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The Punisher

Overall: Good game which borrows its character and background from the comic so not to much explanation is needed to get into the storyline. In a way this appeals to the sadistic part of us that wishes we could get revenge on the scum of the earth without all the legal mumble jumble and if you ever wanted revenge on criminals you would understand why this game gets the Mature Rating. This is a type of game you pop into your xbox when you got an hour to kill and you want immediate action. An enjoyable shooter game that feels a little like dead to rights and max payne so if you enjoyed those games you will enjoy this aswell.

Gameplay: Third person shooter that makes you not want to shoot at all but i mean that in a good blood thirsty close combat type of way. What sets this game apart from others is the amount of detail and focus that goes into how you want to kill your enemies. If all you could do was shoot it would be alot like max payne and dead to rights but what truly makes this game unique is the enjoyment you get when you get in close for the quick kills and interrogations and this is where the bulk of the the gameplay lies.
Weapons are your tools for killing, so you have an arsenal that unlocks as you progress through the game. Each weapon has its own variation set of quick kills it can perfom so killing people doesnt get too repetitive. Quick kills are peformed when you get close enough to opponents and the Punisher proceeds to do something like throw the gun in thier hands and then stab them in the face while they catch his gun (very cool and gruesome and very deserving of the M rating).
Apart from weapons you also have four different ways you can interrogate/torture victims when you want to extract information from them and can also lead to death if you please it.
There are also level specific special kill and interrogation zones you can take advantage of during the game.
The way you kill people gives you style points that you can accumulate to upgrade your weapons, unlock special content and win medals in the game. the less you get hit the more you can earn multipliers for your style points.
The AI of the enemies isnt bad but its not all that great either. they think more for themselves than they do as a group but they will take cover and fire blindly around corners if they know you are there. Occasionaly you will get a couple that will try to flank you but they lose sight of you really easily and its not to hard to sneak behind them or head shots on them.

Graphics: Great level design, each level feels and looks alot different than the rest and creates believable areas that organized crime would tend to hang out in. The only weakness is in the graphics department. Sometimes when a game focuses on making gameplay fun they tend to think that graphics are not as important. That seems to be true with The Punisher, the game really is fun but they definitly settled on the graphics. level design was great but visually it looks little different than games like dead to rights and max payne.
Cinematic cut-scenes were really good though.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 ESPN NFL 2K5

Overall: i rarely buy football games, this is probably the second one i have ever bought in my whole life. main reason i bought it was to play online. Glad to say i was not disappointed. the graphics are great, gameplay is superb both offline and online, and graphically it looks great.

this game is loaded with features you didnt even know you needed or wanted in a football game but after experiancing it you wonder how you ever lived without it. These features included customizing your own crib with unlockables from playing the game. They also give you full coaching power in how you want to train your players to give them weekly boost. defensive options are plentiful in how you want to position people to stop repetitive plays. and one of my favorite features involved playing in first-person view. It allowed you to play the game through the helmet of your player giving it a past and aggressive pace.

Gameplay: i was never a football fan but after playing this i became one. the slower pace as compared to madden allowed me to enjoy it more. the control you have with passes gives you an edge over newbies who only throw the ball randomly. same goes for defensive maneuvering and defensive match-ups. i also like how running plays arent so weak that you cant depend on your blockers to open up paths for you.

it has your expected franchise mode and it also has some kind of legend/history mode where you can relive historical moments in the NFL.

first-person mode is fun but i found it difficult to play becuase i could only do running plays with it. defensively i was lost becuase i never knew where the ball was.

customizing your crib is also fun becuase you get to decorate it however you want. HDTV's, sourround sound, posters, furniture, wall colors, rugs, collecting bobbleheads, etc...Gives you incentive to keep playing the game.
maybe the most enjoyable feature was the off-season when you had to scramble to keep your star players or realease them and find new talent. i probably spent a ton of hours researching draft prospects to find some that fit in on my team.

Graphics: the main reason why i picked this over madden was because i liked how the pace of the game was a little slower and the characters bigger and more detailed. the fans have been the best i had seen in any sports game but eventually had a repetitive feel to them.

Audio: The customizable stadium music was a great feature and one i took full advantage off. not only that, you got to unlock a ton of cool songs within the game aswell.

