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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Overall: Prince of Persia is an outstanding game and stands head and shoulders above the other Xbox offerings in the genre. The intuitive control systems will surely be duplicated and immitated for years to come and certainly should be. It was the game that was supposed to catapult Ubisoft out of the Rayman era and into the future and it did just that even before it got here. Thanks to the innovations of Ubisoft's Montreal development house, its legacy has already been felt in games like Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six 3 and their outstanding lighting and soft physics techniques.

Gameplay: Spectacularly intuitive, fun, challenging, and extremely satisfying. The only flaw -- if it can be called that -- is that combat is not quite as refined as the rest of the game.

Graphics: Stunning. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Stretching architecture, unparalleled animation and ambient environments. Very rare framerate hitches and a sometimes cumbersome combat camera. Otherwise, a showpiece.

Audio: Atmospheric, fitting music, clear and thumping sound effects and crisp, witty dialogue in full surround sound.

Suggestions: wicked job. AWESOME!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer

Overall: Hunter the Reckoning Redeemer is a fun game that definitely should be played with friends. Of course, every game is more fun playing with buddies whether in person or online (now there's and idea!), but really this is the way Redeemer was meant to played. It's an upgrade over the original, but I'm not sure if it's enough of a boost to justify another purchase if you're not a true diehard fan of Hunter the Reckoning. The game does what it set out to do; it just wasn't trying to do too much more than the original Hunter the Reckoning. Improved visuals and new goodies certainly count, but there's a next level for this series that Redeemer just doesn't reach. Improving on the Gauntlet multiplayer concept was one thing with the original Hunter, but now that we've seen they can do it, there needs to be more.

Gameplay: Great fun with buddies but solo gamers may get bored easily. It's like a party game with axes and shotguns.

Graphics: Some good, some bad in the animation department. The environments and camera are good though. Not bad.

Audio: Too thin and not enough variety. This goes for monster sounds, weapon sounds and music. Just completely average.

Suggestions: Please get some better sound in there. Also get online play, this would be killer to play online.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 ESPN College Hoops 2K4

Overall: It's the mark of good game when the more you play, the more you want to play, and that's exactly how I feel about ESPN College Hoops. Sure, the game has its flaws, but Legacy mode and Slam Session provide so many thrills and so many hours of good times demanding a wave of everyone in the room, that it's definitely worth the time and money invested.
It's everything you love about college basketball without all of the boosters, bribes, fixed grades, and corruption.

There's always next year.

Gameplay: The game would play better with the separation of the shoot and dunk buttons. Then again, so would all basketball games.

Graphics: Cut scenes add to the TV-style presentation while the e-mail system enables you to track your Legacy with ease.

Audio: The crowd chants and cheers get you pumped to play, especially in rivalry mode, but these announcers have to go.

Suggestions: great game. Just get new annoucers. I CANNOT STAND EM!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Need for Speed Underground

Overall: I highly recommend this to racing fans that are into the customization element. Just be warned of the tracks monotony -- the diversity comes in the mind-bending amount of aesthetically different vehicles you can create. Multiplayer, especially Drag mode, is also really entertaining. Unfortunately, no online for Xbox -- a real downer.

Gameplay: Fantastically executed gameplay; addictive and a style all its own. Customization is the main reason to own it. Only some of the track design limitations and lack of tuning options drag it down.

Graphics: I am sorely missing 60 frames per second, but this is an absolutely gorgeous racer. Fantastic lighting, detailed car models, and sweet effects. Could have used more variety, however.

Audio: Awesome soundtrack with style and variety. Exclusive artists. Accurate sound effects and surround sound.

Suggestions: Great job. Now just build on this game and make it even bigger. Also put online play in.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: Can a racing game be this good? Apparently so. Project Gotham Racing 2, while not drastically different from previous iterations of the game, is quite possibly the best racer on the Xbox. Again, the game is an arcade racer at heart completely devoid of detailed car stats and tuning options so those looking for the next Gran Turismo should try something more along the lines of Sega GT Online.
PGR 2 is a beautiful game that handles amazingly well, sounds just as good, and redefines what gamers should expect from an online racer. The game?s seamless integration of Xbox Live is simply wonderful, and the online play is fast and furious. And then there?s Geometry Wars?

Gameplay: Fast, arcade action that requires skill and patience. Easy to pick up and hard to master, PGR 2 has a wide range of driving challenges.

Graphics: A beautiful game that?s marred only by lifeless environments and limited locales. I wish the cities were more alive.

Audio: The licensed music is great on its own, as are the sound effects. The ability to create custom soundtracks makes this game?s sound as good as your taste.

Suggestions: AWESOME JOB!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL Rivals 2004

Overall: NHL Rivals is bringing up the rear in the hockey videogame derby. There's not one thing it does better than any of its competitors. It's strongest features like the pivot mode and shot physics are basic elements of NHL 2004 and ESPN NHL Hockey. The Sega game has a stronger online component because its core gameplay is stronger. EA's hockey title took a stand and went all out for realism even if not every fan could grab hold of it. If Rivals' greatest innovation is right analog passing then you know we're not talking about a revolutionary title. Chalk up another MS sports game that's just content to be on store shelves. There's a "2004" hanging off the end of NHL Rivals which means there may be more to come. Good thing there's plenty of room for improvement.

Gameplay: Silly face-off controls and the lack of player skill required really hurt. They need to work on this otherwise it will never be good.

Graphics: Shaky animation and adequate character models really hold this one back. First party games should look better than this.

Audio: Weak announcing is countered by good crowd reactions and on-ice sound effects. Just need new announcers and it would be good.

Suggestions: Horrible really.... compared to the others. Work on it and make the gameplay much beetter and it will be good.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Midway Arcade Treasures

Overall: Midway Arcade Treasure's "bang for your buck" comes from the sheer amount of games on the disk, and how perfect they're represented on the console. Apart from the difference in controls, these games are essentially what gamers played in arcade when the games were released in the 80s. Don't go expecting anything more than the games, however, as it was the emulation portion that received most of the attention; the developer didn't put much focus in giving players anything more than the basic retrogaming experience.

