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True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

Overall: I'm not sure if it was the fact that Grand Theft Auto wasn't avaliable for the xbox, or the fact that I was promised a completly true recreation of LA that made me so giddy for this game, whatever it was, I was excited, for good reason. The game is great, and was most definitly worth the wait, no matter what everyone says, this kicks the crap out of any prenotion I have had about gta.

Gameplay: True Crime is like 3 games in one, its a mix of fighting, shooting, and driving. All which are executing well, and are played out well. The shooting (even with auto aim)is pulled off easy, the physics and driving are fun and easy, and teh fighing, while slow is still fun, and pretty in depth.

Graphics: There are a few clipping issues here, but other than that, the game looks decent. It is by no means beautiful, or hell, it doesnt even come close to most of the xbox games today, but it looks nice, and the cars look great.

Audio: From the intro by christopher walkin, to the catch phrases by Nick Kang, the games sound is humours, and the music (while mostly rap) isn't half bad. You also have the choice for custom soundtrack.

Suggestions: Not much, fix the graphics, make the fighting better, and your good to go!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: Well, I had previously played SSX tricky and was looking for a game similar but not the same. So I picked this up, and hearing rants and raves about its greatness, I was fairly excited. Well I unpacked the game, put it in my xbox, and picked up the controller. I set up my soundtrack and my player (which was painstaiking) and got on the mountain. Well it certianly was a dissapointment, a good game gone bad is this case. With some uniuqe elements, I would have expected much more.

Gameplay: Well this is a mix of uniuqe elements, and some poorly laid out elements. One of the most uniuqed elements of the game is the whole "media" thing. It is a uniuqe twist, but IMHO it doesnt save the game. I wanted a much more fast paced racing game, but instead I found myself restarting more than playing.

Graphics: This is no doubt, a good category for the game. The visuals are very nice. From the snow, to the wrinkles in the shirts, they are pretty nice.

Audio: The music in the game is nice, whetehr you use your own music or use the ones in the game, its pretty impressive.

Suggestions: How about making it a bit easier.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: Starting the stream of to-be-excellent Xbox/Xbox Live games, is the overyly hyped Return To Castle Wolfenstein. But that hype (and the wait) were well worth, because the final product is awesome. It's beautiful, fun, exciting, and sounds great. Not to mention the live elements add a certian "greatness" to the game.

Gameplay: The controls during the game are simple, and play out like every other first person shooter on the xbox.
There are also a lot of hidden areas, giving you ammo, health, or treasures. Each level is long, so you wont beat it easy. The gameplay is great.

Graphics: Even though the game is a year old, the graphics still hold very strong, there are wonderful lighting effects and the character models/animations are fluent and good looking.

Audio: The music sets the mood, the voice acting is supreme, only if there was the feature of the custom soundtrack.

Suggestions: its great, how but a number 2?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Simpsons: Hit and Run

Well it seems everyone is doing something or another thats been seen in a game before. Well this time, The Simpsons are taking on Grand Theft Auto. While it isnt the greatest game in the world, it sure as hell is a fun game, and sets a new standard for the Simpsons Video Game franchise.

Simpsons Hit and Run is a take on the popular grand theft auto series, except all violence (aside from being able to kick your neighbors) has been eliminated, and replaced with humor. In Hit and Run, you follow various missions based on a story written by the writers of the simpsons. Most of the missions, like escorting, chasing and destroying, and finding people. It is all basically the same, but destroying different things and whatnot. The car physics are crazy, and are a lot of fun. There are many cars to choose from, between different, trucks, and suvs, and sedans. You can use anyones car, and you can do anything you want, its the complete simpsons world!

While the game is no visual masterpiece, it recreates the town of spring field perfectly. There are some nice lighting effects, character movements, and it looks nice. The characters are a bit blocky, but its all passable.

With original simposns music, and the whole cast lending thier voices to the game, there really isnt anything wrong with the sound!