Suggestions: fight the powers that be and create your own football game with or without the nfl. let those creative juices start flowing!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Midway Arcade Treasures

Overall: great game to relive the good old days when you would fight with your brothers over the controller. i dont play this game often but every now and then you get an itch to play one of those oldskool games like spyhunter, paperboy, super sprint, or rampage. but for me not all the games are worthy of being reborn on the xbox so i only gave it a 3.5

games included consist of
Spyhunter, defender I and II, gauntlet, joust I and II, paperboy, rampage, Robotron, Smash TV, bubbles, roadblasters, blaster, rampart, sinistar, super sprint, marble madness, 720, Toobin, KLAX, SPLAT!, Satans hollow, vindicators, and root beer tapper.

Gameplay: i spent most of my time playing spyhunter, paperboy, and rampage because those are the same games i would beg people quarters for in order to play. the nostalgia factor is indescribable because it probably varies from person to person. the online rankings are a cool feature and its also a good game to put on when your little cousins come over your house and are not quite skilled enough to play ninja gaiden. though i will admit that even the midway arcade classics are still tough to beat.

Graphics: i would give this a five becuase it looks and feels the same as the original versions. But im not to fond of the interface where you choose the games becuase its not to user friendly and its tough to know which game is being highligthed or which symbol represents which game.

Audio: whats is there to say? except that the games are true to the original versions and use the same music and sounds effects.

Suggestions: the user interface in the beginning needs alot of work becuase little kids cant figure it out and it had me confused for a bit at first.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Need for Speed Underground

Overall: i was never a fan of racing games until i picked this game up at the platinum hits price and gave it a chance. i cant say much for the storyline but the gameplay more than made up for it.

apparently your trying to make a name for your self and some cool girl decides to take you under her wing. As you race your reputation goes up and you get to unlock new cars, parts, and vinyls that make your car visually more appealling.

Gameplay: the gameplay consist of racing and customization. i probably spent more time customizing than actually racing. which is a good thing otherwise i would not have had any incentive to finish the game.

the racing in this game is top notch. the maps are representative of the nightlife street racing. they have plenty of cool secret short cuts (which arent very secret because you can follow the cpu and they will usually take the fastest possible paths). of course those short cuts usually are a bit more dangerous and could easily make you crash if you dont take the right line. The AI of the other racers is such that they ease up when they are winning and kick it up a notch when they are losing so that you have a pretty consist race which you will most likely lose if you mess up at the end. as you progress through the game you are given chances to unlock unique parts and new vinyls, special color paints, rims, cars, etc...

there are several types of races so that it doesnt feel to repetitive: drag racing, drifting, circuit, and sprints. of these drifting is probably the hardest because it requires alot of skillful driving.

the ability to control the layering of the vinyls (up to four layers)allows you to create some hip unique cars. im still proud of some of the cars i created in there.

Graphics: not stunning but not ugly either. the slow motion cinematic scenes are pretty cool when you catch alot of air. and the ability to customize your car are basically what make this game appealing. lots of detail in the city streets and every other block doesnt look the same either.

Audio: the soundtrack they give you is decent but i would have loved to play my own custom soundtrack. they give you a mixture of rap and rock. had people like petey pablo, lil john and the eastside boys, etc... catchy at times but got old kinda quick for boo to no custom soundtrack and i gave it a 3.5

Suggestions: custom soundtracks and the ability to race for pink slips and show up your unique rides to other people.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Jade Empire

Overall: i have to say this is a well made game. the setting consist of a mixture of ancient chinese history, mythology, and martial arts. The limited edition comes with an extra disc going into the background and research involved in order to create this game.

You start off as a student of a martial art school in some remote peasant village until predetermined events take you on a rescue/revenge journey.

lots of similiarities to Bioware's own "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" like following the path of good or evil and collecting followers along the way. but in a way i was somewhat disapointed because i found KotOR to be much more enjoyable than jade empire. however this is still a very enjoyable game.

Gameplay: The parts that make the gameplay fun in a rpg like jade empire is the plot, stat-building, and the combat.

I found the storyline to be a little slow and slightly boring with a less than stellar twist ending as compared to KotOR.
I was also never drawn into the jade empire universe because they would only give you tidbits of historical relevance throughout the game.