Gameplay: Some games are absolutely perfect on the console, while others just can't because of the unique arcade controls. Overall, though, this is a very fun compilation pack.

Graphics: The graphics are perfect on the console system because that's what was on the arcade units. But the video compression in the interviews is downright horrible thanks to old Quicktimes used.

Audio: The audio is, again, emulated perfectly, though the balance from game to game is not the same. Players will have to constantly adjust their volumes for each experience.

Suggestions: awesome job. A few more games and this would be just amazing.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Goblin Commander : Unleash The Horde

Overall: As for me, i am more than happy to except the game's flaws in exchange for a stellar RTS experience. Though it certainly hasn't reached the same level of excellence as its forbearers from the 16-bit era (or matched the complex brilliance of its PC counterparts for that matter), Unleash the Horde is still the best of its kind to hit consoles in a very long time. I remain optimistic that Jaleco will take the ball and run with it to further the series sometime in the future; because with the right tweaks and additions in all the right places it could definitely be big. I'll keep our fingers crossed.

Gameplay: Responsive and overly intuitive when playing outside of your units, the controls are even better once you take control of individuals. What's more, the maps are smart and the units balanced

Graphics: Despite the fact that I like the bright colors and big models during the zooms, the abundance of camera problems and frequent slowdown mars the visual presentation quite a bit.

Audio: The fictional dialect that the Goblins speak is a nice touch and the soundtrack is also worth mentioning. It could have been so much better with high-end encoding and additional audio effects, though

Suggestions: good stuff. Just make techincal upgrades.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 FIFA Soccer 2004

Overall: EA's FIFA Soccer 2004 offers the most significant changes the game has seen in years. The core gameplay is changing ever so slowly from super arcade play to a more comprehensive, more realistic style of soccer, and the series is better for it. But it's not quite there yet. The Off The Ball play is good in respects, not so good in others, the Career mode is killer, and the other EA features - from the My FIFA to the unbelievable soundtrack.

Gameplay: The better integrated passing game makes this year's FIFA a richer experience. The tweaks to everything from free kicks to the modifiers are good too. The Off the Ball control is cool in concept, less

Graphics: Cutscenes show good use of contrasted close and distant focus, and in addition to the sharper texturing, the motion capture work has once again improved

Audio: Just an awesome, genuinely awesome, soundtrack. Radiohead, Kings of Leon, The Jam and the Stone Roses? Oh. Yes. Great crowd chants and solid likeable commentary.

Suggestions: wicked job. Just get online for xbox. i think everyone says that.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Blowout: Military Fighting Unit

Overall: While this game isn't quite as fun as any of mine, it is a worthwhile experience, especially at the budget price point. If you're a fan of this kind of shooter, you owe yourself at least a rental. It's lamentable that there's no co-op, as Lance and I had to keep switching the controller back and forth between levels. And the level designer that was rumored to be attached to this game would have been a joy to mess around with. As it stands, though, Blowout is better than we thought it would be, and definitely worth a once-through.

Gameplay: It's a bit repetitive, but if you like killing lots and lots of aliens (and who doesn't?), this one is worth at least a rent. Why isn't there two player cooperative?

Graphics: This doesn't necessarily look like a next-gen game, except for the lighting. Weird animations and unimaginative creature design.

Audio: Standard sound effects mix with some mildly humorous voice work. Weapons sound good. Not fancy and not horrible.

Suggestions: was there not supposed to be a level creator?!?! bah! put it in

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Metal Arms: Glitch In The System

Overall: Metal Arms has unfortunately not received the attention it deserves of gamers. But if you're reading this review still, take notice because this is a surprisingly well-made action-shooter with a lot of heart. The game successfully merges a light-hearted storyline with some seriously intense combat, a good measure of strategy and a fun multiplayer mode. Oh, and the weapons in this title are downright awesome, especially the tether control device.
There are some notable drawbacks, yes. The control may be too loose for its own good and the game sometimes runs on the frustrating try-die-and-try-again design philosophy. But overall the experience is very entertaining and satisfying.

Gameplay: Very fun, despite some control flaws. Fast, twitch-finger action, some strategy elements, and a wide variety of play styles.

Graphics: Impressive. Huge, dynamic worlds, a gorgeous particle effects system, lighting and texture effects, and visible physics. Textures sometimes suffer. Framerate can be jumpy.

Audio: Good stuff. Not bad weapon sounds and it is all pretty good when on a surround sound system. No complaints i guess.

Suggestions: very well done. No complaints... its just not THAT amazing.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 All-Star Baseball 2004

Overall: overall a good baseball game, was expecting more and was let down, graphics sucked, but gameplay was really realistic. didnt use x-box capabilities to the fullest Ive been playing this game for a couple months and havent really gotten sick of it, ive played every baseball game out there and this is still the most realistic but its definetly not the best when it comes to graphics. Batting interface is also very difficult even after youve played the game for a while. I still have trouble getting a hold of certain pitches.

Gameplay: most realistic baseball game I've played. controls could use work but homeruns are awsome the camera is sweet when you hiy it out of the park, batting is very difficult also. Which is a good thing IMO.

Graphics: Could have been 100 times better played the ps2 and graphics were horrible was hoping x-box version would step it up but sadly it didnt

Audio: nothing special at all. Generic baseball sounds some half decent commentary. The ball hitting the bat is very erotic. Very kinky. Sounds like wood knockin balls around.

Suggestions: Ummmm no more ps2 graphics... booo

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 4x4 Evo 2

Overall: OK yes, I know this game is the best part of two years old, but it only cost me 15 quid second hand and so I thought I'd give it a shot. Was it worth it? The simple answer is, no. Prior to buying the game I had read the ign review and I really should have taken more notice. It summarised by saying "seeing that the majority of the game is centered on competing with computer opponents, I would consider how long I would play the game before dropping it for something else. Slugging it out with the computer every race and never achieving dominance in the game would leave a real sour taste in my mouth." This really just about somes it up. Its one of those driving games that never progresses above its pre-programmed difficulty level. The problem with this is that it is just too difficult to master. There is no learning curve. A vertical cliff face would be a more apt description. Aside from this the game is probably what you would expect from an early Xbox title. The graphics are sometimes good, sometimes bad and the load times are plain outrageous. At times I was left wondering if my console had locked up! I really do try and like the games I buy but this one kept me going for an hour before I found something better to do. My advice is to rent it if you must, or even borrow it, but under no circumstances part with your hard earned cash.

