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Need For Speed Underground 2

Overall: I think this game was great. It outdid the original which was great and a lot was added to the game. It isn't a simulation game at all and the dynamics are pretty farfetched but it is very enjoyable to play.

Gameplay: It was really an easy game to play and has a great arcade feel to it. There is a lot to the customization of the cars and it gets intense when you're flying through the crowded roads.

Graphics: I think the game looks really good and the bright lights has a nice feel to it. There is a lot you can do to customize the look of the cars as well. I don't like how it is ALWAYS at night though and the streets in the city, although different, have the same general feel to them.

Audio: The cars really do sound very good in this game. Each engine is unique and the sounds whlie racing add so much to the fast paced feel you get. The music was pretty good to but I think they needed more songs because it seemed like the same 3 over and over and over and it really got irritating.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Guilty Gear X2 Reload

Overall: This game looks, sounds, and plays great. It is a fighter that has a feeling of no other like it. The XBL has terrible lag however, more so than other fighters, so this hurts it very much. But the 2 player and arcade are very fun to play. A great addition to the collection.

Gameplay: It has simple buttons and concepts with a lot of unlockables and such to make you strive to beat it again and again. It has all the moves listed for the characters and really helps you learn them this way. Yet, it still has a lot to it when it comes to combos and really getting good.

Graphics: It has a look to it like no other fighter does. Very crisp graphics with bright colors and just an overall look that no other has had. A very appealing look in my opinion. The character designs are also just amazing. They really are the most unique set of characters I've seen and all can be used effectively.

Audio: Its sounds are very good. The moves and characters personalities are shown through the sounds very well. The music is bad as all fighting games are but it fits in nicely with the games feel.

Suggestions: this game is awesome! Bring more out like it but fix the lag!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Overall: I think this game was a lot of fun. Better than its previous based on the movie. They improved the graphics and gameplay a lot even though it is essentially the same gametype. Still, it is just a renter.

Gameplay: Super simple controls yet can be a lot of fun to play. Not a whole lot of objectives in this game though so its diversity is very limited. You can interact with the environment very little and you are limited to where you can move which sucks considering there was such a vast amount of space in the movies.

Graphics: Again, it looks just like the movie does. A dark, fantasy style which gives you a feeling like you are right in the game.

Audio: It again sounds as the movie did with great voices and battle sounds. The music climaxes at the right points and hightens the experience of the game.

Suggestions: Good game but it needs more to it to make it buyable.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Overall: I think this was a good game to play if you really liked the movie but I don't think it was that great to a gamer. It was fun because you killed non stop and got to be the characters from the movie but there isn't much else that is unique about it.

Gameplay: It was really simple to play and was a fun game. But there just wasn't anything more to it I don't think.

Graphics: The game really did look great I think. It resembled the movie very well was pretty smooth on the Xbox. The environments were nice and dark but the characters moved like they were walking on air at times.

Audio: It sounded identical to the movie did which was nice to see. The characters voices could not have been done any better than they were. The chaos and fighting is represented very well in this game and has the same feeling the movie portrayed.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Kung Fu Chaos

Overall: The game is one of a kind and was very enjoyable to play. It in a way loses its fun after awhile so you can only play it once in awhile. Everything about the game is unique and they did such a great job making you feel like you're making a goofy movie with a dumb director. It's a good game to have in the collection to play from time to time. I think it's a must have.

Gameplay: Very fun game to play. It's unique look and feel adds a lot. The interaction with the environment constantly is awesome. The game is so simple but such a different game that it's fun no matter what.

Graphics: The characters in this game are just great. They look like no other game and all have their own personalities. The environment looks great as well. Overall the graphics are very smooth with a lot of detail in such a seemingly childish game.

Audio: Each character sounds like an individual and the music and sound effects adds to the fun cartoony feel of the game. It adds a lot and is very well done.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: This game was great for a launch games and it set the tone for graphics and sounds on the Xbox. It may be out done now but for its time it was an awesome game to play and very well done in every way.

Gameplay: The game play was very good in this game. It is very easy to play and no matter how good you are you can have fun. The time attack and all the different modes is a great asset and adds lots to the game.

Graphics: It looks very good. One of the better 3D looking games. The characters designs are good, the moves look good, and the environments look just great and you can interact well with them.

Audio: The game sounds really good in this game I feel. Each character has a distinct voice, distinct sounds to their moves, and even the environment has its own sounds that add a lot to the gameplay experience.