Your character had three main attributes: Health, Chi(magic), and focus(time slowing). you gain points that allow you increase these attributes which in turn change your personality characteristics. Your personality characteristics would affect how you could best interact with the NPC's in the game by using intuition, intimidation, or charm to get what you want. I enjoyed this becuase it made it easier for me take advantage of my strengths and boost certain attributes to influence the npc's without having to guess at what motivates the npc.

a big change from KotOR is the switch from turn based combat to real time combat. Here is where jade empire got to shine. they gave you a multitude of fighting styles and made it so that you could easily switch between fighting styles while comboing your opponents. Unfortuneatly they made enemies more easy than difficult and you could pretty much pass the game with a couple of repetitive combos and using only a select few fighting styles.

Graphics: The environments were truly beautiful and detailed and i would like to say that the architecture of the buildings definetly had an ancient chinese feel to them. the detail of the environments was along the lines of Sudeki if anyone ever played that.

as for the characters they were a bit to plain and repetitive for me. a peasant who got killed in one village would appear again as a hired mercenary or villan in another village. even your own character wasnt much to look at and you didnt have the option of customizing your own clothes or changing costumes like you did in knights of the old republic. which is the reason why i only gave it a 4 instead of a 5.

one thing i did like about the characters but i didnt notice until the end is when you talk to people if you put it on a intimdation option your character snarls at npc's or if you use charm they smile at them instead.

Audio: personally, i like the sound of the game and the effects. been a while since i played it but i was never annoyed by it and some of the music definitly fit the moment (even if those moments were a bit cheesy). The voice acting was pretty good.

Suggestions: i think you needed to work on the enemy AI a bit more because the game felt too easy. Also, it did not feel that different to be open palm vs closed fist.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Midtown Madness 3

Overall: my overall opinion of this game is that it sucks. but i am speaking from teh perspective of someone who has only played the single player mode. i honestly dont like how the cars look as compared to midnight club 2 or even sega GT. the story lines is pretty lame and detached. the two levels on the other hand are very detailed and well layed out but having only two maps sucks and the scenery gets old fast. some cars look kool..but i dotn wanna dry around all over the city looking to unlock the different colors. IMO i would suggest people to stay away from this and be happy with sega GT which is a much better game. i can only imagine that sega GT online would still be more fun online than MM3.

Gameplay: having a rival who follows you everywhere gets really really old, especially when you dont like the sound of thier voice. and second the missions basically repeat themselves except they switch the cars on you. also hitting reverse on these cars goes against intuition and its a chore to memorize how to hit reverse. the controls on the car are very good though but the gameplay is too repetitive for my taste.

annother gripe i have with this game is that the system link only lets you play one car per TV. what kind of BS is that. me and my brother bought two copies just so that we could get some 4 vs 4 action but were very disapointed when the most we could get was 1 vs 1 on system link. we felt really robbed.

Graphics: all i can say is that the stages look awesome. lots of details and lots of things to do in the maps. almost to much. this would be the saving point of the game had they included more maps instead of the measly two they stuck in the game. even midnightclub 2 through in a extra city. if you like simply driving around the city doing nothing and admiring the scenery and detail then you will enjoy the maps very much. the cars on the other hand where alot less detailed and looked plain. very uninspiring.

Audio: sounds are decent i guess. my favorite thing is that it has custom soundtracks or i would be even more upset with my purchase that i already was.

Suggestions: using only 1 player per xbox on system link needs to get taken off and replaced with 4 players or at least 2 players per xbox when playing over system link. put more detail into the cars and add more maps.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

Overall: this is a very solid title. you can see from the quality of this game why it was delayed so long because perfection takes time. i started off by playing the single player campaign since i didn't have xbox live and i can say that that was very enjoyable on the hard setting. some of the flying you have to do in this game is insane. the controls are intuitive and the special moves are easy to pull off although not always usefully. and the bosses or challenges you get at the end are well done. then recently i have played the on-line portion of this game and found it to be extremely challenging and fun with 16 planes flying around shooting each other.

