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Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action

Overall: This game is best described as pure "family fun". I would in fact go so far as to call this the best offline multiplayer game out for the xbox 360! Whether you are winning or you are losing you will find yourself and family(or friends) enjoying this game. In these next few sections I will break down to you why I feel this game is 5-Stars.

(Do remember..You can get this as a gift to yourself while pretending it was meant for family the whole time! Great, right?)

Gameplay: The gameplay is the absolute root of appeal to this game. It is full of thousands of likely useless, but ultimately fun movie trivia questions so that this game can be enjoyed over and over again!(Like Alex Trebek's mustache!)The questions are also proposed in a number of different ways throughout each round. Anyhow, whats awesome is the simplicity. One-button and you already did it! I know it sounds lame put that way, but what I mean to say is you can permorm most actions/responses with the touch of just one button. This means your parents wont be foolishly pressing X-UP-B-B-B-A-RTRIG-Y before they get mad and tell you that the Atari was easier to power on..No confusion for them with this game, just fun! Not only that, but its even so simple that your younger siblings or possibly children can join in on the fun.

Graphics: The visuals are merely a bonus to the awesomeness that is the gameplay. The gameplay is actually so awesome that with audio a blind person would easily enjoy it regardless of their low score! However, the visuals are what they are. Overall the visuals help incite the excitement. Vivid colors and hundreds of video clips and pictures that go along with the game's trivia are basically all that compose the visuals.

Audio: The audio like the visual is just a bonus. It actually brings a great mix of competitive/funny phrases. The announcer will make cute fun of certain players at different times throughout the game.. Which is great.. It takes the game away from being in a way, competitive and seems to make it more about the fun.

Suggestions: There are really no suggestions I have to offer for the developer. This game was absolutely terrific and there is no doubt about it. There may be some of you (including myself at one point) who think that because there are no guns or fighting involved in a game that it couldnt be enjoyable, but this developer has certainly proved at least me wrong.

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10 Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Overall: Overall this game was magnificent. I found all the new attacks and such just... All out awesome to see. I must say, however, I feel I enjoyed the first one a bit more. The clever story part of it appealed to me much more in its first game.

Gameplay: Of course tha gameplay rocked my socks like it did in the first one. I could land amongst a spat of enemies and toggle random buttons annihilating them with moves not even Ninja Gaiden could pull. (Ninja Gaiden is Shenmue dressed up..shhh) I sometimes found myself angered when I would try to pull a complicated maneuver or accomplish a puzzling obstacle and could not.. But its what makes the game challenging and fun.

Graphics: Now maybe this is just me, but the graphics even in some of the movie scenes I felt belonged to be seen on a Playstation 2 and I expect soooo much more out of Xbox.. They were nice, but they just werent Xbox material. =/

Audio: It wasnt anything to take and talk about above thes rest and certainly no soundtrack someone would care to purchase... But there are no complaints from me.

Suggestions: Keep it up! =)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: This game is all out (In my opinion) one of the very best Xbox games out there. Its campaign offline mode is absolutely astonishing. It leaves you hanging at the end and alot didnt like that, but I was only so happy that it left a door for Halo 3. -_0 LoL. Xbox Live play is this games biggest feature. It is conquering my life. Ive played it a couple hundred hours im sure, but the downside to the online play for most is a horrid ranking system... I find the biggest problem is the online community has too many ridiculous players that talk wayyyy too much trash winning. lol

Gameplay: The gameplay is absolutely great. At some times I will have a dub grenade that never explodes or find myself stuck with horrid spawn points and no balance in countering the weapons currently held against me, but overall it is absolutely incredible. It seems that if I got on a winning streak online id be likely to tell you the gameplay is flawless, but surely it has its problems here and there either way. (Foundation and rockets.. omfg) =)

Graphics: The visuals are just omg skeet skeet. However, in contrast to the new Xbox 360.. It just makes it seem like it could have been done better.. Brilliant none the less.

Audio: Just like in Halo 1, but so much better. I couldnt spot or tell you anything wrong with it. Sound effect are divine and unique and the music within the game as I saw in the "making of" was awesome.. Had some good work put into it.

