to play... halo2 is no different, the music adds to the already amazing experience, gun sounds and voices are all perfect... and when listened to on surround sound you will feel as if you are there.
no other game sounds this good, and no other game uses music like halo2...
it is without doubt the best sounding game ever

Suggestions: BOTS IN MULTIPLAYER MAPS AND LONGER CAMPAIGN... and we want to play as any human or covenant character...
so if we want to be a grunt, a jackal, or a hunter... we can be.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Outrun 2

Overall: i have to say i wasnt expecting what I got from outrun...
and what i got was an addictively fun arcade racer.
the game is not about made around a story, and it stands out among all others... simply because it is made to be nothing but pure arcade fun... and that is what it is... FUN FUN FUN!!!

Gameplay: i would have given it 4.5/5 if split screen had not been overlooked, yes you can do two player time attack style racing, but it is not the same.. however it is still fun.

but on to the good hey?
and yes there is a lot of good...
the arcade style of this game is unique, it makes other arcade racers look like sims... there is no better feeling than drifting around a corner with the rear of the car almost overtaking the front!!
single player mode is mostly about impressing your girlfriend, and yes some might say it is sexist.... but tell them to shut up!! It is a nice retro addition, that is great fun! she will call out tricks or manouvers for you to do... and you have to impress her... and she's hard to please!! any less than an A rating and you have to try again... but repeating levels does not get boring... it is one of the only games that I can think of where levels are actually fun to reapeat!! the game is crammed full of mini games including a great mathamatical driving game(you'l have to get it to find out!!) and of course there is the arcade mode, that lets you race for fun against others through your personally sellected route! This game has a lot going for it, and the only down point comming to mind is the lack of split screen. but who cares, you can still do multiplayer... and then again ther is live play too!! it delivers in every aspect... as a multiplayer game, a fun game, an involving game... and it delivers in what it is... a pure arcade racer.

Graphics: one word....... ''beautiful''
one more word...... ''shiney''
one last word....... ''perfect''

okay.... no more words!! outrun two looks excellent... it just looks.... unreal.
some of the most spectacular scenery on xbox is to be found here!
cars look great, are very detailed and reflect all the beatiful scenery that they pass.
it might not be working the xbox like games like chronicles of riddick do... but one thing is for certain... they do look a lot more prety!
water effects are spot on, as are the cars and scenery... and the visual quality of outrun2 stay true to it's unique, unreal style.
outrun2 is without doubt one of the most beautiful games on xbox.

Audio: outrun2 sounds good... but there is no great variety, there are plenty of songs from the original outrun to unlock, but the inability to rip your own tracks lets it down slightly. cars sound very good, as do the voices... but engine sounds seem very similar, if not the same on all cars. while not it's major high-point... outrun2 is still a very good sounding game, and its determination to stay true to it's arcade, retro sounding roots is where it excels...

Suggestions: split screen.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Star Wars: Battlefront

Overall: a good game... but one that needs xbox live to be enjoyed to its potential. multiplayer is where the fun is at, and while single player is not bad... it is not the games high point. 24 players on live, so you can forgive the areas that have been toned down. A good game when multiplayer... but single player is a bit repetative, and does not compare to its multiplayer counterpart.

Gameplay: as I said... You really need xbox live to enjoy it fully, and while single player can be fun at times.... it is not involving, and is a bit repetative... the one area where gameplay stands out is 24 players on live, but besides that it is no real leap forward.

Graphics: graphics are a mixed package... they stay true to the world that they intend to create... and often look good, but more often than not they do not look good and are is obvious that they used less pollygons pixels and a limited pallete of colours to maintain a smooth framerate but with 24 players on live, the toned down graphics are acceptable.
by no means bad, and sometimes good... but the xbox has seen better.

Audio: the fmv sounds while on the battlefield are very good, guns sound as they would in a star wars movie, and it is all recreated nicely. it is not really music to your ears, but it is still very good.

Suggestions: better graphics, more players on live!! and a better single player campaign

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Crash Nitro Kart

Overall: a very good multiplayer game... but not as great in single player... fun to play, and easy to get used to, looks lovely... and a you have a great choice of tracks!!
worth a purchase for great multiplayer fun... but if your looking for single player thrills, while not at all bad in that area, crash NC doesn't really offer them

Gameplay: the games simple, fun, arcade action style gameplay is really great... multiplayer offers tense and fun play that will last for hours, single player... while not bad at all, is not as great as it's multiplayer sibling.

Graphics: yes the textures arent super detailed... yes you can clearly see the polygons, and yes the xbox is capable of more...... but it really does look great!! visuals are just unreal, and look perfect for the style of game.

Audio: repetative music.... very similar engine noises... and characters constantly shouting ''guess who!!'' You can probably tell where i'm going. weve seen better audio (or should I say ''heard''?) & weve seen worse... it's an average sounding game

Suggestions: live play... better single play... better graphics

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Kung Fu Chaos

Overall: to be honest I was not that impressed with this title... I think it is better as a party game than a single player game... not bad at all, and unique and fun... but just not my type... a classic case of, '' its not you it's me!!''

Gameplay: gameplay is innovitive in the sense of the film studio idea... but it gets a bit repetative after a while... it is very fun as multi player, but a bit too repetative, and a bit trickey on single player.

Graphics: visually nice, but nothing astounding... water looks good, as do the characters... but there isn't a huge amount ever going on on-screen... it isnt testing your xbox... but at times it's a good looker

Audio: sound is nothing spectacular... but directors demands are clear, and environments and weapons sound nice... could be that bit better... but nothing shabby as it is

Suggestions: live play... better story line.. rotatable camera

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Fable

Overall: Well... here we are... we finally get fable, but the quetion is ''was it worth the wait'' HELL YEAH!!
fable is the brilliant RPG that the Xbox has been crying out for, it boasts unique varied and fun gameplay, beatiful graphics and atmospheric music. Environments are beautiful and authentic, as are the charcters and just about every part of this game. Although there is limited replay value, it does not affect what is without doubt one of the best games on xbox, and THE best RPG.