Suggestions: Maybe some more mission types, but otherwise, its a good simpsons game for any fan!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: Ubisoft once again, brings us a game that makes everyone happy. Rainbow Six 3 is a crossbreed of splinter cell, ghost recon, and counter strike. The game is great, looks nice, and is a hell of a lot of fun online.

Gameplay: Stealth, shooting, and action are the basis of Rainbow Six 3 for the Xbox. All of this is built into one solid gaming package. You can use the lighting and everything around you to cover and fire, its truly amazing. Thats just in the single player though, once you put your head set on and head into a freinds game on xbox live, this is where you fall in love. Its so much fun to play against your friends in a team survival match, and with all the guns and aresenal, you'll be having fun for quite a while!

Graphics: Using the same graphics engine as splinter cell, of course the game is going to look good. There are some awesome textures, lighting effects, and character models that will leave you in awe for quite a while!

Audio: Through your headset, you can hear wonderfully crafted voice of your ai in single player, the orchestrated music is wonderful, and the loud startling gernade effects rock!

Suggestions: NOTHING! I LOVE IT!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Quantum Redshift

Overall: I have played all of the racing games from project gotham racing to motogp. Including some of the best I have ever played like Ralisport Challenge. But never have I experienced speed, graphics, and controls like that of Quantum Redshift. This game is uniuqe and very appealing. Though not popular, and some reviews rant on about how bad the game is this review is about how great this game is.

I got this game for christmas from my brother. It was a steal, only 25 bucks so that is why I am urging all racing fans to pick up this game. It is alot of fun, and though there is no live support the multiplayer is really cool.

Gameplay: The controls in this game are similar to most xbox racing games so you will easily pick up on them so there is really no need to discuss that.

The gameplay is different than any other racer I have seen. You can use different strategies to get past you opponents. Wether it be speeding up alot (I mean to like 300 mph), shoot at them, or use alot of boost. This is what makes the game so great. There are so many different things you can do it it. This is what seperates this game from any other racer.

The multiplayer is simple, race against your partner to beat him. Very simple yet extremely fun. Hopefully there will be a QR2 with live support.

Graphics: One word sums up QR graphics. WOW. You will be amazed. The textures, though bland at times are very well done. The ships, cutscenes, and people look very cool and best of all is the water effects. They look as realistic as you can get. Even when you up in the 500 mph area everything still looks superb.

Audio: The engine sounds and water sounds are all great. The music is good but the best thing of all is the ability to use custom soundtrack. So this category gets a 5!

Suggestions: XBOX LIVE

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Toejam and Earl 3: Mission To Earth

Why some of you are thinking, "Why did he give this a perfect score?". I was going to give it a 4, because of nemerous flaws. Well every game has its flaws, but only some games have flaws that take away the fun factor of the game. TJ&E has many things that make up for the flaws and make the game really enjoyable. This game is not for all though. If you are one of those gamers who love shooters and dont ever stray away well this game is not for you. If you enjoy a good laugh in your game then you should check this out.

Well this game isnt your normal platforming game. It has the normal platforming elements but adds a little hip-hop and funk into the mix. This game is alot of fun to play and is very easy to learn. Many things feel they shouldnt be there and are at times annoying but that is over looked.

The visuals are worth a wow. First off the randomly generated levels thing is a sweet Idea. But add a little flavor and awsome graphics it all tumbles together for a big awe. Now the character modles are not chunky and are nice and smooth. The textures are nice and bump mapping seems visible. Overall the graphics are nice.

The sound is good. The music gets really annoying. But other than that the characters have uniuqe and nice voices and dont really bug me.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

A Splinter Cell,one of the chosen who has the right to murder, spy, and do whatever it takes to keep the country safe. In this game you are a Splinter Cell, and you have the Fifth Freedom.
Well this game hasnt really caught my eye up until the last couple of weeks. It looked like a blow off on Metal Gear Solid, but as I looked into the game more there was a thick line of differences. So I decided to rent this game and give it a try, well I tried it and was absolutly amazed. Even if the gameplay had sucked (which it doesnt) I would have still gotten the game for the gadgets and the graphics.
Splinter Cell exceeds in the 3 G's (Graphics, Gameplay, Gadgets) and you can easily tell how much work Ubisoft has put into this game. There are very few minor problems, if any that can easily be over looked. This game has opened the doors of stealth to me and I will make sure to get MGS:S for christmas, because I love stealth too much now. So I suggest you get this game, stealth fan or not because there is no way you can possibly be disappointed.