Gameplay: An array of different modes to try out, but the main career mode will leave you frustrated with its tricky AI and unpredictable handling.

Graphics: There are times when this game looks ok at best, but with dodgy collision detection and poor effects it really is not up to par with todays racing games.

Audio: All the vehicles sound the same, even when upgraded. The in-game music soundtrack is non-intrusive which is a bonus for what is otherwise a bland sounding game.

Suggestions: wow..... take your time on games or dont release em at all.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2004

Overall: EA Sports Madden NFL 2004. Starting with this game is the best football game out this year but has a few flaws with it. 1. Can't import NCAA Football 2004 draft class but that was taken care of which is nice. 2. This flaw people may have not noticed it but I sure did I call it the punt return flaw. It starts with punting and if there are a few people around you and for about 2 or 4 yards if they hit you don't matter how hard you will fumble. I don't know if that was just my copy but it got annoying after awhile. That's all the flaws I can think of here's the good points and great. more then about 35 but I'm only going to name a few. 1. Owner Mode is the best thing I've seen in a football game ever. 2. Gameplay that probly take's 20 good points alone. 3. The feel of playing is true and great everything from running which could be tweaked alittle better but overall Passing game Very strong and running Very strong but as I said before could use Tweaking. 4. The game itself Fun, Fast, and Friendly with easy to use menu's fast with loading and therefore the fun part everyone knows that. 5. Game Speed it's true to life game speed and if you don't think so you don't watch much football. That's my review of EA Sports Madden NFL 2004. The version was For the Microsoft Xbox.

Gameplay: Great overall nothing much more to say. I love the new defenseive game. You have much mroe control over your players.

Graphics: Good graphics kinda the same as last years version with a few improvements. Some of the animations are meh... but very good.

Audio: Good overall sound with cheer and boo's and the commentary was done good but could have done better.


Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition

Overall: GOTY is a great additional to any X-Box library. It is, hands down, the most detailed world ever brought to a console. If you like RPG's, then Morrowind is a great buy, but it does come with its drawbacks, which are many. If we exclude any shortcomings, Morrowind is awesome. One can easily spend 6 months trying to beat the main part of the game, provided you go on some side missions and do some exploring

Gameplay: Great fun. Excluding the many bugs found in the game, you'll have a blast playing. Lots of open ended gameplay and tons to explore.

Graphics: Good graphics for a game of this size and magnitude, but definitely not the best graphics you'll find on the X-Box.

Audio: The fighting and other particulars sound good, but you'll get tired of hearing the same music over and over again.

Suggestions: good job. Better graphics and sound would be good. But not bad.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: Since Xbox Live has came out in Novemeber of 2002, there has been a slew of great games, but none has stood out as much as RTCW. Sure it is just a PC port, but it is a port with extras of an already amazing game. RTCW on the PC was known for its excellent multiplayer, and when it was annouced to come to Xbox with Live support, I was very happy now that I can finally talk to my friends and play this amazing game at the same time!

The single player is just your pretty standard run of the mill shooter, but seriously, who bought the game to play single player? Online is definately were it is at. I have spent countless hours playing online, and I have loved every minute of it. The game types in online are nothing really new, it is just that the maps are so incredibly well done, well except for Barn. What adds even more depth is that the character classes are so very well balanced. I love being a LT because that is what I am good with, everyone should be able to find a class that they are good with, except for Pickles, he isn't good at anything.

I love this game despite its flaws like tons of morons online, mediocre single player, dated graphics and so on. I can look past this and look at it as being one of the most fun games I have ever played. So please buy this, it is definately the best for its time on Xbox Live.

Gameplay: One of the most balanced online games out there. Controls work great once you adjust them to your liking. Not much to not like in this category

Graphics: While it is still outdated, it does look nice. Draw distance and textures still look good, but the character models can use some work. A total lack of jaggies is also very nice.

Audio: The music is very nice in the intro movie, but other than that, there isn't much more music. Character voices and sound effects are well done.

Suggestions: Good job. Fun game. Thanks.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: While many would understandably be skeptical of a game such as this, DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball is actually quite enjoyable. You can select from a nice "menu" of women, and do just about anything you want with her. There is a great deal of strategy in playing the volleyball games, as well as securing a good volleyball partner. Not only will you have to learn what each girl enjoys, you will also have to maintain a healthy relationship so that she will not abandon you. Winning games will earn you money, which can be used to purchase a number of accessories. A ridiculously huge number of accessories. This might include anything from sunglasses or a hat to suntan lotion or sunblock (which actually will affect your girl's skin tone throughout the course of the game). Money can also be used to purchase a preferred swimsuit, a very stressful decision-making process indeed. You can find mini-games at the casino, or simply lounge around and use the camera to check out your girl from any angle you desire. The game also allows for two-player matches, and also includes the rare feature that lets you rip your own soundtracks and use them in the game. The colors and crisp characters look great, especially in 480p. It even supports 16:9 widescreen. Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball proves that you don't always need violent games to enjoy your XBox.

Gameplay: Controls are simple, but timing and reflexes will determine your ultimate success. The strategy in this game is not to be overlooked.

Graphics: Clear, crisp, colorful, and utterly beautiful. Oh, and the girls look very nice as well. Very well done.

Audio: The Japanese voice-overs sound a bit strange, but you'll adapt quickly. Ambience is nice, and choosing your own soundtrack is a big plus.

Suggestions: Good game but its too basic. Better game would be better. More open... not just using two buttons.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: You could call Rainbow Six 3 a port from Raven Shield because the XBOX version takes some levels from Raven Shield and changes them around a little bit. This game is remarkably done well even with the limited abilities of a console. Raven Shield was a powerhouse of a graphics game on the PC and everyone knows a PC can handle more than any console. With that said Rainbow Six 3 has its flaws only because a console's capabilities aren't as great as a PC's.