Suggestions: This game was very enjoyable to play and more of this quality should be brought out.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: Overall I think the game is great but it isn't as great as I thought after Halo 1. But it has a ton of replay value and does look great. There has been a lot of attention paid to online play and fixing bugs so I like that a lot.

Gameplay: It is a really fun game to play with a really good story. The controls are relatively simple and there is a lot of skill involved in the game. I don't like how at times the weapons control who wins the game but they have tried to fix this. I also don't like no co-op online and really think this should have been included.

Graphics: It is a very smooth looking game with a ton of attention paid to every aspect. I love almost everything in it except for the instances in the cinematics when the environment is all smooth then the graphics kick in and it looks how it should.

Audio: It has great sounds and music that really make the game great to play. The loud explosions, voice overs, and everything that comes with the game is just very well done.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 187: Ride or Die

Overall: I think the game could have had some potential but it was so overdone in some areas and underdeveloped in the gameplay that it just wasn't a good game to play long term. So I really wouldn't recommend this game other than if you were at a friends and wanted to try it out. That's it though.

Gameplay: The game was fun to play when I first picked it up. It was exciting and fun to shoot, drive, take things from other cars (road rage style). But, it got old after some time and I just didn't have any desire to play the game again. It is simple to play but I would only rent this game and not buy it at all.

Graphics: This was the only thing in the game that was done well I think. It resembled NFSU2 look when driving down the streets but it felt like the same street over and over and over. The cinematics looked nice but nothing really too great. Still, it was nice they had them instead of crappy movies.

Audio: The sounds added to the game with the decent sounding shots and things that went on with driving but the lingo used was so annoying. It was non stop stereotypical gansta slang people would suspect to hear but it was so over done it was rediculous.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Mega Man Anniversary Collection

Overall: I love megaman and all the old challenging 2D games of the past so this was a no brainer for me to get. I suggest anyone who enjoys older games and their simplicity that you pick this up.

Gameplay: It plays just like the past games so it really has a nice vintage feel to it. Very simple and enjoyable. Lots of megamans though so you can play a ton of bosses and still an added feature of unlocking things is added so it's not purely just playing for good old times.

Graphics: The old look was kept with this game so it still has the bright megaman look. But it looks cleaner to me than the old versions so I think they improved it slightly.

Audio: All the old original sounds are still there. They are simple and add to the games old 2D feel and make the game fun to play.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Overall: I think the game is a lot of fun as I enjoy this style of fighter and always have. I would say rent it first though as you may not enjoy it and regret buying it.

Gameplay: This game is primarily a 2 player game as the arcade is too easy to beat. You can bash buttons and jump around and have a lot of fun in the game but if you are a serious gamer you can get very good tactically so there is a lot more to this game than what is on the surface. It's fast and fun but only appeals to certain gamers. You either love it or hate it and there's no in between.

Graphics: It looks like it does in the arcade pretty much. Bright, good character designs, but choppy at times. The end boss looks like crap and kinda looks like they just threw him in to get the game on the market already. The good characters look great and are fun to use but it's basically just the top characters used and the others are useless so that hurts the game.

Audio: There is a lot of sounds in this game as each character has specific moves but the hits generally all sound the same. The music is tacky as most arcade fighters are and not much work was put into it. But it is loud, fast, and adds excitement to the fast paced fighter.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Conker: Live and Reloaded

Overall: This game owns. It may seem babyish with the look and all but it is very fun to play I think. The XBL gets annoying at times but it is still a lot of fun to come back to and play again. This game was done very well. There are some glitches online though which hurts the game and frustrates you and it doesn't appear this is being fixed so that's where this game loses points.

Gameplay: There is a solid campaign mode and the controls are easy enough for a 5 year old. There is still a lot of strategy involved online though with certain characters being able to defeat others easily. So, even though this is a run n gun game there is still some talent involved. It's good to play this game and not worry about ranks and everything involved with most games.

Graphics: The game has great color and nice environments. The characters look and move pretty funny at times and it makes the game that much more enjoyable to play. Online, the squirrels and teddies look totally different and even for each level a certain style for each character is used. So it's something different instead of the same old non stop. The cinematics are nothing special though so that kinda sucks but the levels are great looking.

Audio: I love the sound in this game. When you unlock potty mouth the characters have hilarious lines they say to themselves which just makes you laugh. The music and voices for the characters are all suited very well so this game is very enjoyable.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Enclave

Overall: Overall this game was fun but is more of the type of game to hold you over until the game you want comes out or just a plain renter. It is fun and when you start playing you wanna win but you won't wanna just pick it up and play for the hell of it again.