WOW, now this is where the game truly shimmers with gleem. There are many ways of solving objectives, whether it be killing the gaurd or sneaking past him either way you get there. This adds a level of excitment to the game as does the gadgets. There are many gadgets to help you complete levels and they are really fun to use to. The only problem I have found is being stealth all the time. You only get about 30 bullets in your gun and after that your screwed. So the gun has to be your last resort. I found a problem with this because I am a true rn and kill type of person. But this game has opened new doors to me and quite frankly I like stealth the best now. Not that it can be used in games like unreal championship but it is still a heck of alot of fun.
One of the best features in this game is the simple, interact options. You can interact with anything to get awnsers, like people to get pass codes, or cans to throw at your enemies.

So all I can say to sum this up is you have to experience this game to truly feel its greatness.

The best graphics in any game ever belongs to.....SPLINTER CELL!!!
Seriously the graphics are great. The volumetric fog and smoke is done in great detail. I am also very impressed with the lighting effects in this game, though sometimes they focused too much on it but it is very very well done. The only complaint in this section is at times, Sam's goggles look really pixelated but otherwise it looks very nice. The character modles are great, and look as realistic as can be. There mouths actually move to the words, and they graphics are JUST PLAIN AWSOME!!!

Does it get any better? YES!
The soundtrack, I must say is awsome. Im not a fan of the crystal meth (the band) but their music really fits the game, especially in the opening CG. The music fits the game perfectly. The background music and sounds are also very well done. I love the sound of the silenced pistol, it sound very realistic. While walking through different textures different sounds will come of it, which at times affects if your going to get caught or not. Very very cool. The sound is awsome, nothing wrong in this category!

Suggestions: A little more levels could have helped but since you are giving us hopefully FREE downloads then everything is ok!!! Ubisoft, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Some of us may not have this but I got the first copy at my EB. I have been playing this game since I got home and decided to let ya guys know what I think of it.

I have been waiting for this game for months now, and I finally have it in my hands. And let me tell you, It is what I expected and more. This game is a very good game for people that like shooters or not. It is fun and addicting, what could you not like about it?

This game is pretty much, run, shoot, kill. And whats wrong with that? Nothing, and UC proves that. This game is a blend of Halo and Timeplitters and give us the Ultimate FPS. If this game isnt game of the year then I dont know what is!

The controls in this game are almost a replica of that in halo. The only differece is that the left trigger fires the secondary weapon.

Speaking of weapons, there are very many weapons. And most of them are awsome. My faviorte is the one where you can shoot and use it as like a "portal" and look around wherer you shot. Very good in CTF.

Some may think this game is all for multiplayer. Well I have to say it is. Even the single player resembles that of Multiplayer. You get a team and play with them. The single player is not lacking at all. The level design and the game concept and everything is good about this game.
And some were mad about vehicles..there is no place to drive anyways!

This game is visualy outstanding! The graphics are top notch and the best seen on the xbox yet. The frame rate has been bumped up since the demo and the game is really fast. The level detail is amazing, they spent so much time and effort into every aspect of the graphics.

The sound is great. Especially the explosions and gun shots. The music is great and fits the game. I heard you can use the custom soundtrack. I want to figure out how, but the music is good for now.


Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MechAssault

Well, at first this game was not on my wanted list. And quite frankly after seeing some videos that had not changed. And I dont know why but in the past month or so this game has really been creeping up behind me and I have just been getting more and more excited for it. I have never been a mech fan, I have been disappointed too many times with them, but MechAssault has opened up the Mech doors for me once again.
This game looked as if it was going to have an awsome multiplayer, which it does. Even though I havent had a chance to play on live yet the multiplayer is awsome. And the single player, that has to be the greatest part of the game. So overall this game is great, and probally the best game I have played for a while. And I have to say it is the most fun game I have played, EVER!!