Suggestions: Keep up the good work.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Overall: Prince of Persia is a great action/adventure game. It made me think alot of it as a Zelda for the xbox. Being the puzzlish game that it could at times be. Many have said that this game was repetitive puzzle fight puzzle.. Rinse. Repeat. Although it may seem all so very the same, its alot of fun. Simple good fun. Another thing people have said is a minus, is the short and easy to beat thing. This is true, but it also comes with unlockable old versions of the original POP that add extra fun to playing it.

Gameplay: Gameplay could be repetitive, but the fights were beautiful. Both the fights and the puzzles were amazing. The agility shown in fights and such is amazing to watch. I was smiling the first time I ran across the walls or swung on a pole. Its amazing to do and alot of fun. Not to mention using the dagger of time. Alot like blinx, time can be rewound, fast forwarded, paused, and slowed. Another beautiful addition to the beauty in gameplay.

Graphics: I think the visuals were awesome. The graphics were all so smooth and everything depicted a perfect picture. The palace was an amazing site and view from the outside and just as well from within. Not to mention the visualizations in combat and interaction of environment. Oh and the beauty of sight when the dagger went into use was also sweet.

Audio: Not too much to say here besides the sounds were excellent. Good enough that if you closed your eyes you could distinguish what something was buy the sounds it makes.

Suggestions: Comment: Hialrious! Great Ending. Bwahahaha!
Suggestion: PoP2 I eagerly await. Make it have some DLC or just make the whole game generally longer and more varied gameplay.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Counter-Strike

Overall: I would call it the best Xbox Live Multiplayer Game to date. It's mad fun and crazily addicting. Unfortunately, it has no offline multiplayer without that of system link. However, its offline single player is rather impressive. The bots are extremely smart and no matter how good you are..On its hardest mode you against 8 bots is extremely hard to pull off.

Gameplay: The gameplay on this game is awesome. No game competes with the fun this game provides online. I play the game 2 hours past when I say I'll get off its so addicting. The varying maps and hopefully downloadable maps soon are big pluses. This game is even addictive offline, especially with the bots as challenging as they are.

Graphics: The visuals are almost exactly like that of the PC and I still love them. I hear some people say the graphics are sort of bad, but maybe im just too caught up in it's awesome gameplay to notice. Besides that there are few map differences..Almost as if the maps changed over a period of time and became more destroyed land. Also a few maps Id never played on the PC version which are cool.

Audio: Sound~! I like each and every sound each gun and weapon makes. You can practically tell what gun who is using by the unique sound it will produce. I also like the buzz effect left in your ear after a grenade goes off close to your head. Besides that the game supports custom soundtracks. Some people thought it would take the game down and you wouldn't be able to hear people walking. Well, I find music I play rather motivational and fun to listen to rather offline OR online.

Suggestions: Should have had split screen. I mean I know stealth and all that is major in the game, but I would have liked to get my gaming on against my bro..I just can't.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tetris Worlds: Online Edition

Overall: As did YellowLab I acquired my game through my XboX Live Starter Kit (version2) for free. Which is good because I couldn't see myself springing the money to buy it. It wasn't much of a LIVE hit for me. Im all for classic Tetris..Tetris just isnt meant to be online. Unless maybe it was the Dr. Mario Tetris...LoL

Gameplay: It wasn't all that fun to me actually. Like I said the game isnt a LIVE title...Its not meant to be Live in my eyes. Classic tetris is the way to go. However it was a fun simple game it always used to be. Glad I got it free though. I tell you that.

Graphics: You know what.. Best squares ever! LoL... Sounds sarcastic I know, but the looks were just perfect for the game. The pieces were all nice and polished up with a nice framew design.

Audio: Im a techno fan, but the beats this game laid down...Weren't the beats I favor. But, this game hit it right by utilizing that ever so great custom soundtrack feature. Good call fellas...Custom Soundtracks is the way to go.

Suggestions: Good job with the game, but it just aint MY cup of tea.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: Huge slection of mini-games packed or should I say fusioned to bring you one heck of a party game frenzy.
Its one heck of a fun multiplayer game and even if yo9u have nobody to play against, single-player is still a load of fun when playing against the CPU.