So mark my words- if your lookin for some intense multiplayer action than you better have XBOX live. But if your looking for an excellent single player experience than look no further because Rainbow Six 3 delivers with a bang.

Gameplay: Being able to only play with 1 team of 4 doesn't bother me but there are some things that aggravate me. This game is much harder with a controller than it is with a mouse. Half the difficulty of this game is because you have to use a controller. In my opinion no FPS will have as good of controls as Halo did. You just don't have the accuracy with a controller as you would with a mouce. This hurts.

One more complaint- the !&%$@#* system link. I'm sure without a doubt that this game would rock with 16 player system link but like Ghost Recon and Castle Wolfenstein- where the hell are you going to get 16 TVs with 16 Xbox's and 16 freaking copies of this game??? I understand there would be much slow down with 4 player split screen but what about 2 player split screen? And how come when I host a game for me and a friend it only lets him play??? I couldn't even join the game I created for cryin out loud. I was very dissapointed.

Graphics: Graphics are done nice but not great. The environments are done remarkably well like Splinter Cell. The superb lighting, swaying curtains and flash fire effects are all here.

Audio: The sound is also as good as Raven Shields was espectially with a nice set of speakers. I don't have surround sound but I have a Klipsch 2.1 system and it rocks. The bass goes nuts everytime you pull the right trigger and there's enough treble to go with the powerful sub.

Suggestions: good job ubisoft.. ur on fire.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Fifa World Cup 2002

Overall: Well this game is very old but it was on of my favorite soccer games. The graphics and gameplay were great and i had a ton of fun on multiplayer. Multiplayer is where its at.

Gameplay: The controls were nice and even though the controls are not as advanced as soccer games these days it was awesome.

Graphics: The graphics were not that amazing... ps2ish but it was also one of the first xbox games. So it gets some slack.

Audio: The sounds were great. I loved hearding the crowds chants and sound of a cleat kicking the ball. Very nicely done.

Suggestions: Not much. Online eventually would be nice.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

Overall: This game is great from the graphics to the gameplay and sound. Links 2004 has better sound effects but the music in tiger woods is way better. The gameplay and control is great and there are lots of courses to keep you busy along with a career mode and other challenges like long ball and target hitting. This game will have you playing for hours every day. Watch out for links though. i played it and its good, but falls short in some places like music but shines in the graphics category. Overall Tiger Woods is a little bit better but its all about preference.

Gameplay: Perfect. Controls never fail you at all and the and the whole golf game looks true to life and plays like it.

Graphics: Fantastic!!! One of the best looking games around but beware of Links 2004. They know what there doing and there graphics look freat but Tiger woods has the better faces.

Audio: EA-TRAX sums it up. Once again it shine in this catagory. Also putting in your own tracks rules. Awesome in game sounds too.

Suggestions: PERCECT! PERFECT! just need online and this would be AWEEEEEEEEEEEESOME!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 WWE Raw 2

Overall: To say that Raw 2 is an improvement over the first game is like the caveman saying "this could be good" at the discovery of fire. Just plain overkill. Raw 2, just like Raw, was made very well. As with movies, "well made" does not translate to good game. And it should have been. It just wasn't fun to play. A very dry "moves list" also hampered it. Thankfully, a little more than a year (and unfortunately $50 more) later, we get the game we shoud have gotten in the first place. After the story mode from "Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth" and how tedious it was going through just one season, the much simplified season mode (even though you can probably do more during a single season) of Raw 2 was very welcomed on my X-Box. The fact they actually let the female wrestlers (huge selling point for me) participate in season mode is a great plus. In fact since the latest Smackdown! doesn't have (still!) a Women's Belt and Wrestlemani XIX doesn't even have a season mode, Raw 2 does have the advantage in that regard. I just finished my 5th season and the last two I spent using Trish Stratus and not only did she end up being the "Women's Champion" she was also the "King of the Ring" and "WWE World Champion." There's just something special about a game that let's you play a big guy like Brock or the Rock and have your biggest nemesis be a small ckick like Trish. Plus it's just fun building up friends and enemies, selecting a manager and then discarding your manager and making them an enemy. Sure the "story" (used very lightly) has no dialogue, and you know what? I really don't miss it at all.

Overall, the best wrestling game (if by default) for the X-box, but can easily compete with the PS 2 and GC wrestling games.

Gameplay: Puts the fun that just wasn't there in Raw 1. The separate "walk" and "run" controls totally rule! Nothing here that chafes my ass.

Graphics: The best graphics of all three console wrestlers and the only game where the CAW characters look nearly as good as the pre-rendered Superstars.

Audio: I'm stuck with the speakers on my TV so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that the sound would rock on a superior sound system. But I still must give it my average score.(final score uneffected)

Suggestions: Make the season a lil better. Also a few more modes. And fix the glitches!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Voodoo Vince

Overall: Have you ever just wanted to hurt someone? Have you ever been walking down the street, seen some sort of monster, and thought seriously about killing it? Well, in Voodoo Vince all your dreams come true. Voodoo Vince, developed by Beep Industries and published by Microsoft Game studios, follows the adventures of Vince, a raggy voodoo doll trying to save his mistress, Madam Charmain, from an evil sorcerer.
The draw of this game is the ability to use Voodoo powers and inflict pain on Vince in order to hurt his enemies. The game also features traditional platforming elements, large levels, cool bosses, and loads and loads of humor.
The games presentation is quite excellent. Because the game takes place in New Orleans, the developers really went for a unique feel to the environemtns, trying to capture that New Orleans soul in every level. And at this, they have succeded.
The Graphics are very good, with excellent backgrounds and sweet character animaations and a ton of cool voodoo moves.
Overall, a must buy for platformer fans who have Xbox.

Gameplay: A fun, entertaining platformer with traditional platforming elements. Run, jump, hit, plus voodoo moves. Cool levels and end bosses. The randomness and generality of the voodoo moves is a negative.