Aside from the great multiplayer there is an unmatchable single player mode. Actually, some may not know there are 2 single player modes. There is the Campaign mode and the ability to play 1 player under multiplayer mode. How does this work you ask. Well there are bots in this game and when you are playing 1 player under a multiplayer game, say Grinder, the bots automatically come into play.


The campaign mode is by far the best mode of the game, imo. I was disappointed at first, because it looked a little too much like gunmetal, which was extremely horrible. But after playing through the first mission or 2 I noticed I was wrong. The missions were challenging but not too hard you would give up. And doing it over and over just made the game more and more fun.


There are so many features in this game. By far the coolest feature is the "destroy anything to get anything" feature. In this game you have to destroy buildings and other things to accomplish a mission and to heal yourself or pick up ammo. That isnt the only thing you get out of destroying things. You can also use that as an advantage. Sometimes mechs are ontop of a building or next to one, and if you shoot it down it may tumble on the mech, so you dont have to destroy it. Or if a sniper is on the top of a building all you have to do is walk into it and it falls, resulting in the dead sniper. It may not seem strategic but you will need to do this to beat the game.


The control system is very easy and very simalar. If you have played halo then you will have no problem with this control system. Almost exactly alike.

If there is a flaw in the game, then it is the graphics. But not enough flaws to take off a .5. The graphics are very well done and the explosions are OUTSTANDING!!!The graphics are superb, the only flaw is at times the camera angles, mostly while you are in the water. But other than that the visuals are outstanding. The mechs look beautiful and realistic. One thing I dont like is the blood. It doesnt look real but there isnt too much of that. The cut scenes are great, and tehre are alot of them. This is one of the most eye pleasing games up to date.

The sound in this game is very very good. The soundtrack never gets annoying as I am one for rock. I love the sound of the bones crushing when you stomp on an infaltry member. The explosions sound awsome. My suggestion to you is to put up the sound as loud as you can because this is one of those games where you have to. The guns and screams and stomps sound great. This game is very very loud and migh end up in an angry neighbor..but who really cares. So over all, no flaws in the sound area.

Suggestions: There isnt much more you can add to this game. Maybe being able to customize the mech. But otherwise keep up the good work, I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver

Well, I had been waiting for this game since I had sadly played Stuntman. And I have to say I am very little dissapointed. Though this game is great there is much left to be desired. More freedom would be a plus along with difficulty settings:)!

The gameplay is simply stunning. You get more freedom in stuntman and can find different ways to finish the obstacles. And unlike stuntman you can go back and do your stunts. This game is very difficult..sometimes to an extent where you toss your controller and turn off the xbox. But it is still a fun and intreguing game. The controls are very basic and easy to learn. The single player is a blast and the multiplayer is even better. You can play tag or just race...the game is great. Another cool thing is this game took advantage of the new XDK (xbox developers kit) which is a kit full of specially designed xbox elements that take advantage of everything the xbox has. This is a cool thing..

For the type of game it is the graphics are stunning. The most stunning part has to be the explosions. They are simply superb..they look real life like and just awsome. The videos after a mission is completed has awsome graphics and intresting camera angles to make the game seem so real.

The explosions play a big part in the game and they sound very very realistic. Everything else is top notch such as engines, crashing ect. Another cool feature is the custom soundtrack feature. Just set it up and you can be jammin to the phantom of the opera while exploding and shooting cars..heheh

Suggestions: I would suggest difficulty settings and have more freedom for us..

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

When my friend told me to get this game I was a little bit skeptical. I am not an RPG fan, but I think this game has changed my gaming life forever. I love this game, everything about it is perfect. I havent seen any flaws yet..this game is great!