Gameplay: There are various mini-games to choose from and liklihhod is that you will like at least a few. Each mini game is very simple with rules and require few buttons to manage thoughout its level. Its a game good for any age, but more enjoyable for younger ages.

Graphics: For its type of game it looked good. It was colorful and alive. It was just as fun to sit by and watch someone play as it was to play because the design will give you a seizure. LoL!~

Audio: All the sounds were as good as they needed to be for such a game. And of course it used one of XBOX's best features: the ability for custom soundtracks. Mentioning the having or lacking of that tool is always something big on sound for me. Good for this game to utilize such a tool... =P

Suggestions: I could picture this game being good fun on Live...Take the next(assuming there will be) fuzion frenzy LIVE!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Finding Nemo

Overall: This game hits #2 on my World's most agitating games list. However, it's still a good game. Its very repetitive in what you have to do and all and some puzzles are quite difficult. Seeing as how this is a kids type of game Id think they'd make it a bit easier than what it ended up to be, but I suppose it contained a mix of easy and hard within the game.

Gameplay: Not various modes that help you to want to continue and play the game, but story is fun for a while. This game can bring at least a good 10 hours of gaming if you complete it 100 percent through, but you can only play the game 20 minutes at a time. If you overdo playing that game for too long you will brake your controller against the wall.

Graphics: Great visuals. In fact, best part of the game. Especially with its add-in movie clips. Which by the way what a great movie. Anyway all fish and water and environment is just so impressive. Ill have to say its the best fish game for xbox, it definitely beats Pro Cast that sega game..Or so Ive heard its bad.
Anyway Graphics = A+++++++++++!

Audio: The sounds were all good. The sound of fish and the water moving. This game is all around goody except for the slight agitation the gameplay may cause.

Suggestions: Less agitating and less repetitive objectives...

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 BMX XXX

Overall: This game had its funny humor, but thats all it had going for it. The game was more playable for its unlockable scenes of nudity rather than for the fun of biking...Because quite frankly the biking wasnt oh too special.

Gameplay: It was fun actually to go out and do the things the map required you to do and doing sweet little tricks in the process, but if I really wanted to ride a bike and see some prostitutes...Id go outside on my huffy and ride around my block. Why make a biking game nasty?

Graphics: The visuals were great in my opinion, but unfortunately I might have to say that the unlockable visuals were more pleasing than those visuals of the game itself. I guess the developer's knew they were making a low quality game and had to back it up with nudity. Heck too bad they made us work for it.

Audio: The sounds were good. I liked a few of the tracks I heard and overall a good selection of sounds. Each environmental sound elicited that of a sound it should and the people and conversation were done. Whether done poorly or nice...they were done.

Suggestions: Don't do it again!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Arctic Thunder

Overall: This game was fun and I could endure little single player and multiplayer for a while, but its not long-lasting. I liked the game, but it really didn't impress graphics wise. I think this game belongs in the arcade for 25cents a race, however, Hydro Thunder for Arcade that was later converted to DC would have been awesome on Xbox. Hydro Thunder was a big thing for me positively and Arctic thunder was a dissapointment especially when I expected something as good as Hydro thunder... LoL =)

Gameplay: It wasn't completely a waste of time and money to play, but it wasn't the best of games. After going through a map only a few times, the maps got old and the players were only viewably different, but all had the same basic tricks.

Graphics: The visuals were a major dissappointment and its sad that it was an Xbox game. It inmy opinion made the xbox look bad. Arctic thunder looked like it belonged on PS1 as an extra minigame. Sorry if you liked it, but I only like good games. =P

Audio: The sounds were nothing overly impressive or anything to get talking about. All they did was give the people something to make them turn the sound all the way down and hit their own tunes on the stereo. This game would have been better with the custom soundtrack feature.

Suggestions: Use the xbox to irs full game capabilities!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2003

Overall: WE WANT FUN! AND YA BETTER BELIEVE...that this game delivered it. Ive havent been a big fan of sports games, but I really did like this one much more than just any sports game. Its on the road training was alot of fun. It had great music(Andrew!) and it had great looks.