Graphics: Great character models and environments. Sweet animations, with tons of varied voodoo moves. Good job here.

Audio: The music makes the game. This game is infused with sweet New Orleans soul music that makes me feel very voodooie.

Suggestions: good solid game. Nice work.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Gladius

Overall: This has to be one of the best RPG's I have ever played. You are able to customize your character, change weapons, defense, all with a very clean and easy to learn presentation. Of course this is not a game for kids, this is for mature turn based RPG fans, people who are willing to devote time on learning Gladius' intricacies. I read many reviews of this title, including IGN's and I must admit most of them gave a lower rating to this title than what it deserves. Great effort, kudos Lucas Arts!!!!

Gameplay: Simply put, the best turn based RPG elements I have played. The fact that it is not random, that you have control on the success of the hits is superb

Graphics: In game graphics could easily get a 9.5, the cutscenes are a mixed bag, the animated still are great, the rest, not so good.

Audio: In game sound is great, music is fair. Could have been much better. Ambient sound during the fights is a great addition.

Suggestions: i had some saving problems.... no biggy though. just look into it. Also some better background music would be nice.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: I was definately expecting more from this game, especially with all the hype brought to it. everything is above average on this game, but certainly not magnificant by any measures!

Gameplay: The enemies in this game are based on each of the character's races in a way. There are humans you face, along with synthetics, mutants, and the lizard-like creatures (can't remember their name off hand).

Graphics: The graphics were pretty well done. Most people say there are really good but nothing really stood out to me. There are some pretty nice textures and particle effects but nothing AMAZING.

Audio: The audio in this game is decent, the voice acting is above average and the background chatter is good.

Suggestions: Overall an above average game in every aspect, but I feel it still had a ways to go! More levels some better graphics... i duno nothing really stood out.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NFL Blitz 2002

Overall: well this game is very addictive for the 1st little while but after a bit it tends 2 get boring...season mode ain't anything special...the good part about this game is the multiplayer..especially playin with 3 other friends who have no clue what they're doing

Gameplay: its a really fun game and is very easy to pick up on..its one of those games where u can pick it confused for 2 minutes then be good..theres not many small thigns 2 learn..i really enjoy this game.

Graphics: gameplay is fun..i'll always ask for more, better animations..i always wanted 2 c a powerbomb in blitz but never quite got it..

Audio: sounds are good...just like in most sports games the commentators get boring and repititve but hey..i play the game for the game not the announcers.

Suggestions: keep it up with more animations

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

Overall: well this game is another edition in the tony hawk series and it is better then the rest...the missions are very unique.. and u have unlimited time 2 cruise around the level which i think is very awesome.

Gameplay: gameplay is very smooth..animations r all good except for some of the stupid specials that r just stupid and shoulda never been added 2 the game..but o well nobody's perfect

Graphics: graphics are very nice..everything looks very clean and the levels are outstandingly nice. i'm not a real life skateboard fan so i dunno if hte player models are realistic or not

Audio: sounds are really good. sometimes the skateboard hitting the ground chops a bit and gets behind. the talking is good and music is good...good ol' ACDC

Suggestions: well the new one is alrdy out so i guess i'll find out what they did...just keep makin more

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Whiplash

Overall: Ok let's get right down to this, Whiplash is not going to win any awards for graphics or sound. With that being said we can concentrate on what went right in the game, namely the gameplay.

Whiplash emerses you in a world of comedy and wise cracks, but never takes itself seriously. One of the better things I found about this game is that none of the missions were really hard, it was just a light hearted fun game made for a few giggles and some good times.

At one point, there was a time when lots of game developers took this approach towards making games, but sadly that seems to have been lost lately. Now game companies are bringing in Oscar nominated lighting directors (NFS: Underground) and writing super complex story lines that are better than most Sci-Fi movies (Halo). And none of this is a bad thing, I am the first person to tell you that I love graphics, presentation and ambience in a game.

But, that is not to say there is no room for a pure fun game like this anymore. Whiplash delivers in the fun department, and I can honestly say I laughed out loud a few times while playing the game (Press the button get a cookie! Press the button get a cookie! Press the button get a cookie!)

Overall, if your looking for a feel good game and are a fan of platformers in general, then you have found your salvation.

Gameplay: This is where the game truely comes alive, it has been a long time since I have played a BETTER PLAYING platformer than this one. The action moves along good and it is just fun to play. Good job!

Graphics: Decent lighting and shading, horrible textures and the aliasing is bad. But then again it was made to be a comic universe, so we can cut it a lot of slack and give it good marks for pure zaniness.

Audio: Hilarious comments by the rabbit through-out the game, but the things said by both human and animals get old and repitive quite fast. Nice 5.1 score with decent phasing and imaging.

Suggestions: Pretty good game but i guess i just dont like the idea.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Backyard Wrestling: Don’t Try This At Home

Overall: Backyard Wrestling is very popular now with the underground scene. It's become somewhat of a phemomanon for america's youth. And with the integration of Insane Clown Posse's Juggalo Wrestling League (JCP), the popularity has increased more. BYW has it's share of freaks, geeks, and hot chicks, so can the video game version be the wrestling game of the year? Let's find out.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fairly shallow with not much variety. The different wrestlers do a few different moves but they mostly play about the same. Matches vary in lengh but the average is two minutes. The games difficulty is flawed. It can get impossable real quick in the beginning. There is a pretty good variety of moves to perform, but timing is the biggest factor as some moves you have a half second to launch. That brings me to one of the biggest problems in the game is your opponent is constantly attacking you and will chase you wherever you go. This makes for some difficult and controller bashing gameplay. As far as features go you have The Talk show mode which has a Jerry Springer feel to it. It's cut scenes then it moves to a environment to beat opponents. The difficult part about this mode is you're faced with multiple opponents usually three plus, and you have to beat them one right after the other. If you lose to one of them you have to start over again beating the ones again you already beat. That makes for some anger-inducing gaming. Anger management class phone numbers should have been included in the instruction manual. Other modes include Exhibition which is self-explanitory, and there are a few bonus modes like survival that have to be unlocked. There is a sectionn of extras with game previews, gameplay moves videos, and special bonus BYW movies that have to be unlocked. There is a fairly large selection of real wrestlers, plus there is a create a wrestler option. The CAW is very limited and very dissapointing. There are not many options at all, not even worth talking about. There are several difficulty levels, but normal is hard enough. That's about it in terms of gameplay and features.

