DJ Hero (Xbox 360) by Activision

DJ Hero (Xbox 360) by Activision Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: November 4, 2009.

Average Overall Score:
9.10 / 10

It would be almost impossible to release another guitar and band based game right now due to the saturation in the market right now and the fact that almost everyone already has their Rock Band or Guitar Hero. I don?t have many friends that don?"

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Thursday, July 9, 2009


My First Set
Complete a setlist on any difficulty setting.
The Full Set
Complete all mixes at any difficulty setting.
Super Scratchin'
Successfully perform 10,000 scratches.
Harsh Fader
Successfully perform 5,000 crossfader moves.
Freestyle DJ
Trigger every Effects Zone and every Freestyle Sample Zone in any mix on hard difficulty or above.
Special Effects!
Turn the effects dial during every Effects Zone in any mix at any difficulty (not in the tutorial).
No Mistakes Allowed
Successfully perform all scratches in any mix on hard difficulty or above.
Tap King
Successfully press the platter button(s) for all tap icons in any mix on hard difficulty or above.
Fantastic Fader
Successfully perform all crossfades and crossfade spikes in any mix on hard difficulty or above.
Superstar DJ
Get a 100% Hits in any mix on hard difficulty or above.
Good Times
Earn 10 stars by playing any of the mixes in the Grandmaster Flash Presents setlist.
Multiplier Madness
Achieve an 8X multiplier during any mix (not in the tutorial).
Perform 4 rewinds without missing any icons in any mix on any difficulty.
Complete the tutorial Learn to DJ - Advanced Techniques.
Double Trouble
Complete a 2 player one on one local game (DJ v DJ only).
Supporting Act
Join and complete 3 online games.
Host and complete an online game.
Win Online
Win 10 online games.
New Jack
Complete your first mix (not in the tutorial).
Four Star
Earn 4 stars in any mix on hard difficulty.
Five Star
Earn 5 stars in any mix on expert difficulty.
The Gift of Music
Unlock a bonus mix on any set list (where available).
Hello World
Have your score posted to the online leaderboard.
My 50 Pence
Attain a 50 streak in any mix on hard difficulty or above using a DJ Hero™ Turntable Controller.
Tonight We DJ in Hell!
Attain a 300 streak in any mix on expert difficulty using a DJ Hero™ Turntable Controller.
200 Deep
Attain a 200 streak in any mix on hard difficulty or above using a DJ Hero™ Turntable Controller.
All Over the World
Complete a mix in every venue.
Five in Ten
Earn 5 stars in any 10 mixes on medium difficulty or above.
Four in Twenty
Earn 4 Stars in any 20 mixes on medium difficulty or above.
Five in Twenty
Earn 5 Stars in any 20 mixes on medium difficulty or above.
Watch the entire credits.
Legendary Status
Earn 5 stars in every mix on hard difficulty or above.
The Grandmaster!
Earn 5 stars in every mix on medium difficulty or above.
360 Degrees
Perform a 360 degree rewind in any mix without missing any icons on hard or expert difficulty.
720 Degrees
Perform a 720 degree rewind in any mix without missing any icons on expert difficulty.
The New Style
Construct and play all the mixes of a quicklist online with another player.
Guitar and DJ
Play the Guitar DJ mode with one player as the DJ and the other as the Guitarist.
Spin Back King
Perform 20 rewinds.
Walk-in Wardrobe
Complete any 10 mixes in 10 different outfits.
The Vinyl Cut
Earn 20 stars by playing any of the mixes in The Vinyl Cut setlist.
DJ Shadow Presents...
Earn 15 stars by playing any of the mixes in the DJ Shadow Presents setlist.
Bonus Bangers
Unlock all available bonus mixes from all setlists.
Turntable Perfection
Earn 5 stars in every mix on expert difficulty.
Here Comes the Hot Starter!
Earn 50 Hot Starts in any complete mixes.
Shout Out
Complete any mix using a microphone in a single player game.
Euphoria DJ
Complete all the Perfect Regions and activate Euphoria in any mix on hard difficulty or above.
Euphoric Hoarder
Complete all the Perfect Regions in any mix on hard difficulty or above, without using Euphoria.
The Power of Two
Both players activate Euphoria and Star Power simultaneously in Guitar DJ Mode.
The Choice Is Yours
Play an 8 mix custom setlist on medium difficulty or above and get at least 3 stars on all mixes.
Master Blaster
Complete a setlist using the Ghetto Blaster deck.

User Reviews

Score: 91
Overall User Average: 9.20 / 10 (91.0%)
Gameplay User Average: 9.00 / 10
Graphics User Average: 8.70 / 10
Sound User Average: 9.90 / 10
Date reviewed: December 31, 2009.