Gameplay: I am relatively new to the RPG scene, but fables tense, action packed and often funny style of gameplay has inspired me. you have to look after your self in fable in many ways, for example: Eat too much and you get fat, and people will tease you, but eat too little and you get skinny... and people will tease you. (you just cant win!!) Yesterday I got married, bought a house, talked to a wall, and helped a ghost find his treasure!! and before you start calling the men in white coats, ''I am talking about IN the game!!''
there really is so much to do, so many people to see, so much to buy... Fable really is a huge game. Environments are stunning, and although there is a bit of running back and forward, it does'nt get boring... there is always things to do, people to see, places to go... the game doesnt stop offering things to do... even after you have finished it, but still, there remains little replay value.
So far I have told you the good things, and yes there is a great amount of good things... but there is some bad, like for instance, we were promised a lot in fable and those promisses just were not delivered upon... one example is the real-time growing trees and the completly open ended story for fable.
During the development of fable, we were promised a game in which the word linear did not exist, we were told that the story was crafted around your actions, as opposed to your actions round the story. Well this is not true, sure you can do a lot in fable... but the story is as linear as a pencil. Although gameplay was not what we were promised at all, it is still some of the best you will find... with mini games, and all the added extras, fables gameplay alone is what it should be played for.

Graphics: Fable is without doubt one of the most beautiful games on xbox, It is not made out to be realistic view of the world, it is made out to look amazing... and that is how it looks. indoor and out door locations are all pre-loaded... so there is no annoying loading screen when you want to go inside a building! trees are really amazing, each leaf seems to have been crafted individually, and the sunlight is gently filtered through the trees where is is scattered upon the ground. buildings also make great use of the xbox's power, windows give off a great shine effect, and interiors and exteriors complement the games fantasy style.
Some of the best water effects on xbox can be witnessed in fable, reflecting everything around it, with ripples created by fish. Yes fable is a really beautiful game, but there are a few very slight down points, for example.. texture effects often seem a bit flat, and there are some slight glitches with loading scenery a bit like pop up... but despite these small complaints it does not take away from the truely beautiful visual quality of this game.

Audio: sound is excellent, music just adds to the mood of the game, and again complements its fantasy style very well. If you are in a scary area, the music will just add to that sense of scariness... or if you are in a beautiful area the music will just enhance that.
Like just about every other part of fable the sound quality is great... character voices are brilliant, as are environments and music. It really sounds great.
It is safe to say that fable is as good to listen to as it is to play... and it plays great

Suggestions: multiplayer... and live

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 UEFA Euro 2004

Overall: this is really just a dumbed down limmited version of fifa... maybe a rental.... not a purchase. just cashing in on the event, no great game

Gameplay: no difference to fifa, but more limited.... the only addition is the euro tournament... and thats all you get!! but controls are fluid, and remains fun.

Graphics: no difference to fifa 2004... really in need of a new graphics engine.... but its all nice, but just nice... nothing really good.;ko

Audio: no difference to fifa1005, commentry is usually good and accurate... and on the pitch and crowd sounds are nicely recreated.

Suggestions: make euro 2006 better... WAIT,,, il be playing euro 2006 on xbox2!!!!!!!!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 FIFA Soccer 2005

Overall: the addition of online play is a major boost for this title... gameplay is prety much the same as it has been since I first tried fifa back in 96, sprint, pass, shoot, lob.... thats all you need to know to play the game, but to master it... well, thats another story...

Gameplay: gameplay is nearly the same as every other fifa game... weather you find that to be a good or bad thing. you decide. The horrible off the ball system has been tweaked, but it is still to complicated to be of use... but there is a new addition to the controls, and this time they have got it right!! It is the 1st touch system, which allows you to direct a recieving ball away from onncoming attackers, set yourself up for a classy goal, or just look good... it is a very good addition, and works a lot better than EA's previous ''innovative'' ideas.
In a fifa followers mind the gameplay is again flawless... but in a pro evo fans mind it the opposite... but this review is about my opinion, and my opinion is that gameplay is great, with the few extra neat touches, of course live play, and fun multiplayer modes, I feel that it deserves a solid 4

Graphics: it looks like the fifa games have been running on the same engine since fifa 2003... and I think it is time to change it... dont get me wrong, it still looks nice... but on an xbox I dont think nice is good enough... there is some slight uncalled slowdown at times, but it is mostly smooth. Graphics are good, but dont really impress... character models are okay... but in my mind polygons are not hidden well enough. Still, it looks good... but is maybe in need of a little makeover

Audio: commentry is some of the best out there... with celb commentators and decent music, an option to rip your own tracks would have been welcomed, but the absence of that does not take away from the fact that this is a really good sounding game.

Suggestions: graphical improvements, sound ripping,,,, and better player and team customisation... like the one in tiger woods 2005

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 FIFA Soccer 2004

Overall: the best football game in my opinion... yes pro evo is in direct competition in terms of gameplay... but i choose fifa for the official teams, stadiums, players... everything. not a huge leap forward from the 2003 version,but sitll... A great game...

Gameplay: gameplay is the same as it has been since I played my first fifa game, ''WORLD CUP 98'' controls are easy to get used to, gameplay is real fun, multiplayer is exciting and tense and everything runs smooth with no slowdown or lag... one of the few complaints would be that the off the ball system... however innovative, it seems flawed and I never got used to it. but learning the off the ball system is not a neccesity to enjoy the great fun availeable with this game.

Graphics: visually good... players could be slightly better,,, as could the pitches and stands... but it is still nice to look at and runs smoothly. not a leap forward from 2003, but still maintains that graphical goodness!

Audio: sound is very good... and commentry is great,,, there are some instances when the commentators might say the wrong thing... but it is rare and does not affect the excellent sound, commentators talk amongst themselves which adds to the realism. music is catchy and generally good, but the option to rip your own trcks would have been welcomed.

Suggestions: well 2005 is already made... so i can only ask for 2006 to boast extra graphical goodness!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 MotoGP 2

Overall: a good game.. but not my type. Nice graphics, and unique gameplay... a tribute to the xbox

Gameplay: gameplay is aimed at sim style controls, it is nice... but often difficult. It is unique, and most importantly offers great multiplayer and live features.

Graphics: lovely graphics, and the ability to customise your bike is detailed and polished... bikes look great, as do the roads they drive on... and the bikers who ride them!!

Audio: sound is above average... but not enough to call it a highlight of the game... bikes sound nice, but all are somewhat simular

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: when you go back to play this after PGR2 there is some difference... i mark this ghame with extra points for the one good thing that came out of it: PGR2

Gameplay: gameplay was really made great by the kudos system... but the small choice of tracks and cars affect the fun and longetivity of the game

Graphics: visually better than the best on ps2... but we now know just how good the visuals on xbox can be... I feel it started the trend of graphically impressive games on xbox.

Audio: sound is average, and cars all sound alike... all these points together show how PGR was a good game... but PGR2 has showed us how good it can get

Suggestions: concept cars... and the ability to drive around the city... because it is all modelled... but just sectioned off into tracks... but i think that bizare know what to do!!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 The Sims: Bustin’ Out

Overall: the sims busting out is an okay game... but it really is just okay...the storyline is not exactly involving, and to tell the truth, the game gets quite boring within a short period of time. if you want to play THE sims in all it's glory... go for the pc version.