Graphics: Backyard Wrestling's graphics are merely adaqute. The character models are a bit low quality with not alot of detail. The environments are fairly large with multiple levels and lots of objects to use. There's usually two NPC's in the background the hurt you or your opponent when gotten close to them. The environments are semi-detailed but are a bit blocky and pixelated. Not much of use of bump-mapping or hi-resolution textures. There is plenty of blood that gets spilled with every hit and the characters bodies show it. The dropped objects and the spilled blood on the ground dissapear after a few seconds. There is major collision detection problems which results in tons of clipping. That is one of the worst parts of the graphics. It's so bad that it happens constantly during the match when your moving around. Between the major clipping and the low level of detail in the characters and environments, it really hurts the graphics score.

Audio: The soundtrack is large with lots of well known licenced rock tunes, voice acting is good. The music is not for everyone, so there is a custom soundtrack option.

Suggestions: gameplay needs to be a bit better. Also some better graphics... good idea just not executed well.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Amped 2

Overall: Amped is a great snowbording game, in fact I even said it was the best. But now Amped is not the best because Amped 2 is! Amped 2 improves almost every feature from the original and adds a lot of gameplay...a lot!

Gameplay: The controls are a lot differnt from the original. AT firstyou hate them, then you love them. The hardest feature to get used to, for me, is te grabs are done with the right joystick. Once you get used to this you realize how wonderfull the controls are!
The gameplay is similar to the originl, but there is a lot more of it. XNS sorts were saying they would give it a 180 degree turn, well they didn't and I'm glad they didn't! The gameplay remainstop notch quality with minor improvements. The new Butter control lets you continue moves. This lets you rack up killer tricks.
The multiplaye is nice, expercialy on Live. It is so muc more fun when many people are playing agaist you. Kudos to the LIve options.

Graphics: The graphics have been drastically updated. It is as smoth as a babies butt, and drop dead jaw dropping. This was a drastic improvement over the original(which was good looking too)

Audio: The sound is great once again. Very similar to the first, except there are 300 + songs this time, more than double the amount. Eerything else remains the same including the anoying voices.

Suggestions: nothing i can think of.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Counter-Strike

Overall: The game is extremly fun. Counter strike is and always will be a online game. I would compare this game to RTCW... its similar to it. I enjoy this game more than RTCW and think others will to. if you want a fun shooter to play with your friends get this game if you want something more tatical get RB6:3 (Rainbow Six) Or you can do what i did. get both. the graphics hurt alot, because it's an xbox game and it's 2003, but hey it's CS and all valve really has is half-life 1's engine to work with. good game i would say fantastic if you cand find it for 40 bux.

Gameplay: Fantastic. i though aiming was gonna be a b*tch but it wasn't it was fantastic. the game flows great no real slow down, and the xbox live headset allows for quick team decisions.

Graphics: This is where the game falls short. you would think maybe after so many years the game would get an overhaul. The modles are ok and maps are great but more char. models would be great.

Audio: It's great. Bullets flying and people dieing. i got a sony 5.1 sound system and it sounds great. no complaints here.

Suggestions: make a cs with the half life 2 engine when it comes out. IT WILL RULE!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: This is one of the best multiplayer games available. From the moment you get this baby and pop it in, you will be stuck. It has some pretty solid options. You have the Story mode which will hold down just a little bit of your time, Arcade League, Arcade Custom, and a few others. The Arcade Custom is what you'll be spending a majority of your time playing. Everytime me and my friends get together, we say we are gonna play a quick game of Timespliters 2, but it ends up into about 10 games. This is so addicting. I dont know what it is about it, but you will end up playing this game longer than you thought you would as soon as you invite friends over. There is a slew of multiplayer games and boards to keep you busy. Get this game if you are looking for a game to keep you busy on the days you dont play Halo.

Gameplay: Best addictive gameplay ever. Where Halo pushes you to play for shear beauty, this pushes you to play for shear fun.

Graphics: Really good character models and characters to choose from. Weapons animate pretty well and body parts get shot off. Sadly though, no blood.

Audio: You won't be paying attention to it when you hear your opponents scream and gunshots. Overall its all good i guess. For some wierd reason i really liked the voices in this game too :)

Suggestions: Make the next one online. And make the map editor a little n00b friendly. ITS HARD!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 ESPN NFL Football 2K4

Overall: this is a sweet game. I am a huge football fan and a player myself. Now that the First person mode is here i am absolutely in love with this game. I've played at least one game every day saince i've got it

Gameplay: gameplay is very smooth. There are a few plays that glitch every time but o well i've learned not to pick those plays.

Graphics: graphics are very nice. Running looks kinda stiff but o well thats like the only flaw i can think of.

Audio: sounds are very good. Announcers are actually pretty good for the first time i can think of. The football sounds are pretty good as well.

Suggestions: can't wait for the next one

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: I've been playing video games since the days of the Atari 2600, and have never been one to enjoy first person games. However, when the XBOX came out, and I had a limited choice of games, I decided to try the highly touted Halo. I have to admit, one of the first things that stood out were the amazing graphics. The detail of the rocks, the trees, etc... What was also amazing to me, were the levels themselves. From the skies to the grass to the buildings and everything else in between. The gameplay is pretty much what you would expect from a first person shooter. You see a gun, you shoot said gun, and people die around you. The things that make Halo stand out from the rest of the genre, are the vehicles, the sound, the AI, and the multiplayer features. First off, adding vehicles to a first person shooter is a great idea, and the fact the vehicles can be used as weapons makes it even better. The sound is exactly what it's supposed to be. Surround sound at its' best. The AI is great. There's nothing like watching someone minding his own business, and then run frantically because he knows he is about to get his !&%$@#* kicked by you, and your plethora of weapons. The thing that stood out the most for me, and the thing that took up hours upon hours of my life, was the Multiplayer. To me, the boards are even better for Multiplayer. The idea of having desert spanning areas to kill your friends is very appealing to me. All in all, I would definitely consider this game to be a "must have" amongst gamers everywhere.