Gameplay: Alot of fun on any mode. Obviously multiplayer is a blast on such a game, especially with the fact that its basically multiplayer. This game was more enjoyable and long lasting than others thanks to extras and modes that were alot of fun. Such as the on the road training and its collectible cards and trophies. This game was so good I didn't feel the need to go get Madden '04

Graphics: The visuals were amazing. Definitely a game brought to you by yours truely, Xbox. I loved the site of throwback uniforms as well. The fact that they had somethings from so far back was cool to see. What can I say, realistic cheerleaders, foorball players, and turf. What else does a football game need graphic wise? Surely not a collage of colors they call a crowd..LoL.

Audio: m....cheer! Those sounds were all of good taste and the announcer was the main event when it came to sound. Especially when the announcer says some remarks that are rather funny. Thats my favorite part when it comes to the sound...

Suggestions: Stop ball phasing. No real football players let the ball fly through their head as if a ghost and land in their hands.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: This game was just absoulutely great. I played the old DC version and fell in love with the originality of the game. Skate gangs fighting for land and a whole lot of fun to do. When I got it for the xbox I would never had thought it to be so much better. I especially love the create spray feature and the gameplay held great onto its next. Oh and the cel-shaded graphics were just great for this game in my opinion.

Gameplay: Heck, maybe its just silly me, but this game was alot of fun to play. I beat it three whole times. I beat it in a matter of 18 hours at first. Then 12 hours and then nine hours. So I have played this game alot and it has been alot of fun to do. There are also alot of music tapes to find throughout the city and special sprays that add to the fun in the game.
Multiplayer wasn't bad at all itself. My favorite is the tagging...Most fun to play with a friend that and the game somewhat like rollerball.

Graphics: I loved the visuals. I liked the way they brounght it in with the cel-shaded graphics this time and in my opinion looked better. A game like that should look cartoonish rather semi-real. It was the perfect look for the game and a favorable change from its DC version.

Audio: WhAHA! HOO! HA! When hitting combos, noises like those can get a lil annoying or repetitive, but I easily ignore them and just let the cool beats hit my ears. Those kind of beats have been candy to my ears since I played the game for dreamcast.

Suggestions: Make another JSRF game!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 James Bond 007: NightFire

Overall: Another one of the Bond games...However, since the ever so popular bond game on N64, these games seem to have been losing their touch. Nightfire, still a goodgame, lacks the spazz it once had. Maybe it's just me, but the Bond games seem to be getting less appealing. On the plus side, the game was some fun and had some cool maps and weapons, but multiplayer only rivals a big piece of squash.

Gameplay: It was fun, Ill give it that, but it was really hard to beat the game. In the sense that you would get tired of it halfway. I dislike the way you cannot be covert. When within a range of an enemy he shoots and whips around and dodges left to right automatically. You have no chance at being covert. Also the multiplayer was flat. The controls were rough and provided no fun to contend with that of other multiplayer games.

Graphics: The visuals were just fine. Nothing to root and toot about, but pleasurable simple graphics. However, the graphics played no role especially without good gameplay to back it up.

Audio: Shoot shoot..Dodge dodge...Russians yelling. Well, I guess I can say the sounds were mediocre...They provided noises to match up with the objects and what the objects did. Nothing more. Nothing less...=P


Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller

Overall: Ive always been a fan of Crazy Taxi since back in the Dreamcast days. The one thing about this game is that if you're not good at it, you won't like it. I hate to brag, but I'd say im up in the top contenders for this game. To do well it requires you to know the city better than the arrow atop your screen. That is what I learned to do and that's how I placed 6th in the DC Crazy Taxi contest with $117,000. Too bad only 5th place and up won a prize..=(

Gameplay: The gameplay is alot of fun. What makes it fun is its competitive play. Set a record and pass the controller. Eventually records take hours and then some to beat so the game loses its cool. But even then the game has its little "missions" which are fun little mini-games that take some good skill to beat and also serve as a practice for the real mode.

Graphics: Regular old visuals. Nicely developed environmental area filled with 10 different people. Each one of those people having 100 clones within city limits.