Gameplay: Controls are easy to learn and the plane does what you want it to without much of a hassle. it only took one of my friends a couple of minutes to figure it out. as you play the game you get the chance to unlock more planes by stealing them and taking them to your zeppelin. you also get to upgrade your planes by earning money or stealing money from missions you do and finding hard to find tokens that require expertise flying to acquire. like i said before some of the missions are really really challenging but when you finally pass them it feels like your king of the world and scares you a little at the same time from what could possibly be ahead. i also dig the futuristic mixed with the past because the evil bosses had all these new technological advantages. but the technology was also their weakness.

on xbox live i only got to play dogfight so i cant say much for the rest but from what i got to play it was very enjoyable, except that you will learn that some people are just annoyingly good at this game. i though i would be a decent challenge considering i had recently beaten the game but alas victory far from my grasp. overall the action was intense and non-stop. although i have heard some complaints that it could get old quick. but it hasn't happened to me yet.

Graphics: beautiful graphics! the planes, the stages, the water, the villains, and the cut scenes. you have to see it to believe it i guess. at first i didn't like how the planes looked because i thought they were a little to plain. but once you upgraded them they get stronger, faster, and a cool new paint job.

Audio: the voice acting in this game was great, the gunshots, and the missiles were very realistic. the music went well with the game. i have never been one to say much about sound but i can say that the sound in this game was well done.

Suggestions: you should have extended the single player campaign a little longer or maybe provide a couple of downloadable missions. i found myself wanting a little more.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Awesome game worth every penny. The graphics are beautiful and cinematic feel to it is there. the story unfolds very nicely and you feel like its truly your life being played due to the freedom of choice in the game. you are given lots of freedom in everything you do from picking the appearance of your character to the way he/she behaves in the game. Every choice you make contributes to your light or dark side. If you want to be an evil yet sexy villain you can, or maybe your the goody to shoes type of person then you can help people in need. What makes this game a must have is that not only is the game play itself awesome but once you beat the game you can start over and check to see if the grass really is greener on the other side. IMO the dark side is the way to go. >=)

Gameplay: here is where the game shines. I feel that it borrowed the side quests idea from morrowind but in KOTOR they do it in a way where you don't diverge so much that you get lost from the main plot of the game. You begin by picking the look of your character. after that your thrown in the middle of the game very similarly to halo on a falling star ship and you have to make it off. after that that the game story line flows from there. you will be given the opportunity to pick and choose to do what you want however you want to. and you well get plenty of character interaction from the NPC's most being very unique. Along the way you will also get the opportunity to recruit new people to your gang. in the beginning your limited to swords and guns but when you become a Jedi you will be able to use a light saber and very kool force powers. A strong point of this game is that most things are customizable to fit your needs. guns, armor, clothing, accessories, swords, and light sabers can be customized from everything from picking a color to what kind of damage you want inflict or protect yourself from. You will soon find out that you will need to stragetize before fighting certain opponents and the way you customize your team will have alto to do with the outcome of the encounters. definitely a must buy game.

Graphics: visually its very pleasing to the eye. my favorite part is the light saber fights with sparks flying all over the place. the maps of the game are a bit disappointing though, every world seems so repetitive within itself and requires alto of loading when going from one room to another.

Audio: sound was great they basically used alto of the classic star wars songs. the light saber sounds are very realistic, i couldn't get enough of the light saber sounds that i kept pulling it in and out just to hear the sound when you turn it on. you could also hear the "swoosh" when fighting and the collisions. all the other weapons were very similar. i also like how all the alien species spoke in their own tongues and made me laugh alto. overall the sounds and music went really well with the game.

Suggestions: work on the maps and add more creatures to slay. and maybe make it so that once you do something crazy that a member of you squad doesn't like they will turn on you.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: what can i say, i was one of the people deceived by the hype and bought it without waiting for reviews. For that i thank brute force becuase they taught me a valuable lesson about wasting my money on hype. With that said i will try to remain unbiased in my review but i will tell you this even though i tried to force myself to like this game for the money i threw away i found myself quiting this game after like the fourth level becuase its just to repetive. the best part of this game is the multiplayer but the game is just not that good so not many people bought it which means no one to play system link with. what ever happened to live? great job microsoft you hype of live but take it away from the games that really needed it.