Gameplay: Like I said, it does exactly what it's supposed to do. Let you kill 20 people a minute, and do it well enough where you actually feel satisfaction and remorse for the people you're doing it to.

Graphics: The best you'll see in any game to date. PERIOD. Just looking down at the grass is awesome. Also the outdoor levels are just awesome.

Audio: As good as you can get with 5.1 Dolby Digital. The guns flaring, monsters screaming, warthog revving, its all amazing.

Suggestions: get halo 2 out NOW!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Panzer Dragoon Orta

Overall: Panzer Dragoon Orta,the newest game of the Panzer Dragoon seiries (on dreamcast)is the probably the third best xbox game out there.Panzer Dragoon Orta is a rail-shooter similiar (but better) than Nintendo's StarFoX. The game is split into 10 episodes of button mashing fun.
in this game you control a dragon and it's rider: a girl named Orta. The dragon can 1. shoot rapid laser bullets 2. can lock on numerous targets and fire laser arrows that have splendid graphical effects and do alot of damage 3.the dragon can morph into Base Wing: the wing that the weakest lasers and fastest machine gun fire rate, but can lock onto 8-12 targets with the laser arrows. The dragon can also morph into Heavy Wing which has powrful Lasers, weak machine gun and can only lock on to 3 targets. The last wing can't fire laser arrows but can glide attack. Each wing hass it's strengths and weakneses making gameplay rich and complex.This game's graphics,sound,and storyline are unique and rich and I recommend this game to every xbox owner that is smart enough to buy this great game.

Gameplay: Nicely laid out controls,easy to learn/use. But when overwhelmed by dozens of missiles or enemies it become frustrating.

Graphics: From the scaly textures of the dragon's wing to the clearness of the water to the realistic cut-scenes. This game is a revouloution.

Audio: The sound effects and game-play music are decent but arent amazing. They can be great appreciated with 5.1

Suggestions: just work on the controls a little. And some great multiplayer would be cool.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: This is one game were you can do almost anything from stealing any car you want to having your own shoot out with anyone you want to, running poeple over. Its great fun in its own sick way. For those that played or own the PS2 version of both games let me tell you that the look of both games has been enhanced, the characters, vehicles and buildings have all been re-done with improved textures and lighting effects so GTA3 and Vice City look noticeably better than what you might remember from the PS2 games. The improved character models mean you can see hands and functional fingers and distinguish hookers from gangbangers on the street when you're whizzing by. The draw-in is much quicker and happens a lot further down the road than in the PS2 games, it's very noticeable. The camera is still the same, just as problematic on Xbox as it was on PS2.

Other than this, the stylized look of both GTA3 and Vice City remain intact.

Gameplay: The new control scheme is very cool. Other then it being played with a different controller the gameplay remains untouched. WHICH IS A GOOD THING!

Graphics: The improved visuals put the PS2 versions to shame and looks better on Xbox but not as good as Xbox games like Halo or DOA3.

Audio: This game has custom soundtrack functionality now. Somthing that can't be done on the PS2 games. Both work the same where you use the black button to rotate through the radio stations until you get to the changer or deck. You then hold down black and use the D-pad to switch to the songs you want. If you get out and get back in the same car your soundtrack song will continue playing from where you left off. It'll probably be worth it to boost the music volume in the game since many custom soundtracks don't play as loudly as the game's built in music.

Suggestions: lets put out gta 4 FOR XBOX ONLY! :D

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

Overall: Let me start with the bad parts of the game. First of all the targeting sucks. Why would they have the first person targeting button the same as the normal targeting button? During times in a intense gunfight I would accidently switch to first person targeting even though I only held the button for a second. This caused many deaths in the beginning of the game until I forced myself to get use to the sloppy controls. Speaking of the beginning of the game, your thrown into the this game assuming you know what you are doing. Yes there are little small text that pop up to help you but the problem with this is: how am I suppose to read the text (which vanishes after a few seconds) and practice shooting at the same time. There should have been at least a pause menu that explains the same thing to you as the pop up text does. That way you can figure out the controls easier.

My next gripe is the annoying camera. You do have some what of contol over the camera but it is so flimsy when your in the middle of a gun fight. The controls was another issue I had with this game. Holding the "A" button allows you to hug the wall for cover, you can then press the "R1" trigger to jump out and target your enemies. The problem comes when you try to jump back, it doesn't allow you to do very well. I ended up running back to postion that I jump out from and pressed the "A" button again to return to the wall hug postion. In the mean time I was getting filled with lead! My last issue I had with True Crimes is how the game is trying to be "realistic" yet you are able to shoot a sniper with two guns from an enormous distance. Then every single person you fight seems like they have been trained by Bruce Lee. Your a trained cop, you should be kicking their asses.

Whew! Now that I got that over with I will say that I enjoyed 80% of this game. The driving sections are cool as hell and I like the fact that you can stop on your way to a mission to solve other crimes. The fighting engine needs work but it is nice that you can upgrade your character with new moves and grapples. I think the best part of this game I liked most is that you can customize your own sound track (which is only on the Xbox). If I had bought this game on any other system I think my review would have been much worse. Although the voice acting was excellent, even though main character's one liners were corny as hell. The graphics were pretty decent but sometimes a little choppy. L.A. looks great, and being able to interact into the enviroment was cool.

I would have to say any fan of cop or action movies should probably check True Crimes out. If your not sure then definitly rent it.

Gameplay: This is where the game needs work. The targeting can get annoying in gun fights, the fighting can get repetitive and the "realism" is lost at times. I did like the open driving missions.

Graphics: Decent character models, but framerate can get a little choppy at times. The camera will !&%$@#* you off but the realism of LA is spot on.

Audio: I don't care to much for West Coast rap but it does go with the feel of the game. The voice acting is great and the sound affects are pretty good.