Overall: For the past few years we have been bogged down the by the numerous music games whether they are guitar hero, rock band, DDR, or any other brand of music game. DJ hero is a new kind of music game in the sense of different music and different instrument. When you first such a game your first thought is probably is this really that much different? Or this a completely new inovation towards music gaming? Well DJ hero is indeed a little different, but the difference seem differs from players. For one the insturment is a lot different you aren't using a guitar (Even though you have the option to) or drums, or singing. This DJ pad has 3 buttons which like other music games you push when the note hits the right moment. Although in this game you are required to perform other tasks along with hitting the notes which creates a different variaty of things to do. The music selection is also extremely good I for one do not like rap or hip hop or the such, but I was still able to get into this kind of music as it combines two songs from varying catagories of music. The game is definitly a new take on the music industry, but some people may see the game as nothing special. This game like when you first played guitar hero or such requires time a lots of it to be able to work yourself higher. This game I would suggest each person to atleast try it at the moment they do have demos at best buy and such or you could go try a friend's first, but the appeal of the game mainly bases around your taste of gaming.
Gameplay: The gameplay of DJ hero is rather fun in my opinion and also extremely difficult. Along with the 3 buttons you have to push you also must scratch the notes by moving the disk back and forth as well as use the crossfader to make your track back a forth which all together creates a pretty challenging game altogether. This game as I said before requires a lot of time to get the hang of probably a bit longer than guitar hero is reaching the higher difficulties. On the good side though the gameplay is rather fun, but you will probably be unable to play the game for long periods of time because it starts getting repetitious and boring if played too long.
Graphics: Visually DJ hero is just like every other guitar hero game the visuals are pretty crisp although since this is also a music game I doubt you will spend much time looking at the visuals especially since you will probably be playing the entire time. If you do happen to look at it the graphics are not top notch, but they are good enough for the game.
Sound: The audio is definitly the highlight of the game. The music of cource mainly consists of Rap and hip hop, but the game suprised even me when it had catagories such as jazz of Herbie Han@!%#*! and techno such of Justice. The music although I normally loathe music such of rap and hip hop I managed to really get into the music. The music choices are really diverse, but if you do not like any of the catagories I mentioned above I don't think you will have the greatest time with this game. For everyone else though I would almost get the game just for the remixes.

Overall: 92 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 87 %
Sound: 99 %

DJ Hero News

DJ Hero 2 Announced, Coming This Fall
Sequel to feature Dre, Chemical Brothers, Kanye West, Metallica, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and more.

New Exclusive downloadable Mixes for Dj Hero
Joining the critically-acclaimed, 93 original mix soundtrack on DJ Hero – the #1 new videogame intellectual property of 2009 – are chart topping hits from hip-hop legends and DJ Hero Renegade Edition headliners, JAY-Z and Eminem

Activision To Focus On Quality, Not Quantity
Activision CEO Bobby Kotick says the publisher plans to focus on the quality of its releases rather than the quantity.

Downloadable content debuts for Dj Hero
Living room legends and budding superstar DJ’s alike who have already started the party in what Time says "delivers in every way"

DJ Hero spins into store shelves Nationwide
The party has started with the most anticipated music game of the year, as DJ Hero is now available at retail stores nationwide

Initial DJ Hero Sales Might Be Slow
Activision’s newest upcoming music title, DJ Hero, has a lot to live up to. After releasing several successful iterations of the Guitar Hero franchise, the publisher decided to try something new by releasing a DJ-based game using a turntable controller, and exposing its audience to a whole new way of playing music.

DJ Hero track list finally revealed by Activision
Hailed in the press as one of the most fun, innovative and highly-anticipated games of the year, Activision Publishing Inc., today dropped the needle on DJ Hero’s full set list featuring 93 exclusive mixes from the biggest stars

Cut Chemist and J. Period appearing in Dj Hero
Cut Chemist, making his video game debut this October, and J. Period, returning to the gaming realm, are dropping the needle, mixing and scratching exclusive mixes appearing in DJ Hero.

Daft Punk to make their Debut in Dj Hero
For the first time ever in a video game, GRAMMY Award winning DJ’s and producing duo, Daft Punk, will start the party right with Activision Publishing, Inc.’s, DJ Hero

DJ Hero Renegade Edition announced.
Start the party with the DJ Hero Renegade Edition Featuring JAY-Z and EMINEM.

DJ Jazzy Jeff Brings the DJ Hero Party to Life
DJ Jazzy Jeff, GRAMMY Award winning hip-hop and R&B record producer, actor and world famous turntablist will ascend to the virtual stage this fall in Activision Publishing, Inc. and Guitar Hero’s highly anticipated video game DJ Hero

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