Audio: Crazy Taxi introduced me to one of my favorite bands. The Offspring. Thanks to that I've always liked the tunes this game has put up for me as well as I have liked some customer comments and bark remarks.

Suggestions: Nope...Or wait..Do your next city for the game in Miami..Yay!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Gunvalkyrie

Overall: This game has a good story and its fun if you just wanna mess around and what not, but the controls are so complex its really hard to pull off the moves you need sometimes. This game is really environmentally WEIRD and easy to beat. But to beat it with all rank A's on everything is another stroke-giving story. LoLz

Gameplay: You barely want any extras besides the story because you barely even want to waste your time going throughout the entire story mode as sickening as it can be and as stressful as it can get.

Graphics: The visuals are all very weird so I cant really say they looked realistic, but the weird creatures and their homes sported a nice look with some sweet graphics.

Audio: All the noises of various human attacking creatures in your ear at the same time only adds to the building stress this game causes. So thats why I have to give it a low sound rating.


Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: This may sound weird, but...BEST BOAT GAME EVER. I loved it. Quite challenging especially on Admiral. The game has very little replay value, but it takes a good while and some good gaming skills to beat on its hardest mode. The story is practically some guys brother betrayed him for some booty of something of the like. Raging ship battles against ships of all sizes and shape to create good fun and good story.

Gameplay: This game was alot of fun, but after its story mode, it really has nothing going for it. Slow ships result in boring multiplayer action. But the story mode should give you a good 14+ hours maybe of gaming on Admiral.

Graphics: The visuals were awesome. With the beautiful water and island like scenery. Not to mention the beautiful assortment of selectable ships and weapons as well as the opponents own unique ships and weapons. Everything I saw was beautiful. SO water and boats were great =).

Audio: The sound was good, but played little rols in making that game anymore different or unique in sound than anyother game. Its chinese toonish tracks went with the game amazingly well, however I had no desire to listen to it. I also got tired of listening to old Blackbeard telling me what to do!

Suggestions: Beautiful game, but lets touch it up with some better multiplayer shall we?

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Burnout 2: Point of Impact

Overall: Amazing once again. This game is all of the original and a bag of chips. I mean it had everything in the first, plus everything the first was missing. Better speed effects, better sound effects, better crashes, and more gaming modes to improve its overall replay value! These developers knew they missed something and corrected their mistake.

Gameplay: So much an improvement over the first it had a better variation in modes. Including:(and I quote)"Hot stopping chases in police pursuit mode, 30 all new levels with weather effects, learning to drive in offensive driving school and crash mode." With all this it was a 110% improvement over the originals replay value.

Graphics: Visuals were much better. I love the way the visuals warp when you hit turbo to give the effect of major speed. One of many visual improvements that made this game differential enough to buy.

Audio: The sound was overall just as so much the same as before. The only exception being the way the music speeds up. Whenever you hit turbo boost...The music speeds up to give the effect of going fast. Another thing I happen to love about the improvements made to the game. I havent felt speed like this in any other game that comes to mind.

Suggestions: Keep up the good work and keep improving.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Burnout

Overall: This game is a great racer for a few reasons. One is the fact that it has a great sense of speed. For me its not exhilarating unless I feel like im going fast. Another reason is its got free track to it. You're not confined within a circle as a Nascer game would probably have you, But free-ranged out in the city. Besides that crashes are beautiful. 2 THUMBS UPS!

Gameplay: It was a whole lotta of fun to play, but was a piece of pie to beat. Which is why its beautiful looks and crashing amazingness kept this game alive for me an extra month. It could use a variation in maps and modes and that little bit of improvement would most definitely make the game better and more enjoyable in the end.

Graphics: Slow-motion crashing after hitting speeds of 100+. How could the visuals not be good? Especially watching the pile up you've caused after the initial crash. That is what makes this game the visual beauty it is.

Audio: Nothing special really. A few blaring horns and some screech noises. The sound in this game definitely wasn't its up. But it was a help in making this game the racing game that it was.

Suggestions: No suggestions that aren't already in this games sequel...LoL

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Overall: This game is based on the TV series Buffy: The Vampire Slayer as you should know and IMO happens to be the best vamp game on the XBOX to this very day. Maybe Its sequel contends with it, but I wouldn't know.=P But anyway, its a whole lot of fun and the variation of attacks and evironmental weapons are amazingly impressive.