Gameplay: The game is very simple to play. It has the dark and light campairn modes so you can play as a lot of different style characters which is pretty fun. I think this was the best part done in the game but still there is no replay value.

Graphics: It looks decent but doesn't really compare to newer games that have come out. The look is dark and medievil like it should be and the characters are unique looking but it isn't as smooth as it should be.

Audio: The sound was done alright in my opinion. It serves its purpose and each sound is distinct but it doesn't add any excitement or feeling to the game itself.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Fable

Overall: I thought this was a good game but it just didn't live up to the hype which was made over the years. The game delivers but just not was expected and in the end it just feels like just another game to me. I think this would be good to buy when the price lowers some more but that's it. As well, the easy boss killed the game for me a lot. I didn't go through all the time to just easily own the boss.

Gameplay: The story and content was pretty good I think. There was a lot to the game and a lot you could interact with. The rpg/action style was good and made the game more exciting knowing that your character formed the way you played him. The controls were easy to use as well so anyone can play.

Graphics: I think the characters and environments were done well in this game. There is a lot of attention to detail and overall I think it was done pretty good. But, I still think it could have been made just a little more eyepopping with smooth graphics.

Audio: There was a lot of sounds in the game like weapons and spells and things and this added to the game. Every person/thing had its own sound so this was good because for the most part it wasn't like other games where it's the exact voice all the time.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 X-Men: Legends

Overall: This game is awesome! I loved being able to play as all the characters in an Xmen game that is actually half decent for once. But, it's a renter. Simply because once you beat it, you beat it. You can't even go back to any level you just wanna replay and max your characters out. But definately a must rent. Can't wait for #2.

Gameplay: Simple game to play yet still very fun. Being able to be all the characters and play 2 player was great. Nothing beats being able to play as the guys you used to read about in comics back in the day. The story was decent as well. Being able to upgrade the characters you wanted was cool to. So it wasn't just here they are, as good as they get from the beginning.

Graphics: It looked great. Being able to smash through all the walls was fun and the characters looked good as well. I think the powers were done very well also to give the old Xmen a modern look still.

Audio: It sounded pretty good to me. Just like the old tv show used to sound. So basically they added in all that needed to be there and all you would expect the game to have. Made it enjoyable not having a sound you thought would be there for sure.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: In the end I liked playing this game a lot. It was fun and added to the feel the movie portrayed. However, it isn't a buyer. It was easily beaten over the period of time you get to rent a game and there wasn't much replay value in it. But good for a one time play.NA

Gameplay: It was a pretty fun game to play I think. Was interesting storyline with you doing the scenes from the movie which weren't seen. It was very easy to play and the slow motion was fun to mess around with.

Graphics: It looked ok to me. Nothing out of this world by any means but the characters resembled the movie very well and the environment as well. It was slightly square sometimes but for the most part it was smooth movements and looked pretty good.

Audio: The voices were identical to that of the movie which was good to see. The sounds of bullets flying by and stuff being smashed was pretty well done. All in all the sounds in this game added to it to make it feel like you were playing the movie itself.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Overall: Wow. I never thought I would play such a terrible game in every way in my life, let alone on the Xbox. this game looked bad, played bad, and was just boring. Do not rent it, do not buy it, don't even look at it on the shelf.

Gameplay: Pretty bad. Learning new moves and stuff like that was kinda a good idea but it took so long and the boring combos you got made the game very frustrating to play. At times when I was moving the character it seemed like he was moving on a path which was squared. Not smooth or rounded at all.

Graphics: To me this game looked like a bad ps1 game. Square characters, bad colors I think, in every way this just looked plain bad.

Audio: Had the good ol' Bruce Lee sounds in it which was good lol. At least they did that right. But the rest didn't really excite me and the sounds he made got old because it was very repetetive.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: The game isn't that great. If you've played a game where you go through it and just kill things then this is exactly like what you've played but just with a different look. The game is fun for a little while and you just wanna beat it but once you're done you're done. Theres no playing it again.

Gameplay: Basically this game is just a swing your weapon and kill whatever is in sight type game. It is fun to kill zombies non stop but there is nothing else added to the game to make it great. The story is ok at its very best and has simple controls so anybody could play but there is nothing innovative or really fun to this game. It is just like the rest of its mindless killing brother games with its own look and thats about it.

Graphics: The game looks ok I guess. Not too much depth and attention put into the surroundings though. Each thing serves its purpose but there isn't detail and not a whole lot of interaction with the environment added into the game like smashing things. The main characters each are different and have a unique look and ways of killing but that isn't enough. That is expected.