This game is the most open ended game ever. You can do anything you could possibly ever want to do. That is what makes it so great. If you want to kill a civilan..go ahead. This game is like a 2nd life, you learn and grow up throughout the game. You customize your character than your on your way. This game is so great!

The look of this game is great. The textures and outdoor and indoors look so real. Your character (whoever it may be) looks so cool. I like the unreal type characters.

The sound in this game fits the game atmosphere perfectly. It is so may not have custom soundtrack but I found myself whistling the tunes in class.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Terminator: Dawn of Fate

I had been waiting for this game forever, the screens looked promising too. So I knew this game was going to be a good buy. Little did I know it wasnt. I played it and hated it but i kept playing because it was a fps and terminator.

This game is possible the worst fps I have ever played. Even worse than turok:evo. The controls are good but the concept of the game really sucks...

The graphics are just not up to par with todays xbox graphics. The graphics and visuals are boxy..and look a little to unrealistic

Wow...the sound is great..the hard metal sounds and music add to the little to nothing game..the only aspect i like!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

I had just finished playing 2x, very impressed. But when I rented this game I was very dissapointed. I dont know if it is because I had just beaten 2x or the game just stinks. I think it is the game is the same !&%$@#* , new place.

This game has great gameplay. The controls are easy and you get used to them in a snap. I am impressed with some of the levels and unlockables but some of this stuff is just stupid. Who needs to skate as darth maul?

The graphics are the greatest aspects in this game. The levels and characters look realistic. The decks, wheels, and everyothe graphical aspect is great

This sound is great, good music to start with and the custom soundtracks feature is a great bonus!.

Suggestions: Add something New

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 The Thing

This game is a great game..but not what I expected. I was hopeing it would be a little more exciting.
But otherwise this game is awsome!

The best part of this game is the Trust/Fear factor. It is awsome to see how your squad progressess. But other than that this game is nothing peachy. The gameplay is easy.controls easy. but the agrivation level is jut too annoying

The graphics in this game are not xbox capable. they could have done so much better witht the graphics.

The sound is fine..the explosions, monsters, and gunshot sounds are awsome.! And the soundtrack rocks..with saliva.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Turok: Evolution

Now let me just say, I am not a big Turok fan..I hated the previous. So in now way am I a fan boy for this game. But this game has shown great improvement from the previous games, and I love it. It includes an awsome multiplayer, not halo..but cooler guns than halo. And a stunning 1 player game.

This game is the best out of all the Turoks so far I believe. The whole secondary gun is awsome. I love the arsenal..very very cool. The game isnt too hard, but not too easy. I like that, plus the multiplayer is just awsome. I would have liked systemlink but o well.

The graphics arent top notch xbox graphics but they are pretty good. The can get a bit choppy at times but they are good otherwise.

The sound is great, sounds like dinosaurs, guns and explosions..pretty cool. I would like to listen to my own music tho.


Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

This game is great..It has every thing Payne gave us with a little bit more here, and then there. It is just superb. There is a limited arsenal of weapons, but enough and the weapons develop over time. Shadow is a great add in to the game, as well as the Adreneline (i.e. Bullet Time) which is great for dodging bullets. Disarming is a delight as well as the human body gaurd.

Lets start with the controls, the controls are very easy..I like them, so simple and easy to learn. They are not halo, but easy to learn. Shadow is fun, he kills instantly and a good way to get through obstacales. Disarming and Human shield are easy and fun to use. Sure people say this game is a max-payne-wannabee. but it is not, there is so much more in this game than in max payne.
I would have liked a multi player like in Syphon Filter..that would have been cool.

The visuals are fantatstic. The explonsions are awsome and look so real. I like the dogs look and Jack isnt flat faced like Max in Max Payne.

Sound is great..but you cant add much to a game like this except guns and explosions. The sound is good.

Suggestions: syphon filter

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: Wow...this game is awsome. It takes skating to the extreme. What other game can you grind rails for 2 min. straight? Seriously, this game is awsome. It has everything- adventure, skating, vandalism, cops, cool villians, and a sweet soundtrack. This game is one of the best titles for the xbox.