Gameplay: controls might take some time to get to grips with... but once you have grasped them they are easy enough. 2 player mode is a good idea, but seems flawed. gameplay can sometimes be fun... but only really in short sessions... the game is different to it's computer superior in many ways... it feels better on the computer, and suits it better and also on the computer version you are not nearly as restrictedwhen building... i feel that the console version is simply a human mood simulator... hey is that a new genre?? HMS? i think il just call it a strategy game... just a pity that it's not that good

Graphics: in terms of visuals it beats the pc version, and the ability to move the camera around different perspectives is a welcome one... however, with sims2 out on the pc it is going to have to take a lot more from the console versions to match it.

Audio: sound is about the same as the pc version.... but with neither being that great and the game not making use of the xboxs powerful audio qualities it only deserves an average mark.

Suggestions: we dont want a different game... we want the game that made the pc game so good.... the same as the pc version

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 NBA Street Vol. 2

Overall: its a real fun game... but for how long?? I havnt touched it for ages... it really offers short term thrills and not too much more

Gameplay: gameplay is great, and perfect for those who like to pick up and play, but also deep enough for those who like to pull off insane stupid tricks and combos... very good gameplay, and offers great multiplayer thrills... pity no live

Graphics: it looks nice visually... but only nice, it is never really impressive, or amazing... doesnt use the xboxs graphical power to its abiltities... but still manages to look good.

Audio: sound is nothing amazing, but environments and commentry all sound good... not exactly music to your ears, but still is good.

Suggestions: live support... deeper single player better graphical effects and features

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 The Simpsons: Hit and Run

Overall: judging by the majority of reviews, I seem to be the only person who think that this is just another simpsons game... it is a very good simpsons game, but as games go, this is at best average. Its a pity, because it has the potential to be the 1st good simpsons game, but it trips over its gripes & flaws and falls flat on it's fat yellow face.

Gameplay: gameplay should be familiar to anybody used to 3D 3rd person platformers, but the question is is gameplay good... well... no. It is tediously, annoyingly and frustratingly repetative... there are a few rather enclosed areas in which you must complete missions again and again and again... and the story line is a bit boring. cars handle nice enough... but really, if you are playing this game for it's gameplay, it beats me why your playing it at all.. its just not good enough

Graphics: It really beats me why they didnt go for the cell-shaded look... if they were trying to convince the player that they were in the simpsons world by puting reflections and progressive shading on characters and objects, they failed. It doesnt even look like simpsons, it is somewhere in between realistic and fantasy in terms of visuals... and they just dont mix.

Audio: hey, they got the real actors in the game... thats cool! hey whats that bart said? he said eat my shorts! WOW!!! ... listen! hes saying it again!! oh... and again.. and again? I think you get the point here, sound is repatative and annoying, the same few bars music plays constantly during gameplay, and just adds to the repetativness of audio... it gets an extra mark for the actors, half of which is taken away because they dont shut up. :P

Suggestions: cell shaded graphics... and for gods sake fix the boring gameplay... and suprise us... make a good simpsons game!!!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: the hugely succesful gta series comes to xbox... it is welcomed with open arms, but does it deserve that welcoming... well yes, but it is far from a perfect game, it is a very good game... but it is not the gem in the xbox collection of games that some like to think. A very good game, but not the work of art that some worship it as.

Gameplay: gameplay is great, easy to get used to... and CONSTANTLY FUN... the ''do what ya wanna do'' style of play is what makes this game famous... you can decide to go do some work for the local gangs, just pick off a few people with your gun, slice up random people with your samurai sword, or if you fancy some cheap love you can hire a prostitue... the posibilities are almost endless... it really is what fub encapturing games are made of... there have been many attempts to recreate gta's unique, simple, yet amazingly complex style of gameplay (true crime, driv3r) but there is only one game that plays like GTA plays... and that is GTA

Graphics: this is the downside to the game... it is a slightly old game but was jazzed up for the xbox outing, but it really still does not cut it against the wonders that xbox owners are treated to... for such a big game you cant expect PGR2 rivaling graphics... but it really should be better than this.

Audio: sound is prety good... envronments sound nice and the option to rip your own tracks is an addded feature... sounds good, probably better than most.. but the surround sound is not as it should be, and acting is not exactly oscar quality... but its good... and that is what matters

Suggestions: graphics.... you cant go wrong with the rest

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dance Dance Revolution: UltraMix

Overall: I am crap at dancing!! i bought this for my sisters, and inevitably I had a go... it was prety good fun, although I did look like an idiot! there are plenty of songs, i hope you can download more... and it is a fun party game... I personally find it a bid hard, mainly because i cant dance! but if you can I would highly recomend it.

Gameplay: It really is better as a party game, and is one of the few games that you actually burn energy on... so if your fat, GIVE IT A GO!! it wont keep you occupied for hours unless you really are serious about dancing, and it is not exactly easy to get used to for newcomers like myself... I think a tutorial would have been a welcome addition. Choosing your dance mat is very important... i went for a crap mat liscenced by a game shop, do not go for an unofficial mat... they may be cheaper, but are flawed an bad quality... official ones are better value. Once you have the right mat you can get down to the dancingl. the only real complaint about gameplay is that it is too hard for people new to the type of game, but overall gameplay is good.

Graphics: visuals are not very good, but it is not neccasary for this game to boast great visuals... menus are nice and coulorful, and you see a computer generated person dancing while you strut your stuff... but he will dance the same, the person dancing doesnt really look too great, and isnt xbox quality... but the game is and thats what is important.

Audio: sound quality is good, but nothing amazing... and for a game that relys so much on audio it should probably be better... it is good though and does make yous of the xbox's audio power

Suggestions: if you want visuals make tyhem look better... maybe a backdrop behind instead of the dull black... and videos of the music would be a nice addition

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 MTV Music Generator 3: This is the Remix

Overall: Mtv music generator3 is a really great ga... (is game the right word?) i suppose you could call it a tool... it is a really great way to be creative... have a bit of fun... or even make up your own tunes for parties! the sound quality is very good, and the amount of tunes, and beat selections like riffs, drums, base etc is unbelieveable. i would really recomend this game to anybody who likes to mess around with music, just edit tracks, create new ones, and just have a fun experience

Gameplay: gameplay... well I wouldnt call it gameplay... but using mtvG3 is really fun, it is easy for a newcomer to get used to, but deep enough to satisfy the most hardcore music mixers... there is almost no limit to what you can do in this game, and you can always rip your own tracks. There is almost endless longetivity in mtvG3, and the choice of music, effects and beats is so extensive and varied that it deserves a very good mark.