Gameplay: the unique characteristic about brute force is that you get to control a team of four. Each character playing pretty much the same way except some are allowed to use weapons others cant, some can take more damage than others aswell, and each has his own special unique ability. in the end i found myself playing with hawk and flint most of the time which is basically sniping and invisibly killing my opponents. Some people would prefer running and gunning with brutus and tex. At times i would have to plan a small stragety but nothing to extravagant. the game started off pretty slow in my opinion and the story line sucked. it was basically some army commander telling you to go here and kill people. Even after that i kept hope alive and tried giving the online multiplayer a chance to see if that would make up for it. Had it been live enabled maybe it would have been a saving grace but it didnt so i had to try and find people who had brute force. Population me D: luckily people on were playing it to. but people were so far away from me that it was too laggy. i then tried to get my little bros to play with me on co-op mode but found myself yelling at them becuase they werent following my stragety. if the price drops below 20 i might get a second copy just to try out the system link with my brothers but i dont expect much.

Graphics: seeing as how games like splinter cell came out before this and have superior graphics and gameplay i see no reason why brute force should have sub par grahpics even to halo. and supposedly this was a halo killer? i think not. maps were very ugly and uninspired. becuase they took a step backwards in graphics i gave it a sub 3 score.

Audio: what sound? its bascially random saying from the characters and the sound of your guns firing. not good at all.

Suggestions: i dont wanna be rude but did you play your game first before selling it to the masses as a halo killer? next time include live and work on the story line. make the worlds alot bigger and with more than one route to the goal with traps and better AI and maybe even some friendlys to help your team out against overwhemly odds where you are forced to use stragety.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: im not much of a fighter type game but this game did catch my attention from all the trailors i saw for it. The graphics are beautiful, i mean the amount of detail they put into the landscapes rooms is good eye candy, not to mention how cool the ninja's and the ladies look. My favorite part is the fluidity of the fights which extremely surprised me. good game to pick up every now and then when friends are over and you want everyone to get a shot to play :P

Gameplay: my one problem with fighting games is that there is never any replay value for me. same problem with this one aswell. theres arcade mode, story mode, training mode.etc etc. but they all end up being the same thing which is just having one fight after another. also the difficulty of this game left alot to be desired. even my 12 year old brother beat it after a day or two. I did enjoy it for a while becuase i have alot of friends that come over and four brothers to play this with but after a while the hype ends and so does this game.

Graphics: like i said the graphics of this game are some of the best i have ever seen in any fighting games. lots of nice costumes to download from one of the exhibitions disk. and the alot of the scenes you can interact with stuff like crash through windows splash water around here and there, mainly little things that get noticed when your playing. you can tell the people who made this game payed alot of attention to detail.

Audio: sound is decent. what i like is the sounds you hear when your fighting. you can literally hear and almost feel the swoosh of a round house kick. the in game fighting music thought isnt all that great but not that bad either.

Suggestions: give it a more cinematic feel to it. putting english subtitles on the screen for two or three sentences worth before a fight doesnt really count as a story line in my book. maybe putting a couple of thugs in a board before you actually get to your opponent might make it a little better ala Kill bill style :P

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Shenmue 2

Overall: Shenmue II, the story of a kid who sees his dad get killed by a guy name Lan Di then goes on a mission to avenge his father. Out of all the games i have ever played in my life this is the most cinematic. The plot develops and you see Ryo Hazuki grow and learn from the people he meets and learns things about himself in spiritual, mental, and physical ways. For a linear RPG game this one certainly gives you alot to do.

Gameplay: I was surprised by the amounts of secrets in this game, lots of toys to collect, hidden moves that could only be bought or taught by certain people. Also the deepness of your relationship with certain people changed depending on the actions of your character. my brother ended up having a pretty deep friendship with some girl in the game while when i played it we never even got to a first name basis. just trying to uncover all the hidden cut scenes will have you playing this game more than once. but if thats not enough for you theres also alot of mini-games to play like gambling, working, chase scenes. There are also hidden old-school arcade games from genesis that can be played by Ryu. Lots of real time fighting with almost an unlimited amounts of moves that each take time to master which used the virtual fighters engine. although once you beat htis game for teh second time your pretty much gonna be done with it. but twice is good enough for most people.