Gameplay: The controls for this game are sweet and simple. That is the best thing in this game. So easy to play. The story line for the game is rich..and full of fun. The characters are all pretty much the same but all have thier own style...with more to unlock. My faviorte is corn. Everything about this game is fun. It mixes an adventuros plot with exteme sports and stylish characters. Its awsome!

Graphics: Cel Shading was the way to go with this game. It just give it this touch that no other game has. It is simply irrisistable. I love it. The graphics are rich and colorful. It is so great!

Audio: The soundtrack is great but it can get a bit annoying at times. I wish they had added the sountrack feature!

Suggestions: This game is the best...just add the soundtrack feature

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2003

This game is good..but not as good as it should be. I finnally got my hands on this game at the blockbuster. After playing Madden 2002 I was hyped for this game. But I am very dissapointed. It is too much of the last one and too little new. So this game is just way too much the same.

As I have stated..if you got the last one you dont need this one. The controls, players, teams are all pretty much the same. There really isnt anything new..the graphics are top notch but as for gameplay...its all the same

Graphics are good. I love the graphics..they are so realistic. But as I learned from the EB guy...they do you fancy camera tricks into making you believe something is going on..that just upsets me and I dont know why.

Sounds like a football game. What else can I say...crowds, and smashing bodies. Superb sound all the way.

Suggestions: Make it different

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy this isnt the greatest game for the xbox. But it is Microsofts awnser to the beloved Mario Party. And what a party this game is. The graphics are not great but superb for its type of game. But if you want graphics..this isnt your game. But if you want a rowdy 4 player game that anyone can is your game..and only $40

This game is simple to get a hold of. There are 40+ mini games in many different levels for you and your friends to encounter. The controls for most mini games are easy, and simple. This game is fun and has awsome replay value because it has great multi halo. Now the 1 player mode isnt that great..gets boring but is fun. It is actually challenging. But this game is clearly for multiplayer.

So these graphics arent doa or halo graphics but they are superb for the type of game this is. And this game isnt really meant for graphics. Like someone said earlier..if you sit to look at graphics you will end up in last place. But these graphics are fitting for the game.

The sound is great. With the custom soundtrack feature you cant go wrong. The annoucer can get annoying but that is no flaw to bring this down 5 points.

Suggestions: The sequel should be better but make it 1rst person.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Well this game is nothing below superb. Everything about it is appealing, even if you despise racing games. From the graphics to the skid marks to the real radio stations, you won't be dissapointed.
Multiplayer helps too.

Let's start with the controls. As simple as all racing games. Right trigger accelerates, left brakes, blatiblatibla. If you are not fimilar with the Kudos Point System, it is a very easy concept. You get kudos for slides, brakes, 360's, and just having style. This is the basis of the game, you also get them if you come in 3rd, 2nd, and 1rst place in races. Another cool thing is being able to unlock things. Most racing games have these but we get 20+ cars, tracks and other things to unlock. The cars are all cool looking from spyders to bmw's. Each car has thier own ups and dows from handeling to acceleration. This game exceeds the standards and raises the standards of racing games.
**Also Includes An Awsome Multiplayer**

This game is by far the most graphically appealing game to hit the xbox. This game is stunning, breathtaking and amazing to the eyes. The one thing that amazes me the most about this game is that it actually does damage. So sliding into a building going 95 mph will do much more than chip a little paint unlike other games(test drive)which is one thing that every gamer like. The racing even has great graphics, buildings are beautiful, lumonous lights shine up the city, unless you busted your lights by hitting a guard rail.

You cant go wrong with your sound. With the ability to make you own "virtual cd" or listen to a real dj spinning real songs on a real radio station, you really cant go wrong. The cars make varoom sounds, which sound real. Your crashes sound real, shattering glass to chipping can hear it all

Suggestions: Not too much..its a perfect 5. New cars, citys, and a system link multiplayer.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Gun Metal

This game is a sweet game. It has everything, good music choice, graphics, and game play. Tell me, what other game can you transform from a 30 ft. machine to a plane. The concept is great, along with everything else.