Graphics: this music genorator really is not about the graphics, and is definatly not where it shines... menu interface looks nice, and everything is all good and coulorful... but it would have been nice to have visual effects, or videos on top of that... but visuals are not important for this genre of game... they do the job

Audio: You can rip your own tracks, use pre loaded, create new songs add stunning sounding effects and beats... not a complaint at all here, really makes use of all the audio power that the xbox has. A real joy to listen to

Suggestions: all is great already,,, but maybe an option to post your songs on xbox live... and it would be great if we could edit videos and create our own for the tracks... other than that, all is perfect

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

Overall: ''Tiger woods PGA tour 2005'' is a good game, but does it beat links? In my oppinion it does not, in gameplay, in visual quality and the lack of online play for the game here in europe is just another reason to choose links2004 instead. However it is a good game, that relys on it's unique gameplay to hold it's ground... and with new additions to this title every year it proves that it is a popular game. Unique features, great gameplay and a great player and course editing system make this game a worthy competitor for the sports genre.

Gameplay: Gameplay is easy enough to pick up and play, and doesnt require a golfing maniac to get to grips with.Gameplay offers an almost addictive quality, and you find yourself constantly telling yourself, ''okay just one more hole'' however good, I still feel that the game is beaten by links in terms of gameplay... I feel it is more accesibal to people new to the sport, and at the same time more of an experience to those obsessed with golf.There are plenty of game modes in PGA2005... more than you find in links, ranging from short arcade style games, to the PGA tour it'self! Multiplayer in PGA 2005 is also good, boasting plenty of modes to keep everyone occupied... however, here in Europe we dont have the luxury of live play for this game... but even with the lack of online play, there is still enough longetivity in this game to last right until the next is released. Good gameplay altogether, but narrowly outcalssed by links

Graphics: This is one of the major down points of this game... in some areas it looks like courses are unfinished, it is blocky and horrible... When you take your shot crowds cheer, and as uplifting as that might be... you begin to suspect that the crowds are in your head, because when you look around you will find that there are no crowds anywhere... NOBODY, but when you play links there are hundreds 3D crowds randomly waving and cheering you on.... and in PGA tour there is nobody, not even the pixelated cut-out people that EA is famous for... not exaclty pushing the xbox.Water effects are also bad and character models are just acceptable. Overall visuals are really not what we should be seeing on the xbox and at best TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 2005 looks just average... Visuals are another area where PGA is beaten by links, but this time PGA is more than beaten... it is completly KILLED.

Audio: Neither PGA tour or links are exactly music to your ears, but again PGA tour is beaten because you can't rip your own tracks... Commentary is good in places, but the commentators often seem a bit wierd... and it is also strange when ivisable crowds cheer you on. environments dont give the audio impresion that you are there, but swings and character movements are okay.

Suggestions: graphical improvements

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Grabbed by the Ghoulies

Overall: a good game, that suffers from slight repetativeness and lack of replay value. but a decent outing for rares 1st xbox game... could have done more though

Gameplay: gameplay is great, and very intuitive... easy to pick up ad play.. and the combat system is great... gameplay is just let down by a lack of originality and replay value.

Graphics: lovelly cell shaded visuals, are now almost a trademark for rare games. visual quality is among the finest on xbox

Audio: sound is prety good, and music captures the spooky, but humourous aspect of this game. a decent sounding game

Suggestions: be more adventuous in future games... you played it safe for your 1st xbox game

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: i really did not have time to get into this game, so i feel it would be unfair to class it as good or bad.. but i am not hugely familiar with rpgs... and as good as this game probably is... i found it hard to get into. not one of my personal choices of games... but the majority like it so it must be good... i think with a bit more time to get used to the gameplay and story i could have been hooked like so many others... i sugest that you give this game time

Gameplay: i was new to the style of gameplay, but im sure if i had rented it for longer than a day i could have got used to it. i found it tricky, but never had time to get used to it... a bit difficult in my oppinion... but rpg games usually are at the beginning

Graphics: not visually impresive for xbox... not bad, but not good.... just average. maybe a couple of yers ago, but outclassed today.

Audio: sound is really just average... voices all sound like they were recorded in a studio... which they were, but the player of the game is not supposed to know that, the audio should give the impresion of being in the environment in the game

Suggestions: graphical improvements, and a better tutorial

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Shellshock: Nam '67

Overall: there really are too many nam games, and most of them are crap. this is just another crap game cashing in on the horrors of war. an uninspiring mix of repetative action, and RPGesque gameplay. really should be better judging on past games published by eidos. if you must play it, rent it... dont buy it, there is no longetivity, and it really just gets frustratingly boring. another bad war game

Gameplay: gameplay is repetative, and really all you will be doing is shooting blindlessly at never ending respawns of enemies. they tried to give a bit of an rpg feel to the game, which could have been good... but they managed to mess that up aswell. levels are horibally linear, and you feel very enclosed... despite the linear levels you still find yourself lost, going nowhere and not knowing what to do... gameplay is about as good as the game it'self... and the game is crap

Graphics: sub par visuals in most places, although better in others.... but will never impress on an xbox console. all looks like it was made to be grainy... but it just makes the visuals worse. polygons in environments an on objects are blatently visable, and it all looks very blocky. however, water effects arent too bad, and lighting and cut scenes are even nice... but not nice enough to overlook the down points. really should be better

Audio: sound is at best average, and does not strike you as anything other than that. it is not bad enough to list as a bad point, nor is it good enough to list as a good point.

Suggestions: stop making nam games, and stop portraying americans as the good guys, and any vietnamese as bad...

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 F1 2001

Overall: the most patheticaly pathetic of pathetic attempts at a pathetic game... one word... PATHETIC!! terribal gameplay, the sim/arcade mix has gone to the dogs, and visuals are great... if you were playing them on a sega-megadrive!!

Gameplay: awful, to call this gameplay is a crime... whats the point in going into more detail... no one in their righ mind would buy this game, let alone for it's gameplay!! all you need or want to know is that it is CRAP

Graphics: flat plastic-like textures, no effects... single textured roads... like those on ps1 games... if this game was a person it would be a fat, spotty, ugly, dirty piece of crap.

Audio: sound is at best sub-average... you dont want to see it, hear it, look at it or play it.. this game is crap.

Suggestions: new developer, new game new everything.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Finding Nemo

Overall: Finding nemo the movie was great... but what have they done with the game??? It is prety much 2D, and too boring and repetative to keep a young child entertained. I bought this for my 7yr old sister, who immediatly complained about the repetativness of going through rings constantly. A real step back from the movie, just another crap movie tie-in.