Gameplay: This game was a whole lot of fun. It doesn't have a whole lot of replay value in the longrun, but there are some parts in the game I could play over and over and over. For example: When the train is going by...I could throw the vampires into it all night its so much fun to see. As well as it is fun to throw them against table legs. The story is of most fun and is a good 10+ hours of fun play.

Graphics: The visuals are one of my favorite parts. The game captured the way I percieve a vampire dying and I loved it. I love the way the vampires go to dust and are gone. The environment is also a great feature to the game in its look and use in the in-game action. Also, the cast quite well resembled that of the TV series except for few minor problems that were easy to ignore.

Audio: The sound was good, but it just wasn't great. It had some repetitive in game remarks from the star: Buffy(of course). Otherwise, the sounds were really good with enemies and enviromentally. Oh and might I add that some of the bast parts were the group meetings where of course as in the TV series was the place to discuss the plans which is usually and was loaded with funny and witty remarks from the characters.

Suggestions: My suggestion would be to let you play the other side and be a vampire. Take the story from that point of view as well as the good side. Also, I would say make more characters available, but you were smart enough to already do that. =)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: This was an awesome launch game and a great snowboarding game. It is worth every penny paid whether or not you paid the full $50 or $20 for the platinum hit...Its worth it.
This game is challenging and has some good replay value. It also supports a great feature which unfortunately most other games do not.. The custom soundtracks feature! Nothing like listening to good tunes on your way down the side of the alps! =)

Gameplay: It had a great feel to it. Tricks were realistic and some easy some difficult to pull off. Unlike SSX the moves demonstrated within the game were possible..Ahehehe. There were different things that you had to complete within tracks, such as finding the hidden snowmen and hitting off tricks to hit the right amount of media points and regular points. With every objective completed you unlocked something new to use or do. Opening the possibilities and making the game more enjoyable throughout its play.

Graphics: Visuals! Hoo hah! They were amazing most definitely. Especially when you consider the fact that most people had jumped from a Playstation2(Mediocre graphics =P) or from a DreamCast(which is what I came from) to an Xbox. The new best generation console. So alls I got to say is visuals were jaw dropping compared to that of such a DreamCast and PS2 IMO..

Audio: Yay! One of few games that used the Custom Soundtrack option on their game. Its so sad that more games don't have it because that addition is more appealing when im trying to pick between two games. The game had excellent FX for that sound that it did have and how can you go wrong with your own music? Sound was GRRrrrEAT!

Suggestions: NEVER CHANGE! =)

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick

Overall: This game for some people may not be alot of fun. I enjoyed it alot just because Im a fan of the old Evil Dead movies. That and the fact that Bruce Campbell is only the funniest best alo horror movie actor. Anyway the games plot twists and twists and everytime you think you got it beat you are wait deep in crap. This game unfortunately, once you beat it in your 10+ hours there is an arcade mode that only gives appeal to the game for a weenie bit longer. No doubt a precious spend of twenty smackaroos.

Gameplay: It was alot of fun even though the enemies were repetitively jumping out of nowhere time and again to kill you, but it just helped you learn there is more than one way to kill the undead. It was alot of toss and fetch. You did things for other people to further yourself in the game which is a nice puzzlish touch to it although it can get very old running through the neighborhood with a fleet of zombies chasing you just because you wanna find the biker with the silver spoon...LoL..Youd have had to play this to find that funny...

Graphics: The visuals were nice...They weren't realistic and all that awesomeness and what not, but then again zombies and time travel with the portal of hell has never been all in the likingness of reality now has it?
Visuals were satisfying..>!=)

Audio: I loved the games sound...In Bruce Campbell's voice there are alot of witty comments, they are fun to listen to, but you may get sick of one line repeating itself. Chainsaw, shotgun blasts....They were all nice sounds chigga chigga nad boom boom and all that. Environmental sounds were mediocre, but sprecial points for Bruce and his witty remarks.. >_

Suggestions: Always have Bruce's voice in his games not some cheap sound alike schmoe...And maybe variate the looks of citizens and enemies..