This game is fun, with a push of a button you can instantly turn into a plane. It is awsome. And the controls are easy...The left trigger launches rockets and the right trigger shoots you fast-action weapons. There is a great selection of weapons, my faviorte is the torpedos. A switches its pretty easy! The jet is very menuverable, doing barrel rolls is awsome. The game is challenging so It will last a while.

The visual appeal is very very appealing to the eye. Bueatiful visuals...perfect for me. It is just as good as halo's graphics maybe even better. It is pretty cool, you can shoot a tree with a torpedo and it will catch on fire, eventually catching the whole forest on fire. It is umm...really "real"

Well this sound is awsome. You can use your own personal soundtrack. It is cool and the FX is awsome. They sound real, like a jet flying and a mech walking.

Suggestions: Nothing except a system link multiplayer

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Sure, this game is fun and a great substitute for Resident Evil for us Xboxers...but it isn't all I expected. My biggest problem is the camera angles and how far away from your character you are. But other than that this game #%*^@) rocks. The music is awsome and running around slashing ugly, hideous characters is all the rage.

This game really has no strategy..which is good for me. I perfer to be a button masher than a..person who uses strategy. Now, my complaints. I do not like the camera angles. You cant look behind you and sometimes I need to, it is just an urge. And how far away you are from your character is just annoying. And with the Co-Op it gets annoying that you have to wait. Now down to the good stuff...this gameplay is awsome, and there is such a good choice of weapons and the amount of makes me

Great, one word explains this catagory. Except...let me zoom in more. The characters look cool, as do the monsters. I have never been so scared to look at one of the zombies up close (happens rarely)! These visuals...are awsome!

The rockin music is perfect for the game.! That is all i can say...its just perfect! You couldnt have gotten a better soundtrack!

Suggestions: In the next one make a split screen co op like in halo...add soundtrack support..make a better zoom!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: Everything in this game is amazing. The sound, gameplay, music, and above Everything in this game is amazing. It is worth every penny, maybe even more.

Gameplay: Button Masher, a bad thing to some people..but to me, it is endless hours of fun. This game may be a button masher but after an hour or so of the game you will notice.."O this button throws, this kicks, this is a punch combo. After that graces your game you learn awsome combo's and moves. So sure, at first it may be a button masher but you WILL get the hang of it.

Graphics: This is one game that really shows us the power of our beloved "black box"! From the menu, to the levels, to the fighting all the way up to the carrer mode movies. It is amazing how the developers can take advantage of the XBox during the fighting and the cinematics. This game is the best tasting eye candy I have ever seen.

Audio: The sound in this game is good..for a while. It would help to have the soundtrack option so I could be listening to a bit of The Lostprophets while kicking Bayman's A$$ but the music is fine.

Suggestions: I think the soundtrack support would be an awsome idea..keep the DOA series on the box...I just cannot wait for DOAXV to come out. Keep up the great work!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 RedCard Soccer 20-03

Graphics rock, the Matrix style moves are getting old, and its a soccer game. It was worth its money till we beat it. The two player games really sucked. There wasn't too much to it. But over all the game isn't too bad.

The game play is pretty basic. I mean how in depth can you get about gameplay in a soccer game. The controls are awsome, you will wish to have them no other way. The 2 player game is fun for a while but there isn't too much to it. I really felt the need to take breaks so I dont get bored. The game over all was o.k but definitly not worth a 5.

Graphics were awsome, sick, tight, mad, wicked! Whatever you want to call it, it was good. I liked the visuals during "matrix mode"! The carachters were very in depth.

Sound was good. Sounded like a real soccer game. Crowds, announcers, pretty much good sound. But after a while you will want to smash the announcer's head off. It is very very annoying.

Suggestions: Make it a little bit harder, and the replay value should be a bit better.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10

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