Gameplay: gameplay is slow, often hard, stupid and repetative... going through rings constantly with next to no storyline is not what i would call GAMEPLAY.

Graphics: the games only better point has to be it's visuals, while being nowhere near great, or groundbreaking... they do look colourful and nice. but it is basicly a "d game, so your xbox's graphical power will be far from pushed.

Audio: basic, nothing too bad... nothing too good... just bog-standard. water sounds good, and voices are okay... but actors are different to those in the movie, and acting sounds very immature.

Suggestions: change the target audience to that of the movie... and dont even touch any of the ideas from the first game.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Ninja Gaiden

Overall: I am new to this genre of game... but i have to say '' I enjoyed it''
VERY DIFFICULT... but that is not a downside... it is more of a qulity in my eyes. looks great, plays great and is great fun. only down side is the appauling camera, but that does not stop this from being a brilliant game.

Gameplay: Gameplay is very easy to get used to, and there is an imense feeling of satisfaction when you link combos together and take out a whole flood of ninjas!! but a major let down in this department is the camera... although there is a free live update to sort this problem... gameplay is great, and is a real pace-setter for others in its genre.

Graphics: The game boasts very nice graphics, although not the best on xbox... still very good. Animation is fantastic, as are environments and enemies. A real joy to look at

Audio: Sound is a mixed package, i am sorry to say that music is terribal... in most areas it is the same 3bar beat repeating itself continuously, it gets quite annoying and boring... having said that, sounds while fighting, like sword clashes, and character noisses are great... but not enough to justify overlooking the terribal music... sound is not bad, but for such a great game it should be better

Suggestions: Multiplayer, online and offline.... longer game... more difficulty levels ranging from easy to imposibal! and slight graphical improvements. and another great game!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Burnout 3: Takedown

Overall: I was looking forward to see if EA had done the burnout series justice... well I can now say without a shadow of doubt that it has. Burnout3 is definatly the fastest game to storm the xbox, and arguably the most exciting.featuring extensive single player & multiplayer modes such as CRASH MODE, RACE, AND ROAD RAGE... and lets not forget the truely brilliant xbox live features... EA's first live enabled game has really shown us what they can do. it seems as if the game has been crafted around one main goal... PURE ARCADE FUN... and that is what makes burnout3 what it is... ''just great''

Gameplay: Gameplay could hardly be better. for those of us used to sim style racing games the arcade control style might take a small amount of time to get used to... but once you have got used to it you wonder how you ever lived without it!! the game is not difficult, but it is far from easy, navigating around busses, vans and cars at 200+ mph takes quite some skill. The arcade handelling couldnt be better, physics are out the window... replaced by outrun style drifts and combos... overall there is an imense feeling of satisfaction when you take out another driver and send him flying over a cliff!! but be careful, if you annoy another AI driver, or cause them to crash THEY WILL COME AFTER YOU to seek there revenge!! crashes look amazing, and it does not get annoying, or make things difficult when the camera suddenly changes when you perform a takedown>(burnout language for causing someone to crash) the speed that you experience in this game is amzing, and that speed is then enhanced by motion blurring and sound effects... and amazingly there is no noticable slow down at all! gameplay could hardly be better... and sets the pace for pure arcade fun

Graphics: The game has had a complete makeover in the visual department, and it's looking good! effects like shadows, lighting, and motion blurr enhance the experience. Cars look fantastic with reflections of everything they pass shining on the metal work. environments usually look brilliant, but sometimes there are areas that you feel dont quite live up to others, however all do look great. it looks so amazingly fast!! NO other game can give you a visual impresion of speed like this one! it looks as if some real effort was put into making this game look and feel like it plays... and you can safely say that it looks how it plays, and it plays great.

Audio: Burnout3 sounds very good... and the sounds you experience in environments are great, like when flying past traffic you can hear a faint wind like sound adding to the already insanely fast sense of speed.. music is not bad, but is repeated to much, and there seems to have been a complete overlook of the xbox's music ripping abilities... another complaint in regards to the sound is the radio presenter, i personally find it cheesy and annoying... but im sure some might like it. although i find the last two points particular downers, the sound in environments is so great that it justifies overlooking the down points...

Suggestions: Improved graphics, dump the radio idea... and suprise us- make the gameplay even better!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Silent Hill 4: The Room

Overall: silent hill is a puzeling, gripping, and terrifying game... it features great graphics that give the atmosphere of the game a NICE dull, scary touch... though good, there are some bad factors, such as the annoying camera, appauling combat system and sketchy acting... a good game, but it's far from perfect

Gameplay: gameplay is quick enough to get used to... but controls are not too good... in some areas the game is sickeningly scary, like when you are forced to kill zombies that were once tortured orphan children...the puzzles you have to solve are good, but you sometimes find yourself running around not knowing what to do... but the worst element of gameplay is the combat, it is flawed, difficult and you never seem to fight in the right direction... but there are good elements to gameplay, it boasts an addictive quality and will leave you on edge... fans of the series will be right at home, but for those of us who are new to the series will have to pick up on it. overall gameplay is not bad, prety good.... but by no means perfect

Graphics: one of the games strong points are without doubt its graphical quality, textures are great, and everything gives a great atmosphere to the gameplay... however it all seems a bit still, there doesnt seem to be any visual effects... like water, or glint and shine effects... but the game prety much does without them, as it is visually class... not excactly pumping the xbox's graphical power, but giving it a fair old workout.

Audio: sound is another great aspect, acting isnt great... but that is not where the audio quality lies... it is the environment sounds, wether listening to a scary environment... or a city environment.... they really give a great impresion of the area... and when that area is scary, the sound just empathises it even more.

Suggestions: leave the fixed camera angles and go for 3rd person... and FIX THAT AWFUL COMBAT SYSTEM

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Full Spectrum Warrior

Overall: a great game, offering a different take on a familiar genre... some complain that you can not shoot, or get in on the action... but they should have read the lable... this is not an FPS, it is a war strategy game... and a very good one at that

Gameplay: controls might take a bit of time to get used to, but once you have grasped them, you will be yelling out orders left, right and centre. while fighting on the the field you have to have your wits about you, strategy plays a major part in the game... running into the field with all guns blazing just does not work. enemy AI is not bad, but they dont exactly seem inteligent. with online multiplayer, and 2player campaign longetivity is extended, and enjoyment is increased.overall gameplay is a fun athnospheric and intuitive strategy experience.

Graphics: graphics are good, but dont really use the full potential of the xbox's graphical power however textures are very nice, and lighting effects are great... overall the game portraits a good detailed and atmospheric environment.

Audio: sound is good, and soldiers talk amongst themselves on the field, explosions, gunfire and environment sounds are all recreated nicely.