Audio: Groans, weapons swinging, dieing... that's about it for the sound departement. Again it has the basics but nothing more was added that makes this game a step above the rest of its kind.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Soul Calibur 2

Overall: This is a solid fighter and probably tops my list for 3D fighters. It takes a lot to get good at and is a pleasure to play. Not too hard to get into and even beginners can mash the buttons and have fun executing some combos they act like they know how to do. So fun for everyone.

Gameplay: Really great gameplay. The combos and characters are very unique. Weapons in a solid 3D fighter are rare and they are added in very well into SC2. The game is very difficult to master and the highest levels really are very hard which is good.

Graphics: Visually this game is beautifully done. Smooth graphics, nice characters, good looking weapons, and nice bright surroundings add to the feel very well.

Audio: Sound is done very well in this game I think. Each weapon being swung makes its own sound and for different moves with that weapon as well. Voices for characters also match them well and the music is decent for a fighter as well.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 RalliSport Challenge 2

Overall: This game was a great pleasure to play. Looks and sounds great. The cars were unique, responsive, great environments and courses and the problems online were fixed very quickly. The best car racing game in my opinion out.

Gameplay: A great game to play. The career is very long and you have a lot to unlock. You have to practice a lot at this game to become good at it. You must pay attention to the course and learn to brake, accelerate, etc at the right time. Online is great as well. The lag isn't a factor at all and cheating was fixed quickly.

Graphics: This is by far the best overall looking car racing game out. The cars have a nice real look. The farther into the race you get the dirtier your car gets and the damage was done very well. The damage becomes more evident the more you crash up your car in specific areas. The courses are also very well done. Each is unique and very challenging.

Audio: The sound was very accurate to real life. There was a lot of attention to different cars engines and the gear shifting/over reving, etc. The cars crashing together wasn't real exciting but a ralli game isn't about that so it's good. However, they did do a really good job with the sounds when the car is rolling.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: I thought this was a really relaly good game. It's one of the few I played religiously online and offline. I would say buy this game 100% if it was a yera ago. But, since RS4 is out I would say pass because the game has been dead forever. But for its time it was great.

Gameplay: The campaign is pretty solid I think. For the most part it's just straight up shooting but at times you have to be sneeky and it's cool how you can use the computer partners you have to be tactical and talk to them. Very innovative and a nice addition.

Graphics: It looks pretty good I think. Each gun with its own look and the characters in the game look pretty smooth. The levels are designed fairly well and don't let you get spawned camped or anything because there is so many different places to come from.

Audio: The sound was done very well in this game. Each gun, grenade, etc. has a distinct sound. They even added footstep sounds so you could hera people sneeking up on you if you were a camper. The voices the enemies have all sound the same and pretty repetetive but that's a minor downside to the game in my opinion.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Midway Arcade Treasures

Overall: I liked playing this game a lot. It was a good throw back I think. But, more games should be in it in my opinion because the Xbox is so powerful and this game isn't a huge money maker so they should have put a lot more into it.

Gameplay: It's got the look and feel of the old crappy games we used to play when we were young. Simple games and simple controls. Smooth gameplay but that's no real surprise with these games.

Graphics: Visually looked just like the old school games did... crappy. But this game wasn't released to improve the old games so it did exactly what it was meant to.

Audio: Sound is same as the old games on here used to have. Was a throw back game so they couldn't really improve much and add anything of their own. Very clear quality though.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Fight Night Round 2

Overall: This game is awesome. I loved the graphics, sounds, controls, and just playing the game period. For sure one of the best boxing games I've played.

Gameplay: The game is really fun to play. There is a lot to it which makes it difficult to master but the controls are relatively easy. You can go in and just throw punches easily but there is a lot of technique to it. I like how they have the part when you fix up the damage on your boxers face. A lot of detail added. The different weight classes is a nice touch to. Lets you have a power fight or an endurance one.

Graphics: Visually amazing. Could be a bit smoother in some areas though. At times the boxer looked square in some areas. Not often but sometimes. But there is a lot of detail i nthe face, punches, sweat, damage, etc. Very well done.

Audio: Sound is great. The crowd cheering, punches being landed. It's all very well done and adds a lot to the game in order to make it a game you want to play over and over.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Overall: This game was pretty good I think. Looked better than the first and played pretty well. Online oculd have had more to it but it was still fun until the cheaters killed it. I would buy this if you play for one player campaigns but if you go for online don't even look at it.

Gameplay: Good campaign with a lot to it. Controlled just like the first but was improved from the first I think. The gameplay online got real old real fast though.