Suggestions: good game, if only the small annoying things were fixed this could be a gta killer. Fix it up for part 2.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a must-buy for Xbox owners. Star Wars fans who normally aren't into RPGs will love it, RPG fans who dislike the Star Wars series will love it, and any general fan of video games will absolutely love it. The story has restored my faith in the Star Wars series, the gameplay raises the bar for all future role playing games, and every finely tuned Star Wars detail makes it a strong candidate for game of the year.

If you haven't bought it yet, get it NOW.

Gameplay: A nice balance of turn-based and real-time elements, and a nice balance of linearity and freedom. KOTOR is deep gameplay-wise, and doesn't come off too easy or too hard.

Graphics: When it comes to poly-pushing and bump mapping and real time shadows and particle effects, KOTOR isn't the greatest. But it still looks pretty !&%$@#* good and has amazing art direction.

Audio: What you'd expect from a Star Wars game, and then some. I can't think of a game with better voice acting.

Suggestions: great game, very fun. LOTS TO DO. Just make it on live next time!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: Amped 2 is out, but where better to see if you will like the sequel than the sorce of the sequel. This game is now only $20, and its worth a full price game still!!!

Gameplay: Many people critized the controls in this game, but I thought they were great. B to grind, X,Y,and B to do grabs, and A to ollie. those easy controls lets you pull of mindblowing tricks.
The gameplay is spectacular. This a great game..WHy? Well its got tunes of levels, each with sponcer and Pro challenges- you try to improve your rank each time you ype of snowbording game beat a challage you advance. This type of snowbording game is not like any other, its more realistic in gameplay. But even though it is more realistic, you can still pull of the cooliest moves you've ever seen!!!! One of the nicest features is the open freedom. You have levels that are mammoth and take forever to explore it all.

Graphics: The graphics are great. It is all smooth the whole time. You can see the indents on the snow from the bord as you zoom by. The graphics are really nice on the mountain, you can see huge mountains all over in front of you on the sides, etc... Its drop dead gorgious.

Audio: The detail of sound is nice, but which is really nice is the tuns. There is around 150 music indie songs in this game. Sure none of the songs are known, but you will start to like some of them, plus even if you don't you can put your own music on it so its a win win situation.

Suggestions: cant give u any since the new one is out already :)

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Players are immediately drawn into Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell by the incredible visuals. This game has done things with textures, animation, and especially lighting that haven't been seen since Halo. Dash through a curtain, and it will flow like soft fabric the way you'd expect a real curtain to react. Shoot out a ceiling light, and the surrounding area will become dark and the most prominent shadows will change. The environments in Splinter Cell are both beautiful and highly interactive. You will learn to use a wide variety of gadgets and use them in different ways to carry out certain objectives. NPCs have great depth to their personality, from the worries and woes of CIA employees to the sometimes humorous banter of Georgian mercenaries. The storyline is as realistic as anything you'd expect to find in a Tom Clancy novel. Play this game for sixty seconds and you'll understand why it sold like crazy.

Gameplay: You'll have absolute control over Sam Fisher, and enjoy every minute of it. Splinter Cell plays like a dream.

Graphics: While there are some minor clipping issues with limp bodies, this game is far too breathtaking to notice much of that. It is a feast for the eyes.

Audio: The subtle sound effects and crisp clarity keep you immersed in your location, with perfect ambience and functional music to keep the tension high.

Suggestions: maybe a few more levels, mind you there are levels coming out on xbox live. But there has only been kola call so far. SO MORE LEVELS

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Top Spin Tennis

Overall: The need for a tennis game for ANY system was great. Finally, TopSpin took the chance and came out victorious. It has what a tennis game should have, a career mode, create-a-character mode, taunting, and praise. The graphics are great and the endless gameplay is good too. Its not too tough, but not too easy. You can play with many friends in a tournament mode in which you can see who is truly #1. Or play on Xbox and see if your #1 in the world! The only problem is the weak character selections. Only 16 (8 men, 8 women) real tennis superstars are included. Some missing include the Williams sisters, Andre Agassi, Tim Henman, Justine Henin-Hardenne and Andy Roddick! However, the selection choices they do supply are good. Sampras and Kournakova as well as others. Just know a tiny bit about tennis before playing ... like the simple and basic rules.

Gameplay: Gameplay is amazing. You can select from so many options and tournaments and doubles and singles. Its good.

Graphics: The Graphics are amazing in the game. Even from the things you don't realize like the skids on the clay courts. The graphics are clearly stunning.

Audio: From the shoes squeaking, to the sound of the ball hitting the racquet and the announcer saying the score .. the sound is good. Although the music could use some touch ups.

Suggestions: 1. Very slow load time.....
2. Would of been cool to have the whispering commentators..... :D
they are so hardcore

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: Try to picture is, a work of art that is complete chaos, ok now think of the game Wreckless, well its the same thing... Wreckless the game looked jaw droppingly real, but it has the worst gameplay ever. Whats the story about...Pudding getting on a dress, ya thats rights pudding!!!? Thats just plain stupid, and the gameplay is just stupid too its always the same thing over and over.
I do not know why they made this a game..oh wait to get money they don't deserve . Trust me don't buy this. If you must play it just rent it...You have been Warned!

Gameplay: You think its cool at first but then it gets very boring and repetitive. There just isn't very much variety.

Graphics: This is the absolutely outstanding part about this game. They style the graphics are done in is amazing. If only the rest of the game had been this good.

Audio: I guess its not bad by any way, but it just didn't do it for me... There was just nthign that really made me say wow.

Suggestions: this game could have been awesome, just needs more variety and more levels.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: this is one sweet game.once u get into this game it is really hard to put down.Player models look great

Gameplay: Gameplay is sweet. It runs very smooth.I like how the controls work, they just feel like that is the right way 2 have controls.

Graphics: Visuals are very good, the players faces look pretty good, i think that they took a lot of time into this game

Audio: Commentators get very ennoying after awhile, the hits and other sounds in the game are very nice...i like the sound

Suggestions: make NFL 2k4

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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