Suggestions: maybe some graphical improvements, and the oportunity to play as the oposing forces.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Thief: Deadly Shadows

Overall: i am new to the thief series, but familiar with the stealth genre... thief: deadly shadows is a good game, offering an athmospheric, fun and challenging game... it is no splinter cell, but few are... a good game overall

Gameplay: gameplay is easy to get used to, and doesnt seem as but complex as splinter cell (which can be good or bad, depending how you look at it), and it lacks moves, like the rolls, jumps and stealth manouvers you can perform in splinter cell. gameplay is enhanced by an optional 3rd or 1st person view point, and both work prety well... although there are sometimes problems regarding the camera angle in 3rd person. enemy AI does not seem to be great, and enemies repeat the same things alot. frame rate is sometimes slightly slow, but not to the extent that gameplay is effected...
the game also boasts a good physics engine, like that of deus ex, but it is quite slow to respond to movement and actions.gameplay is good, and is similar to that of deus ex, and is only let down by being slightly repetative... but the pros outweigh the cons...

Graphics: it is again visually similar to deus ex, which is no insult... nice lighting effects, and great textures make this game great to look at... but there are no real visual effects, it all seems like fancy textures and lighting, i would have liked to see some nice water effects, and grass and trees responding to wind... but that is less of a complaint, and more of a suggestion... for what already is a very nice looking game.

Audio: sound is good, and will let you know if you are being heard... effects are good and varied, like when walking on wood you hear that hollow clunking sound, when on metal you hear a light tapping noise, and when on gravel, that crunching sound... overall, it does what it is meant to do... and it does it well... however characters voice acting is quite sarchastic, and exactly great... but that is a small complaint, sound is good.

Suggestions: in this game there is very little replay value, and if you want to compete with the likes of splinter cell you will need a multiplayer mode... and i would sugest using a better engine, but this game will probably not only be on xbox and pc for its next outing, as EA are probably buying eidos out... shame

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

Overall: chronicles of riddick is a good game that stands above all others in terms of graphics but settles in among others when it comes to gameplay and play riddick in a game that involves an rpg like system of objectives and conversations... much like deus ex, but with better focus on action. a good game that releys alot on its looks to hide the few flaws that it holds.

Gameplay: unlike other fps games... you really feel like you are looking through the eyes of riddick... when you walk you can see your legs move, and see the up and down motion on the screen... unlike most other fps games where it just feels like a floating head gliding around. i really like the rpg element in the game, where you can choose what side you are on and how to ask and answer questions, it just makes gameplay feel more involving... contols are smooth enough, but aiming can sometimes be a bit of a strain. but with little replay value and no multiplayer, this game seems destined to a rental. but overall... gameplay offers a varied and invollving experience.

Graphics: i think i can say without doubt that this is the best looking game ever seen on xbox. a very memorable part of this game is when you are being taken to your cell, it feels like you are watching a movie as the credits appear, and it looks like it too, this part of the game braces you for the amazing visuals that you will see in the game.. graphics are top spec computer quality, and set the pace for games that want to graphicly impress on the xbox... textures are briliant, and seem almost fotoreal and dont blurr as you get close. walls look like they are scattered with pixel munching 3d pipes and wires that react to every shine and shadow, but are really just a great texture effect painted on a flat wall... this effect is great, as it looks cool, and allows a better frame rate.. character models are AMAZING, they look almost real and react to light shadows and just about everything else.. the only complaint i have about the visuals, however small is the unimpresive blue liquid that you find in the underground area where you 1st find the mutated guys... it just looks quite flat and fuzzy... not quite on par with the rest of the graphics... but despite that one complaint, the visual quality of this game is so great that it deserves the FIRST 5/5 that i have ever given in a review... definetly the most beautiful game on xbox

Audio: sound is good but but does not strike you as being as impressive as the visuals... offers good suspense and effects... like it should

Suggestions: a multiplayer mode would have been appreciated... and a physics model like that seen in deus ex...

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Top Spin Tennis

Overall: Yet another brilliant XSN sports game, XSN manage to convert people who dont even like tennis into fans of the sport with Top Spin. It is without doubt the best, most involving, most beautiful tennis game you can find.

Gameplay: gameplay could not be easier to pick up on... controls are intuitive, and responsive, 2-4 player mode is great, and the option to play doubles is another welcome feature. brilliant gameplay, made even better by the almost unlimited play on LIVE.

Graphics: The game boasts excellent visuals, players could hardly be better, and the game features the best player creator i have seen... stadiums, arenas, and courts are brilliantly created, and all boast smoothly rendered crowds... but some areas dont seem quite as crisp as others, but overall this game sets the standard for how future tennis games must look...

Audio: sound is a mixed package, on court sound couldnt be better... with crowds shouting and truely real sounding ball and player effects, but commentary can wear a bit thin sometimes... but the pros outweigh the cons, and overall the game sounds good.

Suggestions: improve on the graphics however good already...and get more player liscences. give me a free copy of top spin 2..... please :P

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Driv3r

Overall: wow, i cant wait for this... it isnt out yet but it is definetly going to be great!! it has to be good... this game sets the pace for its genre... gta trails in its footsteps... or you could say, trails in its dust. just 1 or two more days... and then it is mine!!

Gameplay: well, from what i heard you can switch to 1st person view outside of the car... i like the sound of that... and thankfully there is no crappy autolock feature... it is a car chase simulator, and i like the sound of that.

Graphics: hey, it looks good... very good, and i just hope that they have upped the pace on the graphics on the xbox port... but either way, no doubt about it... this is looking great.

Audio: its got to be great, they have real hollywood actors... top singers... and all i can hope for is that you can rip your own tracks!! its got to be good.

Suggestions: please no more delays... it is due out in 2 days... and i want it then!!..... there have already been so many delays!! they must be worth it... they better be!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Deus Ex: Invisible War

Overall: I never played the 1st game, but i was able to get into this one... a very good game, boasting a great physics engine... nice graphics... and an involving storyline. it is let down only by being a relativly short game, with little replay value.

Gameplay: gameplay will take a couple of hours to get used to, but once you have grasped it, you respect the intuitive and varied options, choices and missions that this game boasts... gameplay is let down, in my opinion quite a lot, by long loading stages, a jumpy frame-rate and sometimes areas that feel enclosed..another thing that i dislike about the game is the fact that there is next to no replay value, sure you can try completing the different endings, but you can only do that so much, a multiplay mode, or even an xbox live mode would have been very interesting. there are also a bit too much repeated repeated character models... but game play is made unique by the idea of including biomods, deus ex gameplay is generally good... and there are no real complaints

Graphics: this game boasts above average visuals in most places, but in some i feel that they could, and maybe should be better.. textures, and lighting effects are great, and the few cutscenes are good... characters are all very good, and the ragdoll physics work great... great visuals overall, let down by some blocky textures, and some blocky charater models.... but generally good... and a good example of what the xbox is capable of

Audio: sounds are repeated a lot, but they are generally good... but there is nothing great about it, as is there nothing bad... overall sound is average.