Graphics: The game looks great. Very smooth with a lot of attention to detail just like all Tom Clancy games.

Audio: Sounds just like the first I think which isn't a bad thing just it wasn't improved much. Again a lot of attention to detail with this which adds very much to the game. I think this was done pretty well.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom

Overall: Overall this is a decent game to play with interesting combos but the look just kills it long term. A renter for me.

Gameplay: Easy controls and decent combos. A basic fighting style arcade game, versus, training, etc. In game fights are neat and not the normal style fighter of today. It was pretty fun at times.

Graphics: I kinda like the old school feel it has. It's like a KOF look brought to street fighter characters. But it does look too old school almost. It's a nice throw back but just doesn't do it for me in this day and age. Character looks and range of different characters is pretty good though.

Audio: Sounds retro to. Crappy old sounds in a video game don't last. The sound alone makes this just a renter.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 MotoGP 2

Overall: I love this game. I wish it had lsated longer online. It looks great, feels so real, and there is no cheating online. Has a really good career which is very challenging on the highest level.

Gameplay: Very difficult to master and bike handles different and reacts different in different weather. Easy controls but takes skill to be good.

Graphics: Game looks so good. Have never played a motorcycle racing game that looked so great. Tracks are perfectly accurate and look very real.

Audio: Sounds really good. Just like a real race would. Hear when you brake, shift, hit gravel, when someone passes you. Adds a lot to the game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Ninja Gaiden

Overall: Sorry, but this a terrible game. The gameplay sucks & the camera angles are even worse. I was looking forward to having this game since I first heard about it about a year and a half ago. Oh my god, the nintendo games of Ninja Gaiden were way better than this.

Seriously, they made a mess out of this game. Sorry, but graphics don't cut it. You need good gameplay & controls. That is exactly what this game doesn't have.

Gameplay: POOR POOR POOR POOR. They seriously should have re-done all the button controls on this one. And the camera... Not so good.

Graphics: Visual? Yes. Very nicely done. The cinematics are the best I've seen up to date. Amazing, but sorry. graphics aren't the only thing to focus in on when making a game.

Audio: Sound and music is great in this game. A+. The music when fighting bosses is even better. Sounds great with surround.

Suggestions: Oh my god! Some of these dumb bosses are rediculously hard.
Actually, this entire games difficulty is put way to high. I mean, there's not even an easy mode for younger kids. Really, think about a little kid playing this game. Do you even think he could get past the first level?

I didn't think so.

Plus, who the hell made those controls? What a wreck.

Same goes for that camera that goes where ever it wants to in boss battles.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Amped 2

Overall: This game is great. A lot has changed since the first Amped actually. The sound, the music, the graphics are way smoother, you got a snowskate to use in this one, the mountains are humungus!, the background scenery looks closer awesome.

That's it. The only thing bad about the game is the players who waste their time all day trying getting high scores in the Millions off of Chairlift Rails.....pethetic if you ask me.

All you have to do is when your hosting a room, pick the levels that have no chairlifts in them. Then they'll actually have to show they're real skills...which most of them don't have.

Whatever, it's a great game and it's worth the money. Go out and buy it.


Gameplay: The gameplay has improved a lot compared to first Amped. It's hard to explain how, but you can tell when your playing. For instance, I found it amazingly hard to jump and land my tricks in the first Amped, but in Amped 2 it's cake. Whatever, it's good.

Graphics: The first one was great, but this one........yeeeah it's great too. Same as the first one pretty much, but the graphics are a lot smoother.

Audio: le sound!! The soundtrack is great aswell. Tons of songs on Amped 2. Better than Amped 1 cause in this one you can choose what music categories you want your xbox to play from the completed Amped 2 soundtrack. Pretty cool if you ask me. Techno is really good in it if you like electronic.

Suggestions: When your in the middle of a run and you don't like how your doing so far, you re-start your run. WHAM!
The game practically trows your dude straight smack down on the face of the mountain at the beginning. What's up with that sometimes? Really. I don't need my controller to shake like crazy almost every single time I re-start my game. FIX THAT GLITCH ALREADY! Patch it up, do something. It's anoying.

Aslo, minimize the chairlift rails. Seriously. It brings the game down online BIGTIME.

It's not that I can't score millions of points. I can. It's just that, if you can't stop them, you might aswell join them at it. And I can't stand doing that. I feel like crap. It's cheap and it's cheezy.

Seriously Xbox. Try figuring out how to fix all the online problems and stop worrying about your money or whatever the hell your doing.

Tere's a new clitch everytime I go on Xbox Live practically.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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