Some Vehicles would be nice.

But overall great game.. No matter what others say... ;)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Outlaw Volleyball

Overall: This game was some good fun... Definitely a one of a kind volleyball game. Its not soooo replayable, but fun to try out as a rent or to borrow from a friend.
Playing it on Live could be fun, but I have not dont this due to the fact.... Well, nobody plays it, but if you found some guy on(whod probably be canadian)Id bet you enjoy playing it online. Im not so sure as to how long though.

Gameplay: Its fun to hear the funny comments from the announcer and see the player reactions, but they have limited things to say. The same things happen... ball over net ball back over net. I recommend this game for multiplayer and chilling with friends kinds thing.

Graphics: The visuals were nice. Especially Summers visuals. LoL. The game also have bigger b00bs code. Yay. No but seriously the game had presentable graphics and good detail in some places, although they could have done much better in most others.

Audio: There was something I loved about this game sounds. Custom Soundtracks. One of Xbox's possibilities that more games should start to put in use. Nothing like playing a game with mediocre sound FX while jammin' to your favorite tunes.

Suggestions: Give more variation and replay value.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: This game was a really fun game and a pretty good squad battle game, but I dont recommend it to be bought. The game has bad replay value, but I without a doubt recommend it be rented... That is if you have a rent one game get one rental free coupon...LoLz :P

Gameplay: This game was alot of fun for me on its first run..But the replay value was extremely poor. I played it not even to the finish before I decided to just let it be a DVD rack item til the end of its years.heh. Rent this game its fun to play, but maybe only under a 5-day rental.

Graphics: I loved the visuals, but they were very very dissappointing especially when they had a year or more to work up some better graphics. These people really just did not try to take it to its fullest. Im guessing they knew the game was hyped enough to sell alot so they didnt want to put alot into it.

Audio: The game didnt have very effective sounds. It ddnt have environmental sounds. Again this is just not what it should have been after waiting for soooo long..

Suggestions: Dont take forever to suprise gamers with such a poor quality of game.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This game is one of the sole reasons I got my Xbox...Ive easily played a good 100+ hours. Best FPS Ive ever played. Great story and loved the books that game out for the game. You can play its single player for hours and hours and Multiplayer NEVER gets old. In fact me and a few friends get together every so often get together play some games and we never forget the play the oh so classic Halo. Its Definitely the must buy for any one with an Xbox and Xbox is a must buy for any gamer. =)

Gameplay: You can play this game for hours and hours just exploring new parts of the single player and multiplayer maps. Testing out the different routes and strategies you can use to reach victory is also alot of fun itself..This game never gets old and is always fun to play when you're with some friends....

Graphics: Awesome graphics...Without a doubt its about one of the number one games that shows Xbox's potential for all games. This game did not take the possibilities to their full potential...But I couldnt ask for anymore from them.

Audio: Ive never heard the sounds of alien dropships, vehicles, mutants and such...But I was more than pleased with what sounds Bungie did give them...Very pleasing sounds.

Suggestions: Take this game online! Halo 2 needs to have those easter eggs and tricks too because its most of what made campaign so enjoyable to play over and over again.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: This game is more than awesome.. I loved the Campaign mode was fun and challenging to play on its hardest mode. Then the suprise of the old classic Wolfenstein 3D when you beat it on campaign. Not to mention that playing it on Live is addicting and you wont want to stop. Ive played nearly 350 hours and Im not tired of it in the least. Call me crazy but this game is the

Gameplay: The game play was awesome...Like I said I played it once and Ill play it again and again..I spent nearly 15 hours on it offlife and combine that with nearly 350 hours online..This game will keep FPS fans playing it over and over...

Graphics: The looks are fantastic...It doesn't show what xbox can pull off to its fullest, but you would be silly not to be impressed by the images it shows off.

Audio: The sound was good. It wasnt all too impressive to me and I dont know why not, because I really dont know what grenades, guns, explosions, zombies, mutants and all that sound like. :)

Suggestions: Try to prevent any possibilities of hackers and cheaters before putting more of your games online.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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