Suggestions: a multiplayer mode, improved graphics, less loading screens, and an improved framerate

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: a very good game overall, ai is generally good... but enemies are always in the same places. a good solid game

Gameplay: controls are very good, easy to get used to, and very responsive... one thing that you do miss out on is the ability to jump, and interact with objects... overall its very easy to get used to, but more difficult to master

Graphics: this game does have good visuals, but nothing near stunning... should better for an xbox exclusive... but now since it is on ps2 it is probably being pushed... but on xbox it is not being used to the extent of it's graphical power... they are good, but could be better.

Audio: i love the idea of using the xb live headset to communicate in the game... environments sound realistic, and weapons sound good... overall, good quality sound...

Suggestions: well, i think that the sequel should have better graphics, and jump, and object interaction capabilities... an offline multiplayer would also be nice.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NHL Rivals 2004

Overall: i thought that this game would be more up to the standard that i have come to expect from MS games, but sadly it wasn't... i thought that it would convert me into a hockey player, like top spin did for me with tennis, but again... sadly it didn't... i might posibaly have enjoyed this game if i was a hockey fan.... but i am not, and i didn't enjoy it at all.

Gameplay: i found the controls easy enough to get used to, but i found it nearly imposibal to score... i think a tutaurial mode would have been useful. i didn't try multiplayer mode, or xbox live (because i dont have it) but i wasn't bothered, it is reppetative, limited and shallow.

Graphics: graphics in the game are good, and the crowd are very detailled and realistic, but the ice, players, and arenas dont really look as convincing as they do in other MS games.

Audio: unless i missed it,(which is a possibility) i dont think you can copy your own tracks onto the game... which is a bit of a let down... and so you are stuck with annoying reppetative songs in the menus, and while playing... but the commentry sound good enough... and it sounds smooth enough... and doesn't sound like every pre-recorded word is being played at a random tone... but the average sound doesn't help this game from being a dissapointment.

Suggestions: well, if another MS nhl game comes out i doubt i will try it... but if MS decide to release 2005... simply improve...... EVRYTHING.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

Overall: I had heard that EA decided to change the 1st person view to 3rd person before i bought it... but i am a great fan of fps' games, and am not convinced that it was a smart change... there is alot of variety in this game, missions are small enough... but it boasts very good cut-scenes... it reminds me of EA's ''tomorrow never dies'', bond game, back on playstation... it is a difficult game to rate... it is very good in some ways... but repetative and not so good in others... overall it is a good game... and i think that it deserves 3.5

Gameplay: in this game, unlike nightfire... you cant jump up... you can roll and dive... but you cant jump over things... or up onto things.... so it feels a bit limited in that way... controls are easy enough to get used to, but i dont like the auto aim/ third person of the reasons why i like first person shooters is because... there is more skill involved... because you have to scan for your targets, and manually aim... and there is just more satisfaction in making a kill...but in this game, you just pull the left trigger, a big yellow circle appears on a target, which half the time is not the one that you wanted to shoot in the first place... and then you shoot... but it can also get frustrating... because sometimes there could be a person running at you, and you pull the trigger, and it aims at the wrong person... and while you are having the crap kicked out of you, you are trying to turn around to face him, so you can pull the trigger, and then s. but having said all that, this game boasts a very good driving system, great handeling, which can be a rarity in shooting games, and very nice looking cars... but multiplayer is a huge let down in this game, unlike nightfire, which was very good... this game is not... it just gets confusing, and i hate the auto aim!! it just doesnt work in multiplayer... it's a pity the game couldn't have included an alternative 1st person view... oh well......

Graphics: graphics are very good in this game... the cars are very shiny and reflective... character models are very good... and cut scenes are also very nice... i dont think there is anything wrong with the visuals, and they hold up well against the latest games

Audio: this game boasts the real james bond actors, including pierce brosnan... it also has all the music from the movies, and shots and explosions sound good.... overall, sounds good to me

Suggestions: please, go for an fps aporach!!!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Need for Speed Underground

Overall: need for speed undergroud, is an adictively fast arcade style racer... the cars handle well, and there are loads of visual, and performance tune-ups. a very good racer, but more could have been done with the xbox version.

Gameplay: gameplay, is very good... this game would probably be the easiest to pick up and play... but is still hard to master. cars have a lovely arcade feel to them, and handle brilliantly, but there are not many cars... and half of the tracks are the same, only in reverse... but all tracks have plenty of short-cuts, and there are plenty of modes to keep you occupied.

Graphics: the visuals in this game give you a brilliant sense of intense speed, lights shooting by, blurred cars passing you at 160 mph... lovely! overall the visuals are very good... not quite a PGR beater, but still good.... but i dont feel that it uses the xbox's graphical power to it's extent... but taking nothing away from the game... nice effects, glittering roads, flashing lights... and nice shiney cars!!

Audio: sound is quite good in this game, the best bit is when you change gear... you hear a... well, a very convincing gear change sound. but you cant copy your own songs into the game, and sometimes the music can get a bit reppetative, but overall.... sounds good to me!

Suggestions: it would be nice if there were more tracks, cars... and better graphics on the xbox version.... i know that this is a multi-format game so the size of the game may have to compensate for the ps2's and gamecubes power... but how about somthing special for xbox owners?

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Yager

Overall: overall, yager is a unique game.. featuring a good free will mission system... brilliant graphics... some of the best I have ever seen! but it is let down purely because of slightly repetative gameplay, and ships being to slow.

Gameplay: game play is easy to get used to, and there is a very good tutorial section... but the ships seem to slow... and you can get a boost... but you have to collect them, and it gets a bit annoying. overall, good gameplay, let down only by slightly repetative gameplay, and ships being to slow.

Graphics: the graphics in this game are brilliant, and it is an excellent example of what the xbox is capable of. some of the best graphics i have ever seen... brilliant water effects, great detailed environments and amazing looking ships. I am tempted to give it 5/5 but i wont.... just because i am hard to please...(graphicaly)

Audio: sound is good, but in some areas doesnt give you the impression of being where you are... but in others it does... overall, it is good

Suggestions: well if THQ decide on another game, there will need to be, bigger areas... (well they are already quite big... but i want bigger!!) and much faster ships.... come on it is like the year 3000, and were flying around in ships that are about as fast as a bicycle! oh... and a different character.. he is so cocky!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Overall: I have to say that i was very disapointed with this game... the graphics, enemy AI, the whole game.... what has happened to EA games?? they used to be my favorite development company, but now they are cutting corners, trying to make games cheaply, and bringing them out on evrery platform! overall: one of the most dissapointing games for xbox.