Graphics: the graphics in this game are decent. but its not the graphics that count so much its the way that the game feels and looks thats important. and in Shenmue II you definitly get that. the cities in this game are very detailed and massive to give alot of room for exploring. Just be careful thought if you wasting too much time admiring the city becuase there is a time limit in this game.

Audio: the music in this game always builds the right mood and has a consitency to it. although i dont pay much attention to sound in games this one didnt have anythign that particularly caught my attention. Which could be a good or bad thing depending on how you wanna look at it.

Suggestions: im pretty sure a part 3 will be developed eventually because this game left off on a "to be continued mode" in that game i hope that it becomes less linear and gives us more room to explore.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Deathrow

Overall: excellent game. one of the top games in my xbox collection. fun gameplay, lots of replay value, funny and individualistic teams, and a riot when friends are over.

Gameplay: very straigthfoward storyline in the game. you pick a team and along the way you earn cash and advance up the ladder. the higher the ladder you go, you will earn chances to recruit players to your team and take on challengers that want a make a name for themselves at your expense. lots of replay value becuase each team has its own ending with unique fighting moves and personalities. plenty of unlockables too. definitly a game i would recommend to anyone mature enough to handle the cuss words in it :P

Graphics: graphics are so-so. nothing you havent seen before or will make your jaw drop but there is consistency and lots of maps to play in.

Audio: the sound in this game is okay. but if you are like me and arent impressed. you can simply change the music to fit your needs and style with the custom soundtracks.

Suggestions: please make a part2 with uber leet graphics and maybe a couple of stages in the street. a crowd of spectators would also be nice.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: IMHO i believe this is the greatest game i have ever played in my life. worth every single penny and then some. i cant count the number of hours i have put into this game or even the number of sleepless nights till the sun came up. OPEN-ended RPG is teh way to go. the world is so detailed. I beat it once and the replay value is so high i started over again with a whole new character following a whole new story line. AND I STILL HAVENT COVERED the whole map or found every cave. To much to cover. TO much of a game for a single person. even with the second game around im considering buying the huge 200+ page stragety guide so that i can start a new game and complete quest faster. I cant imagine an rpg fan who wont enjoy this. the only people who dont give this game its proper respect are the ones that dont like rpg's in the first place or they just cant figure out what to do with the freedom they have been given in this game.

Gameplay: the gameplay is superb. so much to do, so little time. you can follow the story line (unless you cant read and get lost) or you can forget it and do what your heart desires. be a good guy, be a bad guy, be a warrior, be a magician, a humanoid, a beast, the list goes on and on. REPLAY value is seems limitless.

Graphics: the graphics are incredible. everything is so fluid. nature is as it should be. i literally stopped sometimes from playing my game just to admire the water, the plants, the beautiful sky and the moons. the details of the clothes and character are also very good.

Audio: the music in this game is awesome. they hired a proffesional composer to make the music for this game. it gives it a very renaissance feel to it which i like. also the thunderstorms and lighting bolts are so realistic it had me checking my window a couple of times to see if it really was raining..(i couldnt tell becuase it was rainy season and it sounded almost exactly the same). the only annoying and repetitive sound was that of my character jumping over and over again. which annoyed my neighbors more than it annoyed me. and the only reason why i didnt give it a five for sound.

Suggestions: keepem coming dont let the GOTY edition be your last game for the xbox. i want to move on to the world of the khajit now.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: its a well rounded game. my favorite part of this game is being able to play my own music. the replay value is very good since theres always lots to do.

Gameplay: the gameplay gets some what tiresome becuase you see alot of teh same stages over and over again. except they start you on different parts of the mountain. I will give the replay value a 4 though becuase theres alot to do like finding the snowmen, getting the highcores on the stage, and trying to get more sponsors.

the crontrols are pretty good. sometimes its hard to stick a landing which is the major annoying part of this game. but still good gameplay

Graphics: graphics are okay. very repetitive scenery though. the player isnt detailed enough in my opinion and if you ask me the snow couold always look a little more yellow if you know what i mean.

Audio: the music in this game is actually pretty decent. but the fact that you can stick your favorite cd into xbox makes the sound a 5

Suggestions: needed alot of work on the multiplayer part. taking turns down the hill isnt my idea of multiplayer.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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Starfield Release expectations?
Post by DJ tx
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Issue with Xbox live on Xbox home
Post by rcmpayne
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