Gameplay: game play is easy enough to get used to, but levels are small, and very enclosed, you only have two directions to move, forwards... or back.... very exciting..

Graphics: first glance at this game, and you think it should have been on the ps1... terribal visuals, and on the last level, how do i explain?... when you are in the plane... it all just looks messed up! and the water effects are awful, it just looks like the painted the texture blue.. no movement.. terribal... and on levels, your scenarios are scattered with 2D trees... you just cant get away with that on xbox... but having said all that, this game is saved a point because it does have very good cut-scenes, and at some points in the of the visuals can be quite good, but you will be hard pushed to find them.

Audio: sound is not too bad, alright actually, but there is nothing there that you would hear and it would really get you into the game... like halo... ahhhh.. halo.....

Suggestions: the addition of multiplayer did give the game longer playability... but please EA pleeeaase!! work on the graphics... what has happened to EA..... what has happened!!!!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

Overall: this game has the potential to be great, but gets too caught up in it's own mistakes, and flaws to come even close to that... overall a dissapointment

Gameplay: one of the biggest dissapointments of this game was the driving... and , well... it's one of the main parts of the game... the cars handle terribaly, and unrealisticly. also the shooting mode is awful... this game attempts to be realistic, but has a crap shooting system, driving style, and has ghosts, and flying firedemons...??? whats up with that?!? GAMEPLAY: NOT GOOD!

Graphics: graphics arent that bad, in some places quite good, but in others they are awful...also when on the street you always see the same characters evrywhere... there should be more characters to eliminate the possibility of seeing loads of them altogether... does not use the xbox's graphical power... should be alot better

Audio: gun sounds, and music are good enough, but cars dont sound great, and at the end of evry mision you get a real corny phrase..... that is annoying!!! overall: sound reppetative but average

Suggestions: change the game completly, improve the driving, shooting, graphics... evrything! and either go for a realistic game, or a fantasy/sci-fi game..... THE TWO DONT MIX!!!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: the thing that attracted me to this game was the noticeably lower price tag... overall a good game, i dont have xbox live, and so i was forced to stick to campaign mode... which i thought was was ver good... i feel that for me to enjoy this games full potential i would have to purchase xbox live... which i am definatly going to do! but i still feel that this game doesnt use the xbox's power to it's full potential.

Gameplay: controls are very easy to get used to, and gameplay is fun, but not as smooth as it could be. i would have prefered to be able to fight some missions along-side a friendly army of mechs, against an enemy army of mechs. overall----- gameplay is good..... but could be better

Graphics: when i first played this game i was dissapointed at the graphics quality of the game, and am still not impressed... the detail of the mechs is good enough, but could be better. and explosions of buildings is good also... but the landscapes, and terrain detail is not good, and water effects are not good at all, overall this game does not visually use the xbox's power to it's potential.----- not good graphics, should be a lot better for an xbox game.

Audio: sound is ok, the sound of mech explosions, buildings collapsing and mechs walking is good, but music is not good, and overall sound quality is bad. could be better.

Suggestions: if you make another mech game-------------- make the graphics a lot better.... have a war mode, that lets you fight with 100's of friendly mechs, against 100's of enemy mechs..... and have alternative views, like a detailed cockpit view and plent of others, and you should be able to rotate your view... thats all!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: a truely brilliant game... a gaming masterpiece... one heck of a game... ok, you get the point! this game is better than gran turismo in evry way, it is better in graphics (if there is any game that can visually match this game... please let me know about it) gran turismo is also out-classed in the cars part of the game... does gt have feraris?--- NO!does it have porche?----- NO! well you get my point, there couldnt be a better racing game availeable on xbox------- i am tempted to give this game a higher mark, but i will leave it at 4 just because i am hard to please!!

Gameplay: controls are easy to get used to, and has very smooth gameplay... multiplayer mode is very good, and ther are plenty of tracks to choose from, and the game has a very good long lasting appeal... i havnt tried this game on xbox live, well, because i dont have it... but im getting it... infact im going to get it now!

Graphics: spectacular graphics, possibly the best that you will find... i cant wait to see how they can possibly improve on these already outstanding graphics!

Audio: sound is great! the in-car radio is brilliant, and the option to copy on your own tracks is another plus! and the engines!!!!!!! wow! if you have surround sound, put it up full , get a fast car... and just listen...

Suggestions: i am not sure if it is possibal... but i would be amazed, suprised, and very pleased to see improved graphics!! i think a detailed in car view would be nice!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Amped 2

Overall: a good game, and different from it's rivals, like ssx, in the sense that it is more of a simulation type of game, rather than ssx's arcade style of game. not really my type of game, but still a good game offering plenty of variety.

Gameplay: controls may take time to get used to for people who are not used to the unique and realistic style of gameplay. it is smooth enough, but requires precision when it comes to landing, some people might find this more difficult if used to a more arcade style of gameplay, such as ssx. i would have prefered if there was some other difficulty levels to choose from, for those of us who are not used to amped's style of gameplay.

Graphics: amped has very good graphics, and out does ssx because of realism. characters are detailed, and the numerous environments are very smooth, and graphically impressive. overall it has a very nice visual presentation.

Audio: sound seems good, nothing that strikes me as spectacular, but the ability to change tracks during gameplay is a nice addition.

Suggestions: introduce alternative difficulty levels.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Microsoft couldnt have asked for a better launch game, it's fast, exciting, and truely addictive. I got the game free with my xbox, and doubt that i would have got it if it hadnt come with it... but boy, would I have been missing out!!!
------ the best game ever--------

Gameplay: gameplay is smooth, and easy to get used to... single player is brilliant, addictive, and the missions are long, but without getting boring... and you cant say that you have truely completed the game until you have completed legendary difficulty! multiplayer is just as good, if not better! with plenty of modes, including rallying, racing, capture the flag, invisibility killing, and plenty more... all in 1 FPS!

Graphics: this game has spectacular graphics, and i am hard to please! it was made over 2 years ago, and was top graphics back then, and is the same now... but i have marked it down purely because it could still be better... cant wait to see what halo 2 looks like!

Audio: sound in halo is very good, with music to suit your every situation, the only reason that i have marked it down is because the alien speech can sometimes get a bit repetative... but that does not affect this game from being the best in the world ever!


Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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